Why I Met Your Mother - Chapter 9_(1)

Why I Met Your Mother - Chapter 9_(1)

The story so far: Phil has fallen out of love with his girlfriend called Sadie, and instead is regularly raping her teenage daughter, Kiara. Phil works at a building site and recently his boss, Terry discovered security camera footage of him fucking the young girl in his van, and today has summoned Phil early into work.

Chapter Nine

The morning was wet, and the sky a portentous shade of dismal grey. The temperature was surprisingly low for the middle of spring, and Phil already knew that today they would make very slow progress on the site, meaning yet more delays and stress. Right now though, he was jittery for quite another reason. Why had Terry specifically asked him early into work this morning? He would never have done this if it weren’t something very important. Was this going to be his marching orders? He sincerely hoped not. He couldn’t lose this job. Without it, he couldn’t help support himself and Sadie. Couldn’t keep the house. Couldn’t keep them living there together, as a three. More to the point, the shift pattern was such, that he could sometimes get away early and fuck Kiara before her mum got home. It was the perfect setup, and the idea of being fired right now was unthinkable.

Coming out of his uneasy reverie about all this, he turned his hunking truck around the last bend and parked in his usual spot near the site. He jumped down from the cab, and frowned up at the spitting clouds above. He’d only just slammed the door shut and a hand was already clapping onto his shoulder. “Round the back. Now,” came the gravelly voice near his ear. There was a smell of stale smoke set against the rain, and The tone was serious, meaning no nonsense. Phil’s heart suddenly started thumping, sending his blood shooting around his veins. The aging foreman had obviously been lying in wait for him. He sneered, stubbing out his exhausted cigarette with his free hand, smearing the butt on the wet ground with his boot, before knocking it down the drain. “I’ll see you in there,” he added flatly, gesturing to the makeshift wooden storeroom set up on the far side of the half-built house. With that, he briskly headed off in that direction, his boots sending water splashing out of the puddles he passed. Whatever this was, it obviously was not good at all.

Still clueless, Phil cleared his throat and tried to steal himself for what was coming. He’d much rather right now just jump into the cab of his van again and drive home, feigning sickness. Instead, he sighed and made his way through the rain and in to the dingy cramped wooden storehouse.

Terry was inside, facing away from him. He didn’t even turn around as Phil entered, just waved a hand blindly in the direction of some crates of bricks stacked against the far side. Phil read the gesture and stepped over to the crates, perching on the edge of one, waiting for any proper acknowledgement of his presence. He ran his hands down his legs, stopping at his knees, the moist fingers tapping on his kneecaps. He hadn’t felt this nervous since he was a boy, and it wasn’t a position he relished at all. Mentally he was still running through the possibilities. It must just be a customary haranguing about his laziness and poor attitude to work commitments lately. If that’s all it was, that was easily squirmed out of, he’d done that countless times before and was let off with a warning.

Eventually Terry turned around. “Right,” he announced, walking over to stand in the doorway, as if blocking any chance of escape from here. His mousey eyes suddenly became sharper than usual, fixing on Phil, pinning him to the spot as he started to speak. “What do I pay you for on this site Phil?” The prisoners heart slowed a little. This was always the way a foreman like him tended to treat his workers, forcing them to commit themselves out of their own mouths.

“Well, lots of things sir,” Phil answered reluctantly. The sir was a novelty today, but it seemed appropriate right about now. “Laying bricks, shifting stuff around, helping out with interior development, stuff like that.”

Terry seemed to be waiting expectantly, as if they’re might have been more to come. When it was obvious there wasn’t, he responded in his soft cockney drawl. “Yeh, that’s right. All of that.” He looked down, flicking some invisible dirt away from the seam of his jeans, then looking sharply up, triumphantly delivering his sucker punch. “And What about driving around to the warehouse during work hours and fucking underage girls in the front of your van. Do I pay you for that too.” An icicle of fear shot straight down Phil’s spine, nestling in his coccyx as if rooting him to the spot. His arms suddenly each weighed ten tonnes and he nearly toppled over. The instinct to flee was strong though and he hauled himself weakly to his feet, stumbling backwards from his persecutor’s eyes. “Uhh...” he stammered, totally unprepared.

The other man was totally indifferent though, and carried straight on. “Now I couldn’t see exactly how old she was, but certainly too young to have you forcing yourself inside her like that.” He came further inside the shack again, cornering Phil more. “I tell you, you could get into a whole lot of trouble over this. I mean, if anyone were to see the CCTV video I got from round there last week.”

Phil blinked hard, and Terry’s voice became muffled as the room started to spin violently. A video? Of them in the van last week? Phil suddenly felt extremely stupid, and extremely sick. Despite the cold day his skin broke out into a sweat and he had to steady himself against the wall. “So... you’re.. going to turn me in?” he asked breathlessly, realising a whole nightmare was almost certainly about to unfurl. Deep down, he knew all along this outcome was inevitable. After the initial shock he was starting to feel quite resigned to his fate.

Terry threw his head back and

Guffawed at his victim’s reactions. The laughing soon morphed into several hacking coughs, and Phil had to wait for him to gather himself. “Oh no no Phil. I don’t grass up my employees to the pigs.” He got up and sidled unsteadily over, looking more serious than ever. “But I might call them up if you don’t do exactly as I say. Now I’ve got an idea.” His eyes were doing that unsettling twinkling again and although Phil’s hopes were raised, he was still very suspicious. “I want you to bring that pretty young piece around to the site tonight and I’m gonna enjoy fucking her myself.”

Phil released his clenched fists, noticing for the first time that they had actually been fully tensed up in the first place. Finally, a lifeline was being thrown in his direction and he could feel cool air in his lungs again. Remembering how to breathe, he grabbed for it in desperation and nodded quickly, even before properly thinking what it meant. “Tonight? Well... well it might be a bit tricky but...” Trailing off he saw Terry’s eyes darken, together with the whole world outside. “But... but I’m sure it’ll be ok. I mean, I’ll sort that out.”

At this, the elder man’s thin lips slid back over his tobacco stained teeth and he grinned smugly.

“But... but just one night sir yes?” Phil said quickly, trying to secure this deal right away. But Terry was already making his way back outside, as the wail of the siren filled the air all around.

“Probably,” was the man’s glib answer, then he was gone. Phil could hear the thumping of his boots as he departed. A gust of wind from the exit sent his clammy body shivering uncontrollably. He sat down again on the crate, completely drained, trying to take stock of everything. Kiara. His special girl. Here.. at the sight. with Terry... his hands all over her.. forcing himself inside her sweet young pussy. Phil spat on the floor at the idea. It seemed horrific to him. Yet, as hammers and trowels began clanking all around the sight, they were the sound of a prison cell door, slamming shut every night. Given the choice, he’d take the former.

For a few minutes more, he just sat there dazed, listening to raindrops now steadily drumming out on the wooden roof above him. Finally, after several minutes of swirling thoughts, he composed himself enough to ease himself up onto his feet again. He walked unsteadily back out onto the buzzing site, trying to get on with the day’s work. It didn’t matter how many jobs he found that day to busy himself, he was never quite able to shake the thoughts far from his mind of what awaited him that night. He’d only just managed to get her away from that cocky little bastard Jake, and now he was pushing her into the arms of his boss, and even letting him have sex with her. But he already knew he had no other choice left. Just one night, was what he kept repeating to himself. That was the only vaguely comforting thought he could find. But how could he have even been so stupid? Of course he knew there was videos rolling at that deserted warehouse. He’d just picked it as a safe place without thinking. And now he was going to have to hand over his most precious Kiara under proper duress. A mixture of anger, resentment and even jealousy coursed through his veins that whole day, right up until the last siren sounded. What a total fucking mess this all was.

At just after five o’clock later that day, Phil slunk dejectedly off to his van to make the dreary journey home, and Terry appeared once more. He sidled up to him, thumped his arm and then shoved a crumpled note into his hand. “See you later,” he said. He looked as if he’d not stopped grinning all day. Phil just shrugged and climbed into the front of his vehicle, only then able to stomach reading the message.

The scrawled writing read: 8:00 on the top floor of the house or by 8:10 im driving to the police and I mean it

He drove home mechanically, his mind unable to settle. Normally these journeys home were happy ones, with the idea of seeing Kiara there at home, but today he couldn’t think of anything else but this evening. He only properly came to when he entered the house, being greeted by the swaying figure of Sadie coming through to the hall. “Well welcome home handsome.” She gave him an unsubtle wink and encased him in a loose hug. “I’ve got your favourite in the oven, come on.” Patting his back and giving him an elongated kiss, she then let him go.

Despite his normal best acting efforts, he just couldn’t hide this one today. “Have you seen Kiara?” he asked her, once he’d lost his shoes and padded past her to the dinner table.

“Ha!” she squealed, dropping dollops of rather tired looking lasagne onto plates. “You and that girl.” He looked up sharply from his placemat and barked through to the kitchen.

“What do you mean!”

She was totally oblivious to his tone though and still grinned inanely as she brought the food in. “Well. You fuss about her more than I do, and she’s my daughter.”

His heart calmed quickly and he realised he was just very jumpy now. “I just take an interest in her hap-“

He was cut off though mid-explanation as Sadie squawked upstairs to the girl herself. “Kiara! Dinner’s on the table.” She lowered her volume as she settled into her own chair next to Phil. “She’s still looking terrible,” she said conspiratorially as she loaded up her fork. “This break-up has hit her so hard.” Her face was slightly etched with concern as she mentioned it. Normally Phil would’ve settled her worries, keeping that camp happy enough, but tonight he really had no energy for it. His mind was elsewhere. He could hardly even focus on his food. Two hesitating mouthfuls on, and he found her beady eyes fixed on him. “Don’t you like my special home-made Lasagne anymore babe?”

He glugged at his cup of tea, mostly to give his hands something to do. “Course I do. Course I do. My... mind’s just on other things tonight Sadie, sorry.”

By the look of Sadie’s behaviour though, so was hers. “Things hard at the site today?” she asked, and no sooner had she posed the question, she was spinning around and out of her seat. “Where has that girl got to?”

Although Sadie was supposedly worried for her daughter’s welfare, it certainly didn’t mean the girl could miss out on some of her mother’s lasagne. In seconds she was out of the chair, around to the stairs and up them, ready to chase her out of the cocoons of her bedroom.

Phil hadn’t made any more progress with his dinner by the time the ladies returned. When Kiara entered, he almost felt sorry for her himself. Just not quite. Her face was pale, her expression drawn, tired and empty. Sadie was guiding her, controlling her like a puppeteer, arranging her in her seat and patting her hair. “There, have some of that darling. You’ll feel better after it.”

Phil felt a strange knotting in his stomach, still thinking of what he had to inflict on this girl in a couple of hours time. The abuse itself was not worrying him, just the fact of who was to perform it this time. “How are you feeling Kiara?” he dared to ask, adding a touch of sincerity with his voice this evening.

“Fine,” came the flat response, her eyes lifting slightly to half stare at him, before returning to her plate. Her nose was blocked and her voice rrasping, making it obvious she’d been crying a lot throughout the day.

As Sadie sat down at the disconnected family table, she looked from one member of it, then to the other. “There,” she said forcefully. “Now that’s better isn’t it.”

Silence ensued between the three awkward participants. Phil was folding the globs of pasta over and over on his plate. Another gulp of lukewarm tea, and he ran his hand over his face before grasping the nettle. “Kiara?” No answer. “I think I have something that might cheer you up.” Still no reaction at all. By now, she was also dragging her fork through the mire of food in front of her, her eyes fixed on it as if mesmerised.

“Oh yes Phil? What is it?” squeaked Sadie next to him, shuffling the conversation along.

“Well, you know how the work’s been getting pretty manic at the site recently. I’ve uhh.. actually I’ve got to go back there tonight to get a bit extra done. Should only be an hour or so.” He tried to see if Kiara was listening but couldn’t tell much. He adjusted his shirtsleeves and continued. “This.. all this stuff we’re doing right now really needs to be finished quickly, and... well the foreman asked us if we could gather any people to come and do some extra bits and pieces. No actual building work or anything like that. You know, just holding a tape measure, sweeping up, stuff like that.” Still nothing but silence. “So anyway. I knew you weren’t having a great time at the moment, and I told him that you might want to come with me tonight and help out. Well? what do you say?”

This time, Kiara did react, and it was noticeable. The fork fell from her limp hand and crashed noisily against her plate. She sat bolt upright, forcing her back against the chair and making the wood creak. “No. No I don’t want to go. Mum, tell him, I won’t go.”

Her voice was still weak, though the words sounded frantic. Her eyes were looking pleadingly over at her mum, ignoring Phil altogether. She was broken right now. She needed time to recover from everything. This was now presumably some kind of sick joke from him. An exhibition of his power or something. To actually invite her out right in front of her mum, just to take her away and rape her somewhere else. She couldn’t do that today. It would kill her. “Mum please. I won’t go in that van. Mum.” She was getting hysterical and her mum moved closer to her to put a comforting arm around her.

“Hey, hey, come on. I know you’re still feeling raw sweetheart, but maybe you should think about it. I think it might do you some good. To get out of here, even just to get a bit of fresh air hmm?” She ruffled the girl’s hair, trying to stop the trembling that had started.

Phil knew exactly why she was reacting so badly, and he began to feel creeping nerves gnawing away at him. Nerves that told him that with her in this state, she could let just about anything slip. He made a quick decision and tapped his phone in his pocket. “No no you don’t understand. We won’t be going in the van. My boss will be coming to pick us up. He specifically said he’d give us a lift because I said you’d help us out.”

Kiara had her face buried in her mum’s shoulder and was panting hard against the floral pattern on Sadie’s sleeve. The two adults both waited silently as the loud breathing continued, waiting to see what her answer would then be. She lifted her head a little,, levelling her mistrustful eyes at Phil. “Y-your boss?”

Phil smiled warmly, looking straight at her, trying to find a grain of trust from somewhere inside. “Yes. You know. Terry? He’s a big fan of yours. He’s always asking about you and seeing how you are. He’s coming past here to collect me anyway, so the choice is yours.” The breathing slowed a little, but still sounded anxious. “I mean, you’ll be helping him out more than me. Well and the rest of the motley crew of course.”

Sadie squeezed her little girl closer and raised her chin slightly with her thumb. “There you go. You can be the strong girl in the hard hat for all those muscley men.” Dimples showed in her chubby cheeks as she grinned about that idea herself.

It was such a childish remark to make, but it touched something deep in Kiara, reminding her of her mum’s silliness from when she was a little girl. She managed a smile, feeling on the edge of both laughter and tears simultaneously. “T-there’s others... others there too?” she stammered, still not wanting to go, but at least warming to the idea slightly. Her heart was settling in her chest a bit more with the thought of the site being populated.

“Well, most of the guys will be. I guess some of them will be bringing along others to help too.” He didn’t quite push it so far as to promise her there would be teenage boys there, but left that part to her imagination. “Now make up your mind, he’ll be here in half an hour.” It almost calmed him that Kiara was thinking about consenting to going. It took the responsibility away from him if she were walking willingly into this trap.

“Well. I guess it would be ok,” she finally said, her voice practically a whisper. “Mum, can you come?” Her eyes were begging but Sadie waved her hand dismissively and puffed out her cheeks.

“Ha and cramp your style. I’ve got tidying up to do in here. You two get out from under my feet for once. And Kiara, if you do find a hunky beefcake in amongst the dust and bricks, don’t keep him all to yourself.” She leaned a bit closer to whisper loudly. “Bring a bit of that home for me huh?” Her cheeks gave the impression of a gleeful hamster as she grinned, then stood up from the table.

Phil gratefully got up too, whisking his plate up and walking in front of Sadie, through to the kitchen and over to the bin. “Well I can’t finish that baby I’m sorry,” he said brightly, as if time were actually pressing. He swept the majority into the bin before she could see just how much was left.

“As long as you’ve had enough,” Sadie said. Apparently nothing was going to burst her bubble of cheeriness this evening. Phil too by now was feeling very relieved. If Kiara had refused and Sadie had insisted she stay home, the next stop would’ve been the police station.

“I guess I’ll go and get ready,” Kiara said, to nobody in particular.

As she wandered like a zombie back through the kitchen and to the stairs, Phil quickly pulled his phone out to make the final arrangements with Terry, and book the lift he’d already promised.

The gruff text he got back suggested that his boss hadn’t taken too warmly to this little alteration. Phil didn’t care though really. Blackmail was a dirty business, and this guy could at least give them a lift and get his own hands dirty for a bit. Phil had just said there really was no other way than him coming around to collect them. Soon the plan was set and Terry was going to be outside the house at half past seven.

Phil busied himself, anxious now just to leave and get the night over with. He approached Sadie from behind as she scrubbed the pans in the sink, her hands red from the temperature underneath the suds. “We won’t be too late anyway babe ok?” he assured her. She just yawned and tilted her head to let him kiss her neck., He pretended he hadn’t even seen that, and ignored the gesture.

“I’m pretty tired anyway. Just don’t let her get into any trouble.” She stopped moving the scourer for a minute and looked over her shoulder at him. “Thanks for doing this for her Phil. It’ll hopefully cheer her up.” He baulked inwardly at the idea of that, knowing full well she’d come back more shattered than ever. But this time it was not his fault. This time it was to ensure that their family would not be broken up and Sadie wouldn’t be left fending for her daughter alone. This time it was for all of their own good.

“We’ll look after her,” was all he could think of saying. A kiss to her puckered mouth, and then he was off to the hall to loiter around the front door and wait.

He kept checking he had everything: His keys, his wallet, his phone. The time on the display was refusing to move onwards, the numbers not changing at all. Finally, as Phil was tying his laces on his boots for the third time, the familiar sight of Terry’s car appeared through the frosted glass of their front door. Three minutes early, but Phil didn’t mind that at all. “Kiara!” he called out as Terry pulled to a halt and beeped his horn at the bottom of the path. In response, Phil quickly opened up and stood hovering over the threshold. “Come on!” He was getting jumpy when she didn’t show up, but eventually her dishevelled figure appeared at the top of the stairs, hovering there momentarily before taking the first step down. She was now in a pink crop top and three-quarter length jeans, a thin cardigan draped over her shoulders to defend her against the chilly wind outside.

She shuffled slowly down, giving Phil plenty of time to exit first and head down to the car ahead of her. She could just about get through this night as long as she were away from him. It could maybe even take her mind off things, but she had to make sure she stayed within safety. She would simply have to stay in a group of at least three. She would never let the other guys out of her sight. If she did all of that, there was no way that Phil could rape her. Knowing him he was actually planning on doing it. But tonight she just wouldn’t let him. And if he dared try anything in front of the others, she’d scream her lungs out, and easily get help. Then she might even be able to tell someone what he’d been doing to her, with solid evidence. But that was jumping ahead of herself. Right now she just had to get through this night without coming to any harm, and even that would be a small victory over Phil.

She walked ever more gingerly down the stairs, step by step, just desperate for Phil to get out the door. “Just need my shoes,” she said softly, keeping a fair distance from him as she went over to slip her feet into her softly padded boots, bending to zip them up tight.

He noticed her very deliberately moving in slow-motion, Terry’s engine still humming away impatiently down the pathway. “I’ll wait for you outside,” he said, finally getting the message. He sniffed and wandered out the door, leaving it open for her to follow, letting the cold air rush into the house. Kiara shivered and blinked as she looked out into the evening gloom.

Terry was smirking out the front window of his huge car as Phil approached. He sucked hard on a roll-up and was currently blowing great thick plumes of it over into their driveway. “Is she coming?” he said, his eyes almost twinkling in comparison with this morning.

“Yeh,” Phil said, though it pained him to admit it. “She’s just behind me.” He grasped for the handle of the door behind Terry and moodily climbed in.

A few seconds later, Kiara exited the house, calling to her mum one last time before shutting the door and turning to tread carefully down the path. Terry gawped at her, whistling silently to himself at the sight. He recognised that youthful pretty face from his home made jerk off video on his computer, even if the life force seemed more drained from it this evening.. Tonight though he would actually be feeling that tight young pussy all for himself. Kiara’s weary eyes scanned the car, noticing at once that Phil was lurking in the back.

“C-can I sit in the front? She asked, her voice so quiet he could hardly catch the words on the wind.

Terry beamed at her. “Course you can sweetheart.” He shifted a construction magazine and a large novelty cigarette lighter off of the passenger seat and patted it with his small hand. “Come round and sit up here next to me.”

She trudged slowly around past the front of the car and clicked the door open. Phil started to feel a bit sick, and shrank his body back against the padding of his seat, not wanting to be here at all. He should’ve just let Terry take her away to the site himself tonight, and then waited for them to come back again. But then again, heaven knows what this bastard would do with her left alone.

Kiara got in, and tried to make herself comfortable, then slammed the door shut, grabbing her seatbelt. Terry snorted, then squeezed his dog end between his fingers, and dropped it to litter the wet pavement beside the car, just before turning to his pretty passenger. “Tell me darling. Has Phil told you why you’re coming with us tonight?” Kiara sat still, her hands buried in her lap, shoulders hunched in that typical defensive position she adopted all the time nowadays. A sudden gasp issued from her lips as Terry reached over to release the handbrake, and accidentally brushed his fingers against her leg. She’d been doing that a lot recently around any males. She looked sheepish as she realised what he was doing, and then relaxed her arms again, still pressing her lips together and swallowing hard.

“Yes,” she said quietly, returning to the question. “Help at the site”

Terry sighed as he set the car in motion, chuckling quietly and catching Phil’s eye in the rear-view mirror. “

His leathery hands slid over the steering wheel and he manoeuvred the car away from the house. “That’s right yep. Some of the guys not been pulling their weight. Your old man there included.” He aimed a thumb back over his shoulder and gave his hacking laugh. “He just as lazy at home?”

Kiara wasn’t even listening. She was expending most of her low energy trying to keep composed, as if her body might spasm uncontrollably again at any moment. “Sorry?” she said blankly,.

Terry noticed her odd behaviour and glanced over. “Doesn’t matter,” he said dismissively. “Something wrong?” he quizzed, letting his eyes roam over her body yet again.

“No, I’m just... a bit cold,” she said, suddenly twisting her head to look back at Phil. She still didn’t trust his hands to stay where they should be, even with his boss here. But he was just sitting there, looking surprisingly pensive. She only saw him for a few seconds, then turned back, amazed at how he was behaving. So this is what happened to him when he was with others. The manipulative immoral rapist was now gone, replaced by a timid almost scared looking guy.

Terry saw her glancing back, and so did the same when the traffic allowed him. “Ok back there?”

Phil just wanted this whole night over with and had been counting down the minutes ever since he’d gotten into the car. “Yeah,” he said, urging the traffic forward with his mind.

The sun had almost disappeared by now and Terry had to shelter his eyes for part of the way, when they were driving right against the low horizon. Finally, as if on cue, they turned eastwards, and the car headed away from the remaining light, into the darkness, rolling along the last few meters of the cordoned off street, and into the parking area near the site.

“There, all done.” The driver shoved himself back against his seat to get out, immediately slamming his door and heading around to the back, waiting for his passengers to catch him up. Soon, a nervous looking Phil, together with a zombified Kiara climbed out. Terry noticed at once how the girl chose to go all the way around the far side of the car to meet him, putting ever more space between her and her prospective stepfather.

Where do we need to go?” She looked up at Terry, hoping the question might justify her route towards him in the first place. He rubbed one of his temples and looked at her. It was patently obvious to Phil that he hadn’t given any thought about how to proceed with the supposed normal evening.

“Over to the house, come on.” He shuffled off and Kiara eagerly followed him, sticking to him like a limpet for now.

Phil strode quickly around to her far side, still keeping reasonable distance between them in fear she’d move away again. At least he was making an effort to maintain the pretence. “We’ll fetch you a hard hat, then we can get some jobs for you to do. Are the others just coming a bit later?” Kiara hadn’t failed to notice that the site seemed deathly quiet, as they all crunched over dust and gravel, further towards the semi-constructed house.

“Yeah, probably,” sniffed Terry in his broad cockney drawl, evidently a lot more interested in their real reason for coming. He lumbered further, his eyes always moving furtively to the young girl beside him. “What’s your name again sweetheart, Kara isn’t it?”

“Kiara,” she said unsteadily, only feeling revulsion for it these days. He leaned closer towards her. “Kiara,” she said a little louder and he nodded.

“Oh, Kiara is it? Sweet.”

There was no solid door to speak of on the front of the house as yet, just a hole where the bricks had left a convenient gap ready for it. Terry shuffled inside and his companions filtered in behind him. Wind whistled its way through the narrow opening and whipped around them. Dust sheets were all over the wooden boards of the floor, a ceiling partly constructed above them, a gaping hole left for future light fittings. Kiara huddled closer into herself against the cold and blinked expectantly up at Terry.

“As you can see darling this place is a bit of a mess. It’s how it is though on a site like this I’m afraid. Now do you want to stay down here and help Phil shift some stuff around? Or come upstairs with me. Help me do some more interesting jobs hmm?” His craggy teeth showed as he slapped a hand down on a solitary banister post at the bottom of the bare stairs.

Just as expected, she gave the right answer, signing herself over to him. “Stay with you,” she said quietly. The man must’ve been able to read her lips this time though, as he couldn’t possibly have heard it first time.

“Good idea. Go up then and I’ll be two seconds. I’ve just got to tell Phil what to do down here ok?” She nodded slowly and began to trudge up the stairs, the copious dust rasping under her boots. “You will come won’t you?” she said quickly over her shoulder. She was panicking Phil might rearrange things so he could come up instead. She did still have her scream though.

“Course, go on now,” Terry urged, turning his palm upwards and gesturing her to go further up.

As soon as she’d disappeared into the gloom, Terry grabbed Phil and pulled him behind one of the interior walls, making sure they were out of earshot. “You’ve done well up to now. Now I’m not gonna be long up there. Maybe twenty minutes or so. I’m only gonna fuck her once.” Terry rubbed his hand over his face, already looking excited. “I want you to come up two minutes after me and wait outside the door. As lookout right? I’m not as dumb as you to get caught. Got it?” Phil felt prickles erupt over his skin immediately. He was actually going to have to stand right there, hearing all of it going on? This was too much, but he still knew the power this man had over him.

He nodded mutely and kept his hands firmly where they were, his thumbs hooked through his beltloops.

With that Terry turned and slunk off, taking decisive steps up to the second floor. Phil heard the portentous thumping of the man’s thick boots, ticking down the last few seconds towards the young girl’s fate.

“Kiara!” His thick wood alcohol voice rang out as he ascended, and Phil could practically sense the excited grin on his face from it. He felt a pang of something very uncomfortable from inside him, and he had to start pacing. Ideally he should be keeping up the pretence and doing some sort of work, but his hands became moist and he really couldn’t focus on anything like that at all. The wind swept through the bottom floor again and he trembled violently, swallowing hard,. He kept making the same circle, round and round, straining his ears to hear for any noise at all. He hadn’t checked the time when Terry had left, so he’d just have to estimate two minutes in his head.

Once Kiara had reached the top of the stairs, she reached a dim and dark corner. She coughed as the smell of dust got into her lungs and she moved away, more into the middle of what would eventually be the landing space. Standing patiently by the temporary guardrail, she waited for Terry to arrive. She peered nervously through under the wooden bar, just in case Phil had ideas of coming up himself to meet her alone. Her heart settled though as Terry appeared, grinning and calling her name. His eyes fell on her as he turned the corner at the top. “Now then. Ready to become a proper construction worker tonight? One of the team?”

She nodded compliantly, then backed away from the side and into the doorway of a large room. Wooden struts creaked as the wind gusted against the sides again and through the open door downstairs.

“Sure,” she said, her voice now a little stronger than before. As ever, when she was away from Phil and his potential danger, she could at least relax and let her muscles lose their constant tension.

He picked her out in the relative gloom and approached, forcing her further back into the room. A shabby loose fitting door hung from the hinges and Terry closed it over, offering them a little privacy. He then glanced around the room itself. Buckets and tins were strewn across the floor. Small pieces of plastic and little clumps of wood also lay scattered about. Terry frowned, then noticed a thick foam crashmat in the corner, mostly used for safety by the men. He moved over to it and nudged it with his foot so it was more flush against the wall. Sniffing and observing the room, he then lifted his hand to scratch his face thoughtfully. “Should be good.

Kiara wrinkled her nose at the overpowering smell of sawdust in the room. Looking behind her, she noticed some discarded tools, together with some hats in the corner. “Will I need one of these?” she said brightly, moving over as if to fetch one up.

Terry rubbed his palm against his nose, then lifted his boot to stamp hard on the mat, as if to test its softness. “What’s that darling?” he asked, his back now towards her side of the room. “Oh, sure yes, just use whatever you want.” He reached down and adjusted his trousers, bringing his cock out and exposing it to the air. The button stayed fastened, just the zip lowered enough to let it hang out through the gap. Pleased with the result, he turned and walked over to her, finding her cheerily securing a huge hard hat on her head, and attempting to clip up the strap under her chin.

“There, will it be ok like this,?” she said, turning to peer up at him from under the rim, smiling and reshaping her hair around the back a bit. He said nothing though and just stepped closer to her in complete silence. She sensed something in his new demeanour, his eyes looking more stern, something predatory laying behind them now. “What is it? What’s wrong~?”

As she stepped back to let him advance, she caught the full view of him, and suddenly spotted the man’s stubby semi-erect cock poking out of his fly, aiming straight towards her. An icy shower of terror swept down over her and all of the horrific memories inside her head began to close in on themselves all at once. “No,” she said, almost as a whisper as her voice was taken from her. “No. No.” She jumped backwards as if stung by electricity, yet her back only met the wall, bumping harshly. But the pain didn’t even register with her as she was already looking desperately either side for any way to escape.

A second later, Terry had reached her, and his cock brushed against the front of her jeans. He grinned as he saw the bitter realisation dawning in the girl’s face, and raised two clenched fists. Ramming them forward, he pinned her upper arms hard against the wall. His face now looked determined and serious as he glared straight at her, gritting his teeth. Any pretence of being her rescuer was now gone. “God he was right. You’re even fucking prettier up close aren’t you?” He shoved his hips forward and began rubbing his naked cock against her crotch, already feeling heat emanating from between her legs and through the denim.

Her hands went up to try and claw at his arms, but as soon as she’d seen that cock, her body had immediately started trembling, and it left her so weak that her nails couldn’t find any traction in his sleeves. Her eyes screwed up as she felt hot tears begin to trickle from them, her lungs starting to feel heavy and tight. The man’s rancid smoky breath hit her nostrils as she began to freak out. Her breathing suddenly started racing at top speed, and she felt like she was being throttled, totally unable to get enough air inside her. With his words echoing in her ears, and the room spinning about her, she finally found her own voice and tried to grab enough breath to use it. “Help!” she squealed out, finding more volume than she’d hoped for. “Help! Someone help me!” If the other workers had arrived by now they could come and rescue her. Even that bastard Phil had a sense of jealousy about him and only wanted her for himself. If he heard her calls, he’d come and help her out surely. This time she was not going down without a fight.

But nobody came. There was no one else booked in to come tonight. The two men had made sure of that. The girl’s high-pitched screams simply reverberated around the empty house, for only the two of them to hear.

By now, Phil had stationed himself just outside the door. He knew it was going to come,

The moment when her muffled talking would change to yelps and screams. He heard the precise second it happened, as the true nature of their visit was revealed to her. He shut his eyes and tried to block out the noise. He cringed at the action unfolding in the next room, and leaned against the wall, sweating profusely. The next cry from her lips was cut off with a sudden gulping sound, and some muffled threatening words from her attacker. Then, there were no more sounds. Phil blinked hard and listened intently now to clumsy shuffling steps.

Terry had punched Kiara in the stomach, easily winding her and stopping her noise. “Shut up and get down there!” he hissed at her, then grabbed harshly at her clothing, pulling her away from the wall and shoving her, sending her spinning off balance. He swiftly thumped his other fist into her side to ensure she crumpled as she went down, landing flat onto the soft mat in the corner. Her head slammed against the wall with a bang, and the foreman was lucky she’d put her hat on beforehand, else she would’ve surely broken her skull. She easily felt the bump though, and was dazed for several moments. Panic was starting to envelope her fully and she gulped wildly for air to try and regain some strength. But her stomach now felt so painful with each and every breath in from the strikes of his fists. Instinctively, She tipped over onto her side, into a defensive position as she laid her hand over one of the bruises already forming on her body.

But Terry was already advancing on her again, and she wasn’t going to stay huddled up like that for very long. His eyes were now burning with lascivious hunger, his cock still poking out, pointing directly at her. Kiara saw him coming, but only in a blur. She was still mouthing ‘no’, silently now. She just had to keep him away.

She hitched up her knees and tried to form into a tight ball, clamming herself up against anything he might try. But her strength was failing her, just as her lungs were failing to even keep up the desperate pace of her panting. She was still gasping, even through her sobs, and her new attacker shoved her over onto her back with great ease, and quickly tugged down the zips on both her boots, one after the other. With a determined look in his eyes, he hurriedly grabbed at the thick soles and pulled them off her feet, inadvertently removing one of her tiny white socks at the same time and leaving it inside the tall boot.

Kiara immediately hitched up her knees again, choosing rigid defence over vicious attack. He was quite clearly stronger than her, even if just through his

shear bulky weight, and he’d already proved that he was not scared of hurting her. She looked up at him, never having felt so scared of someone before. Phil had been sexually brutal with her countless times by now, but he’d never had the guts to actually use his fists on her. She knew already by looking into his thoroughly dispassionate eyes, that if she fought back, he wouldn’t think twice about thumping her body some more.

“Now just stay quiet,” he growled, his tone now gruff and impatient. He grabbed her ankles and yanked her legs out flat again in front of her. “No one’s coming here.”

She felt her body being manhandled, laid out before him. Then his hands working at her, clawing at her jeans, loosening them, pulling at them, scrabbling nails at her panties to drag them down too. Not even her mum’s boyfriend this time, but someone else, wanting to remove her clothing and touch intimate parts of her body. She tried with all of her remaining might to jam her legs together, but they trembled violently, and there was no stopping his relentless hands.

“Phil,” she whined. She tried to form enough breath to scream it, but it was impossible. “Phil please.” It seemed crazy for her to be screaming for her regular rapist’s help with this, but it was her only chance.

Terry just beamed, as his yellowing fingers pulled the young girl’s trousers down more. “He ain’t gonna help you is he. He brought you here for me didn’t he.”

Kiara’s hearing was impaired, partly from the wide helmet on her head, but also from the inherent ringing in her ears that always set off at these times. Suddenly her straining arms went limp and her heart plummeted, as the truth set in. She’d been totally set up, and just like a willing fly, she’d flown directly into their web. She’d been brought here tonight, just so someone new could abuse her.

He hiked her legs up as he wrenched her jeans, together with her thin cotton panties down her legs and off, dumping both of them onto the dusty floor past the end of the huge mat. Her naked legs slapped back down and she felt the cold plastic against her thighs and ass. With her muscles still paralysed and filled with fear, she could only lay there as Terry shoved himself forward and fell on top of her. Her only option now was to lay there and turn her head to the side, adopting her usual position to try and deny what was happening to her. As soon as he started clumsily moving his hips and rubbing himself between her parted legs, his cock started to come to life even more. is rough fingers tapped her cheek to force her to look up at him. With the pain of his punches still in her abdomen, she did as he wished and looked up again, her glistening turquoise eyes still spilling tears, seeming so tiny from underneath her hat. For a few moments he just rolled his hips around, rubbing himself against her, working his stubby dick against the mound of her naked pussy. His cock was still slightly slack, but it was as hard as it was going to get before actually pushing inside her. His sunken eyes bore down on her, starting to illuminate somewhat as he instantly started to moan out, not having felt this turned on in a very long time.

Kiara wept bitterly beneath him, hot salty tears running down her cheeks, her body wracked with shame and embarrassment as the man began using her. In a desperate attempt to finish this off quickly, she pushed her hips upwards, if only to make the wretched man climax and not have anything left in him to actually penetrate her.

Terry had been looking forward to this though. First that video he’d watched and jerked off to multiple times, and now the real thing, right in front of him. He’d been thinking of nothing else since he’d found the footage and conjured up the wicked idea. He was certainly not going to waste it all with a premature performance. His hot acrid breath came in short bursts, beads of sweat forming on his forehead, despite the cold temperature of the room.

“Please don’t,” she sniffled, seeing the resolve in his eyes. “Please don’t do this.” She’d tried to whisper the words, but her anguish added a squeal to the last syllable. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she waited to see if her words could have any effect on those cold eyes of his. He just ignored her completely, and his only response was to shove a leathery hand up inside her bra, making the underwires creak as he stretched it. As she dissolved into more hopeless sobs, he pushed the garment up, as well as her top, revealing the soft tanned skin of her ample tits to him. He mauled them harshly, pinching the cherry nipples one after the other, leaving them hard, then looking down at the result. All of this set his heart racing faster, and he thrust his hips harder against her, dry humping her, loving every minute.

Totally disgusted, and still frightened stiff, she saw the pleasure spread across his smug round face as he started helping himself to more of her teenage body.

Just on the other side of the door, Phil was suffering some anguish of his own. He could not stand still. He clenched his fists so hard, his nails stung his palms as he paced up and down the corridor. The floorboards creaked, so he walked faster. Anything to block out the violent noises and bitter crying he could hear through the thin shabby door. Then his heart seemed to stop altogether. Through the crack he heard her weak voice, calling out his name. For once, she was asking for him, to come and save her, to be a hero. He just swallowed hard and looked up at the ceiling, biting his lip. When she tried a second time, he smacked his hands over his ears, unable to bear any more. “Jesus fuck,” he breathed, his eyes still fixed on the ceiling, knowing he mustn’t move. Desperately he wanted to fling that door open and go over to rescue her, just like she was begging him to do. To drag her away from all this, even before his boss had started fucking her. But he couldn’t. He shook his head resolutely, to convince his own mind of it. “Just once,” he’d said under his breath. That man said he’d do it just once. He had to go through with this now. He had no choice. As he warily uncovered his ears again, it seemed Kiara had given up on his help, and Phil breathed out in relief. Please, just please let him cum quick.

Kiara was quiet through there now, and he knew what that meant. Like with him, she had given up struggling and was just trying to make it through quickly and quietly. He could imagine precisely the look of resignation on her face as she tried to avert her eyes, anywhere else but at her abuser, and to stay as still and silent as possible. He hated this. The whole swirling jumble of feelings in his mind. He hated Terry right now. He wanted to be away, downstairs out of earshot, yet something kept him nailed to the spot. He couldn’t bear to listen, and yet he didn’t move off. Even the imagined visions of her being taken by another man enraged him, and yet, he also wanted to slip the door open wide enough to watch what was happening. With his heart in his mouth, he raised his hand and pushed it slightly against the door, hoping these new hinges would not creak.

Terry’s uneven teeth showed as he leered at the girl underneath him, a wet tongue slipping over them every now and then. His bushy eyebrows raised and he quickly grabbed for the fastening of her helmet, removing it quickly, revealing her flattened ash blonde hair. “Come on,” he muttered, the saliva in his throat making it come out like a growl. “Be sexy for me. Fucking sexy like you know you can be.”

It seemed like he was in some kind of trance or other, not specifically talking to Kiara, but just giving voice to his overwhelmed thoughts.

A new fear gripped Kiara as Terry lifted his heavy body off of her, only momentarily to slip his hand down between them. Any hope of reprieve was thoroughly banished as he gripped his cock at the base, and instantly fed it between her dry labia. She’d been feeling soreness between her legs for months now, and the friction was agony. She shrieked out from the stinging pain, and lifted her shoulders up, her stomach clenching tight. She squealed out and tried to writhe from underneath him. It was useless though, and the man soon had himself pushed all the way between her folds. His whole length quivered inside her as he felt the warm dampness wrapped around him. He tightened his lips into a wrinkled O-shape, and breathed out, his eyes rolling back.

Kiara laid her arms down by her side, balling her hands into fists, steeling herself for the fresh raping she was about to receive. His cock was smaller than Phil’s, but that was of no consolation to her right now. It still hurt, as he rubbed it in and out, defiling her all over again.

She screwed up her eyes, tears squeezing from under the lids and down her face more. But Terry wasn’t bothered about that. Right now this hole was the tightest and youngest he’d ever felt, and he wasn’t going to waste it. He pulled back so far that her pussy lips were suckling at his tip, then slammed all the way in again. All the way deep with every stroke inside, wringing pleasure from every second of it, feeling her pussy lips dragging along his shaft each time. An audible grunt came from his mouth every time he was balls deep. Each stroke became a little easier, as her tortured pussy reluctantly began to moisten, her juices covering the aging man’s cock and aiding him to rape her more easily. He soon began to get into his rhythm and couldn’t resist speeding up banging deeper inside her. His large frame kept her pinned to the mat, unable to move at all as his breathing turned into hefty wheezing, still accompanying his groans of pleasure.

Every single thing he was inflicting on the girl, was still being watched by a jealous and worried Phil. He watched her hot tears streaming down her cheeks and moistening the plastic mat. Why did her pained screams at the moment of penetration turn him on so much? He recognised those looks of revulsion and hatred on her face. Though for once, it unfortunately wasn’t him fucking her, it was his boss. As the heavy older man pumped harder, his hulking body rocked back and forth, chugging away like a noisy steam hammer between her legs. Phil was focussing hard on her facial expressions though as she was being raped second hand for the first time. He quickly felt himself becoming fixated by the show. By now his cock was raging, pushing hard at the confines of his jeans, begging to have some attention of its own. As quietly as he could, Phil pulled his sweaty hand away from the door handle, and down to his fly, slowly opening it and digging in his boxers to pull his cock free. Shifting his feet a little apart, he gripped hold of his aching erection and began to stroke it. Slow at first, just to ease the frustration in him, but then faster, mimicking Terry’s movements inside his precious girl.

He’d been inside her yesterday, and so he could still easily recall how warm and wet that felt. He imagined he was there now, being perched over her and pushing into her, getting all that pleasure from her sweet hole himself, notching up another conquest over her. He couldn’t help himself. It wrenched his heart to even watch his precious stepdaughter being raped by anyone but him, but at least from his vantage point he could join in somehow.

Terry was snorting from his nose and mouth as he moved, his stubby fingers still occasionally pinching and twisting Kiara’s fat nipples. His hands were still freezing from this cold house, and despite herself, his touches made goosebumps spread out over her whole upper body, making her nipples refuse to soften again.

“Mmm that’s it girl. Just like that. You like being my fucking slut don’t ya hmm? Like being mine.” He chuckled heartily, the laughs rattling his throat and nearly sending him into a coughing fit. But his merriment then finished abruptly, and he was holding himself still inside her, sensing something going on nearby. As he turned to look, he saw Phil, hanging by the door, quite obviously wanking his cock over watching them. As soon as he noticed he’d been caught, Phil stopped stroking and just looked sheepish, standing there holding his cock out like he was presenting it to someone for inspection.

Terry was about to get really angry, and twisted his face into a snarl. But then, just as quickly, he relented as another idea struck him. Silently he beckoned Phil to come forward, over to their side of the room.

When Phil saw he was being summoned into the room, he was urgently hoping he’d get a chance of his own. Even if he had to go in after Terry, he’d do it, just to relieve the ache in his balls right now at wanting to fuck Kiara so badly. But the man seemingly had no intention of pulling out of her and handing her over. Instead, once Phil was practically right beside them, Terry pointed a short thumb at her face, or more particularly, her mouth.

With her eyes still jammed shut, so far Kiara had noticed nothing of this. When she felt him stop moving, she braced herself, ready to accept him spewing his cum inside her body. When it didn’t happen, and instead the wooden floorboards underneath her started shaking with the force of heavy footsteps, she became curious and opened her eyes. Just in time to see two men now looking down at her, a smirking Terry, as well as a hungry and curious looking Phil, his own cock out now as well. She hadn’t even known he was upstairs. She gasped loudly,, sending herself right back into panicked breathing.

“No. No please Phil. No.” She babbled breathlessly, her heart now racing, the air burning her lungs. She blinked up at Terry, but knew instantly that she wasn’t going to get any help from him. “I won’t.. I won’t do it!” She yelped and tried to pull herself away from the two attackers. With Terry still balanced on top of her though and his cock sheathed fully inside her, she couldn’t very well escape. Even if she could, she’d only back herself more into the corner of the room.

“He’s a horny fucker ya old man isn’t he huh?” Terry was saying. “Can’t fucking leave himself alone.” With all of her begging having no influence on either of the two men, Terry grabbed her chin between his strong fingers. “In there,” he ordered, pushing her face over to one side and offering her mouth up for Phil to fuck.

Kiara sniffed hard, looking at Phil with begging eyes, glistening as ever with tears. He was well used to that sight by now though, and it would take a lot more than just that to put him off. He slid down onto his knees, then started shuffling forward, his cock still in one hand, levelling it menacingly at her lips. He grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her face even closer to the edge of the mat. Her degradation was complete, and as her lips slid back over her teeth, and a new round of sobbing took over her body, Phil easily pushed his cock into her mouth. Her jaws were already aching with all the crying, even as Phil forced them further open and started ramming his cock down her throat. With no friction, Terry’s cock had started to soften inside the girl, but once she was being forced to swallow the cock being fed to her, he easily came back to life. With renewed vigour, he started to fuck the helpless girl afresh, keeping his eyes fixed firmly on her face. She just laid there, limp and helpless, her body jerking like a ragdoll as the two men raped her in unison. Phil’s fist was pushing at the back of her head, his cock plunging in and out of her mouth, and she could only imagine the look of pleasure spreading over the evil man’s face. Her tears kept coming, even though she knew she could hardly breathe if she cried anymore. She felt her young body being assaulted, all for these two guy’s pleasure, her freshest abuser still hammering endlessly inside her sore and bruised pussy.

She screwed up her eyes and felt as if she were falling, through space. She wished herself away, away from all of this. In that moment, she resolved to end this, for good.

“That’s it! Go on! Deeper than that!” Terry’s breathing was getting even more ragged and the air was squeaking in his lungs. This time he was really getting off and his meagre cock was now properly stiff as he saw the pretty young teen taking two cocks at the same time. “All of it! Come on all of it! Swallow it all you dirty little whore!” Cheering as if he were on the terraces on a Saturday afternoon, with just as much enthusiasm. He was no stranger to barking down at his employees, but this was the first time he’d been ordering one to push his cock further down an unwilling girl’s throat.

Normally Phil would’ve been worried that the volume was getting dangerously high, and that they might be caught. But he was definitely not in his right mind at the moment. He was getting relief from Kiara’s mouth. True, by now it was his third favourite hole of hers to invade, but it still felt so fucking good. He ploughed onwards, driven on by his boss’s rasping words. Terry was now his friend. He was not only condoning Phil fucking the young girl’s face, but encouraging him to do it harder. Phil grinned maniacally, totally in his element. He moved faster, taking a second to shove his jeans further down his legs to give him more room. By now his hold on her hair was that like that on the loop of a yoyo, jerking her face back and forth, his cock easily slipping all the way down, her wet nose bumping against his flabby lower stomach. Right now he had forgiven his boss everything, and was actually taking pride in his work. He was grateful that he’d been allowed to join in and use her simultaneously. He even found it surprisingly hot being watched as he did his dirty work on her. Not to mention the excitement of forcing the girl to be sluttier than she ever had been before.

He knew only a few more thrusts inside her mouth and he’d be cumming right down her throat. As soon as she opened her eyes to blink away tears, that abject terror in turquoise looked up at him, and it was all over. He moaned out, gasping out her name as he began to cum uncontrollably. “”Oh Kiara.. look at me yes.. you beautiful.. fuck...” As she felt the all too familiar hot liquid come shooting out the end of his cock, she knew what to do. She instantly began glugging it down as fast as she could, having no other choice unless she wanted to drown in it. She screwed up her face against the taste. She wanted to just spit it out and distance herself from any of it, yet her throat had no choice but to open and let the warm fluid slip down her throat and into her belly.

Upon seeing her obediently drinking Phil’s cum down, Terry knew that he was about to give the girl his own load. He began his last assault, faster and rougher than before, his body shoving Kiara back and forth as he tried to get his release, her breasts jiggling from the ferocious pounding. Her screams against his roughness only came out as muffled gurgles as she desperately swallowed the huge gobs of cum being deposited in her mouth.

Terry began roaring as his own climax hit him full force, and his face twisted into a horrid rictus of orgasmic pleasure. Veins stood out starkly on his forehead with exertion as he kept pushing his cock balls deep with all his might. He just kept thrusting throughout it all, blasting every drop of his thick seed deep inside her unprotected pussy, feeling like he wanted her to go home with it still all inside her. He hadn’t even asked Phil about birth control, and right now he didn’t much care. That would be their concern if anything happened.

As the two men slowed down, both feeling sated from their climaxes, the room seemed to go quiet. Once Phil had emptied all of himself into her mouth, and was breathing hard, he released his vice-like grip on her hair and let her free. He pulled his cock out, flexing his stiff fingers from having held her so tightly. Kiara was gasping for air, seemingly at the end of some kind of panic attack, and Phil worried for a moment that she might actually black out. Luckily she was already trying to take deeper breaths and calm herself down, even if her eyes still streamed with tears, both from her crying, and her body’s exertions. Her face, which had been looking extremely drawn all day, was now covered with salty tears, as well as drops of cum around her mouth that she hadn’t quite managed to swallow down. Phil hooked his thumb underneath the hem of his T-shirt and wiped the little stains of cum away, leaving the tears to dry by themselves. He then pushed her chin to roll her head back, her eyes staring up at the ceiling.

Terry’s hulking figure rested just above her as he panted audibly, his stale warm breath filling the air above her face, making it impossible to avoid as she desperately tried to regain her own composure. The foreman soon pushed himself up on his flabby arms and drew himself back, his wet cock falling out of her sore pussy, the foreskin now pulled back slightly and stretched around his bulbous tip, his whole length smeared with both his own deposit of cum, and he

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