The Cosby Show- chapter 1

The Cosby Show- chapter 1

It was a regular morning in the Huxtible household. Claire Huxtible called for the kids to come and eat before they had to leave for school. But they were all upstairs getting dressed. Heathcliff thought this was the best opportunity to do something he always wanted to do, get a blowjob from Claire in the kitchen. So Heathcliff went downstairs but as he was going through the hallway he peaked inside his Rudy and Vanessa’s room and saw Rudy naked getting dressed for school. He could see her 12 year old hairless virgin pussy and her growing breasts; he felt his cock lurch in his pants.

When Heathcliff got downstairs he saw his sexy wife making breakfast for him, he went over and slapped her on her ass. “Oooh, Heathcliff I love it when you do that”, said Claire. “You know we could fulfill my fantasy, I mean the kids are upstairs getting dressed and we have plenty of time”, said Heathcliff. “You know what, Claire said as she was undoing her husband’s pants, I think your right, and she knelt down and took his hard member in her longing mouth. She licked his 9 inch long and 3 inch thick black cock from the base to the slit. Then she started to deep throat it, his cock going down her trained throat. “Oooh Claire, said Heathcliff after a few minutes, I’m ready to come”
“Oooh Heathcliff cum on my face, I want to see what the kids say.” So she took his cook out of her mouth and started jacking his shaft up and down until a thick glob of spunk came shooting out of his cock, it hit her nose forehead and started down her beautiful black face. Little did they know that they had a little 12 year old spectator, or at least Claire didn’t know…..

As Rudy Huxtible saw what her parents were doing she felt a lustful sensation fill her mind and body. She had never had sex with a man before let alone sucked a dick, but she always wanted to, she did though have sex with Vanessa, and she played a few games with Kenny’s little boy dick. She knew about sex but she was still a virgin. As she was sitting on the stairs watching her parents she was rubbing her clit, she made soft inaudible moans. And when she saw her father cum in her mothers face she had the most powerful orgasm she ever had in her life, she started shaking as the pleasure of the orgasm came over her. She ran back upstairs and decided that today she would not go to school today she would play sick.

Even though Heathcliff was having the best the blowjob in his life and he got to nut on his wife’s face and his kids would see the cum on her face he was still thinking about Rudy. He couldn’t help it, even though it was his daughter, he just couldn’t help but think of that virgin pussy. All the kids came downstairs (except Rudy), they all wondered why their mother had white stuff dripping off of her face. Theo asked, “Mom what is that on your face?” “Oooh it’s just milk dear I tried to open the milk jug and when it opened it just all came out and most of it hit my face.” But Theo wasn’t dumb he knew what was up. “Umm, where is Rudy,” asked Claire with some cum still dripping down her face which she wiped off. “She said she has stomach ache,” said Vanessa. “Oh I guess I got to stay home with her today”, said Claire. “No that’s alright dear, I got some office work to do I don’t have to go to the hospital until tonight, I’ll take care of her,” said Heathcliff. “Okay dear”, said Claire.

As everybody was leaving for they’re separate destinations Dr. Huxtible went upstairs to tend to check up on Rudy. Rudy knew that her plan was falling into place as she saw her father enter her room. “How are you feeling Miss Rudy,” her father said. “I’m alright but, umm, could you do that thing you used to do when I was 5 years old, when you used to blow on my stomach to make it feel better. “ Okay dear I think I could do that for you”. He then peeled the cover back a little to reveal her stomach, he pulled back her and started blowing on her stomach. “Daddy can you move down a little, he moved down, no a little bit more down and towards the middle, he did what he was told but all of a sudden he was hit with a familiar scent. He was hit with the musky scent of wet pussy, he knew what game she was playing and he wanted to join, after all he did see her sitting on the steps masturbating. He asked her if he should go down a little more and she said yea. She knew now that he knew her game so she kicked back the covers and revealed her shaved wet virgin pussy. Dr. Huxtible asked her if she should go down a little more and she said yes, and he couldn’t wait anymore he just went down on that pussy he had been longing for. He started to lick her bald slit and went down to her clit and started to suck on it. This was better than when Vanessa ate her out. She started to moan and groan at this wonderful pleasure. He continually sucked on her clit and started to finger her pussy. She had a little orgasm. Then all of a sudden he stopped and undid his pants. When Rudy saw his dick she automatically went for it. She started to suck it just like her mother had, she tried to deep throat but she gagged, but she kept on trying. When she was somehow able to get most of it in he started to slowly fuck his youngest daughter’s throat. Rudy started to feverishly finger her clit. Even though he was getting great pleasure out of this he didn’t want to come that fast, so he took his big dick slowly out of her mouth. He told her to lay down and he told her it would hurt a little. She said it was okay and slowly he started to insert his huge member into his daughter. This was the tightest pussy he ever had in his life and it felt great, he slowly moved in until he came into contact with her cherry. He stopped and then slowly went down starting to break it when he broke it he stopped because all of a sudden his sweet and cute daughter started to scream. “Ohhh daddy take it out, please, take it out it hurts. But he knew it would stop hurting. After about two minutes when Rudy started to calm down he started going deeper and he pulled out and did the same again. He then started to pick up the pace he got faster and faster. Rudy’s pain turned into pleasure and she started to scream in pleasure, “OH DADDY YEAH, UNH, UNH , UNH, YEAH DADDY, FASTER, FASTER!!!!! He listened to her and started going faster, pounding his daughters tight little pussy. All of a sudden Rudy had the most powerful and greatest orgasm of her life and two more after that. But even though this was great Dr. Huxtible did not want to come like this he wanted to fuck her ass first. So he pulled out and Rudy automatically started sucking his dick and tasted herself on his dick for the first time. “Stop Rudy I want to try something .” She stopped and he turned her over he opened her butt cheeks and started to lick around her asshole, her then started to tongue her anus. He then positioned himself behind her and slowly but surely started to insert his huge penis slowly into her tight anus. This hurt of course for Rudy but pleasure overdid pain and she told him to fuck her ass faster. Dr. Huxtible loved this kind of talk especially coming from his daughter. And he started to fuck her ass faster. Then he pulled out and told her to turn around, she did and he stroked his huge black cock, she opened her mouth, and he nutted right in his daughters mouth, and she greedily swallowed almost all of it and he came all over her cute face and she continued to suck his cock. Unfortunately Heathcliff did not hear his wife come in the house because they had closed her building at work because of a bomb threat. She called his name but didn’t get an answer then she heard screams upstairs, so she ran upstairs and what she saw shocked her. “HEATHCLIFF”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued…….if it gets good ratings

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