Sweet Revenge trilogy. Chapter 2

Sweet Revenge trilogy. Chapter 2

*Author's note-This belongs to me. This is chapter 2 of the Sweet Revenge trilogy. If you have not read the first, I suggest you do so. I hope you enjoy, and as I've said, this part contains the non consent. I do no condone it, and I do not suggest you go out and do it.

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Chapter 2 - Payback is a Bitch, Ain't it?

It's been almost a year since I was fired and my life practically ended. I used to be a well paid psychology professor at the local High school. I was caught blackmailing and fucking one of my students. In a way, she set me up. That little bitch made it worse than it was, I know she was enjoying herself while I was screwing her, then she gets me fired.

About six months ago, while I was pondering my worthless existence I saw her walking with a group of friends. I followed them, and at that moment, a plan formed in my mind.

I would get revenge on the little tease.

Everyday, for the past few months I've been watching her, following her, learning as much about her as I could. Now, I'm ready to get my payback upon Ms. Emily Wolfe.


I sit in my car hidden in a dark alley. The chlorophorm and rope ready to be used. This place is desolate, and she's absolutely naive to think she could walk through here safely, but I'm not complaining. I run a hand through my shaggy gray hair sighing, I'm totally bored off my ass, but I wanted to make sure I didn't miss her.

She walks through here to get home after she's finished with her classes. Normally her friends drive her, but this is one of the days she leaves early for work. She heads home to drop off her stuff and showers, then leaves for the clinic, she wants to be nurse.

Then I see her turn the corner and start heading down the street. I smile viciously. I grab the chlorophorm and cloth and get out of the car and follow her. I hurry to get behind her, and just as she gets to the part of the street that the streetlight is broken and completely dark, I wrap my arms around her, one securing her arms the other covering her mouth and nose with the sedative.

Her scream is muffled by the cloth and my hand, she tries to struggle, but I hold firm, my erection poking at her back. Soon she goes limp. I remove the cloth and lay her down in a small bush on the edge of the walk, and hurry back to my car. I put the chlorophorm on the passenger seat and drive to where I left her.

When I get to her I grab the rope, hiding in the bush and I secure her wrists and ankles, then I pick her up and put her in the trunk. As I drive home, I start to laugh maniacally. The thoughts of what I am going to do to her making my erection almost painful. I don't plan to just physically torment her, I am going to torture her mentally as well. Making her body enjoy it, while she doesn't want to will scar her. Revenge is sweet.

I am taking her to a friend's home, seeing as my crappy apartment wouldn't be private enough for my needs, he is away on vacation and asked me to house sit. It works perfectly, it's a secluded little home, no neighbors, no one to worry about. I can do what I wish.

After the drive, which takes little over an hour, I pull into the driveway. I had to stop once about 45 minutes in when I heard her starting to scream and thrash around. I just used more chlorophorm and when about my way without a second thought.

I pull in the garage and pop the trunk. I get out with a spring in my step as I throw her unconscious body over my shoulder and grab the extra rope. I start for the bedroom, as I make my way through the living room I turn on the stereo. It's classical, the speakers softly playing Claire de Lune. I smile. 'Perfect.'

I open the bedroom door and turn on the light. I unceremoniously plop her on the bed. I keep her wrists secured together, but take the excess rope and tie it above her head to the headboard. Then I untie her ankles and tie them separately to opposite corners of the bed. I head to the bathroom that adjoins the bedroom and go to the medicine cabinet, grabbing a pair of scissors.

I come back to her smiling. I saunter over and sit beside her, and start cutting away her clingy little t-shirt. Her breasts spill out, no bra again. I then cut away her shorts revealing a lacy little thong. I quickly get rid of it too, exposing her pussy. When I'm finished I put the scissors away and take a shower. I want to wait for her to wake up before I begin to play.

Half way through my shower I hear a groggy moan, and then she starts screaming. I hear the bed creaking as she starts thrashing. I smile, and start whistling along with Debussy. When I finish, I dry myself off but I don't dress, by this point her screams have become hoarse.

I walk out and see her still struggling, although not as violently as she was. When she sees me her eyes go wide and she splutters. "Mr...Mr. Krauss? What the fuck are you doing? Let me go!" I walk over to her. "I think at this point in our relationship Emily, you can call me Jon." She glares at me. "Well then, go fuck yourself Jon." She says my name sarcastically and I smile. "Good girl." I stroke her face and she tries to bite me. I pull away chuckling.

I point to the kitchen knife I have laying on the nightstand. "You don't want me to use that do you?" Her eyes go even wider. "Then behave Emily." I stroke her face again, and she lays there unmoving.

"Why are you doing this?"

"I would say, "to teach you a lesson," but considering I'm no longer a teacher, I'll call it..payback. Think that sounds suitable, don't you?" I see tears start to stream down her face. "Oh don't cry Emily. You chose this, I'm only here to show you what happens when you fuck someone over."

I walk to the end of the bed and crawl between her legs. I nip at her thighs and belly, making my way to her breasts. I look down at her, watching her struggle feebly, her overdeveloped tits swaying. I squeeze one and she moans slightly before biting her lip. I start to massage her breast and she lets out another unintended moan.

I lean down and take her other nipple into my mouth. Her back involuntarily arches. I smile and suck fervently on her breast while the other pinches her nipple. I bite down slightly into her soft flesh and I hear her gasp. She bucks her hips slightly, rubbing her pussy on my leg. I feel her starting to get wet.

I continue playing with her nipples as she stimulates her clit on my thigh. Then I sit up and look at her. Her cheeks are flushed, and wet with tears. I lick her cheek and feel her shudder. I grind against her pussy, letting her feel my erection, her wetness coating my cock.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you Emily?" She just stares at me dolefully.


The noise echoes through the room, adding a thunder like noise to the soft music, as I slap her hard across her face. A red mark starts appearing there almost instantaneously as she looks at me shocked. "Answer me!" She doesn't reply, I lift my hand again, preparing to hit her again and she forces out her answer. "N-n-no!"

I squeeze her breast hard. "Liar," I whisper. "I feel how wet you are slut." More tears roll down her face for her body's blatant betrayal and I smile.

I slide down her body, and rest between her thighs. Its swollen and pink, waxed and already dripping with her juices. I inhale her scent, and lick my lips. I lean forward and flick my tongue across her clit. Her hips buck and I grab her thighs to keep her still. I lick her clit again, running it in circles, causing it to swell and escape from it hood.

I suck her into my mouth and she moans. I swirl my tongue around the little nub as I suck and run my teeth over it lightly. She starts thrusting into my face. I feel her wetness of my chin as I continue my onslaught of her clit. My tongue runs light circles as I suck on her, pressing down occasionally.

Then I release her clit and start circling it with my thumb as I go lower. I run my tongue across her opening. I feel her thighs shiver as I dip my tongue into her. She tastes divine, and I happily drive my tongue into her.

I start pumping my tongue inside her, swirling it around and licking against the wall closer to her belly looking for her sweet spot, she gasps letting me know that I've found it. My fingers circle her clit an I drive my tongue inside her. I nibble in her pussy lips making her moan. I feel her cunt starting to lightly grip my tongue as she grows closer.

My mouth and hand switches place, I suck on her clit while I forcefully drive my fingers into her hole. I pump fast, knowing that soon she's going to release. I start to hum, sending little vibrations into her clit and I finger her furiously. I shove in hard and bite her clit and she exploded around me. Her pussy shudders around my fingers and her whole body thrashes around on the bed.

As she starts to come down from her euphoric cloud I sit up and crawl up her body again. I smile as I see her flushed face, her eyelids partially closed and her mouth slack, a sight shiver running through her body now and then.

"Did you enjoy yourself Emily?" Her eyes open slightly. "Please?" She whispers. I tilt my head slightly. "Please what?" She's quiet for a few seconds before saying softly. "Stop..."

My smile vanishes and my mind goes blank. I feel anger start to build. She must see something dark in my gaze because I see fear encompass your expression. "Ju-just, let me g-go. I-I-I wont tell anyone. I sw-swear, please J-jon, just let me go."

"I already punished you once for lying, it seems have to do it again. I know you're enjoying yourself you slut. I can't let you go, you still haven't learned your lesson."

I slide off her and onto the floor standing at the end of the bed. I start to untie her ankles and I see her relax. 'She thinks I'm releasing her.'

Once they are untied I quickly flip her over taking her by surprise. She lets out a startled yelp and I start tying her ankles back again. "You have to be taught a lesson..."

She starts to struggle as I go and sit beside her. I take a pillow, folding it in half, and stick it underneath her raising her ass up in the air. I lean over, gently caressing her ass. I slide it over to where it lays in one cheek.

I draw my hand up and bring it down hard. THWACK. It echoes around the room along with her scream. I switch to the other cheek, caress it, and spank it hard. I repeat the process over and over, alternating from one cheek to the other. I watch as her ass turns from a dull pink to a brilliant crimson.

Each time my hand goes down, she lets out a shriek. "STOP! PLEASE! IT HUUURTTTSSSSS!" My face remains impassive as I continue spanking her sexy toned ass.

After 30 smacks, I stop. My hand gently glides over her ass, I can feel the heat radiating from it as the blood rushes across the surface. I hear her crying and muttering incoherently. My hand dips down the crack of her ass and I feel her still. I push a finger slightly against her asshole. Its tight, feels almost virgin.

I run my hand down to her pussy. She's completely soaked. I stare at her. "You enjoyed being spanked, didn't you?" She must of learned something because she nods slightly. I feel heat rise up in my face as my anger reaches it peak. "Then you'll need a worse punishment, something you won't enjoy!" I shout as I quickly go behind her.

I rub my finger across her cunt getting it wet with her juice, then I take it to her ass. I push in hard, forcefully going through the tight muscles, and start pumping hard, its tight, and I can tell its hurting her. She yelps when I gain entry, asking me to stop, pleading with me. I pump faster, loosening it up a bit for what is about to go in there. She's tight, even with just one finger, her muscles clenching around me trying to keep out the invasion and push me out.

When I feel her start to loosen, I dip my middle finger into her pussy, then bring it to her ass adding it with my first. I pump harder as the second finger pops in. She's crying now, I see tears stream down her face and get a slight sense of satisfaction, my cock getting even harder.

Finally I draw my fingers back and position myself behind her. I place my cockhead against her pussy and she whimpers. I dip into her, planning just to coat my cock in her juices before I go to my next conquest. She moans slightly as I pump slowly in her. I smile at the thoughts circling through my mind about the surprise she's about to receive.

I pull out of her and place is against her puckered asshole, her reactions instantaneous. She starts thrashing around wildly, screaming and pleading with me to stop. I feel anger overtake me and I reach up and grab the knife from the nightstand. I grab a fistful of her hair, yanking her head back roughly, and press the blade to her throat. She stills instantly.

"Either stop now, or I'll slit your throat and fuck you as you bleed out. Understand?"

"Please stop. I-I've never had one there before, please, I'll do anything else, blow you, fuck you, ride you anything but that."

"But that's exactly the point. I want to claim your ass as mine. I've already had your mouth and cunt, as I'm sure many other frat boys have as well. This is mine."

"Stop..." I cut her off by pressing harder on her throat, causing a small stream of blood to start to run down her throat. "I will have you, remember my warning, either stop, or I'll fuck your ass as you die. Choose."

Tears well out her eyes again, but she stills. I lean back, running the knife down her spine making her shiver. I put it beside me on the bed as I lay a hand on one of her hips and grab my cock, positioning it over her tight little rosebud.

I start to push forward, increasing pressure when I make no progress. It takes several minutes before, with a pop, my cockhead enters past her outrageously tight ring of muscles. We both gasp as I gain entry, mine from pleasure, her from pain. Wanting to sheath myself in her warm depths, I start to quickly push myself forward. She starts crying in agony and trying to claw away, I just grab her hips and force her down the rest of my length.

She screams in pain, but I take no notice. I'm in pure bliss. She's unbelievably tight and warm, her muscles clenching around me and I groan. I start to pump slowly, more out of my comfort than hers. I want to loosen her up a bit more before I really start fucking her.

She wriggles her ass trying to dislodge me. I smack her tender ass making her yelp, and she stops struggling, but continues whimpering and pleading with me, with excites me even more.

I start to gain speed as she gets used to my size, gliding in and out easily. I pull back slowly and drive myself in making her scream again, I keep doing it over and over, grunting each time.

I start to pump fast and her screams get louder as I plough into her. I look down and watch as my cock glides in and out of her ass, its a wonderful sight as I penetrate her. Her crying gets louder as I fuck her faster, pumping away inside her bowels at full force.

I grab her hips and start pulling her hips towards me, making her meet my thrusts and getting me even deeper. Her muscles continue to spasm, making it feel like nothing I've ever felt.

I feel my balls start to inevitably tighten as I grow closer to my release. I reach over with grabbing the knife and placing it just below her ass, pressing down slightly.

"S-say my name Emily." I grunt as I thrust into her hard.

"Jon..." she mutters. I start to get pissed. I press down harder with the blade.

"Louder." I emphasis it with a thrust.


I quickly slash across her skin, making a shallow cut on her thigh.



I moan as she says my name, it melding together through her agony. She continues shouting my name as I release into her bowels, with on final thrust burying myself in her. Spurt after spurt of cum shoots from me, I've never had an orgasm this powerful. She shudders when she feels me shoot my load, and she tries to wriggle away again, but I growl slightly and she stops.

As I finish, I feel my cock start to soften and I pull out. I lean up beside her, seeing her eyes fluttering from exhaustion.

"Please...let me..go.." she say quietly. I chuckle slightly. "I think I can do that now, seeing as you've learned your lesson. However, don't tell this to anyone, or I will find you again, and it'll be much worse. Understand?"

She nods slightly, and I wind my fingers through her hair and pull her head back. "Understand?" I say more forcefully.

"I-I understand." She says weakly. "Good." I release her head and she lets it fall. I watch as her eyes flutter than close as she loses consciousness. I smile as I go and get dressed. When I come back she's still out cold. I start to untie her, whistling cheerfully.


I leave her naked close to her home, driving quickly away so no one sees me. I laugh with glee and I go over the events of the night. It worked out quite nicely. Two cuts, and brutal ass fucking, and emotion scaring, it'll teach her a lesson that's for sure. I drive away, planning a small vacation to celebrate.





**I hope you enjoyed, feedback is appreciated, and the conclusion should be out soon, so look for it.**

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