Adventures of a Realty Diva 2

Adventures of a Realty Diva 2

A week after Naomi had her hot orgy with Alex and Cristina she found herself showing a prospective buyer through the Sutton home. Alex and her mother were out having supper so that Naomi could show the home.

Her client was Megan McAllister, a strikingly pretty young woman of about twenty who had inherited a fortune from her father. With sleek black hair, finely chiseled features, and huge blue eyes, Megan wore skin tight ragged jeans that outlined her pussy lips and a skimpy halter top that seemed barely capable of restraining her jiggling tits. She carried a denim bag slung casually over one shoulder.

“This place could be beautiful with the right furniture,” the young heiress commented as the two walked down the long upstairs hallway. Megan poked her head into a carpeted and draped room, flipped the light on and then off, then moved to the next one. “It’s really quite impressive.”

In contrast to the almost sloppy way she was dressed, Megan had driven up to the house in a low sports car that Naomi would have guessed cost a small fortune. Such were the privileges of the very wealthy, Naomi couldn’t help thinking to herself, actually feeling somewhat overdressed in her pleated skirt and business like blouse.

“There’re four bedrooms in all,” Naomi volunteered helpfully, following the girl. “And five bathrooms.”

The bathroom at the end of the hall was right before them, and Megan said, “Speaking of bathrooms, I could use one right now?”

Leaving the door open, the shapely young woman stepped into the large bathroom and quickly pushed down her tight jeans. Unconcerned that Naomi stood just outside the door, Megan sat on the toilet and kept right on talking while she pissed.

“It’s a lovely house,” the girl perched on the toilet seat her jeans down around her slim legs. Naomi had not been particularly surprised to discover that Megan was not wearing underwear. “I might just buy it.”

Looking away, Naomi said, “The Ms. Sutton wants to sell as she is going through a divorce. I think the price is very reasonable.”

“Damn!” she heard Megan curse. “I’m sitting here with a dripping pussy, and there’s no toilet paper. I hope I have some tissues.”

Naomi turned to see the slender-hipped girl rummaging through her denim bag. Megan’s bare legs were tanned and smooth, her firm ass was perfectly round, and from where Naomi stood she could glimpse just a hint of the her shaved pussy mound.

Slightly aroused at the sight in spite of herself, Naomi let her eyes take in the half-naked girl without being overly obvious about it. The thought of her last encounter with Alex and Cristina made Naomi’s breath quicken almost imperceptibly.

“I guess I’ll just have to drip dry,” Megan sighed finally, unable to find any tissue.

And when she set her denim bag on the tiled floor, it tipped over, spilling its contents. Keys, makeup, hairpins, math books and other small items poured out in a jumble.

Most intriguing to Naomi, however, was a huge vibrator in the shape of a man’s stiff cock. At least eight inches long, it was made of smoothly polished plastic and was black.

“That’s my pacifier.” Megan giggled when she noticed Naomi staring at the vibrator. “I get a better tinge out of it than any man’s cock could give me.”

“Really?” Naomi asked with genuine curiosity. “I’ve never even used one.”

Picking up the huge plastic cock, Megan flipped it on and held it out for Naomi to see. The vibrator hummed in her hand.

“You can look at it if you want,” she offered, handing it to Naomi.

While Megan scooped everything back into her denim purse, Naomi examined the faintly buzzing plastic prick. As big around as it was, she could only imagine that it would stretch her tight cunt if she ever tried to use it on herself.

“It really vibrates!” Naomi said in almost a whisper. “It’s getting me horny just holding it in my hand.”

Giggling, Megan told her, “It’ll make your clit stand right up! Here, let me see it and I’ll show you how it works.”

“Okay.” Naomi nodded eagerly, giving the humming vibrator back to the girl.
Squatting in front of the toilet, Naomi watched with ever-quickening breath as Megan kicked her shoes and jeans away and scooted her bare ass forward on the toilet seat. The pretty heiress stretched her long legs out in front of herself and spread her knees wide, the lush slash of her pink cunt gaping lewdly when she did so.

Naomi found herself staring up into Megan’s glistening pussy, her eyes widening. The dark-haired girl’s puffy outer cunt-lips were so large they protruded wetly, their pink surfaces slick with oily wetness and trembling slightly.

“Take a good look. I love showing off my body. I am a rich fucking exhibitionist” Megan breathed in open invitation, spreading her bare thighs wider. Then she suddenly pushed the vibrator into Naomi’s hand. “Here,” she said. “You help me.”

As Naomi watched excitedly, Megan took the slippery folds of her thick cunt-lips in her fingers and slowly pulled them all the way apart. The tight pink hole of her pussy contracted wetly, the slick passageway throbbing with a quick flurry of little spasms.

“See how tight my cunt it,” the girl on the toilet said with a certain amount of pride. “And it gets wet so fast, when someone is looking at me like this. Do you think I have a hot fucking cunt Naomi?”

“Oh fuck yes,” breathed Naomi, feeling her own juicy cunt filling with juices and running into her thong. “God, Megan I can’t believe how big your clit is!”

With her fingertips, Megan had pulled aside folds protecting her pink clit.

Swimming in glistening juices, the quivering nub of Megan’s clit was fully as large as a small marble. It throbbed delicately, swelling and distending even as Naomi watched.

“Yes, big and sensitive. I love showing off my cunt at jean shops at the mall. The young clerks don’t even say a thing as I leave the door of change room open. The watch as I spread my legs and show them my clit, and they love it. I can come just by rubbing it with one finger if a hot young girl is watching me.”

Settling back against the tank of the toilet, Megan said quietly, “ Naomi, touch the vibrator all around my cunt, but don’t put it right on it yet. I like to save that for last.”

Trembling, Naomi kicked off her shoes and then sat down cross-legged between the other girl’s knees. Megan had her ass at the edge of the toilet seat, and the plump shaved cunt bulged out, her fingers still holding her slippery cunt-lips apart. Naomi scooted in closer to the girl’s pussy.

With only the very tip of the humming plastic cock, Naomi touched just below Megan’s large clit.

“Ohhh fuck!” Megan groaned, the smooth muscles in her thighs jerking. “I got a tingle straight up my cunt! Keep doing it! Ohhhh! Do it until I come! Oh yeah and I am a squirter.”

Leaning in so close that she could almost taste the pretty girl’s pussy, Naomi started touching the buzzing vibrator all around Megan’s pulsing cunt.

Megan’s blue eyes closed to half-slits and her heavy tits started rising and falling quickly with her heavy breathing. With a barely controlled wiggle, she squirmed her bare ass on the hard seat, her slender hips pumping gently.

“Stick the fat end of that cock up my cunt few times!” gasped the young heiress, as her juices began to drip from her pussy, and into the water in the bowel. “Ummmmm! You are good at this. You like my tight cunt don’t you Naomi. I want you to fuck me with the vibrator! Push that black cock up my cunt! Ohhhhhh fuck! I’m so wet!”

Gliding the smooth plastic prick up and down along the length of Megan’s gaping pussy, Naomi was so turned on that she was trembling. She slipped the tip of the vibrator into the Megan cunt-hole and pushed hard.

Megan groaned, “ Oh fuck my young cunt loves it Naomi. Ram it all the way up my cunt! Go on, it’ll fit! Just shove it really hard! Uhhhh! Ohhhh!”

Even as incredibly wet and slippery as the girl’s cunt was, the huge size of the humming plastic cock made it a very tight fit. Pushing, working it in and out, and then pushing some more, over and over, it took Naomi a few minutes to get the vibrator fully into Megan’s dripping pussy.

“It’s really in there!” Naomi moaned, her fingers slick with the Megan’s cunt juices. Gripping the base of the solid plastic prick, she started sliding it in and out of the dark-haired girl’s snatch with short, quick strokes of her hand. “God, you’re cunt has so much juice, it almost looks like you’re peeing!”

Groaning with passion, Megan slid her hands up along her slender middle and began squeezing her huge tits through her halter top. Her nipples poked stiffly against the fabric, two dark rings with hard, pointy tips.

“Damn, you’ve got beautiful tits!” Naomi told her, still ramming the vibrating cock up the girl’s tight cunt.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor as she was, Naomi’s pleated skirt had inched up to the edge of her filmy panties. Her bare thighs were shiny with sweat, her smooth calves rounded tautly. As fast and as hard as she could, she kept ramming the buzzing cock into Megan’s pussy, her hand moving furiously.

“Ohhhh, fuck me harter, deeper!” Megan moaned, shuddering. “Push that big cock as deep as you can in my cunt! Ohhh! It’s vibrating the hell out of my pussy! Harder! Fuck me harder with it! Uhhh! Oh Naomi my cunt’s throbbing all over!”

Meagan quickly reached around and undid the back of her halter top. She pulled it away from her trembling body, then dropped the handful of fabric to the floor.

The sight of Megan’s naked tits made Naomi suck her breath in with a sharp sigh. The pretty heiress’ tits were two perfect and firm, the round undersides of both were damp with sweat. Tilted upward and pointing outward slightly, Megan’s bare tits were lipped with the biggest, darkest nipples Naomi had ever seen in her life. Rings of deep crimson, the girl’s nipples throbbed warmly and became even more distended.

“Wow, what huge nipples you have!” Naomi breathed hotly, just the sight of them making her want to suck them. “And your tits are beautiful!”

Bending her knee outward suddenly, Megan brought one bare foot up and rested it on Naomi’s inner thigh. While Naomi repeatedly jabbed the humming plastic prick up her cunt hole as Megan worked her foot up under Naomi’s skirt. Megan then pressed her toes against the sopping crotch of the blonde woman’s panties, wiggling them back and forth on her clit overtop of Naomi,s wet thong.
“Ohhhh, that feels so fucking good!” Naomi groaned, shivering at the wild sensation Megan’s toes gave her clit a tweak.

With one hand still cramming the huge vibrator up Megan’s hot cunt, Naomi reached down with her other hand and pulled the filmy crotch of her panties aside. Raising her ass slightly, she took Megan’s foot and pressed the girl’s toes up into her slippery cunt lips. Then, rocking back and forth, she held Megan’s foot to pussy and rubbed her wet cunt-hole along the Megan’s wiggling manicured toes.

“You’re going to make me come on your beautiful fucking toes!” Naomi said shakily, pressing Megan’s foot still tighter to her snatch. “Uhhhhhh! My cunt is to really get wet!”

“And I’m starting to come!” Megan gasped right back. “Slide the vibrator out of my cunt and use it on my clit! Uhhhh! Uhbhhhh! I can feel it starting! Ohhh, I’m going to come you fucking bitch!”

Naomi pulled, the vibrating cock put of the girl’s tightly gripping pussy with one fluid motion. Pressing the slippery shaft of it lengthwise along Megan’s trembling cunt-lips and she pressed the tip of it into the groaning girl’s throbbing clit.

“Ohhhhh fuck yes!” Megan gasped, and began coming immediately, sending a fine spray of sweet cum all over Naomi’s face.

Naomi held the cock head down on Megan’s clit and sucked her cunt lips into her mouth. “Ohhhhh, it’s so good!” “It’s vibrating on my big fat clit! Press it tighter! Uhhh! Ohhhhh God! Ahhh!”

Squirming under the impact of her climax, the sexy heiress with the big tits thrust her bare hips up and held them poised and grinding on Naomi’s mouth as cum spewed into the older woman’s mouth. It was more than Naomi could swallow and it ran out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Megan groaned from deep within herself, her hot cunt juices squirting out of her pulsating cunt and into Naomi’s open and hungry mouth.

“I’m still coming! I’m still fucking coming!” she cried, her head rolling from side to side. “My clit’s throbbing so much I can hardly take it! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh! My cunt is on fire!”

When finally her bare ass sagged back onto the toilet seat, Megan gave a last shivering shudder and closed her eyes trying to regain her breath.

Naomi stood up and reached up under her skirt, she pulled her soaked thong down. She pressed them under Megan’s nose and the young woman moaned and sniffed at them, then pressed the soaked crotch to her nipples, pinching them hard through the slick material of the thong’s crotch.

Naomi quickly stripped off her blouse. Her bare tits jiggled free, her nipples already hard.

In only her pleated skirt and nothing else, Naomi said, “ Megan, please use the vibrator on my cunt, I’ll suck your tits and eat your pussy while you’re doing it.”

Megan opened her eyes with a lazy smile. “Okay, you hot bitch,” was all she said.

They left their things in the bathroom and wandered down the hallway hand in hand. They stopped at the first bedroom they came to, then went into the room giggling. Naomi flipped the light on. It was obviously Alex’s room.

“Fuck, there must be a hot little teen in this room,” Megan said, giving Naomi’s hand a warm squeeze, “lets soak her sweet little bed with your cum Naomi.”

In her other hand, Megan carried the huge black vibrator. “Now I’m going to make you come like crazy.”

The sexy, dark-haired heiress pushed Naomi back on Alex’s bed then knelt on the carpet between the older woman’s legs.

Naomi pulled the younger woman too her and kissed Megan passionately, her tongue probing into the sweetness of her mouth. She ran her hands eagerly up and down the pretty girl’s supple body, squeezing and caressing her firm smooth flesh.

“Oh, you’re really horny, aren’t you Naomi?” Megan breathed hotly, her soft lips sucking wetly at Naomi’s. “It won’t take long to make you come!”

Still in her skirt, Naomi trailed her mouth wetly down the Megan’s neck. She kissed her flesh feverishly, then moved down along the curve of her large firm tits.

“Ummmmm!” Megan sighed dreamily when Naomi started sucking at her huge nipples. She held the vibrator in her hand, waiting for the chance to use it. “You’re making me horny as hell!”

Getting up on her knees on the bed, Naomi gave each of Megan’s ripe nipples a few more hungry sucks, then slid her mouth down along the girl’s flat stomach.

“I love your skin,” Naomi said with a tremor of anticipation as she neared Megan’s smooth wet cunt. “It’s just so silky!”

Naomi licked the soft flesh on either side of Megan’s pussy, then pushed her stiff tongue firmly into Megan’s wetly-gaping cunt. Inhaling the strong scent of it, Naomi eagerly licked down into the slick center of pink cunt-flesh, probing with her tongue tip into Megan’s pussy.

“Ohihhhh!” Megan moaned, spreading her damp thighs. “Eat me, Naomi! Ummm, it feels so fucking good! Ohhhh! Suck my cunt! Suck on my clit hard! Ohhhh fuck yes!”

Sucking as much of Megan’s slippery pussy as she could get in her mouth, she nuzzled her face into Megan’s wet cunt lips. She probed deeply with her tongue, sliding it up inside of the cunt-hole and licking out and over her huge engorged clit.

“Your cunt tastes so good!” Naomi whimpered, smacking her lips moistly at Megan’s protruding clit. “You’ve got such a sweet pussy!”

Naomi sucked and lapped at the firm cunt flesh until Megan was gasping for breath. The pretty girl on the bottom squirmed her ass and spread her knees still wider.

“I’ve got to get at your cunt!” Megan moaned weakly, reaching out and squeezing the firm back of Naomi’s bare thigh. “Spread your legs! I want to fuck you so fucking bad.”

As soon as Naomi moved her knees apart on the carpet, she felt Megan’s hand slide up under her skirt and between her legs. Megan’s eager fingers found her pulsing cunt and probed into it, her fingertips pushing up into Naomi’s wet cunt-hole and wiggling around.

“Ohhh! I love it!” Naomi gasped, pushing her hips down so that Megan’s slender fingers stabbed deeper in her cunt. “Shove your fingers as far up my pussy as possible! Ohbhhh! Keep playing with my cunt while I eat yours! Ummmmm! Uhhh!”

And then Naomi edged over until she was almost on top of the Megan’s writhing body on Alex’s. Without taking her mouth from Megan’s juicy pussy, Naomi aligned herself so that she had one knee on either side of her head.

“Now use that big fucking cock on my pussy!” Naomi moaned huskily, spreading her shapely legs so that her dripping cunt dipped down close to Megan’s face. “Ram that big cock up my cunt! Make me come with it! Make me come all over your beautiful face!”

Bringing both arms though the gap between Naomi’s damp thighs, Megan pushed the back of the pleated skirt up over her bare ass. She picked the cock-shaped vibrator up turned it on, then wedged the vibrating tip of it into the wet slit between Naomi’s quivering cunt-lips.

Naomi stiffened with a groan. “Ohhhhh! God, it’s like a million tiny spasms racing through my pussy! Push it all the way up me! Ohhhh! I love the way it feels going in my cunt! Ohhhhh God! It’s so damn big and hard!”

Inch by inch, Megan shoved the humming plastic prick up Naomi’s wet cunt. Her pretty face directly below the sloppy pussy lips. Naomi’s juices dripped down onto her cheeks and mouth and chin.

“Deeper!” she moaned, still mouthing Megan’s gaping pussy hungrily. “God, it’s shaking me to bits! Ummmmm! I can feel my cunt sucking at it! Give me every hard inch of it!”

Then, to get at Megan’s slippery snatch better, Naomi gripped the smooth backs of the girl’s thighs and pulled them back until Megan’s firm ass came up off the floor. She locked her elbows under the backs of the dark-haired girl’s knees and pressed down, Megan’s ass raising higher and rounding firmly.

Holding Megan’s legs down with her forearms so that her tight cunt gaped more than ever, Naomi lingeringly tongued her way up and down the girl’s pink juicy cunt.

“Oh fuck, I love the way you’re eating me!” the horny heiress groaned, her hand working the huge vibrator in and out of Naomi’s slippery pussy as fast as possible. “The way you’re sucking my clit, I might fucking cum before you do! Uhhhh! Lick me, Naomi! Suck my big fat clit!”

Lost in a haze of lust, Naomi groaned again and again with the tingling tremors the humming cock sent deeply into her foaming cunt.

She urged breathlessly, “Push that huge cock deeper in my cunt! Fuck me hard and fast with it! Uhhh! Ohhhhh! Slam it up my cunt hole! Ummm! That’s it! Faster, do it faster!”

Sliding her hands down the backs of Megan’s rounded thighs, Naomi pulled ruthlessly at the squirming girl’s slick cunt-lips with her fingers and the pinched the huge clit along with them. Naomi groaned and began grinding Meganhuge clit between her engorged cunt lips. Creating the kind of friction on Megan’s clit that was driving her crazy. Megan jerked beneath her, then jerked again when Naomi pinched down hard on the the sensitive covering that hooded her quivering clit.

“Ohhh, fuck yes! Yes!” Megan gasped when Naomi’s sucking lips enclosed her throbbing clit. “Suck it right there! Suck my clit till I come! Ohhhh! It’s so damn sensitive! You’re going cum so fucking hard! Ohhhhh!”

Sucking hard at the little flesh cock, Naomi teased at it with the tip of her tongue until Megan was sobbing with pleasure.

“Uhhhhh!” she moaned, straining to straighten her pinned legs. “You fucking bitch, Naomi! It feels so good, it’s driving me out of my mind! Ohhhhhh! Suck it!”

Naomi mouthed Megan’s pulsing clit eagerly, teasing and tickling it with her lips and tongue and teeth. She moved her hand down, her fingers sliding into the damp crack of the straining Megan’s perfect ass. Probing, she slowly worked two fingers into Megan’s tight asshole.

Megan panted, “Ahhh! Suck my cunt harder! I’m coming! Uhhhh! You’re bringing me off with your mouth! Ohhhhh! Jab your fingers farther up my asshole! Ohhh! I’m coming!”

Straining with all her might to kick her legs free, the climaxing girl jerked and shuddered uncontrollably and a surge of cum washed over Naomi’s face. Naomi sucked the thick cunt lips into her mouth as a second wave of cum forced its way into her mouth and down her throat.

“Ummmmmm! Oh fuck here cums another swallow my creamy cunt juice, you fucking pussy sucking bitch!”

Still sucking the thrashing girl’s pink clit feverishly, Naomi brought her off three times in a row with her hot mouth and cum ran down her face and onto the bed. Megan began to pick up the pace with the cock again.
The realty agent thrust her bare ass back, her dripping cunt taking the humming vibrator deeper into its tight wetness. What felt to her like millions of tingling electric spasms suffused her tightening cunt with pleasure so intense she thought she’d pass out.

“Oh, fuck yes!” she rasped hoarsely, her fingers clawing at Megan’s throbbing asshole. “Keep shoving that thing up my cunt! Uhhhhhhh! Megan I’m gonna cum all over you! Ohhhhhh fuck!”

With one hand frantically pounding the vibrating plastic cock into Naomi’s juicy pussy, Megan searched with her other until she found her asshole. She gouged her fingers into it, stretching open the puckered hole as wide as she could.

“Oh, yes fuck my shit hole!” Naomi shuddered. “Uhhhh! Don’t stop! Uhhhh!!”

Naomi’s cunt erupted as her body went out of control her legs stiff, her hands slapping at Megan’s ass, a torrent of cum spurted around the sides of the big cock and drenched Megan’s beautiful face.

Megan pulled out the cock in time to take the second blast of cum full on her beautiful face. Megan groaned and sucked Naomi’s cunt deep into her mouth as a third and final flush of cum left Naomi’s convulsing pussy.

Naomi and Megan strained and groaned through so many blistering climaxes that they lost count. The wet suction of Naomi’s mouth made Megan come almost non-stop, the buzzing vibrator Megan plunged into Naomi’s slick cunt doing the same thing for the wiggling blonde girl.

“Ohhhh stop!” Naomi sobbed finally, sliding her mouth off of Megan’s dripping cunt. “My cunt and clit are so sensitive, I can’t take anymore!”

Sliding the humming cock-shaped vibrator out of Naomi’s swollen snatch, Megan gasped and lay her pretty head back pillow. “Come here and kiss me.”

Naomi raised up, then turned around and crawled onto Megan’s sweaty body. She kissed the girl lingeringly, her hot pussy pressing into the plump bulge of Megan’s cunt, her hands finding her firm tits.

Teasing at Naomi’s lips with her tongue tip, Megan breathed, “We’re going to have to do this again sometime.”

“We sure are.” Naomi giggled softly. “How about in fifteen minutes or so?”

And when she pressed her quivering cunt tighter to Megan’s, she felt the dark-haired girl’s thighs spread wide.

Both women were startled by a soft young voice behind them.

“Next time can I join you,” Naomi rolled over, it was Alex, her hand down her tight jeans her eyes fixed on the two women.

“Alex how long have you been standing there?” Naomi said startled.

“Long enough to get so fucking turned on I can’t stand it. Mom dropped me off then went out shopping she won’t be back for hours,” Alex said with a smile.

“Oh Megan, this is Alex uh the occupant of this room, and my fourteen year old lover” said Naomi.

“My pleasure, Alex, did you like what you saw,” Megan said spread her legs in front of the hot young teen showing her cum filled pussy.

“Fuck yeah, but what will mom say when she finds those cum soaked sheets in the wash?”

The three of them laughed as Alex striped eager to join the two women on the bed.

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