The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties Chapter 1: Mother/Daughter Pregnant Delight

The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties Chapter 1: Mother/Daughter Pregnant Delight

The Triad and the Village of Pregnant Beauties
Chapter One: Mother/Daughter Pregnant Delight
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2017

Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this.

Fiona – Shesh, Lesh-Ke Mountains, Kingdom of Haz

I took a deep breath, trying to ignore my twin sister's terrible antics in the bar. “Ten guys before a quarter of an hourglass runs out,” she boasted. “I'll make you all explode.”

“Las's cum, but you're a wild one,” laughed a rough-faced man with the dusky skin of a Hazian, contrasting against my sister's pale flesh. We were Tuathans from deep in the Lesh-Ke Mountains. “But no woman can make that many men cum that fast. No matter how good she is at sucking cock.”

My sister was a champion of sucking cock. It was outrageous. We were married women. Not that our husband had any more of a grasp on fidelity than my twin. Even now he dandied a barmaid on his lap, a rough hand shoved down her bodice to grope a breast.

I bet he wished it was Alesha's breast. Six months ago, the last time we were in Shesh, I found my husband taking advantage of the married woman. She was distraught over her kidnapped daughter, and Seamus had used that to seduce her, fucking the MILF hard while promising to give her missing daughter the same loving when she was found.

And he did.

“Them abominations been helping to keep out the bandits that crop up,” the bartender, a sallowed-eyed man said, answering my question. “Guess they ain't half bad.”

“And Viora is still with them?” I asked. Viora was said missing daughter. She had powers, being the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter.

“Still with that lion freak,” he said. “Damn shame. She was a pretty one.”

“That's good,” I smiled. “She and Kelmam were so happy when we last saw them.” Kelmam, and many of the men from his village, were changed into half-lion/half-men monsters by a rogue biomancer. Their village's women, including Kelmam's sister, were turned into octogirls. They were trying to make a new life for themselves with Viora's help.

“How much gold, boys?” Aoifa laughed. “Come on. Ten of you before the hourglass reaches here. Or aren't any of you real men? Afraid I'll suck more than your cum out of you.”

A raucous laugh exploded from the men. I shook my head. I didn't like it, but I understood my sister more. Just because she and Seamus strayed from our marriage vows didn't mean they loved me less. Just meant they were unable to control their raging desires.

My twin was such a slut and our husband a pig.

“That's more like it,” Aoifa laughed. “Put your money down boys, then drop those trousers and I'll get to sucking. And you'll get to cumming.”

“So you're just an innocent-looking thing to be going around fighting monsters,” the barkeeper said, drawing my attention away from Aoifa.

“I'm a twinborn witch,” I shrugged, twisting my mug of sour wine in my hand. One sip had curdled my tongue. It was more vinegar than a proper drink. “It's my duty to protect the Lesh-Ke mountains with my twin sister and husband.”

“Yes, he's doin' a lot of protecting right now,” he laughed. “Guarding Missei's titties.”

A woman squealed behind me, drawing my attention. Seamus, my red-haired and brawny husband, had the bar wench's tits out, groping them with his paler fingers. He was a handsome, imposing man, with a brash and powerful face, all chiseled lines and strong jaw. His fingers were thick, rough with callouses that never failed to stir passion when he touched my body. He was a Paladin of Gewin, God of War, sworn to aid my sister and I on our sacred charge to defend all those who lived in the mountains, Tuathan and Hazian, from the monsters and other infernal threats. We'd fought rogue mages, crazed gorgons, grotesque goblins, and rapacious ogres.

I loved him greatly so I tried to forgive his wandering hands. At least this woman wasn't married.

“You remind me of me daughter,” the barkeep continued, glancing at me. I shifted in my white robes, pulling them tightly closed so not even a hint of cleavage—not that I had much, my breasts smaller compared to my twin sister—showed. “Oh, yes, just as innocent.”

He made my skin crawl.

“Begin,” the men cheered then one let out a groan. I could hear my sister-wife's noisy sucks over the cheers. I glanced at her out of reflex.

She knelt naked on the ground, her busty breasts jiggling as she sucked, her nipple piercings flashing in the light spilling from the roaring fireplace. She worked her mouth up and down the thick cock, her blue eyes wild with lust while her short, black hair swayed about her minx-hungry face. Though we were twins, we were not identical. I had dark-red hair that I kept in a long braid, and while she was curvy and voluptuous, I was petite and slim, my breasts small mounds, my nipples unpierced. Only our eyes shared the same vivid blue, and though her face had an earthier hunger about it, you could see the same cheekbones and shape of a nose.

It was obvious we were sisters.

“She's a wild one,” laughed the barkeeper. “I can see her going on adventures. But you... So quiet. So innocent.”

His hand crept near mine. I pulled it back.

“Have you heard 'bout what's going on down in Ke-Thi?” he asked.

I frowned. “What is going on in Ke-Thi?”

He grinned his thick lips, dark stubble clinging in scraggly patches to his cheeks and fat jawline. “What'll you give me for the info?”

I shuddered, seeing the hunger in his eyes. Feeling utterly dirty, I coached my voice low in a good imitation of Aoifa. “That depends big your information is.”

“Oh, it is plenty big,” he grinned. “You won't be disappointed.”

“I've heard that before.”

“Las's putrid cum,” a guy groaned in the background. “Damn, that was fast. I ain't ever popped off that fast.”

Aoifa sucked on her next cock.

“I hate to be disappointed,” I told him, leaning forward. “Maybe you should...prove that your information is big.” I wanted to vomit.

“They say every man in Ke-Thi vanished. Just poof. And now all the women are pregnant.”

I straightened. “The men vanished and the women are pregnant. When did this happen?”

“A week ago, I suppose. News just came in fresh this afternoon. Whole mess of pregnant fillies without any stallions to keep 'em company.” His grin grew. “Said they were a horny, lonely bunch.”

Seamus would love that. “Thank you for the information. It was very big.”

“So, what choo gonna do for me?”

I reached into my pouch and pulled out a gold dupondius. “For the drinks and the information.”

His hand shot out, grabbing my arm. “That wasn't what we talked about.”

I arched an eyebrow at him. “Are you sure? I don't think you can get it up. Spirits of Virility, take away this man's desire for a day.”

His face paled. He released my hand. “No need for spells, witch.”

Around me, balls of green light danced, the Enhancement Spirits. Only I or another witch could see them. They loved me—I was a twinborn witch—and were more than happy to dart at the man, vanishing into his trousers. His eyes widened as his hardon softened into a limp, soggy vegetable stewed for too long.

“Please,” he said. “I didn't mean to give offense, witch.”

“Oh, it's just one day,” I told him. “You can go without sex for that long. Next time, mind your manners with a lady.”

“Pater's cock, yes,” a man grunted. “Drink my cum.”

“Gods, you didn't last long enough,” another man complained.

“She's too damned good,” he sighed.

I shook my head as Aoifa went on to her next one, cum dribbling down her chin. She loved jizz. I swear she would bathe in it if she could. I can't understand how it was possible for us to come out of the same womb.

I sat down beside my husband, his face buried in busty Missei's breasts, his face sliding back and forth while she giggled. I folded my arms, sighing, so aware just how small my breasts were. Seamus could do that with Aoifa with ease, but not with me.

His face appeared, red from his excitement, his flowing, fiery hair spilling about his broad shoulders. He grinned at me. “So, what did the barkeep tell you?”

“Beside how much I remind him of his daughter?”

“Hot,” Seamus grinned, squeezing the barmaid's ample assets. She squealed.

I shook my head. “You are such a pig.”

He gave me that grin, the one that melted every woman's pussy and parted maids' and matrons' thighs. “That's what you love about me. When I am down between your thighs, rooting in you trough.”

My pussy went hot even as I blanched. “Don't tarnish our love making with such vile metaphors. My pussy is not a pig trough.”

“No, it is a goddess's ambrosia, sweeter than Biaute herself. It's a place to be worshiped.”

My cheeks flushed and my back straightened. “Apology accepted.”

He leaned over and kissed me on the lips, his stubble rough and rasping. I shuddered, closing my eyes. I did love this horny, foolish man. Otherwise, I would never put up with him fondling the barmaid's tit while he kissed me.

“So,” he said, breaking the kiss. “Learn anything else? Beside the barkeeper’s desires.”

“There is a village of pregnant women where all the men have mysteriously vanished,” I answered.

“Pregnant women?” Seamus asked, his back straightening. “And all their men are missing.”

I rolled my eyes. “We're there to find their men and figure out why they are all pregnant, not to fuck them.”

“Comfort them, Fiona, my love,” he said. “Comfort. I know you like giving comfort.”

“To you and Aoifa,” I blushed.

“And that time you fucked the Barguest?”

I squirmed.

“Or that time you licked my cum out of that virgin's pussy, soothing her after my big dick had made her a woman.”

My cheeks were flaming.

“That's what I thought,” he laughed. “So we leave in the morning?

I glanced at Aoifa, bobbing her head on her fifth dick, sucking so hard, cum dripping down her chin onto her heaving breasts. “Aoifa's having too much time to leave tonight. And we wouldn't get far anyways.”

“She is having fun,” Seamus agreed. “They made a sucker bet with her.”

“Yeah,” I nodded, licking my lips, hating the fact that a part of me wished I was on my knees beside her, having fun with my sister-wife, drinking down cum.

Aoifa won her bet with time to spare.


Seamus – Ke-Thi, Lesh-Ke Mountains, The Kingdom of Haz

It was a four day ride through the mountains. A month of storms had washed out many trails, spreading rubble pile that had to be cleared away or were gone entirely, forcing us to take other paths. But late afternoon, we spotted Ke-Thi ahead.

An eager excitement shot through me. An entire village of pregnant women. With no men around to keep comfort them. I had heard a pregnancy gave a woman a rapacious appetite. They were eager for sex and didn't have to worry about the father of their child, so their appetites became indiscriminate.

I glanced at Fiona riding at my side, wearing her white robes that hid her body. What would she look like pregnant? Her belly swollen round, her breasts growing as they filled with her milk. My dick throbbed in my leather pants, my chainmail rattling as I shifted.

“What?” Fiona asked, her youthful, delicate face furrowing in question, her eyes bright blue. Her braid of auburn hair fell down her back, contrasting with her pristine robes. “Is there something on my face?”

“Just...thinking about the future.”

“Children?” Aoifa asked, laughing from my other side.

She wore her tight, black leather pants. They clung to her gorgeous legs like a second skin. Her breasts cupped by her leather vest, cut low to give her a delicious amount of cleavage. She had daggers strapped all over her body in a variety of styles, along with her pouch of thief tools and other useful items.

“Are you imagining me pregnant?” Fiona asked, her voice soft. “Do you...want that?”

“Well, eventually,” I said. “But we're having too much fun now, aren't we? Children can wait. We have our sacred duty.”

“To help all those poor, lonely pregnant women,” Aoifa said in a sage tone, her blue eyes wide on her face. She looked almost the same as Fiona, and yet she lacked all of her twin sister's innocence, instead her face had a vixen, predatory hunger that always boiled my blood.

I loved them both in different ways.

“This is serious. There is something going on here,” Fiona said. “So pay attention while we're in the village.”

“We should split up,” Aoifa said as we descended into the valley the village lay in, the peaks of the Lesh-Ke mountains rising snow-capped around us. “To cover more ground.”

“Just try not to fuck everyone you can,” Fiona muttered. “And ask questions in between bouts of satiating your libido.”

Aoifa laughed. “Oh, my sweet sister, you would know. You were so horny last night, just begging to have your libido satisfied. 'Oh, Seamus, worship at my altar! Devour me!'”

I grinned, licking my lips. “I love worshiping at your altar.”

Fiona shifted. “And I love it when you worship me.”

“Twice,” giggled Aoifa. “This village excites you, sweet sister. Just admit it.”

“It...does,” she said. She had changed a lot since we started adventuring. She was far less repressed, more open about her desires. Her hands went to her belly. “Maybe...I would like to be pregnant. To carry our husband's child.”

“Try to remember to ask questions in between bouts of satisfying your libido, sweet sister,” laughed Aoifa.

Fiona's eyes narrowed, and then she tossed her head, heeling Whitesocks. Her black mare, save for her lower legs were snowy white, trotted ahead of us. Fiona rushed down into the village ahead of us. I shook my head, giving Aoifa a look.

“She started it,” Aoifa pouted, fluttering her blue eyes at me. “I'll worship at her altar tonight to make it up to her.” She gave a wicked grin. “And you can worship at mine with that big offering in your pants.”

My dick ached more as we followed Fiona down into the village.

The houses were the rough hovels typical of Hazian villages in the mountains, thick walls made of interlocking logs packed with mud for insulation. The roofs were covered in wood shingles and pitched at steep angles to keep the snow from accumulating in the depths of winter.

But the naked, pregnant women walking around was a different matter. They all were rubbing their bellies, swollen round and heavy. All looked days away from giving birth, their tits so round with breast milk, stretched taught, and brown nipples hard. They had dark hair and dusky skin, looking so exotic compared to the fair-skinned Tuathan girls I grew up with.

The women watched me, making my back straight. They all had such hungry eyes. They were horny for male attention. We reached the inn. Fiona had already tied her horse to a hitch post out front and was talking to a group of three pregnant women. Aoifa and I tied up our horses.

“Remember, the questions,” Aoifa grinned before she sauntered off to another group.

“I'll try,” I said, my cock so hard. So many horny women in need of a man. And only so much of me to go around.

I looked around, savoring them. They were delicious in their own ways, some mature beauties ripened by age to perfection, other budding girls, their petite bodies looking so sexy with such round bellies before them.

It was one girl, eighteen, who caught my eye. She was short, her breasts firm cones swollen with breast milk. She cradled her round stomach as she walked to another woman, their features much alike. Mother and daughter.

The girl slipped her arm around her mother's waist, their pregnant bellies meeting. The girl was short enough she hardly had to lean her head over to latch onto her mother's nipple. The older woman shuddered as her daughter suckled, cheeks hollowing, drinking her mother's breast milk.

My dick almost erupted.

I marched to them, hand resting on the pommel of my sword, my chainmail armor clinking. I put on a broad, hungry grin, both their eyes on mine, so dark and lovely. The girl kept sucking while her mother stroked her hair.

“Well, isn't that a delicious sight?” I asked. “Mother nursing her daughter.”

“I don't know if it's delicious,” the mother said, staring at me. “But necessary. It's been two weeks since I've seen a man. And such a...handsome one.”

I grinned at her. “Two weeks? They couldn't have been fleeing a pair of beauties like you.”

“We don't know what happened to them. We just woke up and they were gone.”

The girl pulled her lips from her mother's nipple. “He's handsomer than Father.”

“Oh, yes,” the mother said, her eyes flicked up and down me. “You should be careful. It would be a shame if you vanished, too.”

“Such a shame,” the girl moaned.

“Then I need to know everything that happened. A detailed examination of your pregnancies.”

The woman grinned. “I'm Kasha. And this is my daughter, Melia. Our house is just over there. We'd be more than happy to talk.”

“And fuck,” the girl said. “We're so horny. And fingers and tongues just aren't enough.”

The mother's cheeks darkened. “I've been pregnant before, but never need. You must think we're just the most shameful of hussies.”

“He doesn't care, Mother,” the girl purred. “Look at him. He just wants to eat us.”

“Talk,” I grinned. “There is so much I need to learn. So I can get your husband back.”

“And my beau?” shivered Melia. “I miss him. He's a good boy.”

“And your beau,” I promised.

“Thank you,” panted the mother. Then she grabbed my hand. “Let's hurry and give you all the information you need.”

I didn't fight as mother and daughter grabbed my arms. Their breasts jiggled, the mother’s so big and lovely, while their bellies swayed. My cock was iron in my leather pants. I stared back and forth between their dark-brown nipples, both beading with white milk.

It was dark inside their house, light streaming through a few open windows. Their hands went for my sword belt, unbuckling it. My chainmail coat rattled as it fell loose, all the weight dragging on my shoulders. I peeled it off with ease, dropping it on the ground.

Their hands went to my brawny chest, touching the scars crossing my muscles, feeling how strong I was. I shuddered, my dick throbbing harder. The daughter leaned forward, sucking on my nipple, tingles racing to my cock.

Her mother unlaced my pants, her eyes sparkling. She knelt before them as the daughter pressed her pregnant belly against me. Her arms went around my neck, her lips finding mine. They were sweet with her mother's breast milk.

My cock flopped out. The mother seized it, stroking it. Her tongue licked the tip, swirling around it, shooting delight through my body. I groaned, shuddering, kissing her daughter hard, my tongue claiming her mouth. My hand slid down her back, cupping her ass.

“Oh, Mother,” she moaned after breaking our kiss. “Mmm, he's such a handsome, strong warrior. He'll save Father and my beau. Then we won't have to be so horny all the time.”

“Yes,” Kasha moaned between licks of my cock. Her fingers unlaced my boots while her tongue flicked against the tip of my cock.

Undressed, the two dragged me to the bed, pushing me down on it. The sheets were rumpled. The hot scent of pussy lingered around it. There were several damp spots, evidence that mother and daughter had a wild romp with each other.

My hands stroked their pregnant bellies on the way up to their breasts. I cupped Melia's firm tit and her mother's softer breast, squeezing them. My lips hungered for their milk. They pressed their bodies tight together, leaning over, their nipples nearing my mouth.

“Mmm, Seamus, just drink your fill,” moaned Kasha. “We want you to experience every bit of our hospitality.”

“Gladly,” I groaned, giving both their tits a squeeze before I latched onto Kasha's fat nipple. And sucked.

Creamy, delicious breast milk squirted into my mouth. It was far sweeter than goat's or cow's milk. I savored it splashing hot on my tongue. She shuddered, moaning as I suckled again, more of her wonderful milk squirting into my mouth.

Then I switched to the daughter's nipple. I latched onto her smaller bud, sealing my lips tight. She gasped in girlish delight as her milk flooded my mouth. She had a richer taste to hers. I swirled it through my mouth, loving the flavor as I nursed with hunger.

“Oh, yes, drink you fill, noble warrior,” Melia cooed as I switched back to her mother's breast.

My hands slid down their bodies, caressing their pregnant bellies while I suckled back and forth from their nipples. It was so hot having a mother's and her daughter's milk mixing in my mouth, savoring this incestuous delight.

I would love for Fiona and Aoifa to be both be lactating. Maybe Fiona could cast a spell...

I swept down their pregnant bellies, brushing through their pubic hair. Kasha's was thicker than her daughter's, a tangled forest while Melia's was soft down beneath my fingers. But they both were hot and wet.

They groaned as my fingers rubbed through their pussies, caressing their slits and labia. Kasha had thick labia while her daughter's was almost virginal tight. They both moaned, their fingers stroking through my hair.

“Oh, yes,” Kasha panted. “Oh, your touch feels so good. Rough fingers. I've missed those.”

“They're so thick,” moaned Melia.

She gasped as I penetrated her pussy. I shoved two fingers into both mother's and daughter's twats. They both moaned, their cunts so hot around my pumping fingers. My lips suckled on their nipples, switching off each after a single suck, loving their flavors mixing in my mouth. My dick throbbed so hard, so excited for this threesome with a pregnant mother and her daughter.

Their pussies were both so hot and tight. So silky and wet. Juices dribbled down my fingers as I fingered them. Their pregnant bellies shifted, rubbing together as they moaned their delight. Kasha's pussy kept clenching on my fingers, increasing her friction while her daughter just wiggled her hips, her fingers digging into my hair.

“Yes, yes, yes, noble warrior,” she moaned as my lips suckled from her girlish breast. “Oh, Mother, he's sooooo good.”

“Uh-huh,” Kasha said as I switched to her fat nub. Her pussy clenched as I suckled hard, her body convulsing.

Her milk flooded my mouth, swirling across my tongue. I swallowed, their milk warming down to my stomach. I fingered them faster and faster, my thumbs finding their aching clits. I massaged their buds hard, making them both quiver and moan.

“Mother!” Melia gasped.

“Yes, yes, yes, honey,” her mother purred. “Cum on his fingers. Enjoy him.”

“Yes, Mother,” Melia moaned. “I will.”

I latched onto her smaller nipple, suckling her rich, sweet milk.

She came.

The girl's pussy spasmed hard about my fingers. Her juices flooded around my hand as her moans sang through the room. My cock ached to be in her as I kept suckling from her nipple, gulping down more and more of her breast milk while she swayed and gasped.

“That's it, honey,” moaned Kasha. “Mmm, you're cumming so hard.” Motherly pride burned in her voice. “Just so hard. He is such a stud and... Yes!”

“Yes, cum, too, Mother!”

Both their cunts spasmed on my fingers. Mother and daughter moaned their passion. I switched to Kasha's fat nub, suckling hard as she spasmed. Her juices gushed out hot. The air filled with their spicy musk. It was intoxicating. They gasped and groaned, moaning their delight.

My cock ached so badly. I had to fuck them.



My fingers danced in Deisha's pussy while her fingers plunged so hard and fast in mine. I groaned, wiggling my hips as I suckled at her breast. Her creamy milk squirted into my mouth, spilling over my tongue and making me so hot and wild.

Deisha's three fingers pumped so deep into me, my pussy juices dribbling down my sides. My flesh drank in every slide of her digits, the friction so delicious. It rippled pleasure through me as I stared up at Deisha's youthful face. She was in her early twenties, so lush, her pregnant belly rubbing into mine.

I popped my lips off her nipple, my fingers plunging so fast, churning her pussy to a froth. “So all your men disappeared. That must have been a shock. Especially with every woman in the village pregnant.”

“We weren't pregnant then,” she moaned, her thumb swiping over my clit.

I shuddered. “You weren't.”

She shook her head then gasped as I latched onto her other nipple. I suckled hard, drinking her milk as I savored her round, pregnant belly rubbing on mine. Her fingers kept fucking into my pussy as she shuddered, pressed against the exterior wall of her house.

“No, the pregnancy came the next day,” she moaned, her free hand finding my heavy breast resting atop the swell of her belly.

She pulled on my nipple piercing.

Pleasure shot down to my pussy. I moaned, lips popping off her delightful nipple. “How'd that happen? Did your bellies just grow round overnight?”

“No, the spindly creatures came,” she moaned, twisting my nipple piercing. My pussy burned so hot as she played with it, my pussy clenching on her plunging fingers.

“Spindly creatures?” I asked then licked my lips, savoring her sweet breast milk lingering on them.

She tugged so hard on my nipple piercing, stretching my nub as she moaned, “Yes. We were all so worried for our men and organized search parties when they came out of the woods. They were short, made of wood, and had these huge cocks.”

My eyes widened, my pussy clenching on her fingers. My orgasm swelled in me. “Huge cocks?”

“Uh-huh,” she moaned. “The spindly, wooden things ravished us. They fucked every woman they could. Mouth, pussy, ass. It was an orgy. There was cum everywhere.” A naughty glint grew in her eyes. “I came so much. They pumped so much cum into me. And then, by evening, we were all round and pregnant.”

“Wow,” I groaned, bucking, shuddering, her thumb massaging my clit, her fingers plunging so deep into my pussy. “That sounds so hot. I love being fucked by monsters.”

“Yes!” she groaned, her pregnant pussy spasming on my fingers as she came. “It was so amazing feeling a dick in my ass and pussy, pumping away.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed. “Pater's cock, that sounds so hot. Gods, I would love to meet these creatures.”

“But then you'd be pregnant,” she moaned.

“Seamus would love that,” I gasped. “And Fiona.” I pictured my sister-wife and husband suckling on my breasts.

My pussy spasmed on her fingers. Pleasure rushed through my body. I groaned and gasped, shuddering as the rapture shot through me. My eyes widened. It was so hot. Her fingers plunged so deep into me, her other fingers twisting my nipple ring.

I kissed her hard, both of us moaning as our orgasm consumed us with passion. I had no idea what was going on, but I wanted to meet these spindly creatures. I loved huge monster dicks. They made me so wet.

Especially when Seamus and Fiona watched.



“Mmm, I so want to ride this,” Kasha moaned. “I'm sorry, my dear, but age before beauty.”

“But you have both,” I grinned, stretched out on the bed, pregnant mother and daughter kneeling beside me.

“Which means I definitely get to go first,” Kasha moaned, stroking my cock. She threw her thighs over my waist, straddling me, lowering her hot pussy to my aching dick. I shuddered as she rubbed her flesh on it, stirring me through her passion. “Oh, yes, I am going to love this shaft.”

“Love it,” I panted, my entire body trembling.

Her daughter threw her legs over my head, her pregnant belly shifting above me. I licked my lips as she lowered her hot snatch to my mouth. Her downy pubic hair brushed my lips. I licked through her, savoring her spicy musk.

Then groaned into her as her mother's pregnant snatch engulfed my dick.

The married woman's hot, tight glove gripped my dick. I squeezed her daughter's ass as I savored the mother's cunt sliding farther and farther down my shaft, taking more and more of girth. My cock throbbed and ached while I tongued her daughter's pussy.

“Oh, Mother,” Melia gasped, “he's licking my pussy. Oh, yes, Mother. Oh, I can feel his stubble. It's so wonderful having a man lick me.”

“And a cock...” her mother groaned. “Even better. How I missed being filled by a big dick.”

I groaned into Melia's pussy as her mother slid her cunt up and down my cock. The hot friction rippled delight through me. My tongue licked and lapped through youthful snatch while a more mature twat pleasured my dick.

Melia squealed, shifting her hips on me, grinding her hot cunt across my hungry lips. I shuddered, gripping her ass, my fingers parting her butt-cheeks as I dug into her flesh. Her spicy juices dribbled into my mouth, so sweet and delicious.

“Oh, yes, honey,” moaned the mother, her pussy tightening on my cock. “Mmm, drink your Mommy's breast milk.”

“Yes,” I moaned, my dick aching in the mother's cunt as I pictured Melia, her belly curving before her as she leaned over and latched onto her mother's fat nub. I remembered the creamy taste of her mother's breast milk as she swallowed. “Gods, that's hot. Nurse from your mother.”

“Yes, yes, drink your fill,” Kasha gasped, riding my cock faster and faster, her pussy clenching so hard every time her daughter suckled with noisy hunger.

The mother rode me faster and faster, moaning in delight as her daughter nursed from her breast and her pussy slid up and down my dick. Her hot, tight sheath had my balls boiling. Our incestuous threesome was so hot. I groaned, shuddering at the rapture flooding through my body. My fingers clenched Melia's ass, my tongue diving through her hot folds.

Her muffled moans echoed as she squirmed on my face. She shivered every time I brushed her little clit. I batted her nub with my tongue, making her squeal about her mother's nipples. Her body shook and shivered.

“Oh, honey, yes,” moaned Kasha. “Suck me dry. Oh, yes, you're such a naughty thing. Mmm, you're going to help Mommy cum so hard on the warrior's big dick.”

Her pussy slammed down my dick, the silky delight caressing every inch of me. She clenched hard as she slid up, my balls aching as her pussy sucked at my dick. She wanted my cum flooding her pregnant depths. At the peak, her hips swiveled, stirring the tip through her sheath before she slammed down on me again.

And came.

“Slata's hairy cunt,” she moaned, “and Biaute's perfect tits! Oh, yes! Drink my milk, honey. Drink it all down while I cum on this amazing cock! Pater's dick, it's perfect!”

Her pussy spasmed about my dick, milking me. I grunted into her daughter's pussy and latched onto Melia's hard clit. I sucked on it, my body shivering as her pussy milked my shaft. She was so hungry for my cum. Aching for it.

“Cum in my mother,” gasped Melia, squirming on my face. “Then I get to lick her clean.”

I came.

My jizz flooded Kasha's spasming pussy. I moaned about Melia's clit as blast after blast of my spunk spurted into her mother's hot cunt. I shuddered, the rapture spilling through me as I ached to see that incestuous sight of daughter licking my cum out of her mother's pussy. My fingers dug so hard into her ass as the rapture spilled through me.

“He's cumming in me, honey,” Kasha moaned. “He's filling me to the brim with so much yummy cum for you to lick out.”

“Yes,” gasped Melia. Then she, too, came on my mouth.

She squirmed and groaned, her body shuddering in pure rapture. Her girlish, spicy juices flooded my mouth. I drank them down with such a gluttonous hunger. I groaned, squeezing her ass so hard, loving her passion as she bathed me with her juices.

The final blast of my cum spurted into her mother's pussy. I shuddered, the pleasure boiling my mind.

And then the mother slid off my cock. Her daughter moved off my face. Their bodies moved with awkward grace as Mother spread out on the bed, her head hanging off the end, her heavy breasts pillowing into two lush mounds. She held her pregnant belly, rubbing it as her daughter knelt between her spread-open thighs. Melia's ripe belly pressed on her legs as she leaned down.

And licked through her mother's sloppy pussy.

I groaned, my dick throbbing, growing hard again. Fiona had enchanted my cock with stamina, a permanent spell after she tired of me pestering her. I stroked my dick, wet with the mother's juices, as the daughter wiggled her ass.

She had a hot cunt in need of my cock, too.

“Yes, fuck my daughter's pregnant pussy,” moaned Kasha. “You are such a sexy man, Seamus. My husband used to have a body like yours when he was young. Oh, yes, fuck her. Pound her. Make her cum.”

“Yes,” Melia moaned into her mother's cum-filled pussy.

I grabbed her ass. My cock, coated in her mother's juices, rubbed up and down her pussy's slit. I savored the caress of her pubic hair. That silky delight making my balls ache as I slid my cock up and down her tight, girlish slit.

Then I rammed into her pussy. She moaned into her mother's cunt, her snatch clenching down on my dick. Kasha shuddered, holding onto her pregnant belly as she stared into my eyes. She licked her lips, humping into her daughter's hungry mouth.

“Pound my daughter-slut,” she groaned. “Fuck that horny cunt of hers. She needs it. We all need it. We're all so pregnant. It's not natural. It's made us all such lusty wenches.”
“Yes,” I groaned, thrusting hard into her daughter's tight cunt. “I'll make her cum so hard. She'll scream her pretty, little head off.”

“Good,” Melia moaned, her pussy clenching on my dick, her hips rocking back into my thrusts. “Pound me! Make me explode!”

Her firm ass jiggled as I fucked her hard. My balls thwacked into her clit while her hot, tight pussy caressed my cock. Her wet silk sent ripples of delight through my body. I groaned, running my strong hands up and down her supple back, loving the feel of her skin.

She moaned loudly into her mother's pussy. Delight burned across Kasha's face as her daughter's incestuous tongue whipped through her cum-filled cunt. Melia devoured my jizz out of her mother's depths, giving the older beauty such delight.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kasha moaned. “Slata's cunt, that's good. Oh, lick your mother. Mmm, Saphique's licking tongue, I love it. Oh, yes, lick out every drop of the might warrior's cum.”

“It's so good, Mom. So salty, mixed with your spicy cream.”

Her words made my balls, thwacking over and over into her clit, boil. I grunted, pounding her hard. Our flesh slapped together. Her body rocked, her face pressed tight into her pregnant mother's pussy. I savored this incestuous threesome. It was so hot to fuck a mother and daughter.

And them both being pregnant only made it more exciting.

I pictured Aoifa and Fiona pregnant. My dick ached at the image of them writhing together, pregnant bellies caressing, tits swollen with creamy delight. I grunted, fighting off my orgasm, wanting Melia to cum first.

But it was so hard. My balls were filled with cum aching to explode out of me.

“Oh, that's it,” gasped the mother. “Oh, honey. Yes! That's what I need! You're making your mother feel so amazing! Oh, yes! Melia!”

The older beauty came hard. Her pregnant belly and heavy tits heaved before her. She gasped and moaned, dark hair flying across the bed. Her dusky face twisted and contorted with rapture while her daughter licked up all her incestuous juices.

Melia moaned as she lapped up her mother's juices. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. Heat boiled around my cock. I grunted, burying over and over into her tight, spasming pussy. Her girlish moans echoed as she came so hard.

“Gewin's mighty cock,” I grunted, flooding her pussy with blast after blast of my cum. “Take it! Take all my cum, you little slut.”

“Yes, yes, flood her pussy. Then I get to lick her clean.” Kasha licked her lips. “Oh, yes, this is so hot!”

“So hot,” I groaned, my body trembling.

New giggles echoed through the room. Wings flapped.

My instincts screamed at me. I ripped my cock out of Melia's pussy, the final blast of cum splattering across her youthful ass. I dived off the bed for my discarded sword. I landed in a roll, coming up on naked feet.

My hands grasped my sword hilt as the world grew blurry around me.

It spun. I groaned, stumbling as I tried to stand. Mother and daughter gasped in alarm as I fell onto my back. I groaned, the giggling growing louder. The flap of wings beat around me as darkness reached for me and...



I licked my lips, feeling so shameful at how much I enjoyed suckling from Beita's creamy breast milk. I could taste her treat lingering on my lips, warming down my belly. It left my pussy burning so hot. The pregnant woman looked so eager to lick me, too.

Why did I have to be so weak?

But I couldn't indulge. I recognized the description of those spindly things. I spotted Aoifa on her knees, devouring a young woman's pregnant pussy. I marched over to my sister, her clothing scattered on the ground.

“Aoifa,” I hissed.

“What?” she moaned, lifting her face from the woman's cunt, juices smeared across her lips. “Are the spindly creatures here?”

“The spriggans?” I asked. I recognized the description of the wooden creatures at once. “No. We need to find Seamus and get to work.”

“Oh, you figured it out?” Aoifa said. She cocked her head. “Wait, did you say spriggans?”

“Yes,” I nodded. “That means we're dealing with faeries.”



The darkness faded. The dizziness withdrew. I blinked my eyes, staring at a brightly colored room. Curtains of silks in a riot of bright greens, pinks, purples, reds, blues, and yellows draped the walls of the room. Streamers dangled from the earthen ceiling. The colors were so bright, so noisy, they hurt my eyes to look at them.

I blinked and groaned, my arms pulling on...


A chill sank into my stomach. My arms were spread apart. Ropes bound my wrist, anchored to stony rings set in the walls. More cords bound my feet apart. I glanced down at my naked body, my muscles rippling as I pulled on the restraints.

Voices giggled. My captors neared, wings rustling.

I snarled in anger, heaving with all my might against the restraints. I threw my weight forward, pulling on my arms. The rope bit into my wrists, burning pain flaring. I grit my teeth, grunting louder and louder. My sockets strained. I snorted out violent breaths.

“You can't break those ropes,” the girlish voice said then giggled.

“Nope,” a second said.

“They're magic!” laughed a third. “You're ours now. Isn't that wonderful?”

To be continued...

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