The Corner Shop Part Two

The Corner Shop Part Two

Part One is here:

He checked his watch, she would be here soon.

It was about a week later, I was in his shop, mum had sent me to get the food that we needed for the weekend.

After he had rung up everything in the till and put all the items into three large plastic bags.

He said to me:

“You still owe me a lot of money, You will have to go into the back room today”

Shocked, I stammered.

“ No. Please Mr. Hassan I don’t want to do that”

He grabs hold of my arm, telling me;

“You don’t have any choice girl, do you think all the food and money is for nothing, do you want me to go to the police, get you evicted, and look at this, look at this video I have of you”

Hassan put a DVD down on the counter in front of me, saying:

“Do you want all your school friends and lots of other people to look at that!. Do you?”

Oh god it was terrible, I stared at the naked pictures of me on the front cover.

It was disgusting; the pictures showed everything, except that his face was blanked over so you couldn’t recognize him, but you could see everything of me and what he was doing to me.

He turned it over showing me a photo of me holding my hand out, taking the money he’d given me.

Shocked, I shook my head.

“Please don’t show anyone this”

I pleaded;

“Please Mr. Hassan”

But I was going to have to go into the back room.

He pushed me towards the back, telling me;

“Now get in there”

Oh god no. I don’t want to do this.

I knew, I didn’t have a choice. Mum was getting better slowly now, and it would be terrible if he had us evicted and even worse than that, I just don’t know what I would do if anybody saw that video.

He’s a horrible man.

I walked very reluctantly into his back room. I felt awful, I was so frightened of what he was going to do to me.

Immediately I saw that the video camera was now on a tripod and the room was tidier.

He came into the room telling me;

“If you’re a good girl then this won’t take long”

He made me stand in front of the table facing the camera, I watched him switch on and adjust the camera.

He stood next to the camera telling me.

“ Take of your blazer”

I just stood there, I knew I had to do what he said.

Tears welled up in my eyes, I took my blazer off and put it on the chair next to the table.

He pointed to the camera lens, telling me I had to keep looking at the camera.

“Keep facing the camera. Now slowly undo your blouse and take it off”

This wasn’t right, he was a horrible man.

Crying now, I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off, putting it with my blazer. Underneath it I was wearing a small elastic bra.

“Good girl” He continued. “Take your skirt off”

He watched the sniveling young schoolgirl take her blouse off , he knew the girl would have to do what he said, the video had really embarrassed her.

The girl was so frightened that somebody might see it and she still really believed that he could have her and her family evicted.

She stood there in front of the camera crying, tears running down her cheeks which she continuously wiped away with her arm. She was very white, a bit skinny, a boyish figure, but with her long blonde hair she was really very pretty, and she looked so young, fresh and innocent.

He was certain his Muslim friends would pay well to use and abuse this young white innocent catholic schoolgirl.

After he had finished filming her, he would cut and edit the video, and then send it out to a few of his friends. As soon as he had finished breaking her in properly the little bitch would know why her god had given her a cunt and what it to be used to make a lot of money for him.

He would clean up one of the rooms upstairs, outback in the yard he had an old metal bed that he could use,

The girl would have to tell her mother that she had to work in his shop every day after school, for a couple of hours to pay off the debt. He realized he would have to get the upstairs shower working again. Two hours a day, that would be enough time for at least five men or even more to use the girl, he wondered how much he could charge each of them.

He looked at the young girl, his investment. The little bitch was going to make him a lot of money.

He told her again:

“Take off your skirt”

I unbuttoned my skirt letting go it slipped down my legs to the floor round my ankles, picking it up I put it with my blazer.

I was standing now just in my knee length socks bra and panties.

If he just wanted to video me, at least that would be better than him doing something else to me.

“You don’t have to be shy” He said

“ Nobody will see your video, as long as you’re a good girl and do as your told”

He continued.

“Now show me what a pretty girl you are. Take off your bra and drop your panties down to you ankles”

He stood there, waiting, looking at me

I knew he’d want me to take all my clothes off, not that I really had any modesty left now after what he had done to me.

I unclipped my small bra and removed it, then pushed my panties right down to my ankles.

I had to stand there naked with my panties down round my ankles in front of his camera while he filmed me, tears welled up in my eyes, I felt so terribly ashamed embarrassed.

He watched her undress, after she had pushed her panties down to her ankles, she just stood there pathetically trying to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms.

“Stand straight up with your hand by your sides,” He told her.

She did what he said and he got behind the camera.

He took photos and videoed her, zooming in on her, he slowly panned the camera down her young body. Starting on her tearful face. Then on down to her small budding breasts. Her flat stomach. Then slowly down to her pubic hair, not much more than a little fluff, between the top of her legs, finally panning down her young slim firm legs to the small white cotton panties that were now hanging round her ankles.

Telling her to turn around, he then filmed her from behind, admiring nice tight little bottom, Hasssan knew for sure now, this young girl was definitely going to make him a lot of money.

He could feel his prick was getting hard.

Leaving the camera on Hassan walked over to the girl grabbing hold of her hair he told to get down on her knees in front of him.

Still holding her hair he opened his trousers and pulled his now stiff penis out, he positioned himself in front of her.

“Put it in your mouth”

The girl tried to pull and turn her head away, but he held her long hair tightly and yanked her head back until her face was in right front of his prick.

Holding his prick with his other hand he moved it towards her mouth.

“Open your mouth”

The girl protested “No. Please no”

But he twisted her hair hurting her

Reluctantly she parted her lips and he pushed his penis into her sweet young mouth.

He saw the look of disgust oh her face as he pushed it further into her mouth.

“Suck it”

He felt her lips round his penis, he started slowly pulling her head back and forth, forcing the young girl to suck his prick.

“Good girl” He told her “Just suck it like the lollipops you buy in my shop”

He groaned as he watched her sucking him, enjoying the wonderful feeling.

Quickly his penis became fully erect. he was ready to take his full enjoyment now.

Holding her head still, he pulled his stiff penis out of her mouth.


He pulled her round to the table making her face the table.

Pushing her on the back of her head he told her,

“Bend over the table, keep your legs straight, get your head down, on the table.”

She didn’t seem to realize what he was going to do, with his hand in the middle of her back he held her bent over the table as he positioned himself behind her.

He put his penis in between her legs, she felt him exclaiming;

“No. Please that hurts. please don’t hurt me again”

“Keep still” he told her “You’re not a virgin anymore, it won’t hurt you this time”

He held her firmly and started to push his penis into the young girl.

She screamed “Nooooooo. stop it” as he entered her.

She was tight, but not like the first time when he’d brutally destroyed and broken her hymen, when he’d taken her precious virginity, he had thoroughly enjoyed being the first and robbing the young girl of her innocence.

He thrust hard now, pushing his penis right up inside her tight vagina.

With his hands tightly holding her slim waist he kept her bent over the table, he now started thrusting back and forth in side her.

The crying girl her knuckles were white as she held desperately on to the sides of the table, as he moved inside her and took his enjoyment.

The girl started pleading:

“ Please stop. Please stop it”

But he certainly had no intention of stopping, not until he’d satisfied his lust and emptied himself inside her.

He held her tightly, his thrusting getting quicker and harder.

Finally he reached his orgasm, he ejaculated and emptied his sperm deep inside the young girls belly.

The girl hadn’t even started having her periods yet so there was little chance of her becoming pregnant.

His lust now finally satisfied, he withdrew, pulling his now limp penis out of the young girl.

The man looked at his penis, then between the girl’s legs, he was disappointed there was no virgin blood to see this time. but at least it confirmed that he’d done a good job breaking her in the first time.

He did his trouser up and took a roll of toilet paper from the shelf.

The girl got up and turned round, Hassan saw his sperm dribbling down the inside of her legs.

Ha handed the sniveling girl a toilet roll, telling the her,

“Clean yourself up and put your clothes back on”

After the girl was dressed again he showed her the paper explaining how much she still owed him, including the interest that he added weekly explaining it was normal a normal rate for lending money.

He told her he’d been was very generous and had deducted 150 pounds, but only because she been a virgin the first time, but now just for sex, he would deduct 25 pounds each time, but only if he was satisfied with her.

The girl was quiet listening to him as he continued telling her she would have to come to his shop at least 4 times a week, but even that would not be enough to pay her debt.

He told her, she would have to find another pretty young girl at her school, about the same age as herself and bring her to his shop.

He insisted, he only wanted a nice pretty young white girl, and she had to be a virgin, or he wouldn’t deduct anything from her bill.

He told her he wanted to see her on Monday to know if she had found another girl for him.

I walked away from his shop carrying the groceries. It was over, I’m not going to think about what he’d just done to me. It was horrible and disgusting, but least this time it wasn’t so painful, and he didn’t make me bleed.

I realized he had me trapped and the only way out was to find him another girl for him quickly, then he wouldn’t be so interested in me anymore.

There is a girl at school and she’s very pretty, bit shorter than me, slim with long light brown hair, I’m not sure, but she must be about the same age as me because we are in the same class. Teresa is her name, and we are even quite good friends.

I knew her parents were extremely strict, and she has to go to church, sometimes twice a week, actually she’s really a very nice shy girl. And I was certain she was a virgin, I knew that she had never had a boyfriend. She was just the type of girl Hassan would like, so if I could persuade her to come with me to his shop, then after that, he would leave me alone. I had an idea how to get Teresa to his shop and I think it will work.

Part Three Broken in and groomed.

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