I am your drug. Chapter 1

I am your drug. Chapter 1

It was midday on a wednesday Jessie had plans to meet her husband Dan for lunch at a local bar and grill. She arrived at the place about 15 minutes early. It looked to be pretty busy inside, so she decided to go in and get a table. She walked in and found a table near the bar and took a seat. Jessie was 24 years old. She stood about 5 foot 10 inches tall with medium length light brown hair and some amazing brown eyes. She had long tan legs and a very fit and firm body. Her breasts were small but firm. As she was waiting came to her and asked if she would like a drink. She said she would wait and order when her husband showed. As she was waiting she noticed the bartender had his eye on her.she had always gotten attention from men, and she enjoyed it, but she had been completely faithful to her husband for the 5 years they had been married.the bartender had a quiet confidence about him that got her attention, even though she would never admit it. His name was mark he was about 6 foot 3 inches tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He appeared to be in his mid thirties. He was the owner of the bar, and worked as the bartender during the daytime to keep an eye on his business. He had broad shoulders and a slim waist. You could tell he worked out by the build of his arms and chest.

20 minutes later jessie's husband Dan arrived and sat down at the table with her. Dan was a general contractor and was building a new subdivision on  the edge of town. He was 27 about 6 feet tall with an average build. Dan worked a lot. On a normal day he would be at start at 6 am. And work for 11 to 12 hours. They had a good marriage, he had always provided for her and treated her well. They had a nice home and vehicles, jessie had a lexus and dan drove a truck. They went on trips every so often and have even been on a cruise. Jessie had just gotten finished with college about a year ago and got a job as a librarian at the local high school. The waiter came and took their order. Dan ordered chicken wings and a soda, Jessie chose a caesar salad and a lemonade. Jessie was facing the bar and Dan was facing the opposite direction. Jessie tried to focus her attention to Dan,but every so often her eyes would drift to mark who was making drinks behind the bar. He caught her looking at him a couple times then she would quickly look away. The waitress brought their food and as they were eating they talked about day. Dan was having some trouble with the electrician at work and Jessie had a early morning workout and was going to the pool after lunch. Jessie was really enjoying her summer vacation. Jessie got up and went to the restroom. on her way back She collided into mark who had just walked around the corner. Mark had his head down and wasn't paying attention where he was going. Jessie noticed him at the last second.all she could do was put her arms up to protect her from the collision.when she did her hands ended up on marks chest. Mark was completely surprised. He said " oh I am sorry".Jessie smiled and said" it's ok" with a smile on her face. She slowly slid her hands down his chest and eventually off of him staring into his eyes the whole time. She then went back to her table and joined Dan. They sat there a few more minutes and finished their lunch, then left and went their separate ways. As she was driving home Jessie started to think about mark and how good he looked and how much she liked having her hands on his thick chest. As she got back home mark was still on her mind. She walked inside and went to her room to change clothes and get ready to go to the pool. As she got undressed she began to imagine what it would be like to have sex with him. She didn't even know his name but she was thinking of him and it got her turned on. First she started to squeeze her breasts. Then moved one hand down and began to rub her pussy. She replayed when she ran Into him in her mind, but this time when they collided the bartender grabbed her and took her in the mens bathroom with her. He locked the door and told her to get on her knees while he unfastened his pants. He offered his cock to her and she eagerly took it in her mouth. She went to work on his cock feverishly. Making it swell to be a huge size. She continually lapped at it with her tongue. Then he told her to stand up and take off her pants. Even though this was all in her mind,she was getting so turned on.he then told her to bend over the sink and watch through the mirror as he put his cock in her and began to pound away. She put her fingers in her pussy imagining it was his cock. She began to cum with her fingers working her clit feverishly she let out a loud moan and bucked on her fingers as she thought of him  shooting a hot load of cum on her ass. She came so hard as the  juices began to flow from her pussy. She relaxed her body and laid there for a few minutes.she couldn't believe that she just came so hard thinking of someone she didn't even know his name.

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