An apologetic E-Mail

An apologetic E-Mail

Sometimes things happen in life that shouldn't.

For the most part these impromptu events are soon enough overcome and forgotten. However, very occasionally individuals feelings can outweigh events and an instance such as this occurs below.

I have an idea this particular story will have limited appeal, but I felt it worthwhile to run with it anyway.
Do remember, this is a work of fiction, written firstly for my own enjoyment, and submitted for what I hope will be the readers enjoyment.

Again, please feel free to leave constructive comments.

Dear Ann

I guess the last thing you would have expected from me is an e-mail and right now I suspect you are probably raising an eyebrow or two in surprise...The truth is...I didn't know what else to do.

I feel real bad about what happened the other week, and I'm sure you will have guessed by now, it's why I have kept out of your way, believing I'd not be made too welcome were I to have called round.

I can only hope you can accept my apology for what happened for I truly am sorry.

I've spent the last week trying to come up with an excuse for what happened. I know there is none Ann... All I can do by way of explanation is be completely honest with you and hope you can understand how difficult, what I am about to say, is for me?

I've tried to figure out in my head why I did what I did and can only put it down to the simple reason, my feelings for you got the better of me.

The truth is Ann, I just can't seem to get you out of my head.

If I am completely honest Ann, I have fancied you, right from the moment we were very first introduced....And before you say anything..Yes I know only too well how wrong these feelings are. How wrong it was for me to try what I did, just as I don't need to be reminded of the fact, I'm married to your daughter, which in itself makes what I did all the worse.

For that matter, I am also aware I could have spoiled things for you and your hubby. I know all this...and more besides..and if it helps you any, I feel as guilty as hell, but when I see you Ann I find it so hard to control my feelings, which is pretty much all I can put it down too, least the day in question.

If you remember rightly Ann, you were wearing a cream coloured, v-necked top that day and when I saw how you were dressed I think I knew right away I was going to do something stupid.

The fact is Ann, I have always admired how fit you keep yourself. You have such a sexy body and appear to know just how to dress, always looking good in whatever you wear but on that particular day...well what can I say, something just snapped inside me and I imagined, in my minds eye, you'd worn that outfit just for me. I know now of course that's not the case. I guess I knew that even then, but that said, I couldn't keep my eyes off you. You looked so beautiful. So sexy, to the point where, and I am ashamed to say this...... I wanted you. I know I shouldn't be admitting this but God I wanted you so bad!

Commonsense went out of the window. There we were, just the two of us. You looking so damned delicious and I couldn't get over how good that top looked, hugging your delicious curves.

Yes again Ann I know it's so damned wrong of me to be having thoughts like these never mind the fact I'm opening up to you now in order to try and explain things. All I can say in defence is....Who can help how they feel?
Like I said, something snapped that day and I just had to feel your body close to mine.

Yes it was wrong of me to push myself onto you... to have kissed you the way I did. I can only promise to make sure it doesn't happen again, and while I have so many regrets for forcing myself on you that day, the one thing I will say is the feel of your body close to mine will live in my mind for a very long time.

I just want you to understand it is all because of how attracted I am to you......of how sexy I find you, and believe me Lin just holding you in my arms that day proved that beyond any doubt.

OK...yes need to remind me how wrong it was, or of who I am married to, or of the age gap between us. Please Ann, accept my apology so we can at least try and be friends again.

Dear Andy,

Yes you were right! The last thing I expected was to get a mail from you and was even more surprised with the things you had to say, but before I go on, yes of course I will accept your apology. I am just pleased I have at least heard from you at last for I felt I was maybe a little too stern with you that day.

Yes Andy, What you tried was wrong, I think we both know that, both now and at the time, but at least your mail has gone some way to explaining why it is you tried what you did.

I have to say Andy, I am more than surprised to hear of your feelings for me, even moreso that you have been feeling this way since we first met, especially given, at 54 years of age I am almost 20 years your senior.

As you rightly say, I am also your Mother-in-law Andy. So there is my daughter, your wife to consider, and YES, just those two points alone should be enough for us to realise what happened was so very wrong. However, I must say, when I read your words I was more than a little flattered to hear of your feelings, as I am sure any older woman would be to hear she has a young admirer.

Please Andy, you mustn't carry all the blame yourself.

After you had left, I 'had time to think things through, ok... yes! It was indeed you who made the initial move, but it occurred to me, the reality was, I did little to try and reject your advances.

Being older and supposedly wiser, I should have known better. I should have put a stop to it right away and, if I had done, at least we would not be in the situation we face now.

You've maybe wondered why I didn't stop you straight away, as I myself have wondered.

I thought long and hard about this point over the following days as to why I didn't, and as you have been good enough to be honest with me, so I feel I ought to be honest with you.

Like you, I too have felt the attraction between us... and yes...if I think about it, it stems from the first time we met. Indeed I remember thinking even then, what a good catch you were for my daughter. And that's just the point Andy. The bigger part of why it is so wrong.

Yes you are right when you say we none of us can help how we might feel towards another person but regardless of how I might feel towards you, or you towards me we both know we need to bury these feelings for, you are married to my daughter and I have no wish to jeopardise my marriage to Mike.

I realise from all you have said in your mail how hard this will be for you, but equally it is going to be every bit as hard for me now that I know of your feelings.

Now more than ever I know I should have rejected you that day Andy but aware of our attraction, having often wondered how it would feel to hold you in my arms, the simple fact is, I was far too aroused to do so. And as for the way you kissed me, what can I say? It took my breath away! I can honestly say I have never before felt so aroused from just a kiss!!

But as much as I enjoyed those few moments, you are right Andy. It's wrong and we have to think of the consequences. We can't allow it to happen again in view of all that would be at stake.

I do hope now you have read my mail you are feeling a little better about yourself Andy. Just remember, as wrong as you thought you were...I was equally to blame.

Love Ann

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for your response to my mail and of course for accepting my apology. I would hate to think what I tried would have caused a huge rift between us. I don't think I could have ever gotten over that had that been the case. I just hope you didn't feel the need to tell Mike what happened?

You are of course would be foolish to even begin to think we could have a relationship.....I guess we will have to put that down to wishful thinking on my part....However, you can't begin to know how pleased I was to read in your mail that you too have held feelings for me.

I'm tempted to ask what form these feelings have taken Ann. If they might be like mine where I have lain in bed having so many erotic fantasies about you?

I know I shouldn't be dwelling on this Ann but feel you knowing how aroused you get me may go some way to explain why I tried what I did that day.

So many times I've laid in bed at night thinking about you... and without fail Ann the thoughts I have about you always cause me to grow hard.... It sounds awful even to admit to that Ann, and I am sure it is not something you wanted to hear, the truth is I can't help it. It's how it's always been when I have thoughts of you.

That Tuesday, seeing you dressed in that sexy cream top.Is it any wonder, the way it caresses that body of yours, I became instantly aroused, and while a part of me regrets what I did...another part is always going to cherish how good it felt to finally have you in my savour those sexy full lips of yours.

Hmmm! I shouldn't say this but even now I can taste that lipstick of yours on my lips....As for feeling those beautiful breasts in my hands Ann....They felt every bit as good as my imagination suggested.

It also didn't help reading your mail. Yes of course I was more than a little pleased you responded but I never expected to hear what you had to say. The idea you too have felt the attraction causes me to become aroused even now.

Oh dear! I am sorry Ann....I know that's not what you wanted to hear...and yes you are quite right when you say we have to bring a close to this matter.

Once again... thank you for your response. I shall be able to rest easy now knowing when I see you next we can still be friends....

xxxx Andy

Dear Andy

Please don't be so silly. There is never going to be a rift between us and you will always be welcome here.

I had to read your latest mail several times just to make sure you said what you did.....and as terrible as it must make me sound I couldn't help but visualise the idea of you lying in bed getting aroused over thoughts of me!!! Is that really true Andy? Do you really lie in bed at night and find yourself growing aroused over someone as old as me?

I have to admit the very idea sent a shiver up and down my body imagining you growing aroused simply by thinking about me....though I did find myself wondering if it is more than just thinking.... or if maybe you find your thoughts give rise to other needs?

Oh God Andy... even just typing those words is causing a little stir down below... It's naughty I know, but the idea of touching yourself for me has gotten me feeling aroused. I think back to that day, when you held me, kissed me... and yes! I remember so well your hand on my breast. Naughty or not, it felt soooo good, you caressing the soft material of my top back and forth over my nipples. You've such big strong hands Andy. It made me feel so wanton having my son in law touching me that way. I remember hoping you wouldn't feel how aroused my nipples had become. Silly I know for even without looking I could feel them poking out hard beneath that soft top I wore.

I know I shouldn't ask this Andy, given we've both agreed this matter needs closing, and I will understand completely if you choose not to answer but, hearing your thoughts has made me wonder, if, when you are lying in bed thinking of me. If you are stroking yourself and of course, if you are, just what it is you are imagining???

Oh dear...I think I have already said to much in this mail... I hope I haven't offended you with my questions.....

Bye for now Ann


Dear Ann

I could never be offended by anything you say or do and as long as you are happy knowing my thoughts, I am more than pleased to tell you.

Right now for example, just reading your latest mail has got me feeling horny. I am so pleased you enjoyed the touch of my hand over your breasts! Until the day in question my thoughts were nothing but fantasies, now, having enjoyed the closeness of your body, albeit briefly, I have something far more tangible for my imagination to work with and the idea you too have had thoughts of me...well.....that simply excites me all the more.

As for what I imagine..... these past few weeks I haven't been able to stop picturing you in the kitchen just as you were that day looking so so sexy in the way you were dressed, that body hugging top. I also imagine you wearing stockings and suspenders Ann....a particular favourite fantasy of mine which alone is enough to get me aroused ...very aroused, but that's where any similarity to that day and my fantasy end for, in my imagination you are all too aware of me looking you up and down. You stand by the sink, only too aware, behind you I am admiring your sexy body, my eyes feasting on those delightful curves, only this time when I approach, you welcome my touch, the caress of my hands and you turn to face me, welcoming me into your arms, that we can both enjoy the touch and feel of one another's bodies as our lips close upon one another's, as our tongues seek the warmth and wetness of one another's mouths.

I imagine how passionate that kiss would be Ann. Nothing like how a son-in-law, mother-in-law should kiss.

It would start with delicate pecks, lips brushing lightly against lips. Building in passion. Our mouths open, our tongue snaking across the short divide, seeking, searching the warmth of one another's mouth as our lips press together, almost crushing with our desire to satisfy our need.

My hands would begin to explore your body...yours would explore mine as our heads twist one way, then the other with the urgency of lovers who have missed and yearned for one another.

Can see you it now Ann. The kissing more urgent.....more passionate, a kiss more reminiscent of a teenage first date?

I push you backwards, up against the kitchen wall where, holding onto your wrists, pinning them above your head, we continue with our snog but by now we are so aroused we are each moaning our pleasure deep and hard into one another's mouth's.

Just writing these few lines has got me stroking myself for you Ann as I think these sexy thoughts...wishing it were all true....wishing once more I could feel that sexy body of yours pressed firmly against mine.

Of course there are many more such thoughts Ann, but I'm not too sure how much you really want to know.
In any event I hope it might please you, knowing I am hard for you right now. Hard enough that I will have to go and relieve myself if I am to get any sleep tonight...

I do hope this is what you wanted to hear Ann.... and that it hasn't come as too great a shock.

I guess that's all for the moment.... ohhh except maybe to ask if you have any thoughts like these...?

Bye for now....Andy


Oh Andy,

I have just re-read all of the mails we have sent to one another and find it hard to believe how, what started as an apology has lead onto this!!!! I can only assume this is happening because of our mutual attraction for one another!!

I do not need telling it's wrong a son/mum-in-law should feel this way towards one another, but your mails and the way you express your thoughts simply evoke my latent attraction to you.

I would never credit myself as being the sexy woman you describe Andy, nor do I have any idea why you have such thoughts of me but I can't help admit, I am so pleased you do.

Reading your words, imagining you running your hand up and down your manhood as you think about me is such a turn on. And yes! I would love to know more of your thoughts....of what you imagine to happen after we have finished kissing and snogging one another against my kitchen wall???

I soooo enjoyed your description of how we would kiss. It was so so arousing and am ashamed to say, when I felt between my legs after reading your mail I could feel how wet you had made Annie's little pussy. Hmmmm! I do hope you like that idea Andy...of your Mother-in-laws pussy being nice and wet all because of the things you describe??

And when I was feeling myself, I even found myself wondering what it might be like to feel your lips on me down below? Is that maybe something else you have imagined when you've been having thoughts of me, that you would open my legs and kiss my horny pussy to a climax? For that's what it is now Andy. Horny......

Ohhh Andy!! How could an E-Mail apology have lead to me wanting you as much as I do.....It can't happen Andy...there is far too much at stake, but you have fired my passion to the point I now find I am longing for the touch and feel of your body once we did in my kitchen that feel you close...your hands on my body... Ohhh and yes as you mentioned it...I love wearing stockings and suspenders....smiles...they make a woman feel so sexy.

I hope all I have said will stimulate your thoughts some more. If it has, then please, I would love to hear more.

I must sign off now for hubby will be home very shortly but I just had to log on to see if I had gotten a mail.

I know you will think it so bad of me, but I shall be looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts, in particular what it is you would do with me next.


Dear Annie,

I do hope you don't mind calling you that...I feel it has a softer, sexier tone to it don't you think? And it kind of confirms my growing attraction to you!

Likewise Annie, when I sat down to write that first e-mail in apology to you, it never once crossed my mind where it would lead!!! Even so Annie, I have no regrets, for your mails have simply served to add to my imagination. The fact is, now I only have to visualise you and I am instantly erect!!!

I do hope you don't find that description too crude Annie...I can think of no better way of describing the effect you have on me!!!

I keep tasting those delicious lips of yours together with that sweet, light coloured lipstick you wear. I keep feeling that wonderful, sexy body pressed hard against mine and just those two things alone are enough to get me as hard for you as you describe you get wet for me!!!

I love that very idea Annie, that having read my mails you have touched yourself between your legs...pushed your fingers inside your knickers, to find your pussy is wet from having thoughts about me. I do wonder Annie, if, discovering you are wet from reading my mails, if you push your fingers inside your pussy...and if so, do you close your eyes and imagine them being my cock?

As always you are right Annie. It would be foolish to start something we weren't able to stop and which might cause irreparable damage with our respective partners, but what harm is there if we are both enjoying the mails we are writing, what harm could possibly come of arousing one another by mails?

It might be you disagree...if so please say and I will stop this at once...but for now, well, you have asked what I would do next and I am more than happy to tell you...

Releasing your wrists I would begin to kiss all down your body... starting with your lips....then chin....then your neck...oh yes that lovely soft neck......then lower still, fondling a breast in each of my hands, sucking each nipple in turn to erection until they resemble young, ripening buds, each firm and wholesome beneath that oh so sexy top.

I would continue to knead and caress your tits with my fingers and mouth until such time the areas around your nipples were soaked in my juices, the soft material translucent, each nipple clearly visible, pouting beneath as they strive to break through the soft confines of the fabric.

There in the kitchen your hands would be pressing the back of my head, your words encouraging me to suck and chew and nibble, but I want more Annie and drop to my knees, where my hands ease the hem of your skirt upwards, further and further up along your fleshy, stockinged thighs until your stocking tops and suspenders are exposed.....and a very sexy pair of black thongs....

My lips would kiss their way up from your knees...over the silky nylon...over those same thighs that my fingers are massaging, my lips drawn by the scent of your pussy and sopping, wet knickers. You'd moan out loud then hook a leg up over my shoulder as my hands circle the rounded cheeks of your arse, pulling your body closer to the embrace of my lips.

Ohhh Annie! How I would make you moan as I tease you. First on the lace of those sopping wet panties, my lips pressing them onto your sex, then, easing the gusset to one side I'd kiss and lick the lips of your sex, flicking the tip of my tongue over those delightful pussy lips where, using my fingers to prise them open I would lean forward, my mouth open in readiness to French kiss those pouting pussy lips just as we'd done against the kitchen wall not moments before, except now, it would be just my open mouth, my tongue that would lick and search and probe, my lips sucking as your juices flow from your sweet horny cunt, into my mouth.

Close your eyes once more Annie and imagine. Imagine just how that would feel to have your hot little pussy French kissed.....and all the while your hands would be pushing down on my shoulders...begging me for more.... demanding I make you cum......

I can see it all now Annie. The feel of your nylon clad leg around my neck. Your body rocking gently too and fro as you grind your pussy back and forth against my willing lips and face. I know you want to cum Ann. Ohhh how you want to cum...and I am going to be the one to make sure you do. No waiting for hubby to come back at the weekend. I am going to lick and kiss and suck your pussy lips and then, when you are begging for release I am going to nibble and chew on your swollen clit as slip my fingers into your cunt, finger fucking your pussy until you can hold back no more......until your pussy juices are squirting into my mouth.

Such dirty thoughts I know Annie, but Oh how I love the very idea of making your pussy squirt.

Would you like that Annie? Would it turn you on to do such a nasty thing to your son in law?
I sincerely hope I haven't gone too far this time Ann... I guess my thoughts were being controlled by something other than my brain when typing this mail....but they are only thoughts Annie and I do hope you have enjoyed reading the truth of what I have had to say.

Now once again I am going to have to relieve some tension if I am to sleep tonight.... Rest assured I will be thinking of you when I cum Annie.....



My Dear Sexy Andy,

I sat here last night alongside hubby, wondering...hoping that you might have sent me a mail, but as you know, with hubby home for the weekend I had to wait until tonight, until after he'd travelled back to work before I could log onto my mail and check....

Now that I have, What can I say?? I'm certainly not disappointed!!! That was truly the most erotic mail you have written yet!!!!

Since the start of our mails I keep thinking back to the day in question (tho it seems an age ago now)... and I remember clearly how good (naughty too!) but definitely how good it felt to have your hands touching my breasts, though of course I didn't admit it to you at that time.

I'm touching them now Andy, having just read your description of what you would do to them having released my wrists. ...imagining it's nipples are just so so hard Andy....and Ohhh how I could do with you sucking and kissing on them just as you described. I would welcome it Andy and yes...I would most definitely hold you there, using my hands to force you down into my heaving breasts....for that's how they are right now Andy...heaving....beating to the tune of my heart as I pinch my nipples and picture you suckling them...fondling them....As I picture myself pleading with you to make love to them with your mouth.

Then when I read of how you would drop to your knees where your hands would push up the hem of my skirt...that was so so erotic Andy. You make it so easy to imagine and as I read I could picture you here, right now, doing just that. I can feel your fingers on my thighs ...sliding back and forth over my silky nylons...Ahhh yes! Nylons Andy. I am wearing them tonight.....I put them on especially for you...Silly I know, given you are not here but they feel good soft and silky. Oh how I would adore the touch of your fingers and lips as they kiss and feel their way up along my silk clad legs.

That's what I am imagining now Andy. That right now it is you who is doing that to me....And yes Andy...Once again you have managed to get me so very aroused that my panties are sopping wet from the juices your mail has caused me to spill.

Ohh how I wish you were here right now Andy...just as you'd described in your mail, down between my hands around your head as I thrust my pussy back and forth onto your ever willing lips. And yes! I would cum for you Andy... every bit as much as you describe and more.... I would push you down onto the floor then straddling your face would squirt my pussy cum all over your lips....making you savour every last drop...making you kiss and lick and suck my pussy until it was clean.....or better still, until pussy was ready to squirt for you again...smiles

Your thoughts are so so erotic Andy and I am going to have to play with myself when I climb into bed tonight.... I might even have to use my lovely vibrator, switching it on before pushing it deep inside my cunt where I will imagine it's your cock taking me....

I don't usually use words like this Andy... but it's clear you like the idea of a little dirty talk, besides which, your mails get me so aroused and I can't help myself... It seems just so right to use these words with you.....

I think you've imagined that idea too Andy, haven't you? Yes I know it's a naughty, dirty idea but having read your latest mails I am certain your thoughts have not stopped there...have they? Is that what you would do to me next Andy? Having made me squirt for you would you Fuck me in this kitchen of mine???How many times...How many places have you imagined Fucking your Mum in law!!

Ohhh dear! That sounds so so bad doesn't it Andy..but your messages get me aroused to the point I can't help but imagine how it might be......of quite where my horny son in law has imagined Screwing me....

I had such a thought as I came down the stairs today Andy. I found myself wondering if, in your mind, you had ever Fucked me on the stairs?

Oh God this is so naughty having thoughts like this about one another... but I am so glad we've agreed to keep it as it is... thoughts in our mails , for I would dread the idea we would spoil things for everyone.....

Write and tell me more of your thoughts Andy...please do... I shall so look forward to your next mail.....Make it soon.


My Dear Sexy Annie

Like you I have come to look forward to logging onto the pc, eager to see what mails, if any you have sent. This last one was the best yet. It would seem we are now beginning to open up to one another. I can only hope this will not affect the way we are when we see one another for real. I suspect I will feel apprehensive, nervous, even moreso if hubby is there too for I know just to see you again is going to provoke thoughts that I find difficult to control. I wonder if you have had similar reservations? Similar thoughts?

But for now, back to your mail Annie.

Please do not worry yourself over the words you use in your mails, for it's true when you say you detect I would enjoy talking dirty.I guess that's because I have never seen you as anything other than the prim and proper Mother in law. Now I have seen you in a new light and the words you use simply add to my excitement for you. I hope mine do the same for you.

Your mail this time was truly arousing, no more so than the way which it ended.

Oh Annie, if only you knew how aroused it gets me to think of you lying in your bed, plunging your big vibrator deep and hard into your tight little pussy. Made all the better for you imagining it's MY cock!!!
It turned me on more than ever Annie, to imagine myself watching you as you used that nice thick vibrator to Fuck yourself to a climax....I would love to witness that Annie...or better still would love to be the one using it on you!!

But if it were true Annie. If I were there right this moment.There would be no need for your vibrator. I would happily allow my cock to perform that service for you.

Close your eyes Annie and picture it. You, lying on your marriage bed, your legs open wide, there I am knelt between them and there you are watching as I slowly but surely feed my cock deep into your ravenous pussy. Imagine how that would that feel Annie? How many times of late have you imagine yourself riding up and down your son in laws cock?

I have thought long and hard these past few days over these mails of ours Ann, and have read and re-read them all several times. Like you Lindy I know what we are doing is far from right but you draw me have such a teasing way with words and while I have no wish my wife nor your hubby find out....I find you impossible to resist. I have just got to log on to see what it is you've said next.

The stairs Annie... Oh yes the stairs. I have indeed thought of taking you on the stairs, as I have in your lounge...bedroom and of course kitchen, as you well know.

The stairs would be special Annie for that's where I have imagined taking you doggy style, your head rested on a tread, your arse held high in the air as you wait...somewhat impatiently, for my cock. Waiting for the feel of my helmet to prise you open, eager to feel what it's like to have your cunt filled with a thick, hard, throbbing rod of meat.

Just typing those last few lines leads me to ask....Are you vocal Annie? Do you cry out to be Fucked? Would you beg me out to finish you off? Or would you bite on your lip and remain silent? So what is it Ann? Are you a screamer? Or would you suffer your pleasure in silence?

But your bed Annie...yes I have thought about that too. It's probably the most arousing place of all, moreso because I am all too aware that's where your hubby makes love to you.

He probably sees your marriage bed as his 'own', his 'safe territory', so for me to take you there Annie, Hmmmm! That would be like my laying claim to that pussy as my trophy. Claiming you for myself. No longer 'safe' Annie, and more importantly......No longer HIS!

Yes I know, it's a terribly wicked thought to be having, even worse I have put it down in writing, but tell me Annie, haven't you had thoughts like that too and, if so, does that idea excite you as much as it does me?

Before you answer that Annie with maybe a spur of the moment answer... read on....

I want you to imagine it Annie. It's a Sunday evening, Hubby has not long left for his week working away except, unlike previous weeks, you have already made plans.

You're laying on your marriage bed, waiting. You are not waiting long before you hear the sound of the door opening downstairs.

You look down at yourself. Yes you are nervous. Maybe even having second thoughts, but over-riding all this is the excitement you feel.

You hear the creak of the stairs, the sound of soft footsteps along the carpeted landing. Moments later the door swings slowly open and you watch as I step into the room.

I stand there looking down at you on your bed, to my eyes, the perfect vision.

I have not forced you onto your bed. You are there entirely through choice. Just as it's choice how you have chosen to dress for me. You can feel your body filled with a nervous excitement.

Your eyes watch, taking in every little detail as I begin to undo my trousers. I step out of them then climb onto the bed.

Neither of us has said a word, it's as if we don't need to and as I slide up along the bed towards you, you part your legs, your skirt riding high enough I can make out those sexy stocking tops.

I move closer still, my hand rubbing at my growing cock over my briefs. I have one thought in mind, to savour the feel of my swollen knob rubbing back and forth along your sweet pussy lips.

I release my cock in readiness for its treat and using one hand to lift your skirt, I use the other to rub the head of my cock up and down your pussy.

I can hear you moaning even now Annie... I can see you pushing your hips upwards in your quest to feel more of my cock....

I take your hand Annie, placing it on my shaft. Hubby is long gone now. It's just you....... me........ and your marriage bed.

Ohhh how I would love to feel your fingers gripping me Annie, stroking at my cock ...getting me so so hard........before telling you to put it where you want....."Show me Annie!" I would say. Prove to me what it is you want...... your son in law to Fuck you!!!

Have you closed your eyes Annie to picture that happening? Is it not as exciting a thought for you as it is me? Can you imagine how it would feel, my thick shaft in your hand... Your fingers tracing back and forth over its mushroom shaped head.

Feel it throbbing Annie. Rub it back and forth over your wet sloppy cunt....There is no one else there Annie, hubby is gone. Show me what it is you want ....I want to see you push the head of my cock hard into your cunt...

Now think back to my question and answer Annie. Now tell me it's not as exciting a thought for you as it is for me?

Hmmmm! Maybe the other night when you were using that vibrator? Is that what you imagined? That I was Fucking you Annie? That your pussy was cumming and cumming all down my thick cock......
And did you squirt for me Annie??? Did you cover that big fat vibrator of yours with your cum juice then put it to your lips as you imagined yourself sucking me clean?

Ohhh Ann. You wouldn't believe how hard I am for you right this minute....and I am stroking myself for you too. Rubbing my hand up and down my cock as I picture myself taking you on that bed of yours.

Touch yourself Annie as you read this mail... I want you to push your hand down inside the front of your knickers where I want you to finger yourself for me... Will you do that for me Ann? The imagine I am there right now...that I am down on my knees....I have raised your skirt it's out of the way.... so I have complete access to that lovely tight cunt....Just ask Lin...all you have to do is ask and I will be only too ready to get down between your legs and kiss and suck and lick you to a climax.....

I think I had better sign off for now Ann, for thoughts of you have once again gotten me so so aroused.... I will lie in bed tonight and imagine you have welcomed me into your bed so that the two of us can Fuck one another all night long......

Imagine me Ann...imagine me stroking my cock for you when I climb into bed... for that's what I will be doing... stroking it til I cum and cum for you...

Bye for now my oh so sexy Mum in law



Oh My God Andy

I finished reading your last mail a half hour ago and it's only now, only after having had a stiff drink, am I finally composed enough to sit at the pc and write a reply.

I guess I shouldn't be saying this, but I think it only fair you should know. That last mail of yours made your Annie cum. I came for you Andy. All over my fingers and into my panties.

I feel so dirty saying that to my young, hunk of a son in law, but I know it is what you like to hear. It was incredible Andy, and to think it was all done by words alone.

Just how is it a few simple words are able to make me feel like this? I don't have the answer. I simply know, the words you use get me so so aroused. Reading your mail, it was almost as if you were actually here, Fucking me!

I have tried to gain an understanding of these recent events, events since that day, as well as comprehend how an apologetic mail from you, could have lead us where we are now. I am at a complete loss. I only know my own feelings, which now tell me I was foolish to have stopped you that day.

Don't misunderstand. This isn't to say what we did wasn't wrong. It was, very much so, and I no more want to hurt my daughter today than I did then. Nor do I want to hurt hubby. The difference is, our mails to one another have made me realise, there are some things in life are inevitable, things you just can't fight. I now realise Andy, just as I think you do too. That for reasons I could never explain, you and I were always meant to happen. That one way or another, despite whatever arguments and reasons we may offer. Somewhere it is written down, that you will have me and I will have you.

The truth is, as I think I have started to admit these past few mails, I have fancied you right from the outset, but until now, have always considered you out of bounds (for obvious reasons). Now, inexplicably, I am drawn to you.

So yes Andy, I agree. Given our mails, given how aroused you are capable of getting me by words alone and, given how we feel about one another, I too have been thinking about what might happen when we see one another next.

If I am honest, mainly because of nerves. I don't think it would be wise to call over when hubby is here. Besides which, I am none too sure I could control my feelings, even with him here.

Your mail was so so arousing Andy, and yes, that's exactly how I imagined you would take me on the stairs. There is something especially exciting about being taken from behind.....almost animal....and believe me Andy, if you were to take me that way there is no way I would or could remain silent. I would be crying out for you to take Fuck me...and I would want to milk every drop of cum from that meaty cock of yours.

As for hubby, yes it is true, as I think I have told you. I do get these guilty feelings, hence why I do not read your mails when he is home. I guess that's why I also agree, it is just as you suggest. That I get all the more excited doing/saying these things behind his back.

When I read what you had to say about the bed scene.....that's when my fingers were truly working on my pussy....and all because of the thoughts you had placed in my head. I came for you hard and even licked my fingers clean for you, imagining it was you doing that for me.

Yes it's wrong Andy and yes the thoughts are most definitely wicked but just to imagine you on my marriage bed, shortly after hubby has left for work is so so exciting.

A you know, it's Friday Andy. Hubby will be home very shortly and if I know him, he will be wanting to make love to me later on our bed. I will of course let him and, as we make love I will be thinking of you.

I will be thinking ahead, a whole two days ahead to Sunday, when he leaves once more, where, shortly after, having changed into a sexy cream top with a matching coloured skirt. Where having slipped on a pair of white, seamed nylons together with matching suspenders and panties, I will be lying on my bed....waiting.

There is no need to knock Andy. Come right on in. You know where you will find me.......

Love Annie


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