Little Girl Reposted

Little Girl Reposted

I don't own this story, I found it online and wanted to share it

He put the little girl in her playpen firmly but gently. She pouted. “Daaaaaddy,” she whined.

“I have things to do, Holly. I’ll be back in a bit. Finish up your milk first.” He said firmly, and brushed her forehead.

He knew that his little girl hated drinking her milk alone without him, but he needed to badly finish that song so he could spend time with his little girl with no interruptions at the back of his mind. He ignored her face of a thunder cloud and quietly left the room.

Holly stamped her foot in frustration. She hated not drinking her milk with him! She loved her daily feeding times lying on his lap, cuddled up in his big, strong arms, with his hand stroking her forehead and her hair, nuzzling his chest. She knew there was always another time, but Daddy knew how much she hated it, and while she knew that he had to rush the song… She grumbled and gnawed the nipple, sipping occasionally. She played with the toy cars and dinosaurs and dolls that her daddy bought for her absentmindedly, cross-legged on the carpet floor. She sighed and continued drinking half heartedly. A dirty thought crossed her mind, she thought of daddy fingering her little kitty and she began to rub her diaper against the carpet. Holly got bored and stopped, flopping herself against the floor, now even more agitated and grumpy.

While she was helping Luke Skywalker outrun Emperor Zurg, Daddy came back into the room and kneeled on the floor, bending over her playpen. Holly looked up, and looked back at her toys.

“Ignoring me now?”

She said nothing.

“You didn’t even finish your milk.” He raised an eyebrow towards the half-empty bottle.

Holly shrugged.

“Come on, kiddo, ” He said, and picked her up by the waist, kissing her forehead. She softened and put her arms around his neck, shivers running down her spine. He took the empty bottle and sat on the middle of his bed, setting her in his lap. She instinctively nuzzled the base of his neck fervently as he scratched the back of hers. “You are so, so, so, clingy,” Daddy remarked as she curled up tighter in his lap. He picked up the bottle and began to feed her as she took the nipple between her lips.

Daddy felt all the muscles in her body relax and her breathing slowed to a steady, slow rhythm against his arms, her form curled up on one side against his body to show a single eye looking up at him adoringly, quietly, trustingly. Daddy knew that it was an admission of her own submission, that she was powerless, barrier wall-less, and Holly gave herself to him, for him. She was his, and in a way, he was hers – besides being her best friend, boyfriend, and a lover, he was her protector, guider, and most of all her daddy.

She finished the milk and broke off, wiping her mouth against his shirt. He grimaced and pulled his shirt away as she cheekily grinned. Holly nuzzled his body again and got up to wrap her arms around his waist as tightly as possible. Daddy hugged her back and kissed the side of her head lightly.

“I love you daddy.” Holly said muffled into his shirt.

“I love you too Holly.” He whispered.

They stayed like that for a while until she finally let go and scrambled off the bed to her bookcase. She pulled out some books and Daddy picked her up back onto the bed to read it with her. They opened a book of rhymes and he read them out slowly with her, putting his finger on each word and guiding her along the passages to make sure she understood the concept of rhyming. “The mouse bounced around to run away from the cat who pounced on the lawn,” he read slowly for the little girl in his lap. He removed the thumb in her mouth and replaced it with a pacifier. While she sucked and read, he put his hand in the back of her diaper. She was wet, but not soaking. Still, time for a diaper change.

He patted her bum gently. He got up, picking her up again to put her on the changing table. “Does my little baby girl need a diaper change? Oh yes, I think she does.” Daddy said to her quietly. Holly calmly leaned back and let Daddy untape her diaper; she knew too well that the consequences of being fussy during a diaper change was a hard spanking over his knee. “My my, this is a very wet diaper. I’m glad I put a diaper on my little baby girl, she certainly can’t be wetting her big girl panties yet. But I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to be wearing them, she wants to be my little baby girl, hmm? Yes? She wants to be daddy’s little baby girl wearing her diapers?” Daddy knew Holly loved being talked down to, and he was proven right as he was wiping her kitty with a wet wipe when he noticed another form of wetness forming around her kitty. He snickered.

He put the dirty wet wipe down, wiping his hands with another. Sliding a finger up into her and another near her clit, Daddy stroked her, hitting all the spots where she liked it. Daddy’s cock hardened as he saw her trembling and shaking silently. While his fingers moved in her, his other hand unzipped his pants and made it’s way to stroking his cock. “Atta girl. Yes, you know you like Daddy touching you down here. You know you love Daddy talking to you like this.” He whispered. His eyes never left her as she raised her little shirt and played with her little small nipples between her fingers. Her brown eyes, her small frame, her wide hips. She looked up at him and shivered, she loved the intense look on his face, his lips, the goatee on his chin, how the glasses rested on his tall nose. Faster and faster Daddy’s wrist moved down the shaft and up again to the head of his cock. As she shook more violently and breathed his name through the plastic nipple between her lips, Holly tensed up and squirted one last time. As if right on cue, he came and shot his load on the floor. She squeaked and panted, he stood by the table in a slight daze. She sagged against the table, before managing to sit up and kiss him full on the lips. Holly leaned back again as Daddy cleaned his hands throughly and her kitty again, amid bit more dazed. He patted her bare bottom and she raised it instinctively to allow him to slide a clean diaper under her. He powdered her and taped her up before wiping his hands with a clean wipe again.

Sitting her up, Daddy kissed her forehead as she looked down on the floor. “Daddy made a mess on the floor,” Holly giggled through her pacifier. Daddy swatted her gently and shushed her. “Only Daddy’s allowed to do that, because I’m Daddy. You wouldn’t be allowed to squirt all over the floor, or even play with your kitty at all. At least not without Daddy watching you.” He grinned and picked her up. “Think it’s time for bed, eh?”

Holly looked like her favourite pet died. “If you kick up a fuss, that’s a spanking and no tuck in for you,” Daddy warned her. She didn’t look any happier, but grudgingly nodded. “Atta girl.” He brought her to her crib, unlocked and pulled down the barrier, and made her stand inside as he picked out a nightie for her. “Hands up,” He said, and he helped her remove her shirt to put the pink nightdress on her. Holly lay down, clutched her favorite bolster and stuffed puppy, and snuggled under her blanket. Daddy pulled it up over her just below her chin. She looked mournfully up at him and he sighed and shook his head. “You know very well that’s not gonna help, little one,” He poked Holly’s nose with his finger.

She didn’t look very convinced. “Daddy, please, I don’t want you to go,” she whined again. “Hey, hey, shush.” He kissed her forehead and stroked her cheek, before pulling up the wooden barrier between them. She looked up at him quietly. “I’ll be here if you need me, you know that, my love,” Daddy said, stroking her hair. “If you have bad dreams, just call for Daddy and I’ll be right here with my lightsaber to fight the monsters off. I promise.” He looked her straight in the face, down at her. “I love you, Holly. I love you so much. You have nothing to fear as so long I am here with you, and I know that you know – as so long as I live and the Force is with me and as Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots – that I will love you for as long as I can, if not forever – if forever isn’t a cliched concept that doesn’t exist.” He smiled down at her. “Okay?”

Holly looked up at him and nodded. Daddy blew her a kiss and Holly caught it to paste it on her cheek, she returned the gesture and he did the same to his cheek. “Goodnight, my little Holly,” he whispered down at her as she closed her eyes to sweet dreams. “Sleep well, little girl.”

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