One summer I decided to visit my cousin. Upon arriving at his house, I rang the door bell, but no one came to the door and decided to go to the back way. The sliding door was open and called out, “Cousin, are you in?”
I heard the shower running and then my cousin, Johnny, shouting, “What the fuck, who is here!?’’

I laughed, told him, “Me bro, hey what ups? It is me, Jose.”

I approached the bathroom door in hallway, when suddenly the door opened and he stood naked before me. His strong, dark brown, muscular body dripping wet, sending trickles down his torso, along down his long, uncut brown cock.
I was in disbelief at his boldness for exposing his awesome body as he stood stark naked. I felt a twinge feeling in my stomach, a sense of arousal. He was smiling with proud bravado; his big dick took my sight away with its sheer size. I gulped and whispered with envy, “Wow! You got a big one, some package, and cousin! I would be proud to show it too.”
Water still trickled down his balls, and from his cock hanging long, and thick, dripping over, and down his legs on to the floor; he grabbed his meaty man tool and shook it, as well his body, splashing me with wetness, laughing with jest.

“Sorry bro, I forgot to get a towel. Grab one for me in the hallway closet, okay.”

I grabbed a towel, but decided to kid with him a little bit, not giving him the towel right away. He quickly punched me in the stomach to make me release it, and I bent over to protect myself from his blow. As I stood bent, I extended the towel to him; my hand accidently touched his big dick. In my nervous reaction, I grabbed hold of it, felt its length and width, brushed it aside, and then let go of it. His long huge dick flopped from side to side.
He laughed said, “Oh, man, because it so big, it got in the way huh?”
I nodded, embarrassed, and quickly gave him the towel in his hands.
I notice his dick was getting longer, and fatter, and growing before my sight. “Oh, shit, it’s getting humongous, maybe it needs a towel too”, I said, and laughed.

He noticed me staring at his crotch; surprisingly, he takes hold of his big long dick, begins to stroke it, smiling, and teasing me with his jerking actions, water still dripping from his body, his dick getting hugely hard.

My cousin Johnny is 21 years old, real cocky but cute, and talks with a sexy slang.

I am 16, and despite our difference, we get along. He is more street wise, and I more like the good kid, the boy next door. He likes to tease me, which shows that he likes me. Now, his playing manner before me is some crazy tease, I think.

He is looking at my ass. “Hey bro, your ass is tight, I may just take it someday, if you keep showing me, dragging those pants down, showing you’re tight under ware and that round ass of yours to see, is fine like that, to me. “

He laughed, and I took it as his funny way, but his remarks were daring in action.

He kept grabbing his dick, shaking it, making it get hard, stroking it, teasing me, and laughing, “Hey, you want some of this, right?”

He grabbed me and pulled me into the bathroom and he locked the door shut behind him, to show me more of his the huge cock that grew almost 11 inches, for the likeness of it; his cock grew enormous. He stroked it, in my direction. He grabbed my hand, and forced me to touch him.

He said, “go ahead, suck it, I won’t tell anybody if you don’t too.”
His hand pressed my hand on his dick; I played and stroked his enormous tool, back and forth, its brown skin pulled, and retrieved, and felt warm; its girth meaty and swollen in soft dampness.

I tried to psyche out what was happening, forget it was wrong, and contemplate the thought to his insistence, and convinces me, that I liked it, and no one would have to know what I was doing. We were alone.

But his dick was too big; it scared me that his huge cock was perhaps too big to handle. I wanted to suck his huge cock, a feat for someone good, with experience. I was up to doing it.

I knelt to meet his big, long cock. I marveled at its sheer size as he brought his dick to my mouth. I held my head, to hold its fast steer; I held it, his huge cock barely fit my right hand, and used both hands to maneuver it into my direction, into my hot mouth. I was surprised how good it felt and tasted clean.

I sucked it pretty good, making him moan, and felt it getting even harder, that he liked how I sucked him, nice and slow, with wet sucking action, swallowing his tool as much as possible, and then stopping, tears running down my eyes, gagging occasionally on his hugeness.

I could love it, to suck, loving the depth of it in my mouth; his cock was sweet in my mouth with man juice, fed me.

He said to come into the shower with him, and grabbed my ass, pulling me to take me under the running water, where he fondled and stroked my ass with his dick. He licked me all over. He then had me turn around all the way, my back to him while he got Vaseline from the medicine cabinet, and lubed my virgin ass hole with it.

My ass was tight, muscular, and his fingers went up my hole to loosen me up with Vaseline. He greased his huge dick, and said, “Easy does it”, and he whispered, “Man, you have a sweet nice round butt, it looks hot, juicy tight, I want to fuck it nice and hard, you will learn to take it and like it.”

He took his huge dick and placed it up my butt upwards, as he spread my butt cheeks with his hands, to allow access and enter my tight hole with huge dick from behind, and slowly he began to put it in me, he talked to me all the while, biting my neck, and whispering in my ear, tonguing me all over, and kissing my neck, with his lips, and spreading my ass with hands, and his dick followed, he opened up my ass, and he shoved his huge cock into my virgin tight hole.

I yelled, but he held me tight, and put his finger in my mouth, as to pacify me, as he fucked me, slower, whispering into my ears, “sweet ass”, over and over, while I whimpered in pain. He said, “Relax, learn to take it, and enjoy it.”
I relaxed, and let it happen, and began to feel ease. I moaned, and my tears soon turned pleasure. He had accomplished in opening my virgin hole; open to his man force.

He then he began pumping my hole hard and fast, he took full control of my tight ass, grabbing my buns slapping them to a tingle with reaction, and I cried out, “I love you; love what you doing to me with your big cock; it hurts good; I love your big cock.

He responded, “My dick loves that ass more, it’s damn good; like fucking soft sweet butter”.

I was at a cringe, taking it all of it, baring it, in pain, and feeling it split me open, and moaning to the action, enjoying his penetration and the pain he inflicted upon me with his massive man tool began feeling good; he fucked hard for a long time, and said he was glad that I was taking it good; my ass was real sweet, warm and heavenly.

He decided to take me to his room onto his bed. He placed me on my back; my legs up in the air, and he lay his body over me, pushing his huge cock into my sweet tight ass, while my legs straddled his neck and shoulders, while feeling his strong shoulders and hard muscular chest.

He was fucking me passionately, biting my neck, and whispering in my ear and telling me to say I like it, that I was his bitch, vowed his dick was mine, that I would not find one a better or bigger dick, but from him, making me beg for it, to pleasure me, making love to me passionately, and my ass got brute force, and we both moaned to the sounds of his pounding my ass.

I enjoyed the sensations and more that the pleasure my virgin ass gave him and that I satisfied him, and his big dick produced feeling, hardcore delight, to have his huge cock inside me, his balls slapping my ass, and it hurt, but I was taking it good, for him.

He surprised me when he lifted me up to straddle his torso, while his dick was in me. He stood up, lifting me as he stood, to fuck me, in a standing position, was heaven.

I held on to his neck, sucking on his neck and kissing his lips, and his mouth, my tongue searching his out, I got lost to his hold and kiss, I felt his dick inside me become harder, and it was all mine, as he fucked and pounded my ass good.

He continued to fuck me hard and told me to hold on firm to his neck as he began to pump and pound my ass with full force, my legs draped him, as he took his cock up into the depths of my ass with his heavenly pounding motions, He lifted me up while his dick still in me, he began to bounce me on his cock, while his tongue explored mine again.

He was good at fucking me, and then he erupted with fierce force, and he shot his load, and I came as well without touching myself. Well! I took it like a trooper! It was unbelievable.

It was the best fuck ever. My cousin craves my ass a lot, he is sprung on it, and it is his whenever we can do it. The more he fucks me, the rounder and firmer my ass gets. I get the best ass work out from him and his big man tool. We often head to a motel where the fuck games begin. He is an Aztec prince and warrior and he fucks me royally. He is a stallion; a hot Latino stud, and has his way with me, because my ass is the best ass he ever had too.

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