Mom Flashed My Friends

Mom Flashed My Friends

Fbailey story number 730

Mom Flashed My Friends

I was thirteen years old when I had my first sleepover birthday party. I wasn’t quite into girls at the time but my mother made me invite as many girls as I did boys, plus one of course for me. I invited three of my close friends. We were going to play video games all night long down in the family room, after the girls went home.

The four girls were in our class and they were cute. They were all dressed up in pretty clothes. They wore pretty blouses and short skirts.

Mom had us play some games. Somehow we all wound up sitting on the floor looking up the girls skirts at their panties. Mom would have us guys on one side and the girls on the other side facing us. Most times they were sitting Indian style with their knees wide and the crotch of their panties pulled tight across their pussies.

Occasionally Mom would kneel down or squat and show us her panties too. I had seen her do that a few times but my friends had not. They giggled but Mom just ignored them.

When I had opened my presents and we had eaten the cake Mom had us all pose for pictures. I posed with my three friends, then with the four girls, and finally all of us together. Mom had the four of us sit on the couch and the girls sit on the floor in front of us. The girls had to know what was going on. Mom had them sit Indian style and then took several pictures. For the last one Mom squatted down very low and spread her knees letting the girls look up her skirt at her panties. Mom had the girls change the position of their legs. She had them sit on their butts, pull their knees up high, and then spread their feet enough to expose their panties again.

Mom had the boys get out the sleeping bags, the snacks, and the video games while I said goodbye to the girls upstairs.

It was just a way of getting me alone with the girls. She gave each girl fifty dollars if they would pose nude with me. Apparently it had taken some negations to talk them into it and the fifty dollars was the answer.

The girls waited for Mom to get naked first and pose with me. I got to stay dressed. We posed side by side, facing each other, and then with me holding one breast, and with my hand cupping their pussies. I got to keep their panties too.

I could hardly believe that I had just seen five girls naked and touched their breasts and pussies. The very last picture was of all five of them naked and standing next to me. They all got dressed and then the girls went home.

Mom had given me her panties too so when we went back down into the family room she was pantyless.

The first thing that she did was to squat down in front of them and move one of the sleeping bags around. Her ass was low, her knees were wide, and her pussy slit was glistening.

Jack said, “Hey, Mrs. B, I can see your pussy.”

Mom said, “If you promise not to tell anyone I’ll let you see my naked.”

Well, they promised her all right.

They were disappointed though when she went up to her room to do it. We were into a video game when she came back down wearing a short silky red robe. She handed me the camera and told me to get behind the guys and take pictures. She wanted them in the pictures with her naked.

Well, the guys really started cheering when Mom opened the robe up and let it drop to the floor. Then she wanted them in pictures with her just like I had been with the girls. Mom was an exhibitionist. She sure looked good naked. The guys got to hold her big breasts, suck on her nipples, and put their fingers in her pussy. I was jealous because all I got to do was take pictures. Oh, she said that she would make it up to me later but I had heard that before.

Mom put her robe back on and went up to take a bubble bath. She told us to feel free to come in and use the toilet if we had too.

Actually we got pretty involved in our games. It was quite late when we realized just how tired we were. One at a time we went up to the bathroom. The first guy down was disappointed that my mother wasn’t in the bathtub. Hell, it had been almost three hours. Anyway he got in his sleeping bag and fell asleep before the next guy came back.

I went last but the other guys were almost asleep. After I peed I went in to say goodnight to my mother.

She sat up in bed with her breasts exposed. I liked seeing her like that.

She asked, “So how was your birthday?”

I replied, “Great but I didn’t get to feel you up or see you in the bathtub.”

Mom laughed and said, “Honey, from now on you get to do that any time that you want too. I promise not to close or lock the bathroom door or my bedroom door when I’m in those rooms.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and reached out to hold one of her big breasts. I had to use both hands. She had me rub her nipples and pinch them. When I started to reach under the covers, Mom pushed them down. Pulled her knees up, and opened her legs wide. She had not done that for the other guys. I was special and she didn’t tell me that it was time to stop either. My whole hand was wet and all of my fingers had been in her pussy even my thumbs.

Then she asked, “Do you want to fuck me? It’s still your birthday…until midnight. You are thirteen, you are the man of the house, and now you can pretend to my husband too. That is if you want too.”

I undressed and climbed up between her legs. Mom helped me get it positioned and all I had to do was push it into her. It felt wonderful and I came way too quickly.

Mom said, “That’s okay honey, you will get better at it.”

It didn’t go down so I put it back into her pussy and fucked her again.

The next thing I knew it was morning.

Mom opened the door and said, “The other boys are getting up and I’m fixing breakfast. You better get up too.”

That was funny because when I looked down my cock was pitching a tent in Mom’s sheet. I got dressed and when down. The other boys were already there watching my mother move around the kitchen. She was wearing that sexy red robe but the belt was pretty loose. We could see her titties whenever she leaned over the table.

She asked us if we wanted tomato juice with our breakfast. We all said no but Mom told us that the cans of juice were in the bottom of the refrigerator and that the glasses were on the top shelf in the cupboard. Naturally we said yes to that. Then Mom bent over really far and her robe rose up on her ass. We could see her pussy from behind. Her slit was red and swollen and moist looking. Her brown puckered asshole looked nice. When she reached for the cups her robe rose up and her butt cheeks were tight and firm looking. She sat down to eat with us and allowed her titties to hang out the whole time.

The guys left after breakfast and I helped her clean up.

Beth came over to see if she could help us clean up. I told her that we had already done that. She looked sad. Mom told her that she could help me take my presents up to my bedroom if she wanted too.

When we got up to my bedroom Beth kissed me. She had thought about me all night long. She told me that she masturbated to thoughts of me that morning. Then she told me that she had enjoyed posing naked with me. I told her that I had enjoyed feeling her up. She giggled and told me that she had liked that part too. Then she asked me if I wanted to do it again. I sure did.

Mom left us alone. Beth got naked and let me take some pictures of her on and in my bed. She sat like Mom had with her titties showing. Then I positioned her like Mom had with her knees spread out to the sides. When I got between her legs all she said was, “Be gentle. I’m a virgin.”

I was gentle. She had been excited enough so that her pussy was wet enough for my cock to get in her. I had to push and pull it a few times but I got it all the way into her virgin pussy. She was a lot tighter than Mom had been and the extra friction felt great. I hadn’t cum that morning but I did in Mom twice the night before. Anyway I was not in any hurry to cum in Beth. Just before I came I asked her if it was okay to cum inside her. She wanted me too. Afterwards she told me how nice it had felt.

Then Beth asked, “Does this mean that I’m your girlfriend now?”

I said, “If you let me do this to you whenever I want too, the answer is yes.”

Beth said, “Sure you can. I like it too. How about I come over every day after school?”

Just then Mom tapped on the door and opened it. Beth pulled up the covers and Mom laughed saying, “I’ve see you both naked and you both have seen me naked. Why are you so shy now?”

Beth said, “Because we had sex and his cum is leaking out of my pussy.”

Mom handed her a warm wet washcloth and said, “Well then clean yourself up. That is unless you want me to do it for you. I can use the washcloth or I can use my mouth to get you clean.”

Beth looked at me, then she looked at my mother. She was figuring something out in her head then all of a sudden Beth threw the covers down to our feet and spread her legs.

We both watched my mother lick up the dripping cum and then go after what was still inside her.

Beth said, “Oh that feels good. You are better than Tracy.”

Tracy was one of the other girls at my party. She had long black hair and her panties were the Hello Kitty ones.

After Mom cleaned Beth up she rolled her knees up to her chin and licked her asshole too. Then Mom licked my cock, my balls, and then sucked me hard again.

With Beth watching me I fucked my mother in bed right next to her. When I finished cumming it was Beth’s turn to lick Mom clean and suck me hard.

That time I fucked them both at the same time. Mom was on the bottom and Beth was lying on Mom’s belly. I had two pussies double stacked. I just slipped it in one for a minute and then into the other. When it came time to cum I gave them both a few squirts. Then I watched them sixty-nine each other.

Beth was the best girlfriend ever. She not only let Mom get in bed with us but she also invited the other three girls from my birthday party to join us in a threesome one at a time.

My friends started to miss me but I told them I had a girlfriend. They were not into girls like I was. Well, I had certainly gotten into five girls a few times each and a couple of them every single day.

Eventually I married Beth and made Mom a granny…twice.

The End
Mom Flashed My Friends

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