The Mare

The Mare

Supper! Mitch yelled into the corral. He hated feeding on the weekends, just an hour wasted twice a day when the fish were biting. He trod into the pen carrying 2 buckets of feed as the heifers come around the corner of the barn. Two of them each stuck their heads into the bucket grabbing mouth fulls of grain. “Sure don't even wait for me to pour it into the bunks ya pigs” he muttered. He rested along the fence for a bit. There was a welcome cool breeze, and the birds were singing. A beautiful evening for sitting down at the river fishing and smoking grass he thought. But the chores had to be done so on to the horses

Mitch flipped the water on for the last pen as he entered the barn. And climbed into the hay loft. He broke open a fresh bale and pitched it down into the stanchions, and returned to the main floor. The mares were waiting at the door when he opened it and walked gracefully to their stalls. Mitch closed them in and returned to shut off the water. Missy seemed a little strange tonight he thought, so he went into the second stall on the left where Missy was busy eating the lush hay. Mitch checked her over for cuts and cactus. As he went around behind Missy flipped her tail and winked her pussy twice. Mitch knew immediately what was wrong, she was in heat!!! Her pussy was completely soaked, and a thin string of cum hung from her clit most of the way to her knees. The thin filament sparkled in the light as her clit winked over and over. Mitch had never witnessed this before and a wisp of hormones surged deep in his groin.

Mitch quickly withdrew from the stall questioning the feeling he was harnessing in his trousers. He had witnessed animals having sex thousands of times, but never entertained the thoughts now swimming in his head. He leaned against the door as his heart raced and his cock pressed hard against its restraints. Just then the barn door drew open and Hank the hired man poked his head in. “Everything alright in here?” he yelled. “Oh Mitch I didn't see you there, When your folks get home tomorrow let them know I ordered parts for the baler.” “I'm taking off for the weekend, see you monday!!”

Mitch trembled as he heard Hanks truck start up and rumble down the road. Hank took him completely by surprise, and scared the living shit out of him. Mitch sat down on the straw to regain his composure. His once aching prick was now soft and leaking copious amounts of precum. He could see the mare from where he was sitting. He admired the her sleek lines and toned muscular ass. About that time the mare raised her tail, spread her legs and strained like she was trying to pee, her clit practically looked like it was exploding. Mitch quickly got up and went back to the stall door. A tiny trickle of fluid was pouring from the mares cunt, mostly clear but slightly foamy. Mitch's prick once again stood up and he ached for what the mare wanted so badly. Mitch reached in through the gate and caught the last bit of ejaculate on his fingers. The mares pussy flared wildly as he brushed his hand against its wetness. He brought his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply, as the mares musky scent penetrated his nostrils a new wave of heat passed over him. One that he could not ignore.

Missy turned her head and looked at mitch, he could see a longing in her eyes. Missy was as gentle of a horse as Mitch had ever seen, but he didn't know how she would react to sexual advances so he decieded to play it slow and safe. He grabbed a scoop of grain from the feed room and entered her pen locking the gate behind himself. He poured it on top of the hay and began rubbing her neck, tracing it down to her shoulders, then her front legs, and back up to her back and side. He massaged and scratched her for quite awhile unitll he knew she was comfortable with him in the stall. He slowly worked his way to her buttocks and gently traced the outline of her pussy causing her clit to start spasming once again. She was completely soaked never had he realized the copious amount of juice that could be released from a horny mare. He massaged her pussy slightly harder and carefully slid his middle finger into the well lubricated opening. Missy shifted her weight towards him and let out a low gutteral groan. He slipped another finger in and slowly started banging her, she seemed to love it. Mitch continued playing with her pussy for a few minutes then bent his head down and sniffed at the horses crotch. It smelled absolutely delicious and he slid his tounge past her vulva and directly onto her clit where he focused his attention for what seemed like hours. The mare loved it he couldn't believe it. He withdrew his mouth and wiped the juice from his chin.

He began playing with it again wondering how many fingers he could fit in. starting with two he banged her slowly again then three fingers then 4 within seconds his whole hand disappeared into the into the horses milky hole. He was fist fucking her now and each stroke he gently worked his hand deeper into the mare and balled up his fist. He quickened his pace and the length of his stroke as his arm was lubricated by her quim. He was fisting her about as hard and fast as he could now. Missy began arching her back and groan groan groaning. He felt her powerful muscles squeeze around his arm as she began to orgasm, her vaginal muscles pounding at his arm. He withdrew his hand and began eating her out again just as a massive gush of fluid was released covering his face and filling his mouth. Her clit was winking madly and she was groaning intesely as another gush of fluid ran past his cheeks and splashed on the ground.

Mitch couldn't take this shit anymore. He looked feverishly for something to stand on so that his prick could reach its mark. He spyed a bucket in the corner which he placed directly behind her and stripped off his clothes popping 4 buttons off his shirt. He climbed up and stuck his hard prick into her pulsating pussy and began fucking her hard. If anyone has ever tried to fuck a horse they would know it is not an easy task with a short dick but Mitch was fairly well endowed and was able to plow about 5 inches into her. He came almost immediately rocketing jet after jet of cum into her. He stood there for a while savoring the feeling of his cock shrinking inside of her. As he pulled out his seed spilled out over Missy's clit and ran down the inside of her legs.

Mitch dressed and turned the horses back out. He never complained about having to feed on the weekends again.

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