Genetics is a miracle

Genetics is a miracle

Firstly I must apologize in advance that because of my English.
I hope you understand my story well.

That Friday, when mom came home from work, unpleasantly surprised me by saying that tomorrow morning I'll go with her into the cottage, because Dad has to work through the weekend, on an important overhaul companies, and that I and this way, not doing anything clever at home, so I could bass a little to help her around the garden. I was furious, but I still had to go with it. Late evening when Dad returned from work, gave us instructions on how and what to Bay, to uproot the weeds around a million fry, and even stupidity. Fuck this, is just one weekend. I will survive.

Saturday morning somewhere around eight hours, a mother enters my room and wakes me to slowly get up and prepare for departure.
Here I will, slowly asleep on me.
Come arise, don’t be lazy, do you know how nice there.You was not there long time. You will see.
Yeah, one hundred percent.
I got up dressed and descended down to drink coffee, which my mother cooked. We drank coffee and slowly moved towards the cottages. Of whole, we drove two hours until we arrived. I was a dead tired, from driving, and as soon as we arrived I brought a chair and sat down under a large cherry tree. The house was a bit stuffy, because they didn’t came two weeks. Mom began to present things from the car, which was swept and inserts them into the house. It was so peaceful and quiet. I was pleasantly.
Will you that I prepare coffee?
Would be cool refreshment. After some half an hour, mom comes in wearing a coffee tray and said to me:
Go into the house and bring the little plastic table, and one chair for me.
I got up and went to bring the table and chair. I went back to put them under the tree and she put tray on the table.
Oh, now it is easier for me, I change clothes, it's so hot.
Could you change clothes and if you want a little to help me in the garden later. Yes I will help you, because I came - I said to her.
As Mom sat on the chair and got a coffee pot that pours in a cup.
Then I actually registered the following:
sitting on a chair with open legs while pouring coffee, so I saw her white panties that cover her pussy between the thighs, because she dressed a terribly short skirt of Texas, which I never before seen, and above the light green T-shirt, on the suspenders under which the freely of her big tits striker, that I saw while pre-tended to the table.
So she wore light clothes. I thought. I looked directly at her breast, exempt, no brassiere, they were free to swing. Mom then crossed her legs, the bay in a chair drinking coffee. Skirt she was so short that I could see almost the entire ass when she crossed legs. I must admit it was not inherent for her.
I have not commented on anything. We drank coffee and then mom got up and said:
I go here to the gardens to look what happens, if you want to come with me? Here's to drink coffee.
I drank coffee and went for her, behind the house to the garden. We have entered the stalk among major tomato and bean, and she began talk to me: later in the afternoon we will, well watered and before that to uproot all the weeds that grew during the while they are not coming.
Fuck my job. pulling weeds. I thought. Mom is bowed and began to shock weeds that grew around the stems of plants. She bowed forward, and her skirt is pulled upwards, so that I clearly see her bare thighs. Like true maniac, I knelt on the field, meter from her, in the next row tomato stems and began to twitch weeds, watching the white pants under skirts of my mother. Briefs are a part of it were inserted between the cheeks. Fucking, she is not normal. Whether it is at all aware that she show all. I look. Better to keep quiet.
How do you go, Marco - said to me, mama.
Extra, super, very interesting.
Kidding me, eh?

Nah seriously I did not guess that this interesting twitch weeds - as I told her very seriously.
It is better here. Than you stayed at home, what would work, did not. At least you have clean air.
You're really right.
Then the mother turned to me. So I could not look into her pants and her ass under the skirt. Bent as it continues to shock weeds, walking backwards, and she, opened a new cinema for me. Instead of her ass, now I saw her big boobs, how vibrant the left to the right. As she many moments bent down so I could see the dark circles and nipples on her boobs.
You are tired Marco - mama said, after some fifteen minutes.
No, no problem.
We will, finish it in less than an hour.
We will, for sure - I replied.
After a minute or two, could be heard calling from the front part of the yard.
Helenaaaaa - it was a female voice.
Mom straightened and said: I'm here in the garden behind, here I come - then turned to me and said - this is Maria, our neighbors, from the village.
Then she went to court, front of the house to say hi to her.
Come on Marco, to meet with her, she knows that I have a son, but she had never seen.
I went to my mom, walked in front of me, swinging her ass in short skirts.
When you come? - Asked Maria, who was standing next to a sturdy man.
Before the two hours, approximately, Hi - mama said. They shook hands.
Mom to handle with her and with the large man, who stood by the end of Maria, then turned to me and said:
This is my son, Marco, this is Stefan and Maria, our neighbors.
This is your son - said Maria - your mom just talk about you.
Hi Marco, give me a hand Stefan, husband of Maria.
We Manage, and mom said to me, Marco, go into the house and bring another two chairs. I am going to make a coffee.
Then Mom and I went into the house.
What are these peasants mom?
Dont so, they are so good people, you know how many times they helped me and Dad, in particular Stefan, whenever something needed to be raised, Stefan has always been here, you know that Dad can not raise difficult .
Ok,ok I just asked.
Then I exit the house and put a chair under a tree, and neighbors are settled, in which two were already there. I started a stupid story with them, Maria did not shut her mouth, right talebearer, story two hundred per hour, while Stefan spoke just a word. They shook my head and laughed silly. In this happens, my mother, carrying coffee for us four, and drop them on the table. Mommy sit on a chair next to me. Exactly opposite Stefan, cross the legs so that she discovered her naked thighs, almost to the ass.
Mama began with a story about Maria vegetables. I am drinking coffee, looking around the yard. Then I noticed, as Stefan at times looking in, bare thighs of my mother. Simply swallow them, the eyes. I'm still looking around, indifferent, while my mom and Maria discussed. In fact, I watched Stefan, to measure my mom. As he stops to view its huge tits. Practically he touched them, his eyes, then his view down below, to the naked thighs, from my mother, his eyes wanted to pass under her skirt. Watch it, old peasant, he would fuck her, I thought, fucking him.
He would destroy her, as a child rattles, when he grabbed her. Ooh mother, you have eyes, do you notice how he looks at you. His wife, nor anything she is not registered, says the mill, does not close his mouth. Then mom stood up and moved into the house, to bring the juice and glasses. While she left, spinning the ass, I noticed Stefann view, follows her, his eyes were stuck to her round meaty ass. When the mother returned, carrying two glasses and a bottle, I saw exactly how Stefan eyes look in the mother's sise, under shirts, while she poured the water, and added the cup, leaning slightly toward him.
Although, he would fuck her, because he comes to help them, hell he carts here, and helped my dad only way. Maria and Stefan sat another hour, then rose up and went home.
Tonight come to us - said Maria on departure.
We shall see - match mom - that Marco and I finish our job, and if I do not was tired, maybe we come.
If you need anything, call me Jelena - said Stefan, to my mother.
Thanks, I know whom I can always count - replied my mother, with a smile.
Then the two went, and mom said to me, to go back to the garden, and finish our job, until the sun starts to roasting. We returned to the garden and continued to twitch grass and weeds next to the vegetables. Mom again bowed while the shock weeds, so I could once again staring at her ass and pants, which were entered between her cheeks, and in her huge tits that slaughter left right.
And then the thought passes through my head, as Stefan watched my mom and swallowed his eyes, he had to fuck her. What I'm more thinking about the idea more and more burned me, as I really like to see, as Stefan fuck, because his views were full of desire, as simple, but you can see exactly to fuck her to madness. Is the mother at all aware that, in fact, may already fuck with him, when he offered her help and she tells him, I know of you always can count. It has been somewhere around two hours, and the sun is roasting wholesalers, and then Mom said:
Let's go now to the house to rest and to eat something, and later, when the shade will continue to be, right?
It's a good idea, but I'm sweaty.
I'm naked water today is very hot.
We entered the house and closed the door to heat would not be entered. This is our cottage was not anything special, dining room and kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom. The room was a double bed, a shelf and a small TV. In addition to the dining room table in one corner armchair bed, which could have been asleep. Bathroom sink and only a small shower cabin.
What do you want to lunch, I swept some meat to roast us?
Okay lunch later, now I can not, I want to rest a little.
Well I'm going to be showering, and you sit relax.
Then Mom enter the bathroom, and began with shower, and I sit on the chair, giving the legs of a chair. After 15 minutes mom called me from the bathroom: Marco, Marcooo.
Say - I answered it.
Please, bring me, clean underwear, panties and brassiere, is located in the third drawer , I forgot to take it.
Wait, I'm going.
I got up went into the room and opened the third drawer on the shelf. In it were found mother's panties and brassiere, it was two black brassiere, a white brassiere, and a yellow, three pairs of black cotton panties and a pair of white shorts. I took her panties with my hand and smell it, smelled at, Refresher washing. Never before, did not, something like, smelled mother's panties. I took one black shorts, begins them, and knocked on the door of the bathroom. Behold.
She opened the door, giving me a hand. She was wearing the same skirt, T-shirt, which she still wore.
You want something else - I asked.
No, I will remain in this skirt and this T-shirt, they can at least sweat.
After a minute, they leave the bathrooms, and sitting on a chair across from me. "Uh, that we are before taking a shower, now I'm like new.
I said nothing to her, but I asked her, as without much thinking.

Mom, do not you embarrassed to wear a skirt so short, and the T-shirt in front of other people.
What do you mean, so we are just here.
Not now, but a little before, in front of Stefan.
Why? - Asked me astonished.
I mean, you're a little freer trained, I know, the heat, but again, hi is still a man. He saw me so many times, what has to do, after all, I do not care I'm on my yard, I can to dress the way I want, by the way you see how hot.
Everything I understand, but do not you noticed, as well as he looks, I was a little uncomfortable?
How he looks at me, I have noticed?
You kidding to me, or you not really noticed.
She fell silent for a short time, and said: Yes, I noticed, but I do not care, let him look, after all, has to see something, but can only watch, does not it? "
I laughed and added:" You know what, I did not know you were so dangerous, well these are some new moments.
She just laughed, cross her legs, on the other side.
You claim to him, mouth water, if the father noted that he staring at you?
"Mom laughed again, almost saucy, and asked me: what do you think?
I have no idea, how can I guess so, Stefan staring at you, so obvious.
So you see, your dad, it generally does not register, it tells you how he paying attention to me.
Do not kidding me, Dad had not noticed?
No, I swear, why I lied to you, you only, for now, which is noted. Stefan was a good day, because, as he knows how to staring at me.
Mother, I can not believe, and do not to say that he is not flirting with you?
Ha ha ha ha, - mother began to laugh out loud - wave their hands - not - she said - did not flirt with me, he is a real log, where he knows how to romance a woman, and it was brought Maria.
Then the laughter stopped and she said, you know, that once married, bring your girlfriend, and that's how it is, so that he flirting with me and romance, so I would like to see how it looks, he just strike and hard work . He is not guy who knows how to approach women, what is with you.
Yes, you're right, as you read, every honor you. You're incredible, I swear. I did not know, you're such a dangerous woman.
You do not know much more about me, but I'm your mother, about that, I can not talk with you?
Do not Give kidding, tell me, please, come on now when you start, do not kidding, tell me, come on, mother, tell.
She began to laugh as perky, slightly shaking her head.
Come on, mama tell me now I vividly interested, come on do not be cheeky, to say.
She continued to laugh, then said to me: Look, I'll tell you, but on this, even the word father, it is clear? Quote you understand?
No problem, remains between the two of us.
Swear it, Marco, come on, swear it!
I swear, everything you say, remain here, between these four walls.
Top of my impatience to hear what she has to say. And mom finally began to talk.
You know, that I never put on this, I like free, except for when I get here. Last year, when we did something here, came to help us, Stefan and Maria. I was dressed like this, then I noticed, Stefan looks to me. Understand?
Yes, and?
I'm cooked lunch for us all, and while I was preparing supplies, they sat at the table, I noticed, Stefan looks to me in the chest, while I set up plates, and more. Then I fell to my mind, silly ideas, rather than put the bowl with soup on the table, I began to cuttlefish separately. And when I stood, next to Stefan, I have him back in the pouring plate, I see how it scans my tits, I intentionally, bent slightly forward.
Realize, I have deliberately provoked.
And what happened?
Wait, slowly, listen, tell you more.
Later in the evening we went to them, drinking, and while we sat at the table, I accidentally push the tray on the carpet, and Stefan the same time, it is bent up. And then, I had a short skirt, like this, and as he bent down, here beside me, I am the way, as if by chance, a few more legs crossed and see how he staring at my thighs, under the skirt. Since then, I began to provoke him, whenever I had the opportunity to do, so - said through laughter.
Do not kidding, you really are crazy, why are you doing it?
I do not know, it amuses me, I feel good then. When I know that watching me, just a man wants me, it was so obvious. And to tell you this, once helped us in the garden, we dug, i all the time, deliberately dig in front of Stefan and curves, he can look me in the ass under the skirt, I think, it was crazy, huh ha ha ha, and two weeks ago, when we were here, Stefan came to help Dad around the protective fence, I sit on the grass, in this my short skirt, deliberately spread thighs, slightly - again, she began to laugh - and Stefan, when he noticed that my thighs were spread, that he could see my panties, instead, to knock nail, hit himself on finger with a hammer - when I broke the laughter - and your dad tells him, the god of Stefan where are you looking at? Then Mom began to laugh loudly.
And I laughed Mom provocation Stefan poor, which crush mama like a monkey.
So whenever you come here, you’re dressed the mini skirt, only that he would become hard up, because so?
She showed her head affirmatively through laughter - Do not you say something about this your dad, Marco!!! Watch, sworn you were.
I do not, you are amazing!!!
I am dying of laughter.
And what do you think if he tried something? how would you defend?
No matter, to try anything on, just turns red in the face and remain confused,He is shy.
What if the spins on his head?
About this I am thinking several times, parole - again said with a cynical laugh.
So he probably jerk off on you, I thought, but I dare say.
Something you wanted to say?
No, just think!
The poor Stefan, as Pallice him, and he wretch ...
I do not care. It is interesting to me is.
Mom, Mom,you raise his lust, and when he went home, hitting his head against a wall.
She fire up in laughter, and when the ram on the issue, and you saw today how gaper as catfish.
So you will see tomorrow if he comes, what will I do to him, he has go to die because of lust. Want to see? You want proof?
You serious Mom???
I will, if you want to make sure. You just watch from the side and laugh.
So let us go at them tonight, they called us.
OK, let’s go Marco, we’ll be laughing.
My mom really is not normal, making it fun, Heating a simple peasant, that it is what, really perverted.
I can hardly wait to fall evening, and somewhere around eight in the evening we went to Maria and Stefan. Their house was one mile away from us, near the forest when you go down the way, although it was not far off we have the car. Mama consulted me what to put on, to be a provocative way. I crept right into the game its totally unconscious. She chose a white shirt with buttons below it wore a black brassiere, which could be seen under the shirt. Drew is that the same texas mini skirt that still wore a shirt is encased in the skirt so that her boob came to the fore and still see the black and hone the total erotica.
She opted for the high-heeled slippers. When we appeared at the door of their house Stefan opened the door. When he saw my mother, I saw a true change in his face. We went into one room, which was probably a living room, and Mom sat on the chair in the corner of the cross legs. My mom has started her show immediately.
In this and Maria comes from the kitchen and sat at the end of my chair, and Stefan sat at the head table beside me. It is true he is the best place to look to my mom. Mariaa arose and went into the kitchen, pours the juice, and boiled coffee for all, while mom told Stefan, as we now pulls out weeds and irrigate the garden. I am looking at the tv and then remarked, as mom, back legs in a normal position, spreading them slightly, then I looked at Stefan, who was a frantic scene.
Mom's skirt was short and way, and as she gently spread her legs so they are at that moment saw the black panties, very clear. Then arose as to move the pad, that she was behind her back on the chair so that he almost could see and her ass, which is a cheeky spin left right, and as a cushion to adjust. Poor Stefan, stared as the monkey, I think his dick blown up to the ceiling, as my dick began to rise, from mom's performances. Then mom was so cheeky that it has done the following: When she improved pad on the chair, came up to Stefan, who was sitting on a chair next to me, and bowed down in front of him, he looked, what it blister on her shoulder. As she bowed, shirt slightly open so that her big tits in her black brassiere, quite clearly, were just in front of Stefan nose.
He told her not to see anything that would pinch, and mom turned and went to the chair, looking me directly in the eye. As her ass down on the chair, so highly raised right leg, cross over left, so Stefan, and I with him, clearly able to see my mother's groin, and black cotton panties that I added her today after a shower. At this point, Stefan, to catch the hands of the table, as if he wanted something, does not in fact it was a spontaneous reaction on the hard man. Then mom, crossed legs, push it deeper into the chair so that her skirt so move the back, it was discovered that almost the whole thigh to ass. In this comes Maria, carrying coffee and juices. My mom did not stop to talk, Stefan about the garden all the time, performed her erotic performance. Only when he came to Maria, she continues to talk with her. Poor Stefan, was in mighty pain, but I was not even on the smaller. My dick I was so hard that I could be lifted to a purpose.
Stefan could only think? We sat with them one hour about half ten, and my mom all the time, wiggle and spin in the chair while talking with Maria and Stefan, and targeted him burned and provoked him. She is so subtle, as not all intentional, as if by chance, so all the time, Maria did not notice anything. Simply incredible, I had no idea how my mom wiz actress for these things. When she got up from the chair, and said that I ought to go to the late Stefan and Maria and the same voice said: Stay a little longer, another half hour at least. Some, already late, and you need to rest, let Marco. I rose from the chair, and move towards the door with my mother, while they followed us. Outside it was pitch dark. We entered the car and my mother said:
Did you see, how he receives as a monkey, and I want to drop dead from laughter every time is the same.
No, you really not normal, what have you done man? Only fell from the chair, when you cross your leg's, wauu ..
See you? - she said with a giggle - as he grabbed the table, fucking, I thought, he will destroy the table.

In doing so, we came to our house and we parked and close the gate. Outside it was very dark, because the village was not bright on the road, not to say street. We have entered a mom was very proud, for her performance, which was performed this evening, it is seen by the manner in which we spoke. As it is, should someone do all this looks, and that after telling together. And that someone, quite by accident, I was now. When we entered the house, she sat on the chair in the corner, and again began to laugh, happy with herself and what she had done what Stefan. She sat with cross legs and still talked about event, she was the mighty impression.
She continued that the story: when I came to him and told him to look what is on my back, like me a little blister, you see him, as he stared at my chest, like an idiot. "Yes, and when you're as improved , the cushion on the chair, when you bowed to the way, I think, that he wanted to jump on you, probably controlled, as I was there, but the peak is high when you picked up your leg while you are a cross: you allow him to see it all. He had a clean look in your groin. And I wanted - was dying of laughter-chaos in his head! He is excited as a bull. Although, I never went this far, as tonight, this was the exception, and tonight I may exaggeration. Well, God, you are exaggeration, considering how you are dressed, to the fatal cross your legs really are a bit evil.
Whoever it went down, one to live, should be just fun and try to be nice to me, is not Marco.'re Totally right. She then rose from the chair, and walked into the room to prepare a bed for sleeping. As the door was opened, while preparing a bed, bent, pushed her ass. I am watching her ass wiggle it left to right. My cock, all the time and built tough, so now she starts to play again, but she was not aware of how to operate on me. Then Mom went to the dining room, and again sat on the chair, saying:
I prepared a bed for you there, I'll sleep here, you have a TV there, if you want to watch.
It does not matter to me, you sleep there, if you want.
No, I sleep here, in the dining room, I get up first, I do not want to wake up you early. Fine, we have fun, tonight and laughed. I have been really been great, just like him to do, I do not know why.
But as you cross your leg’s, like a real professional, an actress.
like this?
She said - again crossed her legs, lifting right leg very high, revealing her groin, and her black panties - she laughed.
Then she lifted her left leg high, and the cross on the right, again revealing her groin and her black panties.
Got something to say, just imagine that Stefan here, he would have died, eh?
The whole time she giggle, like a whore.
And who would not - I replied, while my dick became increasingly harder, in my shorts. What my mom do to me, went through my head. She enjoys her role.
She then rose and stood in front of me, and said the bending, pushing me her tits under my nose, which are clearly seen, that thrive in her black brassiere, through the neck white shirt:
Look, please, something pinch me, on my shoulder Stefan - she said to me with a giggle.
Let's see - I said my hand down over her back until her ass - there is nothing here, turn.
Mama has stood upright, then turned her back to me, and then she put her ass out, there in front of me.
And here ?
What the blister me, Stefan said to me - mama, dying of laughter, her tears went down her face.
There is Jelena, I answered her, there.
Where, where, Stefan, show me.
You really want, that I show Jelena - I imitated Stefan.
Yea, I really want something bad blister me.
Then I crept right my hand under my mother's skirt, grabbed her directly to her pussy, between the thigh and then I said to her: Behold, here, here you have a problem !!!
Mom jumped up and screamed like scalded: Are you crazy Stefan? Marcoooo, you fucking idiot .... silly, I do not know what I'm talking, what are you doing this, one fool ... you touch my pussy!
Well, we play, mom, because we play!
The room was filled with the erotic charge.
Come on Marco, but this game is not right, fun fun, ok, but your hands, your hand under my skirt ,.... you can’t touch me like this, you can’t touch my pussy, I am your mother, for God's sake.... ....- already spinning her head as she stood in front of me.
And what do you think, that I react differently than Stefan in such provocation?
Who provokes you, just having fun, what with you Marco - and in that moment my mother looked in the direction of the raised part of my trousers, which was clearly visible. Me at the time was a disgrace.
She began to giggle.
You really are not normal! You are, Craziest than me - and cover her mouth with hand, as if surprised, and ashamed, and said - your dick is raised, hi hi hih iihihiih!
So what, this is normal, and you would be raised, you're in my place!
My mom burst out laughing at my statement and my adjectives and she pardon my hair:
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Marco. I did not want, it's not been my intention, we went away with a fun, apologize. I can not believe what I see. Auuuh, her face was red.
Then I decided to go to the end, now I will be playing. I put my hand on the last part of her thighs and slowly retreated up between her thighs, as if caressing. When I reached my hand under her skirt, she said quite, calmly to me:
Marco No, do not do that, Don’t exaggerate, it’s enough!!
I am not Marco, but someone else, Stefan for example - and then handed catch for pussy through panties, and began to slowly squeezing that. I felt little hairs that point my palm.
Marco, now you too far, tend your hand from there!!! Don’t touch my pussy.
I think that I’m not too far, all this is just a game, hard up Stefan and debauched Jelena. You want to play, you have a filthy imagination, now is your opportunity…
Marco, stop it, Marcooo stop - slightly robbed me.
Game, mom, this is just game…. –
Are you sure that this is just a game - my mom was whispering - I think, she like, a touch of my hand, on her pussy.
Mom sighed deeply, untill I pat her pussy under her skirt.
Yeah, Mom, this is our game, I am sure, only ours, and so exciting.
Yes, it is, very exciting. - She whispered. But also very dangerous.

Then I have two moves her skirt lifted on her hips and grabbed my hands to her ass, I leaned her pussy on my face. I began to munch her pussy through her panties, and my mother began to groan.
You see that you are horny for this game - I said to her, as I rose from the chair and let her to sit on the chair where I sat. She sat on a chair, and I kneel in front of her, and her legs raised up on my shoulders, and my head down into her groin. I bite her pussy through panties, and then inclined to the side, and saw the mother's dark red pussy, hidden among the thick black hair. Began to lick her pussy with my tongue.
It was all slimy and wet. Her hair was entered my nose and mouth, but I did not mind, at this point because I was excited as a young bull. Even the smell of her pussy, I was not bothered that he was not very nice. I slowly lick her lips and sucks her clit. I pushed my tongue into her cunt and my mom Jelena wild with pleasure. Grumble and groaning, spinning ass in a chair, catching me by the head, and twitch my hair.
Aaoo Aoo aaaa aaaa uh uh aooo marcooo AOO .. ooo aaa no sm ... ee .. can too ... ao Mar cooo ... .. oooo - she was screaming - that was good aaaa aooo. I lick her pussy, I do not know how long, and Mom began screaming and sobbing with strong recoil. She ended, as well as unhealthy.
Then she calmed and relaxed her legs on my shoulders. I dropped her feet on the floor and stood up. I began to open the buttons on her shirt, while she watched me dazed. I removed her shirt and her big tits in a black brassiere, have flourished in advance. I dropped her bratel brassiere, over her shoulder and dropped it on her stomach.
Jelena how big your tits are - I said to her, grasping the hands of them. How are large and fleshy, wauuu big boobs, I haven’t seen in my life. I did not. Live. Will see what Stefan have here?
Marco, you better stop, who knows where this will go, I'm your mother. Marcoooo.
I am Stefan .......
I dropped sports pants, with shorts to my knees, my fool is standing upright, with my stomach.
Go to hell, man, what I was born - said my mother, uncontrolled. When she saw my hard dick.
Take it, Jelena, take it, please, do you know how, he is excited about you.
Jelena fly, with her imagination, who knows how far, in that moment and she said:
Give it to me, Stefan, let me see.
Then, my mom, one hand accept the boot hard dick, and another took me to my balls, slowly begins to jerk off to me.
Jelena, soooo, this is nice, as well, wauu as, nice uh!
Stefan, do you like, what I do to you?
Jelena is gorgeous, and put it between your boobs, please, put it, just to feel them.
Then, my mother stood on a chair, took her big boobs in hands, and put my dick between them, and began jerking off, with her tits, to me.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaao it, so, uh, fucking you.
Slowly, Stefan, slowly, this is only the beginning, slowly.
Then my mom take the top glans in her mouth, she is not ceasing, jerk off my my dick, between her huge tits, I felt she drain and top of my dick with her lips, I felt how I can explode for a few seconds.
Jelena so aoooh, aaaah so good - I have my groin pulls back and forth - until I cried tearing. Mom, then let her breasts and took my dick hand, and began to jerk off to me, taking it all the more in her mouth.
Then I felt, as she other hand squeezes my balls, and all the harder it suck her mouth. That was the end, I could not resist any more, I started to finish, I began to injection warm sperm, directly to her mouth.
I finally finished, and she stopped jerking off to me, and pulled my cock out of her mouth, letting him out of his hands.
I swallowed, swallowed - said to me laughing uncontrollably - I swallowed, I can not believe this, I had never happen now, do you hear me, I swallowed your cum! Never in my life I have not swallowed sperm!
I hear, I hear good –
I was beside himself with pleasure, I could not tell at the moment. Legs were barely totter I stood. Mama got up, went to the sink, she began to rinse her mouth, sip water. I'm sat on a chair instead of her, looked at her. Her skirt was still to raise the hips, brassiere hang around the stomach. Then mom resign.
She went to me and said: Stefan, what you have to say?
Jelena, you are unsurpassed, and I will if you break from sex.
Mama then take off panties and drop them on the table, then knelt in front of me and began slowly jerking off cock to me.
Is It was nice to you - she whispered.

Yeah, do not ask. .... I told her, looking right into the eyes.
Would you fuck me? Whispered in my ear.
If you let me to fuck you.
I permit you, and let everything go to hell .......she.... said, straddle me adjust above me.
I took my dick in hand, to adjust to ragged lips of her pussy, and she began slowly to the stuff on my dick. She held his hands behind the back seats of my head, while while her big tits, hop in front of my face. Little by little, she received, the whole my cock in her cunt, and began to rise, and descends in a rhythm, stuff on my dick. Her tits are pampers my stomach, and I catch them in the hands, and began squeeze, slightly astringent, enjoy them. Then I grabbed her two half ass, clutching them to my stuff, more to me, like I was trying to bringing her more on my dick, which was already, whole in her pussy, while her huge tits pressure on the stomach. I accidentally, crossed my fingers through her anus, from which I felt the hair.
It likes me, in addition hard me, and I began to finger, fondle her hairy anus. Mom had me continue to ride, went astray, who knows where, while the stuff on my dick. I began to pushing my finger in her ass, and then mom said to me:
Take it easy, do not push it put hard, only slowly please.
You like my finger in the ass while fuck?
Yeah, but only slowly.
Do not worry about anything, as a way to shove it in your ass?
Aha, so slowly.
I retract, deeper my finger in her ass, and she stronger and faster stuff on my dick. When the finger went up to the end, she procedure through his teeth:
Fuck me, fuck me with your finger in ass, slowly finger in the ass, in, on, only slowly.
I began to slowly to draw, pull a finger in her ass, and she began to scream . AAAAAaaaaaaaaaaajaooooo aaaaa, ah ah ah ah so, aaaaaa, so, so, so, repeat it a thousand times.
Then it shrivel, hugging me around my neck and pressing me boobs getting stronger. Twitch and sobbing, she ended.
Stop stop stop I'm ready ready, jaoo.
Mama to curl up around my neck and totally calm. My dick was still in her cunt, and my middle finger in her ass. I started slowly to pull the finger out of her ass, and she said:
Nooo stop, leave it on! After minutes of silence, I whisper:
Mom ? A? I'm not finished yet.
You will calm, stop where you are in a hurry, stay a little longer so.
Then she made a short pause and said: "Woe, Marco, I fucking with my son, cheat husband with his son, but it was good, I miss this, you have no idea! I had no idea that you fuck so good.
I did not even know that my mom is such a slut, and I never even thought that I fuck my own mother. She is up, and I pull my fingers from her ass. She looked at me a few seconds and then kissed my lips. Once, than again, the second time and third time. Then I began to kiss her, and push my tong in her mouth, and caught her tits to squeeze. My cock which was still in her pussy, began pulsating in gaining re-erection. Then began to kiss her boobs and suck her nipples.
Rise and shifted to me, I want the fucking from behind. She stood up and my cock drop out of her pussy, leaned his hands on the table and shifted to me, that I am fucking her from behind.
Now I'm going to Destroy your pussy, disperse you, Jelenaaa - I screamed in savage ecstasy while I adjust my dick on the lips of her pussy.
Let's see Stefan, to see how you will disperse me!
Adjust dick and pushed inside. Storm in, as a key in the oiled lock, until the end of the first.
I began frantically to fucking hammering in her ass.
Ah ah ah ah ah waooo….
Slowly, slowly aaaaa, you Maniak, ah ah ah.
I will not be easy, and I want to destroy your pussy. You are born to be fucked, you are born for that, born.
For, I am, because, I am?
Did, did, oh how good is oh, say me, tell?
Yes, aaaaa fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me jaoooo, Aaah.
Fuck you, fucking and fucking aaaa fucking you, you like it. To be a Fuck, Fuck that,
I want to hear?
I like, like, like, aaaaah….
What you like, tell me what you like - I've gone wild with excitement.
I love to be fucking, I like it aaaa!
Repeat, I want to hear again.
I like Oh, I like.
Tell all, to the end!
I love to be fucking aaaa - that sent me is so burned that it began to finish.
Coming, coming, coming, waoooo.
Not in, not inside, took it, took out out, out, quick!
Late, aaa, late, ah ah ah - but I managed to pull out, and my mother turned to me and accept my cock in her hand, and began to jerk off to me, while the spraying, the remaining of my sperm, spray on her stomach.
You finish like a horse, come on, shake it, shake everything, so, uh.
Then I turned her back to the table, that her hands rested on the table, and again shifted. I had an unbelievable desire and power to continue fucking her.
I want more, more fucking, I want again to receive it, Jelena you were born for fuck!
Come on, Stefan, come to see you!
I'm not Stefan, I am Marco, your son - I said it, adjust it cock on the lips of her pussy. Play! Now you are Stefan, horny Stefan
.You would want to Stefan, fuck you, dream about him? Therefore, provoke and claim him horny?
Ah ah ah - she was sobbing while I was fucking her, clutching her cheeks.
Tell me mom? You dream, as he fuck you?
I dream and what, we play this is just a game, our dirty game.
What are you slut Jelena, you'd be fucking with those peasant Stefan. Wanted to, he put his dick to you?
I wanted, so what, ooooh! But he is stupid! He does not know that I would fuck with him!
Fantasizing about another one? Tell me, who still dream about.
I do not know, aaahhhhhhh, I do not know.
Then I leaned over her back, grabbing for the tits, squeeze them. I went to the end of her pussy. My mother, began to move her ass, breaking my dick in her pussy.
Jaoooo as nice, jaooo aaaa, as well, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me ah ah ah What are your tits Jelena, like cows, I like big tits, uh, nothing more beautiful, the great tits on a woman. Then Mom began moaning, to twitch. Again had an orgasm, then she began to cry loudly, aaaaa, aaahh, aaaah uuuu ahhh. Then stopped spinning hips and ass, again, is finished. I still could not finish. I pulled out a dick from her pussy, to get a little rest. I was wet. Come into the room on a bed to rest, I said it. She turned me into the room and lay down in bed, on the back, and I lie down beside her.
We lay by a couple of minutes, and then mom took off skirt, which she had built around the waist, stood naked on the bed beside me. Her big tits, they had been poured on the side, as she lay on his back. I turned on the side, to her, and began to catch one tit, and that the grip. Mom was silent and then said:
Why did I say that I'm a whore?
At the moment I was confused, but quickly answered: So when you fantasies about other men, and how they fuck you, how are you fucking with other men. Well, maybe I am a whore, but I fucking with you, then what are you?
You're right mom, I am not any better, you kidding me?
She laughed.
Come on, you cut me. Why kidding? So, I had the impression that you're more horny, if I tell you such dirty.
Well, I became more horny, so horny. Just, still not going in my head, that I was fucking with my son ..
I knew, and I saw it.
But, tell me please, if you really have fantasies about it, you have to fuck with Stefan, that it ... Jelena was silent, looking at the ceiling and said:
Shit, Marco what we do? Do you hear what you say?
We did what we did, and you tell me, why hide anything now?
Well, I had such a fantasy when I see that he is horny to me, it's making me horny, normal.
And did you dream about, even on another man, except him?
Hey, now exaggerate Marco ,....
So tell me, why do not you tell me?
Well, yes, I had fantasies - she told me kind of shy.
Tell me just one more thing. Will you?
Let's hear.
Are you up to now, cheated dad with another man?
Thus anyway, you told me that I'm a whore, slut, why it is important that if I cheat on your dad?
This is not the answer.
Why do you care?
That's interested in me, simply I want to know.
If I tell you that I am, whether I be even bigger slut then?
Come on mom, moooom, which is a problem, just asking you sincerely.
Yes, I deceived him, Darko (my father) is totally indifferent to me, and I do not remember when we last had a fuck.
You lie?
Why would I lie to you, it is a living truth.
You know what, mom, being honest, you're a real slut, more over, the really whore, but really, it is, what real make me horny about you, here, now imagine, how would you, blows Stefan’s dick, because, my cock starts to rise again.
I guess not - he said cynically.
She looked in the direction of my dick, which was slightly increased.
And that, that you such, it is not important, just need to know that I love you, most of the world, no matter what.
She smiled and said: I know what you will, that your slut, once again, blow your cock?
Eh, just to Jelena!
Began to be shifted in position over me, and then stopped, thinking.
What now? - I said,
I'll blow you, but under one condition!
What condition?
When we have already started to play, and pretending to be, I want to help me, to come true, some of my fantasies.
What fantasy? I do not understand.
Just to let you know, now imagine, how give blowing to uncle Mario.
No shit, that you dreamed about him, and he is your brother!
Ahaa - she said, putting my dick in her mouth. Then she began sucking it to me, and gently jerking off .
You like cock of Mario?
Brother, you got the sweetest cock in the world, how I like giving blow to you, now ,that your sister will give gooood blowing to you, and after that you will give me a good fucking.
Will you?
Yes, sister, I will just blow, don’t talk, Aaah, how nice that you do!
Suck my dick for some time, and I pampers her hairy anus, retract it, gently finger inside. Then let my dick in her mouth, lifted and straddle me while I lay on my back, so it would sit on me. I set up, dick in her pussy and she slowly impale him. Entering slowly, deeper and deeper, and in one moment I felt, as the whole of it. Began to ride me to intervene and hips and ass, and I told her I gripped her big tits, that trip to the rhythm of mother's impalement on my dick.
Who now imagine - I asked.
For dare to imagine, dare to fulfill my fantasy.
Normally, fantasize freely and loudly, and I want to hear, however relax ... with whom you have a fucking tell me?
With Stefan, Aaah how I rode him the way strong and raw ... MHM
Five minute’s ago you say, you blow to your brother Mario, now what, Stefann?
It was five min ago, you was Mario, now you are Stefan, waooo MHM MHM uh uh ah .
What you, make horny, with him? What has, that Stefan?
I feel that he has a huge dick to a real buts, mhmmhm mhmmm, strong, strong, raw - my mom said in a trance, while she buckle on me, mixing, all the stronger and better - a, a, a, ah MHM mhmm, the A waoooo, - I die, AAA Stefaaaaaan, aaamhm wao, that sooooo good, oh, how good it is, ah, uf vauuu, how big your dick is, aaaaa - tamping it on my dick, eyes closed, very pampers her clitoris - screamed the finish in the flicker. Then she stopped, and lay me down over her head, near my head on the bed. I stayed in her pussy a few minutes. While she did not come down with me. Than, she turned on her back, beside me.
Nothing more we talked about. I fell asleep.

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