Blackmailing My Sexy Neighbour

Blackmailing My Sexy Neighbour

This is a story of Blackmail, Exploitation and Control. If you are not interested, do not read it.
She walked into her bedroom and set down her briefcase. She was finally able to let loose and relax; it had been a long day at the office. She untied her hair and waved through her silky brunette locks with her elegant fingers.

The show was about to begin.

She unbuttoned her grey coat and tossed it aside; revealing a white blouse that I was quite accustomed to seeing. She paused before unbuttoning the buttons of her blouse one by one.
My heart began to race.

She tossed her blouse aside. I particularly liked the bra she was wearing. Lacy black with flowers imprinted. Medium sized, encasing her big beautiful breasts and at the same time pushing them up into perfect position. This bra was no doubt one of the reasons she has such a successful business career.
Next she peeled down her long gray business skirt and hopped out of it. She went with conservative black cotton panties today, though I’ve seen her wear much more “exciting” underwear, nothing could look bad on that prize of an ass.

She bent down to pick up her skirt, I found myself drooling as her beautiful heart shaped ass stuck out.
My eyes followed her intently as she walked around her room hanging up her clothes. She then walked into the bathroom for her nightly shower before bed.
I stepped back from the telescope I had set up in my tree house. I whipped out my rock hard penis and started wanking it intensely. I quickly masturbated to the thought of fucking my smoking hot neighbor Carly Dawn.

My name is David Stone, and call me a stalker or peeping tom if you want, but the truth is that the only thing I have going for me in my life is that a sexy goddess named Carly Dawn lives next door to me and apparently hasn’t heard of curtains.

My life’s been pretty tough since my Dad moved us out here to Boston for economic reasons. Now I was by no means popular back where we lived but since I moved here I haven’t made many friends. My grade 10 year here sucked big time, I’m kind of a pale, nerdy skinny kid and I get picked on a lot. But thank goodness that school is over now, and I have the summer to just relax.

Ms. Dawn came out of the shower; I rushed back to my telescope. She was in a sexy night gown. She got on her bed and started to put lotion on her long sexy legs. After this she decided to get some work done on her laptop.

Ms. Dawn is a 24 year old successful business woman. She is a bright woman so I don’t really believe she sleazed her way to success but I do like to fantasize about her sucking dick for a promotion. I’ve never really talked to her that much other than the odd neighborly conversations. She seemed like a really nice person and always talked to me politely, if only she knew how badly I wanted her.

After staring at her for a while, I decided that she wasn’t just going to magically start stripping for me, so I climbed down from my tree house and headed inside.
I gave my Mom and Dad a smile and said good night as I retired to my room and went to sleep.
For the past few months I had been spying on Ms. Dawn, but it was that Summer that both of our lives changed.

As the summer went on I found that there wasn’t much to do. I was ridiculously bored.

As the summer heat increased so did my horniness, soon just watching Ms. Dawn undress to her bra and panties just didn’t cut it. Some lucky days she would even go for a swim in her backyard pool, but not nearly often enough. I spent endless summer nights hatching plans and theories to fix my needs. My naughty voyeurism had grown into an obsession.

I decided that I needed to see more of Ms. Dawn.
One thing that I had going for me was that I was really good with technology and computers. I went to a local shop I knew of and bought small wireless webcams. They were pretty expensive; I had to take some money out of my Dad’s wallet. The way I thought of it was that he owed me after pretty much ruining my life by moving us out here.

The next part of my plan was the hardest. I had to break into Ms. Dawn’s house. I wasn’t much of a lawbreaker, and the even the thought of what would happen to me if I got caught was enough to make me hyperventilate.

I would wait for Ms. Dawn to leave for work, I would walk up to the back door of her house, and I would chicken out.

This happened 3 or 4 days straight.

I took a week off and let my desperation build up, one night I decided I would do it the next day no matter what.

The next morning I woke up sweating. I peered out my window just in time to see Ms. Dawn’s black Porsche cruise down the road. I got my kit ready.

I waited an hour, just in case she forgot something and had to come back.
She didn’t come back.

I put a ski mask over my face and left the back door of my house. I hopped the fence separating out properties and walked briskly to her back door. I got out my crow bar; ready to break in like they do in the movies.

I twisted the door knob and almost laughed out loud when the door opened. It wasn’t even locked!
I walked in, the whole house smelt like pleasant like perfume or something. The house was very nice, it was a lot bigger than mine. It had beautiful furniture and expensive looking portraits and pieces of art everywhere. But I wasn’t interested in these, I was on a mission. I walked upstairs to her bedroom. I entered her master bathroom, it was huge!

I opened up my kit and took out some of the wireless webcams. I installed one right below her big bathroom mirror, one across from her toilet and one in her shower. The cameras were very small and completely see through except for a small black dot in the middle. I was confident that she wouldn’t see them.

I walked into her bedroom and installed two cameras that gave different views of her bed. Seeing that my work was done I excitedly walked out of her room ready to leave. I walked by her laundry room, and thought to make best of the situation. I scavenged through her hamper. I picked out a few of the smallest and smelliest bras and panties I could find and I left.

I returned home and practically ran upstairs to my room. What a rush! I checked out my computer.


I could flick through each of the different cameras, and the clarity was unbelievable, I actually felt like I was still in her room! They were definitely worth the money. I masturbated with one of Ms. Dawn’s thongs and then stashed them under my bed.

Ms. Dawn’s return seemed to take forever but her Porsche finally pulled up into the drive way. As I saw her walk inside, I quickly grabbed a bag of chips and ran up to my computer.
She took a while making her way upstairs but sure enough she entered her bedroom. Then she put on the routine I’ve seen so many times. She relaxed and slowly discarded her blouse and skirt.

Today she was wearing a conservative white bra and white cotton panties. She entered the bathroom. This was what I’ve waited so long to see!

She looked into the mirror; the way the camera was positioned made it look like she was staring right at me. She slowly reached back and unhooked her bra. She caught the bra and set it on the counter. Her breasts looked amazing; I almost fell back on my chair! They were big but at same time nicely rounded. They were positioned beautifully on her chest. Her age allowed for absolutely no sag.

She gave a quizzical look as she took each boob in each hand and seemingly weighed them out. She squeezed each one lightly and started playing with her light nipples.

Looking satisfied she looked down and stepped out of her panties. She had a clean shaven pussy. She set the panties on the counter and walked away. I watched her sexy ass cheeks sway rhythmically with each stride.

She sat down on the toilet

I switched camera views. She started peeing. Now I’m not much of a toilet porn guy but I couldn’t look away. I watched intently as urine flowed from her beautiful pussy.

She cleaned up and entered the shower. She turned on the hot water and turned on the shower, a jet of water hit her head as she started washing her face.

Next she stuck out her chest and let the hot jet wash her bare breasts. She lathered her tits up with soap and started massaging them.

My dick was rock hard; anticipating what was next.

After scrubbing her boobs clean, she washed her toned stomach. Next she started scrubbing her pussy. This sent me crazy as she made sure every crevice of her vagina had been scrubbed.
Next she turned around and let the shower hit her backside. She watched as much of her back as possible then moved on to her glorious ass. After scrubbing the surface of her cheeks she split them apart and soaped up the crease.

After a long hot shower, she turned off the water, stepped outside and dried herself off with a towel.
Next she squirted some body lotion on her chest and started lotioning up her boobs. This sent me over the top, I accidentally jizzed all over the screen!

I quickly cleaned it up so I could watch what this sexy goddess did next. She proceeded putting lotion over her entire body, she took and especially long time on her ass.

Much to my disappointment she decided to cover up and put on her small nightgown that I was so used to.
She walked out to her bed and turned on her laptop and settled into bed with it. I kept watching her. She eventually fell asleep, but still I watched her for hours. I was entranced by her beauty.

Over the next couple of weeks I scheduled my day around her showers and bathroom breaks, she would take a shower in the morning before work and a shower after work. On weekends she would shower only once but would pee and poop quite often, which I grew to enjoy watching.

However I found that instead of satisfying my needs, my obsession grew. The more I saw her the more I wanted her.

Watching her on the computer was still thrilling, but I wanted her to be mine, in real life.
I spent hours thinking of a plan to get her. Then it hit me. Blackmail!

I went on the computer late one night and put together the sexiest shower scenes, undressing and even toilet scenes all into one long and hot video.

Then I prepared an email. It read

“Take a look at this, if you don’t do everything I say this will be unleashed on the internet and you can kiss your business career goodbye.” Then I attached the video and sent it.

I flicked on the camera that was in her bedroom. She was on her laptop. At first she had a quizzical look on her face, then slowly it transformed to horror as she saw the video.

A response came back quickly

“You pervert, you have cameras in here don’t you?”

She got out of bed and started looking around feverishly

I responded

“Smart girl, from the angles in the video you are probably smart enough to know exactly where each camera is. But I advise you if you so much as touch a camera I will leak your rather embarrassing video.”

She checked her laptop and responded quickly

“Ok you win, what do you want? Money?”

I replied

“No darling, I simply want you.”

“You sick fuck, you aren’t getting a piece of this. I’ll take you to court for blackmail”

“Sweetheart, you decide, I know how busy you are. It would probably cost you months of pay to take this to court, not to mention the money to pay the lawyers. One night can make it all go away.”

She thought about it and replied

“Fine, I will give you one night.”

“Good, unlock your front door. Lie on your bed completely nude, tie your hands back with your bra, blindfold yourself and gag yourself with the thong that you wore today. I will be over in 10 minutes,

I watched the camera intently. She was fighting tears. She walked downstairs and returned. She went into the bathroom and grabbed her dirty thong. She stuffed it in her mouth, she used a piece of cloth to blindfold herself, and then she used her bra to handcuff herself.

She got onto the bed belly down and stuck her ass out in the air.

I snuck out of my house and walked up to hers. I quietly opened the door and snuck in. I walked upstairs and into her bedroom.

The sight of her in real life was a hundred times more magnificent then watching her on film. The camera didn’t do her justice.

I was ecstatic. Being a nerdy kid growing up, this was the first naked woman I’ve ever seen, and it was the girl of my dreams!

Her skin tone was delicious; she had a golden aura about her as she was slightly tan giving her a peach color.

As I approached my prize my heart started racing. My cock was already rock hard. All of my planning and scheming had led to this. This was my prize.

As she heard me approach, she squealed, she was understandably frightened. If only she knew how much I loved her, there was nothing I would do to her to hurt her.

I slowly put my fingers on her outstanding ass. This sent a shiver down her body. I massaged her luscious ass cheeks. My dick was actually hurting because it was throbbing so hard.

She was very submissive. To her understanding this would be a onetime thing.

I split apart her ass cheeks and took in a deep whiff of her ass. It was a magnificent aroma. I turned her body around.

There they were. Her perfect breasts; staring at me; begging me to have my way with them. I got on top of her. My dick was touching her pussy through my pants. This sent a jolt through my body.

I took each breast in each palm and started lightly squeezing. She was breathing heavily. I had never felt breasts before. They felt magnificent, so smooth and soft yet resilient in their own way.

I brought my face towards hers and kissed her on the right cheek. Her first reaction was to turn her head away but I was persistent and followed. Then I turned her face and kissed her left cheek.

Then I took the panties out of her mouth with my mouth and spit them aside. I kissed her on the lips. This was my first kiss on the lips. I slipped in my tongue and started exploring her mouth. I pressed her body close to mine; her breasts squeezed against my chest as I French kissed her.
I’m sure I wasn’t a good kisser but I felt electric. I took off my shirt and tossed it aside, I wanted to feel her body against my bare skin.

I withdrew my tongue from her mouth and held her closely. I slid down. I licked her right nipple; this made her shiver. I started suckling her right nipple while playing with the other one.

I put as much of her right breast in my mouth that would fit and started licking and sucking away. Her body squirmed against mine.

Her left nipple stood up, I started sucking it and played with her right breast with my hand. It was all wet from my saliva.

Her breast was so soft in my mouth, I felt like biting it but I didn’t want to cause my sweet heart any pain.
I gave her another kiss on the lips and I decided that I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to have her.
I took off my pants and boxers. I brought my pulsating dick towards her pussy and gently touched the lips. This sent another orgasmic jolt through my body.

I slowly entered her pussy. The feeling was sensational! Her pussy was so warm and wet and tight, my dick felt so at home in it.

I thrust in and out. This was obviously my first time having sex, but I watched plenty of porn so I knew what to do. I clumsily thrusted in and out. It felt so good!
She breathed heavily. I continued playing with her breasts.
About a minute in I felt my body shaking and I orgasmed. I stepped back and lied down beside her. I put my arm around her.

She was surprised; she probably expected it to be a lot longer.
I didn’t care, I felt so unexplainably happy and safe.
I untied her hands and slipped off her blindfold. She looked at me and instantly stepped out of bed.

“You’re just a kid!” she continued “In fact you’re that creepy kid from next door aren’t you?”
I replied

“Well I think I’m a man now.” I smiled
She answered

“Ok whatever, just get out of here now kid and I’ll pretend this never happened.”

“Actually, I would appreciate it if you walk your cute butt over here and give me a blowjob.”

“Fuck off kid, get out of here or I’ll call the cops and get you sent to juvie for blackmail.”

I smiled

“Go ahead, call the cops. See whose side the law takes, the adult woman who claims she’s getting blackmailed or the 15 year old kid who has video evidence of an adult willingly having sex with him.” I pointed to the camera “not only will your career be over, but you’ll be serving big time in the slammer.”
She was silent. She knew I was right.

“Ok I’ll give you a blow job if you leave me alone after.”

“Oh no sweetheart, you’re mine now, I have complete control of your life now, you’ll go as far in life as I allow you. As soon as you disobey me I can ruin you. In a sense I’m your god. Now come give your god a blow job.”

I sat on the edge of the bed, eagerly awaiting my beautiful neighbor to suck my dick.
She was in shock. She didn’t think I could be this sadistic, but she knew there was nothing she could do; I could ruin her life with a click of the mouse.

She walked over to me and got on her knees on the floor. She took my dick in her hand and put it in her mouth. It was still limp and wet from a combination of semen and pussy juices. I could tell she wanted to puke as she took it in her mouth.

She started sucking. It felt so good, different then sex but almost equally as thrilling. I lasted much longer this time as it took me a while to get hard.

Finally I exploded in her mouth.

She bobbed her head up and down, gradually getting faster and faster.

I got up.

“Thank you for that sweetheart, I trust we’ll be getting to know each other quite well this summer.” I smiled and walked out of the room.

I practically skipped my way home; I had to sneak in because it was pretty late. I snuck upstairs to my room. I felt like crying out in joy. Even when I put the plan together I didn’t expect it to go this smoothly. I thought that something would go wrong; this seemed too good to be true!

I checked my computer and looked at the video of Ms. Dawn and I fucking. It really just looked like we were doing some kinky role playing, she was very submissive. And the blowjob looked 100% consenting.

I was sure this would hold up in court, but I hoped I would never have to go that far. Hopefully Ms. Dawn would be smart and do what I told her to.

I got as much sleep as I could but I got up very early. Then an idea hit me, I grabbed some cameras and decided to pay my sex toy a visit.

I snuck into Ms. Dawn’s house through her back door and crept upstairs to her room.
She was sleeping peacefully in her night gown. I admired her beauty for a moment before I crept to her bed and lied down beside her. I untied her night gown; exposing her breasts. I lightly touched her left breast, circling the nipple lightly. I gave her a kiss on the cheek. Apparently she was a light sleeper as she woke up and screamed at the top of her lungs.
She came to her senses

“How did you get in here?”

“The backdoor was unlocked, oh yeah that reminds me I want the front door unlocked at all times, I feel like such a lowlife having to sneak in through the back.”

“Anything your highness?” she said in disgust and sarcasm

I replied

“Actually yes, there are some ground rules that I am going to apply to our little game.

Number one; you must stay completely naked at home. You have such a beautiful body it’s a shame you ever cover it up.”

Number two; Take these cameras. Install one in your car and the rest all over your work place, I want to see you at all times during the say. I will also need some money to buy more cameras to install in the rest of the rooms in your house.

Number three; Give me your phone number. You will receive texts throughout the day and nights giving you tasks to do that will please me. You must do the task instantly.

Number four; you must call me master at all times. I am tired of the disrespect you’ve been showing me.

These are 4 very simple and clear rules, they will be easy to follow, and any violation will result in punishment

Are we clear Carly?”

She was in shock



Yes Master.” She corrected herself.

She was fighting back tears, still trying to comprehend how this 15 year old boy had managed to gain complete control of her life.

I brushed back her silky brown hair and wiped a tear from her cheek. Her light blue eyes looked so beautiful filled with tears.

“You have to understand that I care about you and I won’t do anything to hurt you or ruin your life, just follow my rules, maybe you’ll have fun.”

I don’t know how much my words helped her, but it was a message I felt that I had to get across.
While she was getting dressed for work in the bathroom, I took her credit card from her purse and left to go back to the tech store; leaving her with some much needed privacy.

Since Carly knew about this now there was no need in getting the small cameras, instead I picked up some bigger high definition ones. I also bought a bigger high definition flat screen monitor for my computer. It was all quite expensive but I’m sure Carly could afford it.

When I got back to her house she was gone; leaving me time to work. I installed a camera in each bathroom, in the hall ways, the living room, on the deck and by the pool.

I returned home and installed my monitor, the clarity was incredible. Then I checked out my new views. I was looking into Carly’s parked car. Then I switched to what looked like a conference room, then into what was Carly’s private bathroom and then finally into Carly’s spacious office where my darling was busy at work doing some paperwork.

I watched her intently. Only she could make doing paperwork look so sexy.

I texted her

“Good, you’ve done well. Be a sweetheart and take off your coat, it should be a crime to cover up those magnificent breasts with that much clothing.”

She checked her phone, read the message and gave me an annoyed look. But sure enough she shed her coat and hung it up on the rack.

Her obedience excited me

She was wearing a pretty conservative white blouse but it still clung to her big breasts tightly.

I sent her another text

“Unbutton the top 2 buttons.”

She did so; exposing some sexy cleavage.

“Take off your bra.”

She gave me a quizzical look through the camera. Then she texted

“I can’t I have a meeting with my boss, he could be here any second.”

I replied

“Do it.”

She knew she had to do what I told her.

She went into her bathroom. I switched views.

She took off her blouse and unhooked her bra. Then she put her blouse back on, leaving the top 2 buttons
open. She looked so sexy.

Her breasts looked like they were begging to be released from her blouse.

“Good, you look beautiful; now put the bra on your desk so your boss knows you aren’t wearing a bra.”

She gave me another look like she didn’t want to do it. She hesitantly put the bra on the corner of her desk.

“Good, now I know you won’t want to do this but unbutton your blouse one more button.”

She shook her head. She refused to do so.

I sent her another text

“Check your email.”

She did, opening up the video of her sucking my dick. She closed it quickly.

She gulped and slowly unbuttoned her blouse one more button.

Her breasts almost popped out of her shirt entirely!

They were half way out of her blouse, her nipples were barely covered.

As she was adjusting her blouse to make it work best, the door opened and her boss walked in.
She stood up to greet him; this gave her breasts a jiggle and they almost popped out again!

“Why Good afternoon Ms. Dawn”

“Good afternoon Mr. Seymour”

They shook hands

Her boss looked like an asshole, he was old. Probably in his 50’s or early 60’s but he looked strong minded. He had the typical rich arrogant prick image.

He sat down on the opposite side of the table from Carly. This was a meeting that would decide whether Carly got a promotion or not, she had never had much luck with Mr. Seymour before.

He noticed the bra on her table, but said nothing. Instead of looking Carly eye to eye he stared exclusively at her breasts and made no attempt to hide it. This made Carly extremely uncomfortable, she was used to using her brain to get ahead, not her body.

She went through financial figures and graphs and charts. Mr. Seymour just nodded in approval, obviously distracted.

This excited me.

I sent her a text

“Hike up your skirt, then drop something that he will have to pick up.”

She quickly read her phone

She had no time to argue with me, she knew she had to do it. She hiked up her skirt way up to almost her crotch area, her panties were visible.

Then she clumsily dropped some papers on Mr. Seymour’s side of the table.

This knocked him out of his trance as he bent down to pick up the papers.

She hiked up her skirt a little more, this definitely caught his attention, his eyes climbed her long radiant peach legs all the way up to her exposed black panties.

He finally returned with her papers and put them on her desk. She thanked him and continued talking.

His hand slowly reached under the table and touched her softly on the leg. He let his hand rest on her knee before stroking the smooth thigh.

Carly kept talking, trying to ignore the wrinkled hand creeping up her thigh. Finally her boss interrupted her

“You know Carly I’ve been waiting for this for a while.” He smiled

Carly remained silent. He continued.

“You’re a smart girl, it’s about time you figured out how to take advantage of your assets.”

He smiled sadistically

“Keep dressing like this, and you get your promotion.”

“Thank you sir.” Carly replied. I could read her mind, she had such mixed feelings, on one hand she was happy that she got the promotion she so badly wanted, but on the other hand she got it for all the wrong reasons.

Mr. Seymour continued.

“Come now, to my office, let’s celebrate.” He snapped his fingers and walked out of the room, motioning her to follow him. She did.

Damn, I couldn’t see them anymore; I really wanted to see that old bastard give it to her.
I waited around, watching intently for her to come back. It was hours before she finally returned to her office. Her hair was a mess, her makeup was screwed up, obviously the boss gave it to her good.

She entered the bathroom and fixed up her hair and makeup. I texted her.

“Tell me all about what he did to you.”

She replied

“I will when I get home, I’m really tired right now, I’m coming home.”

She packed up and walked out to her car. About half way through the car ride, the car came to a stop as she pulled over. She was obviously disgruntled.

“What happened?” I texted

“Damn, cop pulled me over.”

This gave me an idea

“I want you to flirt your way out of it. If you get a ticket you will be punished when you get home.”

She looked confused

“How, I’ve never gotten out of a ticket.”

“Unbutton your blouse and act like a slut.”

The cop walked up to the car. He was probably in his 40’s, he was really tall and built and had a thick
beard, he looked experienced.

Carly unbuttoned the top few buttons of her blouse and stuck her chest out. She still wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Is there a problem officer?” she asked in a seductive voice

“Yes m’am, you were 10 miles over the speed limit.”

She replied

“Oh how clumsy of me.”

She stuck her chest out more

The officer noticed this

He smiled for a second before continuing

“The city has told us to take speeding very seriously m’am, my partner and I are going to need to search
you to make sure you are not on any illegal substances.”

He called his partner up. He was a scrawny guy, much younger; he couldn’t have been older then early

“M’am could you get out of the car?”

Carly stepped outside.

The older cop led her to the passenger side of the car.

I switched views to the camera that showed what was going on outside, I watched eagerly.

He instructed her to put her hands on the roof of the car and spread her legs. I saw him smile at his young partner who looked equally excited.

He began patting her down with his big rough hands. He skimmed past her arms and back. He put his
hand on her waist and slowly patted upwards. He stopped at her breasts and started squeezing them through her blouse.

Carly exclaimed

“What are you doing?!”

“Well M’am looks like you have some deadly weapons under your blouse.”

The other cop started laughing at the cruel joke

I didn’t know this kind of stuff happened in real life; it was wrong but very exciting!
Carly screamed

“Please stop!”

“Listen slut, you wanted to flirt your way out of a ticket. I’ve been around for a while, it’s gonna take more
than flirting, you’re going to earn it.” He smiled

He kicked her legs farther apart; causing her skirt to ride up. He took out his knife and cut her skirt all the way up to her waist, he tore off the rest and cast it aside.

“Well well, you don’t see an ass like that every day do you Tommy?” he laughed as he admired Carly’s tight and round thong clad bottom.

“Let me touch it.” The other cop whined

“Shut up rookie you’ll wait your turn!” The older cop screamed

He gave her a hard spank on her right cheek; causing Carly to let out a sharp yelp.

The officer laughed before once again sliding his hands up towards her breasts. He ripped her blouse open causing most of the buttons to break and causing her big breasts to pop out.
He started mauling her bare breasts with his brutish hands.
“Mmm, so big, so soft, so perky.”
There wasn’t much traffic on that particular road and the car was blocking the view of what was going on from any passing cars.

After manipulating Carly’s breasts in each and every way he could, he reached for his handcuffs and handcuffed her and told her to stand up straight and face him.

She looked so sexy; her torn blouse could do nothing to stop her bare breasts from pushing out as far as possible, and her luscious ass looked perfect in that small black thong.
He gave her another sharp smack on the ass.

“Suck my dick bitch” he said cruelly

He unzipped his pants, unleashing a monster dick! It was hairy and thick and it must’ve been 12 inches at least!

Carly gulped, before getting on her knees. The rough pavement hurt her knees.
She couldn’t imagine how she could fit that monster dick in her mouth, the very thought of it made her want to puke.

Her eyes began to tear. The officer ran out of patience, her grabbed her head and forced her mouth to accept his dick.

He forced it deep down her throat: forcing her to bob her head to keep from choking.

He ran his coarse fingers through her long silky brown hair as she blew him

He lasted forever, he almost seemed bored as he played with Carly’s tits and hair casually, Carly must’ve been wondering how much longer he could last.

As he mauled her tit’s Carly started bobbing her head as fast as she could; desperate to get this over.

“Mm there you go.” He said

He slowly started moaning and after what seemed like an eternity he exploded in Carly’s mouth.
Wow I had never seen that much cum come out of a cock before, Carly was overwhelmed. He picked up her torn skirt from the side of the road and laughed as he cleaned off her face with it.

“Go head kid, your turn.”

The younger cop was ecstatic, he walked up to Carly and whipped out his cock, it was pretty long; probably about 9 inches; but nowhere close to as thick as the older cop.
“Stand up.” The older cop instructed Carly.

She did

The younger cop bent her body over so her mouth could suck his dick, the older one walked up to her ass and slid her thong down her legs and cast it aside.

Carly started sucking the fresh cock, the older cop inspected the hot ass and pussy that was in front of him. He split her ass cheeks and took a big whiff of her ass.

This was enough to resurrect his big dick.

He grabbed a hold of her waist and started ruthlessly fucking her pussy from behind. Carly let out the loudest scream I’ve heard in my life.

The younger cop showed a mean streak himself as he gave her a hard slap in the face and forced his cock deep down her throat; reducing her loud screams to muffled moans.

Carly found it excruciatingly hard to suck on the cock in front of her as her pussy was getting ripped apart from behind.

A few minutes in the young cop exploded all over Carly, he then simply stepped back and enjoyed the show that his veteran partner was putting on.

And believe me it was quite a show

Carly once again started screaming at the top of her lungs, the cop however showed no signs of slowing down.

He reached around her body and once again started brutally squeezing her tits; adding to her pain.
Soon Carly, not being able to support her own weight, collapsed to the ground.

The cop however held her waist and legs up as he continued ruthlessly fucking her.
Carly’s face and chest rested on the rough pavement, her once shrill screams now reduced to quiet moans through sheer exhaustion.

Finally after what seemed like hours the cop withdrew his dick from her pussy and put his penis head on her ass hole and deposited another huge load in Carly.

He gave her a smack on the ass and let her waist fall to the floor with the rest of her body.
“Now that’s how you get out of a ticket in my town honey.” He laughed

He gave the other cop a high five and walked back to his car. The other cop took off Carly’s handcuffs and joined his partner in the car and they drove off; leaving Carly naked; collapsed on the rough pavement.
Carly lied there for a while, not having the strength to get up. Finally she managed to stagger to her feet. She picked up her thong and clumsily slid it back on. Her skirt was no longer in usable condition; she left it on the road as she got back into the car.

She adjusted her ripped blouse so it covered as much of her chest as possible and then she started to drive home.

After watching for a little while longer I told my parents that I was going to sleepover at a friend’s house and I headed over next door.

I made myself comfortable in Carly’s bed; eagerly awaiting for her to come home.
Eventually the door opened. Carly walked into her room

“Oh fuck not you again.”

I decided to let that go

“Come sit down sweetheart, I’ve been waiting a long time for you to come home.”
She walked over to the bed; she was noticeable limping from the pounding she took earlier.
She sat down on the bed beside me

I put my arms around her; I slipped off her blouse and started playing with her breasts.

I slowly put my mouth around her left nipple and started sucking.

She suddenly pushed my mouth away and stood up

“You know what I’ve had enough of this! I’ve been getting used all day like I’m some kind of slut!” she screamed angrily

“I let your first comment go but you are way out of line! Now come here so I can punish you.”

“Fuck You.” She replied coldly

“Listen bitch, you think the day you had today was tough? What do you think will happen to a hot piece of ass like you in prison? You know what; I would actually love to find out.”
I picked up the phone and dial 9-1

“NO NO NO!!!” she begged

I stopped

“Good, now walk your ass back here and sit on this bed, you’ve been a bad girl, you need to be punished.”

She submissively sat down on the bed beside me.

I took her in my arm, I bent her body over my lap.

I’ve wanted to do this for a while.

I slid her thong down.


I gave her a hard smack on her left ass cheek.
“OWWW!” she screamed

A light red color that began to take over her ass cheek
Her screams evolved into howls of pain
Tears flooded freely from her eyes
A deep color of purple in the shape of my handprint spread over her ass cheek. I compared it to the golden peach color of her untouched right ass cheek.
I didn’t want to do any permanent damage to her beautiful ass so I decided to switch cheeks
A fresh sense of pain hit her
The thrill of disciplinarily spanking a grown woman provided me with an unequaled sense of pleasure.
Her howls of pain probably could’ve been heard throughout the neighborhood, I didn’t care though.

I didn’t stop until the purple color on her right ass cheek matched the left.

“Now for the second part of your punishment, anal.”

“Please no, anything but that.”


I struck her hard on both ass cheeks

“OOOOOOOOOWWW!!!” she screamed

“What do you say when I give you an order.”

“Yes master.” She obliged

“Good slut, and next time you disobey I will use a belt.”

I split apart her heavily bruised ass cheeks and licked her ass hole. I loved the taste of it, I continued licking it.

Mm I could eat a meal out of that ass

As I explored her ass with my tongue I sent shivers down her spine.

I whipped out my dick.

I slowly entered her ass hole

She screamed. her pain was almost unbearable as my whole length was in her ass hole.
The feeling for me was unbelievable. It was so much tighter around my dick then her pussy, much drier and warmer.

Slowly I started thrusting in and out of her ass, gradually going faster; causing her to scream louder.
I had masturbated so many times that day that I lasted surprisingly long. I soaked in each second I fucked that glorious ass.

Finally I came; much to the relief of Carly.

“Now, will you ever disobey me again?” I asked

“No Master.” She responded

“Good, now go get a shower, you’re filthy, and we have a long night in front of us.”

“Yes Master.” She said as she immediately got up and limped into the bathroom.

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