Cuck and Wife

Cuck and Wife

She was rather plain looking. Or at least I thought so from afar until I saw her deep green almond shaped eyes. As she came closer I could see her slightly upturned bow shaped lips. Her hair was as black as raven's feathers.

She walked right past me into the bar. My eyes followed her incredible rump as she made her way to the bar and sat right next to a very handsome, well-dressed black man. FUCK!

I sat a few stools down from her and her companion. The bar was nearly empty but it was 3:30 in the afternoon and people weren't coming in to socialize just yet. She caught me looking at her several times. He beautiful Asian face split into a grin and she leaned over whispering into the man's ear.

I turned my head to watch the news on the TV monitor. "Excuse me. Would you care to join us?" a deep masculine voice said.

I turned towards the couple to see the man standing and beckoning to me. He was at least my height if not a little taller. His clothes shouted "Money" and hung from his medium sized frame as a testament to his tailor.

"That's awfully nice of you," I said approaching them. They introduced themselves as James and Tai. They were from Vancouver in town for business. They were interested in the area and had come down to scout out possible locations.

A group of very loud men came in and sat at the bar so we decided to move to a table. They seemed like really nice folk and I had no place to go until the following day. We discussed everything from the local businesses to industry to geographical boundaries. I was beginning to feel like the chamber of commerce when Ed said, "Geez. I think we learned more from you in the past 30 minutes then we did with our "fact finder" in the last 30 days!"

Tai smiled and said, "I was hoping you'd see that little fuck for what he is," referring to the local they hired to provide them with the info I just gave them. She had a delightful accent hinting at British schooling.

"I hope you didn't pay him too much." I said. "Just about everything I told you can be found in about 5 minutes on the web. If you know how to look."

Tai smiled and winked at me. I was feeling a warm glow all over and not just from the single malt I was drinking. She excused herself and got up from the table. Her breasts looked firm in the jacket she wore and I think I saw an erect nipple vaguely through the fabric. Asian women tended to have lovely big nipples that I loved sucking on. I watched her ass move as she stepped across the carpet and disappeared around the bar.

"She is beautiful isn't she?" James said. It was more of a statement then a question.

He saw me looking at her. Shit. Not knowing their relationship I thought I had better cover my ass. "Smart too. She practically interrogated me just now but in a nice way. A very perceptive mind." I complimented her, hoping that would satisfy him.

James was silent for a moment seeming to make up his mind about something.

"Would you like to join us for dinner?" he asked studying my face as he did.

I wasn't sure where he was going with this. Was he being grateful for the information and wanting to hear more? "Uh, sure?" I responded.

James smiled then looking over my shoulder said, "Baby, he's gonna join us for dinner. Where do you want to eat?" I looked to see Tai walking towards us.

She sighed and said to James, "I was hoping to just eat here and go to bed early." Looking at me she smiled and said, "Why don't we just go upstairs and order room service?"

"That's not a bad idea," James replied. "I could use some rest." Turning to me he said, "You up for dinner from the hotel room service?"

"Go ask the bartender if we can get anything from the restaurant menu from room service,"Tai told James. He got up and headed to the bar. Tai said, "I may ask you for a favor in a little while. Just remind me, OK?" She winked and squeezed my leg.

"Bartender says we can get whatever we want. Let's go." James took Tai's arm.

We entered their suite with Tai leading the way. It was a 2 bedroom fully furnished with a wet bar. I excused myself to pee while they got situated. Looking in the mirror while washing my hands I said to myself, "This could be weird."

Tai was behind the bar leaning towards me with her elbows on the top. I very large scotch rested beside her. She smiled and said, "Would you do me a favor before we order dinner?" I nodded.

"I could really use a good hard fuck. Would you be willing?" She smiled shifting her weight from side to side still leaning against the bar.

Would I? Are you kidding me?? Wait where's James?

As I approached the bar I could see why she was shifting her weight. Tai was naked from the waist down and James was kneeling behind her licking her pussy from behind.

"James has an amazing tongue but he can't fuck for shit. Isn't that right you goddamn worm?" she snarled grinding her pussy back onto him.

I kissed her across the bar top. Her hands went around my neck holding my head firmly to hers. My hands found the buttons of her blouse and I unbuttoned them one by one careful to avoid touching her tits. Her tongue dueled with mine and she moaned low reacting to my teasing. Soon I had her bra off and was treated to an awesome pair of tits topped with eraser size light brown nipples standing out hard and wanting attention. I cupped them in my hands pinching her nipples between my fingers and Tai moaned in my mouth then shook as James' tongue brought her off.

When she finished coming I walked around the bar. Her hands tore at my belt buckle and James stood up. He too was naked from the waist down and his erect cock was the biggest I had ever seen in my life. It had to be 9-10 inches and thick. My 7 inches was nowhere near that size.

"Don't get up Bitch!" Tai snarled at him and he quickly dropped to his knees. She went back to kissing me and soon I was a naked as she was. Her body was amazing. Nice small "C" sized tits, tiny waist and an ass that looked like it belong to a professional ice skater. She turned around and leaned back against the bar spreading her legs wide. Still not understanding I motioned to James, "After you." I said.

"That fucking worm couldn't fuck a gnat. Don't think so? Well come over here and shove that great big black cock inside me." Without hesitating James jumped up and holding that huge cock of his rubbed it against her pussy lips. That's as far as he got. He started shooting cum all over her pussy.

"Goddamn it James you couldn't hold it could you? What a waste of male flesh. See, Tom? He's fucking worthless except for his tongue. Now get down there and clean all that cum off of me!" she commanded him.

I was amazed. I was speechless. The site of this muscular black man lapping cum from the pussy of this heavenly body was the most erotic and disturbing thing I had ever seen. Tai closed her eyes enjoying James' efforts.

She looked at me with pure lust and reached out. I kissed her while James sucked her clean. He moved away to show me no traces of his cum anywhere. Just glistening wet Asian pussy......all for me.

Pushing me back against the bar Tai grabbed my rock hard cock and positioned it against her pussy. The combination of James's saliva and her pussy juice made it wet and slick. Rubbing the head over it a couple of times for good measure her pussy engulfed my cock slowly swallowing it inch by inch. When I was fully planted her nipples dug into my chest and she kissed me deeply and hard. She bucked her hips fucking onto me. I looked down at her fast moving ass to see James watching her pussy eating my cock.

"Omigod that's good." Tai sighed. She looked at James too and said, "You like watching his white cock fucking your wife's pussy don't you bitch? I'll bet you want to suck it too don't you? You know you want to suck his cock. But you can't because I'm using it right now," Tai slowed her pace. From the contractions I felt I knew she was coming. Her cunt felt like a vice with fingers pinching different parts of my cock. She gasped, her face went blank, and then a smile grew as she rode the wave of the orgasm.

I reached down grabbing Tai's firm amazing ass feeling its roundness. One cheek in each hand, I spread them apart telling James, "Shove your tongue up her ass while she rides my cock. Go on, Bitch-Boy. Like your fine wife's asshole." Tai's pussy squeezed me as I guess James' tongue began digging into her asshole. She wrapped her legs around my back riding me slowly. Her head fell back as she savored the sensation of my cock knocking against her womb and James tongue fucking her asshole.

As she pulled her pussy off of me I felt the distinct sensation of a tongue licking the underside of my cock. Soon on every out stroke I felt James' tongue. "Stop licking my dick and start sucking my balls, James!" I commended.

As if by magic James had immediately sucked one of my balls in his mouth. He gently rolled it around with his tongue then switched to the other. The feeling was incredible as Tai slowly fucked herself with my cock. I let go of her ass and held her tits together taking both of her nipples in my mouth at once. The extra stimulation had her cumming again. Her cunt drooled out juice all over my balls to be lapped up by James.

Tai climbed off of me and suggested we move to the bed. She lay down on her back with her head off the side. I climbed on her kissing my way down her body to find her erect clit with my mouth. She took the head of my cock in her mouth reaching around to hold my ass with both of her hands. I expected her to pull me deeper into her throat but instead she pried my ass cheeks apart. Before it could register what she was doing James' tongue dug into my asshole. The man was talented and he had no trouble shoving it past my sphincter into me. We all worked each other like that with me alternating between licking Tai's cunt to her asshole. Finally I couldn't hold out any longer and my leg started to tremble. Tai felt it and slid two fingers up my ass to press against my prostate. James sucked one ball in his mouth and Tai took as much of my down her throat as she could. I held her clit between my lips and tried not to thrust as I shot hot sticky sweat cum down her throat. One spurt then another and Tai pulled my cock out of her mouth sliding it between her tits. When I finally stopped shooting I felt like a gallon of cum erupted from my balls. Tai pulled her fingers from my ass and sucked on one as she sat up. She shoved the other finger in James' mouth.

Sitting there feeding her fingers so recently pulled out of my ass to her husband while cum glistened on her beautiful tits, she was an amazing site. A pearl sized drop of cum formed on her nipple and started to drop when she pulled James' head to her chest, "He has such sweet cum you must try it James. Lick all that wonderful stuff off of me." She purred.

I lay down to watch James licking my cum from his wife's tits. Tai had such awesome nipples it was really hard to resist sucking on them.

"Let's take a shower," Tai suggested. "James is really good at washing you."

The thought of having another man touching me never occurred to me but James was barely a man.

"Sound good to me," I said heading off to the shower.

It a large 4 person shower. Tai had James kneel the entire time washing us. My cum was drying on his face where Tai rubbed her tits against him. He washed me from neck to my toes paying special attention to my cock, balls and asshole while I washed and played Tai. After drying us off James spent time washing himself.

While he was showering Tai made us drinks. The joined me on the couch. We both had hotel robes on but open to where the other could get at any part we wanted. She knelt down and began licking my balls. Soon she was licking her way to the head of my cock. I was completely hard by the time she took me in her mouth. She gulped as much of me down her throat then looked up at me with those green Asian eyes. I almost shot another load in her mouth just from looking at her. James walked over to us and was immediately hard.

"Your cock gets hard watching me suck his white cock doesn't it? You want some of this don't you?" Tai said holding my cock by the base offering it to him.

A few tentative licks later James was trying to get my cock into his throat. Tai massaged my balls and fingered my asshole while James sucked. She moved up to feed me her erect nipples. She kissed me hard on the lips and whispered, "I'd like to see you tear his black ass up. Fuck him for me. Fuck him hard, "she whispered over and over. I told her that if I fucked his ass, I was going to fuck hers too. She looked at me startled. Apparently nobody ever did that to her.

"Go get the lube and get up here James." I ordered. He went to their luggage and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. "Now get down there and lick my asshole. Tai, lube his ass while he licks mine." I ordered.

Tai quickly complied and from the feeling of James' tongue once again trying to bust through my asshole Tai was reaming him out. She had long slim fingers and at a guess she was using four of them to apply the lube. She pulled her fingers out then ordered James to stand next to suck me until she got back. Returning from the bathroom she settled her tasty cunt on my face.

"Get on that dick, you Pussy! I want to see his white cock stuff your black ass. Take it like a man, you sorry excuse for a man." James straddled me taking my cock on his hand. He positioned it against his asshole and tried to sit down on it. He struggled for about 10 seconds then I felt his asshole open. It was a soft, hot vice that rippled and contracted. James started to gasp and whimper struggling to relax his panicking sphincter enough to take me.

Tai shifted on my face and nearly screamed at hi, "Take it you fag! Does that hurt your little asshole? Well let me help!" I peeked under her to see her push down on his shoulders forcing him down on my cock. He let out a wail as his rectum was suddenly full of meat. The sensation was incredible. Imagine shoving your cock into the tightest pussy you ever had and little fingers squeezed your cock from head to base. His asshole was spasming around me and I knew I was going to get off inside of this Twink. Tai let up off of my face so I could watch James' suffering too. She massaged my chest and ran her hand down to my cock under James' ass.

Suddenly his cock grew hard and pulsed out from him. Tai yelled for him to hold off! She just barely got her robe up when James, dick in hand shot jet after jet of cum into it! He never touched his cock or jacked it, just directed the shots into the robe. I was amazed that he could cum from having his ass stuffed but also how quickly his monster cock got hard then got off!

Tai was screaming at him, "Goddamn it faggot! You cum with his white cock up your ass? What the fuck is wrong with you, you Pansy! If you could ever stay hard long enough to fuck me you wouldn't be such a Bitch-Boy!"

I smacked Tai on the ass once hard. The report from the slap echoed in the room. She yelped but didn't stop berating James. I pulled her back onto my face and licked her pussy while smacking her ass. James began riding me like a good boy at Tai's direction. When Tai started cumming on my face her hands were frantically trying to protect her ass cheeks as I hadn't stopped spanking her and they were brilliant red. She screamed out her orgasm and flooded my face with pussy juice.

I guess James enjoyed seeing his wife getting off because his cock started firming up while he road me. Tai made him turn around facing away from me as he continued riding me. He soon was pulling all the way off then going back down again fast and hard. His ass was loosening up more and more and I mentioned that to Tai.

"I'll fix my Bitch-Boy for you!" and she got off me and went around in front of him. I heard James yelp in pain, his asshole clamped back down on me like I just entered it. That's what I needed. I came with a roar thrusting up while I pumped his Sissy ass full of cum. I continued to pump well after I stopped finished shooting cream in his ass because the sensation was so exquisite. I heard Tai squeal then yell at James as he let loose another giant load all over her.

When I pushed James off of me his asshole made a "pop" as I pulled my still hard cock out of it. Tai was covered from neck to crotch with cum. She was the most beautiful slut I had ever seen. Firm high standing tits with eraser sized erect nipples dripping cum! Amazing!

Tai showered off James' cum and I washed myself clean of James too. Funny how James suffers and the rest of us wind up covered with him. We ordered new robes and enough food for 5 people from room service. Our robes arrived first and Tai answering the door. She gave the kid who delivered them a $5 and a flash of her titties. Room service knocked on the door while James and Tai were on their knees taking turns sucking my cock. We ate and drank and caressed and licked whatever part of each other that happened to look good at the time. James was like a beaten puppy. He was so ready to please but looked like any moment he would cry. I later found out nobody had ever fucked him in the ass before aside from Tai with a fairly small vibrator.

Finally I had enough of the playing and was ready for Tai's ass. "James you get over here and watch a real man fuck your wife," I told him. "Tai get on the bed and start licking my balls," I told her. She shrugged off her robe treating me to the site of her gorgeous tits and ass. She licked and suckled on one ball then the other stroking my cock gently. "Lick my asshole too! You know you want to. I saw your expression when James was doing that."

She moved to comply spreading my ass cheeks with perfectly manicured fingers then delving deep with a pointed tongue. Looking over my should down at her I was rewarded with the vision of her almond shaped eyes looking at me as she crammed her tongue into my asshole.

After a few minutes of her feasting on my ass I figure it was her turn. I pulled her up and arranged her on the bed on all fours. I smacked her ass watching the firm muscle absorb the blow. Then I parted her ass to see her brown pucker and glistening wet pussy yawning open to me. I sucked her clit into my mouth listening to her gasp. I gently rolled it with my tongue then lashed at it firmly but gently. Tracing circle with my tongue I worked my way up to her brown pucker. I teased it, licked it then tongue fucked it. Tai cooed and gasped then began bucking back against me trying to catch my tongue with her asshole as it passed her sphincter. She actually did catch it twice making me think this was going to be the assfuck of a lifetime.

There was going to be no finesse to this. I was going to take her asshole. I would pump it raw then fill it with as much cum as my balls still held. Having already cum twice I knew this was going to be one long ride. I was going to enjoy every second of it I thought reaching for the lube. I slowly slid a slick, lube covered finger into Tai's ass. She gasped and her rump quivered at the rude intrusion. It was amazingly tight. I went slowly letting James see my finger slowly disappear. I pulled it all the way out and stuck it in James' mouth letting him taste his wife's asshole. Then back into the lube before going back into her ass. I wanted her ass well lubed but I didn't want her getting used to anything bigger than my finger. I wanted to feel every inch of her asshole quiver and contract when I entered her.

Satisfied that her asshole was well lubricated I ordered, "James get under her and start licking her pussy," He moved to comply putting his face right down underneath us both. I held my now throbbing cock by the base positioning it right up against Tai's wet puckered asshole. She looked over at me biting her lower lips. I pushed forward gently letting the head invade her slowly but steadily. James increased his licking as he saw the movement. Tai began babbling as the head spread her wide., "Omigod! Stop it's too big. OMIGOD you're gonna split me in two! Oh god! Oh God!"
When the head was in I stopped moving letting her get used to it. I could feel every quiver of her contracting sphincter. I still had 5 inches to go so I pressed forward. Soon I was pressed up against those wonderful firm cheeks, my balls against her dripping wet pussy. I reached forward taking her tits in my hands and she buried her face in the sheets screaming out! I could feel her orgasm as her ass began spasming all around me. The hot velvet glove of her rectum convulsed sending waves of pleasure all around my cock. I held as still as I could enjoying her orgasm almost as much as she. James lapped at her clit extending her orgasm longer than normal. By the time she finished her legs quivered so much I had to let her lay down on the bed fully. I balanced myself on my elbows and knees not lying completely on top of her.

I slowly began pulling out of her. As the head almost left her ass I slowly pushed back in. I gradually picked up the pace until I was fucking her asshole like it was a pussy. Soon I was pulling out completely and slamming back in deep. Tai was moaning and yelling as I took her ass. I relentlessly pumped enjoying the site of my cock disappearing between her beautiful ass cheeks. I loved hearing her cry out; loved the thought of her husband seeing her asshole brutally used.

I pulled out of her as and Tai yelled for me to put it back in. I turned her over on her back, hoisted her legs up and slammed back into her asshole. I pulled James' head down to lick her cunt. Every now and then I'd pull out of her ass and feed my cock to James. Tai watched as he sucked it deeply then pushed it back into her ass. I fucked her ass for about a half hour sometimes pulling out to let James suck on it while I watched her asshole shrink back to almost normal then crammed it back in. I knew I was going to cum soon and I wanted Tai to know her ass was mine.

Pulling out completely again I put Tai back on all fours. I pushed full length back inside her asshole. She cried out from the pain of the new position. I just fucked full length in and out for about ten strokes then pulled her back into my lap, the two of us kneeling. I crammed two fingers into her cunt while pinching her nipple with my other hand. I pumped deeply then just couldn't hold back any more. With a yell I thrust against her ass using the fingers in her pussy as a fulcrum and shot and shot and shot into her grasping asshole. My hips jerked then settled back into a rhythm slowly fucking her still as she squirmed in front of me shaking off the last of her own orgasm.

My cock was still rock hard so when I pulled it out her ass gaped wide open. I grabbed James by the neck and crammed his face to Tai's beautiful open asshole, "Suck my cum out of there, Sissy Boy! Keep licking until I tell you to stop." I pushed his face into her ass and his nose disappeared right into her bung.

Tai yelled, "Lick all that hot cum out of there, James. You'd better get it all too or we'll punish you!" she said menacingly. I watched him lap at her open asshole for a minute then settled back onto the bed. Tai purred as James tongues her. She eyed my semi hard cock so I knelt in front of her and pushed it between her lips before it registered that I had just pulled it from her asshole. She sucked it back and forth to the rhythm of James' tongue in her rectum. Suddenly she stopped with half of it in her mouth. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes wide with realization that she tasted her own ass. Then she just went back to sucking.

We all stopped to rest a while. Tai told me her ass was hurting but that it was a good hurt. She loved me pounding her asshole like I did but wouldn't quite say it. We shared a bottle of wine and then rinsed off. Debating with myself to go to my own room I said fuck it and stayed with them. I spent the rest of the evening trying to make Tai's pussy as sore as her ass. I did a pretty good job too. I lost count of how many times she came after 14. James spent the rest of the night providing oral service to Tai and me. He did have one talented tongue and he nearly got me off again with his mouth clamped to my asshole while I fucked Tai.

We parted company the next morning each of us sore in different ways. They came back a few months later and we've been fucking and sucking ever since. We finally figured a way to keep James from coming but that's another story.

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