Trucking with Becky Chapter 1

Trucking with Becky Chapter 1


It started of as a normal day as my alarm went off and I knew I had to get up and going if I was going to make my delivery appointment on time. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes still lying in bed trying to get woke up I grabbed my phone to check the news for the morning. As I hit the internet button the porn site I was watching the night before appeared and a video of a big titty redhead caught my eye. Why not I thought to myself as I reached down in my boxers and wrapped my hand around my morning wood. I pressed play on the video and propped my phone up with the blanket. I pulled my cock out of my boxers and slowly started to slide my hand up and down watching the redhead suck on an eight inch cock like it was her last meal. Lucky bastard I thought as I watched her slide her hand down and start rubbing her clit while sucking on him, moaning for him to cum. I seen the time up in the corner of my phone and knew I had to hurry so I started jacking faster til I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. The redhead on the screen was riding his cock now and her big tits were bouncing all over as she moaned and started talking dirty. Just as she started to orgasm she lifted up and squirted and that done it for me as I blew my load all over my belly.

I got out of bed and cleaned my cum off me before I got dressed and headed into the Flying J truck stop to grab a pack of doughnuts and a Coke. When I got back out to the truck I started it up, made a few marks in my log book and headed for the highway. It was 6:30 and I had to be over to the college campus I was delivering to by 7. Lucky me it was only 12 miles down the road and I should be unloaded and out of there by the time all the students start heading to class. I pulled into the parking lot with about 7 minutes to spare and saw I was the only one around. As it goes in trucking if your early they will be late and that was no different today. 7:33 and here they come finally as I get out to talk with them and find out exactly where we are going to unload me. I started to unstrap the light poles I was hauling and rolling up my straps as they fumbled with their rented forklift trying to get my unloaded. After 45 minutes they finally managed to get the 15 poles off and signed my paperwork. Well by now the college campus was bustling with students and cars and I cussed under my breath as I was trying to pull out of the parking lot onto the now busy road. Finally a car felt sorry for me and stopped traffic so I could pull out and I started grabbing gears trying to get out of that nightmare. Some places just aren’t meant for an 80ft truck and this was one of them. Tight turns and pedestrians just walking out in front of you to cross the road.

I was almost to the highway on ramp when I saw a woman standing on the shoulder trying to catch a ride. I pulled over as she jumped up on my passenger step and I asked her where she was trying to get to. “Anywhere but here” was her response. “I’m heading over to Buffalo if you want you are more than welcome to come along and jump out there.” She thought about it for a split second and opened the door to climb on in. As I watched her climb in I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she really was. About 5’7 maybe 120lbs with nice tan skin, brunette hair and what I’d have to guess as a nice pair of C cup tits. I might have admired her a little to long and had to divert my eyes before she caught me. As she got settled in and I started back on the road from the shoulder she was busy looking around the inside of my truck. “I’ve never seen the inside of a semi before, its roomier than I would have thought.” “Yea it isn’t to bad until you spend weeks cramped up in here by yourself then it starts to feel like a prison cell” I said. “I completely forgot to introduce myself, I’m Billy.” “My names Rebekah but everyone calls be Becky” she said with a cute little smile.

We sit in silence for awhile with her looking out the window really kinda lost in her own thoughts and me guiding the truck down the thruway. I finally asked her why she was trying so hard to get out of Albany and she started in on her story. “I was a sophomore in college, majoring in early childhood development and thought I had my life figured out. I wasn’t the best student but I studied hard and got decent grades. My parents were funding my college and my dad lost his union job on the railroad so cuts had to be made and my education was one of them. I tried to put in for grants and student loans but I couldn’t get enough to cover tuition, books and housing so I had to drop out last week. A friend of mine was letting me stay with her til I got things figured out and that came to an abrupt end when her boyfriend tried to sneak on the couch with me one night. I awoke to him feeling me up and about that time she came out of her room and saw him under the covers with me and lost it. Started calling me a whore and couldn’t believe I’d try and steal her boyfriend after she gave me a place to crash. I tried to explain to her what happened but she had it in her mind I seduced him and kicked me out on the street in the middle of the night. I walked around town with just the clothes I have here in my bag and spent the rest of the night sleeping on a park bench. I still don’t know where I’m going to go or what I’m going to do!” Her eyes were filling with tears and I felt helpless that I couldn’t help this poor girl. “Why don’t you go back to your parents and try to get back on your feet?” I asked. “I would but they live in Arizona and I don’t have the money to get there and I can’t get a hold of them, I’m not sure if their phone got shut off or whats going on.”

The more I sat there quite thinking and driving the more I knew I had to do something for Becky, she was just a couples years younger than me and I knew I wasn’t going to leave her on the streets to fend for herself. “Becky I know I told you that you could ride to Buffalo with me but I’ve been thinking and I couldn’t live with myself if I dropped you off by yourself and something happened to you. I’m not sure where I will be heading to next as my loads kind of dictate that but you are more than welcome to ride along with me for as long as you want and I’ll try to get you to Arizona to be with your parents.” She looked at me more a moment in disbelief and then looked around the truck. “There is a top bed up there that I can fold down you can sleep on” I said knowing that she thought we would have to share a bed. She smiled and said that she would take me up on my offer. She seemed to relax alittle more as the day went on. We talked about a little of everything and she was quite interested in trucking as she didn’t know much about the industry. As we pulled off the thruway at Pembroke, NY to get dinner and showers I asked her if she had everything she needed in hygiene products. She said she had her toothbrush and toothpaste and that was it. I told her I had an extra bottle of shampoo and tomorrow we would stop and get her everything she needed. I pulled into the Flying J and found a parking spot to back into and told her to grab her bag and we would go get a shower then have dinner at Denny’s. As we walked in her close by my side I walked up to he cashier to get her a co driver shower and walked her back to the showers and told her I’d be waiting inside the drivers lounge right down the hall when she was done. She smiled and thanked me as she went into her shower and I went to mine.

In the shower I had a massive hard on after seeing Becky all day in her low cut shirt that made her tits look like they would pop out if I hit another bump. I knew I couldn’t go around with a boner the rest of the night so I started stroking my cock imagining her on her knees in the shower staring up at me with those dark green eyes sucking on my cock while water was running down her smooth skin over those perky tits. Didn’t take long and I was shooting ropes of cum all over the shower floor. I finished my shower and headed towards the drivers lounge to wait. About 15 minutes later I saw her come down the hall way, wearing a summer dress that came to right above the knee with her brunette hair shinning from still being somewhat wet. I was in awe of this beauty but composed my self and stood up and walked with her over to Denny’s for dinner. She seemed like she was in a better mood now and made little jokes and talked about politics that were on the TV above the bar. She had the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen and I tried to keep her smiling all thru dinner. As we finished up dinner and I left a tip and walked up to pay I told her she better go use the restroom because its a long walk back in the middle of the night. She went to the restroom as I got us a few bottles of water and some snacks. She appeared next to me as I was paying for them and we walked back out to the truck. I could see all the other truckers looking at her as we walked by and knew the thoughts in their minds, hell I can’t say I blame them, I’ve had the same ones. As we got back in the truck and I pulled the curtain shut up front I went back into the sleeper and folded the top bunk down for her and threw one of my pillows and a blanket up there. She set in the passenger seat watching me til I had everything set up and told her I’d come up front and shut the curtain that separates the front for the back and she could get in her pajamas. She looked at me and said she didn't have any with her so she would just sleep in her dress. I grabbed one of my shirts of out the closet and handed her. “Here wear this, it will be a lot more comfortable than that dress” She smiled and thanked me as I shut the middle curtain and started doing my log book for the day.

A few minutes later she opened the middle curtain and looked over my shoulder as I was drawing lines with my ruler and trying to make sure everything looked legit. I glanced up and my jaw almost hit the floor. She was standing there in socks and my shirt and it only went down about mid thigh. She saw me looking and gave me a smile and thanked me again for letting her borrow my shirt. I finished my log book and put it away when it occurred to me I sleep in only my boxers and had nothing else to put on to sleep in. I told her my delima and she just laughed and said not to worry about it, I don’t have anything she hasn't seen before giving me a little grin. I walked back into the sleeper squeezing past her I flipped on the TV and let it do its channel search. I stripped off my shirt and undid my pants before sliding them down. Next thing I hear is wolf whistles and cat calls coming from Becky as she stared at my backside in nothing but my boxers. That got me to laughing and in turn got her to laughing as I did a little cat walk strut. I layed down on the bottom bunk and was flipping thru the few channels we got in that area. Nothing really caught my eye so I just settled on an episode of Family Guy and wadded my pillow up behind me to lift my head some. Becky came back and set on the edge of my bunk so she could see the TV too but with the small confines of the truck she blocked about half the TV from my view. I moved around a little to get a better view and told her to lay back against the wall next to me so we could both see. She thought for a moment then said ok as she scooted back. We watched a couple of episodes then Top Gun came on for the nightly movie. I could see the goosebumps on her as we watched Maverick fly by the control tower and knew she had to be getting cold as it was fall time now and the temps were falling into the 50’s at night. I sat up against the wall next to her and took my blanket that I was under and she was setting on and covered us both up with it. She kind of snuggled in next to me and we watched the movie with her falling asleep about half way thru. Her head was on my shoulders and I was kinda stuck as I didn’t want to wake her. Finally as the movie credits rolled I tried to gently lift her head off me so I could get up and turn TV off and sleep on top bunk. This caused her to stir and she woke up and I couldn’t help but say good morning beautiful. That made her smile as she kissed me on the cheek and said thank you for today. She got up and turned the tv off and started to climb up the top bunk which you have to step on the bottom bunk then on the cabinet next to it in order to get up there. As she climbed up my shirt she was wearing rose up and gave me a full view of her hairless pussy. She looked down at me about half way up knowing what was exposed and smiled at me before telling me goodnight and sweet dreams.

It was taking all the restraint I had not to pull my dick out and rub another one out after her little peak show. I knew it wasn’t intentional or was it. I layed there tossing and turning til I finally fell asleep a little while later. About 3 hours later I awoke because it was cold in the truck so I was about to get up and start the engine to get some heat going when I heard a small moan. I froze and set there listening wondering if I had actually heard it or my imagination was running wild. I could hear the faint sound of Becky breathing deep and a squishy sound with a little moan every so often. My dick was now rock hard as I pulled it out and slowly started stroking it. You could hear how wet her pussy was as her fingers worked in and out and you could smell the sweet smell of her pussy in the tuck. Her moans were getting my frequent as she was bringing herself closer to climax. I was stroking my dick faster trying to match our climax together. “Oh yes baby fuck this pussy, make it yours” she said as I could hear the top bunk start to creak as she was moving around. I was close and knew she was too, the truck smelled of pussy and was driving me wild. “I'm about to cum baby please fill my pussy up with cum, yes baby fill me up” she had to have buried her head in the pillow to quite her scream but it was still pretty loud as my cock started shooting cum all over my hand and stomach. I guess I made a little moan to because she went quite and I knew she knew what I just done. After what seemed like hours but was only a few minutes she tossed down a pair of panties I'm guessing from her bag and I heard her say “Clean yourself up with those.”

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