The demon king

The demon king

Elaina woke on her back sore and tired. She had been taken from her home for what reason she did not know. The king’s guard had thrown her in a cage and hulled her away to the woods. The forgotten wood’s where a place to never venture to. It was said demons and Great evil dwelled there. The hard wood of the wagon cage was rough against his half naked body. They had taken her clothing and left he in her underwear. Simple white garments made of cotton, her family could not afford finer wear. She pulled herself to a sitting position, and hailed the guard outside the cage. Where are you taking me, her voice was horse from crying. The guard stared straight ahead; you are to be given as a gifts to Lucien to insure that he will fight for our country come time. What do you mean? Who is Lucien? The guard stops moving, they had brought her to the edge of a cave. Dark runes spread across the entrance. No sound was heard not even a the horses moved they where terrified. A man in appeared in there midst moving like smoke across the land. He touched the cage with long pale fingers. He was beautiful, more so than any man she had ever seen. You bring me one so young, his voice made the guards flinch. My dark lord Lucien, she is able and available will she suite you. Lucien closed his hand on the cage bars, and in a single movement ripped them free of the cart and sent them flying. Elaina made a move to escape but he grabbed her by the throat pulling her to him. He kissed her deep running his finger across her stomach to her back. She melted to his arms unable to resist this demon and her first kiss. He paused on the bruise the guard had left on her back. Lucien released her and she fell unable to support herself, desire running through her causing her panties to grow wet. Who touched my bride, his voice was steel. One of the younger guards answered. She was resisting me my lord I had no choice but to force her. Lucien smiled but it did not improve his features it darkened them. He moved forward faster then the eye could see plunging his hand into the man’s chest. He dropped the dead guard. Leave me, me and my wife require alone time. He scooped up Elaina and carried her into his home. A Main room broke off in to three different areas. He took her down the south passage to an underground spring. In the water her underwear tightened around her hairless vagina, and small boobs. She had barley interred her teens and here she was with a demon in her underwear. Before she could protest she ripped of her set of undergarments pulling her against his bare body. He kissed her neck and lips with fierce passion. She moaned as new sensations flooded her body. Even if she wanted to fight she couldn’t so she let him use her as he wanted. His hand touched pussy sending shocks through her body. He ripped off his pants pushing her against the back wall. He leaned to her ear, do you know why I need you. She shook her head. You will carry and birth my child. If this does not kill you I will set you go. His penis angled up it was a full foot long at full mast. She whimpered as his dick touched her lips wich where folded in still due to her age. Only a small smooth entrance, pink as a rose and unused. The thirteen year old, bucked her hips she wanted more she needed more. He smiled a beautiful smiled and plunged the tip in. she Screamed spreading her legs as far as they would go. It did little good he forced his massive cock up another four inches. Her lips ripped apart allowing the cock another 2 inches. Her legs where forced into the splits. Shelf held on to him for support as tears came form her eyes. blood leaked down the sides of his cock. He whispered I am sorry and thrust putting 8 inches into her, it speared through her pussy breaking her hymen. She passed out in his arms, his cock still buried eight inches in her. He pulled out spilling blood and body fluids. He cleaned her off in the water and took her to his bed. The first part was done. Her pussy was gaping hole. She slept for the rest of the night. Elaine woke to see the demon on the bed watching her. Her pussy was in screaming pain. she reached down and felt herself. Her lips where spread and wet, but it was not as open as it was last night. He handed her a tray of food. Eat you will need your strength, he watched her eat but did not touch it himself. What are you? I am of the sons of God, The hero’s of old. Mentioned briefly in the Old Testament and forgotten, Half angel, half Man. He touched her hair, the red colors jumped out against his pale skin. She sat there naked being touched by and angel, is was ironic yet amazing. Are you able to continue? She looked worried but gave her approval. He kissed her sliding his hand down her stomach and to his vagina massaging her clit. She jumped as his fingers caressed it and began to moan. He dipped his finger in she screamed in pleasure. A warm waves spread from his finger into her pussy. She was soon having wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. He deemed her ready and spread himself over her. She leaned up kissing his lips. He set his tip against her wet opening. He placed his hand in the lower of her back pushing her up onto him. His cock entering three inches in to her vaginal cavity. She moaned as the hard mast massaged her, her went in and out going slowly deeper. She felt something coming and arched her back as a massive orgasm came of her. He pushed deeper, this time pain and pleasure met her. He was at eight but was continuing to enter her. Oww, it hurts to much please stop, she begged as tears streamed down her face. He ignored her thrusting more of his monster cock into her tight teen pussy. He was up against her cervix, forcing it open with his inhuman strength. Her stomach swelled, you could see the tip of his cock, a bulge in her stomach. She screamed in pain as his cock entered her womb. She looked shocked and passed out for a few seconds. He continued to pound her bald pink pussy. She felt his cock constrict and release a large glob of sperm in her womb. He pulled out her cervix shut sealing his warm sperm inside. It remained hot inside her warming her up. He laid her down, she was to tired to move. He went to the dresser and pulled out red underwear, bra and a crimson dress. You will wear these tonight. He walked out, it would be a while before she could move. She placed a hand over her bulging stomach, was she caring the child on an angel? Sperm leaked from her as she contemplated what would happen now.

That night Lucien came, he was dressed in black with a blade at his side. Elaine joined him as he lead her out of the mountain house. They walked through the trees, at night it was quite beautiful, and next to him what could hurt her. He was silent as the walked, contemplating something his face looked like stone. The couple arrived at stone circle surrounded by trees. There was a black mist near the center surrounding a cloaked figure. Lucien, about time is this winch for the impregnation. Yes my lord she was brought yesterday. His face was unreadable; she stared trying to figure out what was going on. Come forward girl, she was lifted off her feat by magic and flew toward her she screamed and it laughed high and cruel. The creature ripped at her dress leaving her in the red underwear. He swung his hand and she flew over a dark pit in the center of the ring. Prepare the fun begins, he cackled madly and Elaina screamed unable to do anything. A dark tentacle rose from the black liquid, moving toward the young girl. She screamed kicking out. Four more rose and restrained her from moving. The tentacle moved up pushing around her panties entering her body. It moved fast, it was the size of Lucien’s without any end in length. She screamed as blood and fluid from her body and the tentacle flooded to the pit. It moved deeper into her causing massive pain. would she be ripped apart. It forced its way through he vaginal canal, and crashed against her cervix. No amount of begging stopped it. It broke through entering her womb. She floated there, her legs forced into splits, and a tentacle in her womb. A lump the size of a base ball rose through the tentacle in her. It reached her pussy stretching the already stretched to tight hole. She screamed like a banshee, as it made its way through her and final in her womb. She felt in leave the tentacle. It was warm and felt like hot sperm but it never grew cold. The tentacle left her body but the four held her there. She felt bloated, and to her horror her stomach began to move. She soon looked to be six months pregnant. Within the hour she was at nine months and ready to give birth. The red braw was tight against her now large pregnant breasts. Pain wrenched her body. The thing inside was coming out. Its slide down her, she pushed and cried. Slowly coming out, and after 40 excruciating minutes it finally it came free. It fell in too the pit. Her stomach went back to normal but her pussy was bleeding a wet. The tentacles let go and she flew back to the evil wizard. Let me think you for you hard labor, he sneered. He turned her so her anus face him, he plunger his cock into her ass crack the seal and making her cry in pain. Soon the pain was gone and his cock sent pleasure through her. he pounded her tight ass, and released a load in her but. She orgasmed as the warm liquid flooded from her anus. He threw her back to Lucien. Her job is done take her home and use her for as long as she will last.

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