Mrs Lyndsey Dunn 2

Mrs Lyndsey Dunn 2

Mrs Dunn
I recently wrote down on here about what happened when I moved into a rented room and found myself taken in hand by my landlady Mrs Lindsey Dunn and how she gave me the best sex of my life, this is what happened when I moved back the following year.
The room was just how I remembered it and Mrs Dunn was as stern as ever but she was also just as sexy, with her long straight red hair, large breasts (about a 38E ) and shapely plump arse she was just gorgeous. I moved in with out anything happening and I was beginning to think that nothing would but Mrs Dunn had always been the stern self-controlled type. Then as we sat talking over dinner Mrs Dunn asked me if I had found a girlfriend, when I said I didn’t I noticed a glimmer of a smile cross her face.
Later when I was in the bathroom having a shave there was a knock at the door and Mrs Dunn called out “it’s only me” and walked straight in catching me naked except for my boxers, she was carrying a stack of towels that she started to put into the draw’s behind me and the view of her big shapely bottom in the mirror caused me to get a semi-hard cock which Mrs Dunn noticed the second she turned toward me, shaking her head with a look of amusement on her head she said, “It looks like I have to continue taking care of that if you still don’t have a girlfriend” and just came up behind me and pulled my boxers straight down causing my cock to bouncy free of their confinement. Next Mrs Dunn pressed her big boobs into my back and reached round grabbing my erection and started to jerk me of. God her hand felt good on my cock even better than when I wank myself. Then she stopped and held her hand out telling me to put some of my shaving gel in her palm, after I had sprayed a large blob of shaving gel onto her palm she once again took hold of my hard cock and gave me what I have to say was the best wank of my life. I was bent forward holding on to the tap’s and Her hand felt so good rapped around my dick and I was really enjoying myself and getting close to my climax when Mrs Dunn inserted a wet finger into my arse hole and started to massage my prostate gland causing me to ejaculate more or less instantly, shooting stream after stream of cum into the bowl in front of me, some even hitting the mirror on the wall I was shaving in. Mrs Dunn then milked my cock & ball’s till I was completely drained of cum before she washed her hands and slapped my bare bottom as she passed me telling me dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. Leaving me with a limp cock, weak knees and my boxers round my ankles.
After finishing shaving myself, cleaning my cum off the mirror and getting dressing in shorts and t-shirt I went down stairs and sat at the table were Mrs Dunn served me steak and chips with plenty of thick gravy for my dinner and chatted to me like nothing had happened, we then watched the soap operas on TV and a film about two soldiers who appeared to kill all the enemy in Vietnam by themselves, before I decided I was tired and needed to sleep, I told Mrs Dunn my intensions and said good night, Mrs Dunn told me she would be following shortly and I went off to my room. It was about fifteen minutes later there was a knock at my door and Mrs Dunn walked into my room and asked if I was comfortable, I told her I was fine and the bed was very comfy and my cock started to harden at the thought of what I was hoping would happen but to my displeasure she just said good night and closed the door.
The next morning was a Sunday and I was awoken by Mrs Dunn at around 7 o’clock in the best way possible, she had entered my room quietly and was sucking on my cock and I think she was also fingering herself. Mrs Dunn was dressed In just a black & red silk kimono and most off her large tit’s were on display, I reached out and took one of her awesome globes into my hand feeling her stiff nipple in my palm, as she continued to suck on my hard cock a started to gently twist and pinch her nipple which was the size of baby’s thumb causing Mrs Dunn to moan as she sucked me, before I could cum in her mouth Mrs Dunn stopped her oral assault and climbed on top of me, she made me put a condom on before taking my cock and inserting it into her wet hairy pussy and riding me like a pornstar, her amazing breasts bouncing all over the place was hypnotic as her big womanly arse was rising and falling time after time on my hard 8” cock, I reached for one of her tits and brought her large stiff nipple to my mouth. Her nipples were so big it was like sucking on a child’s pacifier; I kept sucking one then the other and rubbing her prominent clit until she reached her orgasm. Screaming out as she spurted her womanly juice’s all over my cock and ball’s tipping me over the edge and making me cum, shooting my sperm into her hot wet hairy pussy and filling the condom that she had insisted I wear, this was the first time we actually had sex, normally she would jerk or suck me to my orgasm but having her fuck me like she just did was unbelievable.
Mrs Dunn then extracted my cock from her amazing pussy and proceeded to remove the condom being very careful not to spill any of my cum, she then lay back and I marvelled as I watched her play with my sperm in the condom. It didn’t take long for my cock to start getting hard again and Mrs Dunn noticed giggled and said maybe I deserved a treat for giving her a good strong orgasm and that if I wanted to I could straddle her body and put my big hard willy between her boobs, how could I refuse I quickly climbed onto of her lovely plump body and slapped my cock between her massive melons only to be stopped by Mrs Dunn. She then took the used condom and emptied it over my cock between her big tits and squeezed them around my cock telling me it would be more fun with a little lubrication. Thrusting my cock between her massive tits was just incredible and I was living out my favourite wank fantasy. Mrs Dunn’s tit’s were so big I could not see any of my 8” cock as I fucked them, Mrs Dunn then told me to stop and move so I was facing the other way and to put my cock back between her boobs, I did as I was told and as I continued to fuck her big round tits she started to suck my balls and lick my ass hole, I never thought Mrs Dunn was such a dirty girl but boy was I glad she was, I continued to slam my hard cock between her sperm coated boobs and gazing at her hairy pussy still wet from the gushing orgasm she had only moment before, I could feel my imminent climax approaching and warned Mrs Dunn who just told me to cum between her tits and then took my balls back into her mouth as I erupted adding a second large load of my sperm between her massive boobs and over her chubby belly. After a few second of pumping my cum between her big firm boobs I rolled onto my back totally spent and satisfied.
Mrs Dunn asked me if I enjoy myself and I could only be honest and telling her it was the best time of my life, she then left me to clean herself up and I just lay there enjoying the blissful feeling of complete sexual relief. After about 15 minutes Mrs Dunn returned with a bowl of warm water, a sponge and a towel and she proceeded to raise my knees and spread my legs, and then wash away all our mixed juices from my cock, balls and bum hole till I was completely clean again. Mrs Dunn then told me to get dressed and breakfast would be ready ASAP, and then left me.
When I went down stairs it was like nothing had happened Mrs Dunn was fully dressed in a bright red silk blouse that made her tits look even bigger and a tight skirt that finished just above her knees, she also had what I was hoping were stockings and as she bent over I could see her suspender belt through the tight material. After being served up a good sized breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, black pudding, fried spam, beans and tomatoes Mrs Dunn told me she had to go out but would be back about tea time and after putting on her hat and coat she left me to enjoy my big English breakfast.
It was about 5 o’clock when Mrs Dunn returned and after making her a cup of tea I left her to go have a bath hoping she would come up to scrub my back and jerk me off again but she never showed up. After my bath I didn’t bother getting dressed I just put my bathrobe on and went down stairs, Mrs Dunn had been busy, and told me to sit at the table and eat the lamb chop’s, mash, peas and gravy she had made me for tea, we then once again settled in front of the TV and watched a couple of American police shows and a comedy about some guy who could travel back in time and lived two separate lives, after an hour or two, Mrs Dunn kept crossing her legs flashing the tops of her stocking which gave me a real hard cock but she appeared not to notice the bulge in my robe or do anything to make me think there was fun in store that night,
At 10 o’clock Mrs Dunn told me I had collage in the morning and it was time for bed then followed me up the stairs into my bedroom I dropped my robe to reveal my hard cock but Mrs Dunn ignored it and told me to get my PJ’s on then she tucked me in gave me a kiss on the cheek and wished me a good night, I was disappointed and thought about jerking off but decided to just go to sleep as I did have to be up by 7am.
I was startled into conciseness by my door opening and Mrs Dunn coming in to wake me, I looked at my alarm clock, it was only 6am but that didn’t bother me for long. Mrs Dunn noticed the tent in my sheets made by my morning glory and after shaking her head as if to say not again she whipped back my sheets and after pulling my PJ’ bottoms completely off she then gripped my cock and started to jerk me off telling me I had to warn her when I was close as she didn’t want to have to wash my cum out of her sheets today so when I got that feeling in my balls of building up pressure I told her I was ready to cum, Mrs Dunn then took my cock into her mouth and as I started to unload a large load down her throat, Mrs Dunn swallowed every drop sucking me dry then telling me to get a move on and get dressed she left me and went to make bacon & egg butty’s for breakfast.
My first day at collage was quit boring and we all finished sooner than expected so after strolling home to Mrs Dunn’s I let myself in only to hear what sounded like Mrs Dunn having sex with someone else, I crept to her bedroom and peeped through the half opened door to see Mrs Dunn on her hands and knees bent over the bed, dressed in just her tan stockings and white suspender belt with a small dildo in her lubed up arse and a bigger one in her big wet hairy pussy, her gigantic boobs swaying as she fucked her hairy pussy, I had caught Mrs Dunn masturbating. My cock sprang to life and I stripped myself naked before I sneaked into her room and positioned myself behind her unnoticed, Mrs Dunn was close to orgasm so I quickly pulled the small dildo from her arse hole and slipped my hard 8” cock into her bum, I have never had anal sex before but it was amazing, fuck she was tight but thanks to the lube and how hard she made my cock I slipped in right to the hilt with only 8 or 9 strokes, Mrs Dunn was shocked and as she looked over her shoulder and realised it was me I spanked her large arse leaving a red hand print on her left arse cheek and I think it caused her to climax as I felt her pussy explode and my balls getting drenched in her love juice as she squirted all over them, Mrs Dunn still had the dildo in her pussy and as I kept fucking her bum hole she was thrusting the dildo in & out as fast as I could fuck her and she was having orgasm after orgasm my ball’s and thighs were soaked in her sex juices as she gushed and spurted over them. I kept slapping her bum cheeks which I think she enjoyed more than I did as I fucked her tight ring her large round tits were swaying back and forth which I could see in the mirror on her wardrobe this is what I think took me to the point of no return and as I warned her I was close I exploded deep in her bum filling her arse with cock and cum till I was spent.
I withdrew my cock and sat down behind her, watching my cum streaming out of her arse over her pussy and around the dildo that was still embedded in her, down her wet thighs to mix with all the juices soaking into the carpet that Mrs Dunn had squirted from her pussy as we fucked, her arse was glowing red because of the spanking she had received from me and I just had to get my camera phone and take a picture of it as it still leaked my cum,
After that there was no pretence me and Mrs Dunn fucked every day till my term was finished and I had to return back to my parents but I still catch the train back every weekend to fuck my plump MILF lover, and if you want to hear how we have developed our love in to BDMS and Fem –Dom. just leave me some comments..

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