Caught With Sister's Best Friends Dirty Panties

Caught With Sister's Best Friends Dirty Panties

Caught With Sister's Best Friends Dirty Panties

I was always keen on one of sis's friends, in fact her very best friend. They did everything together. The were either shopping or gossiping about the guys they had a crush on. Sis and her friend both stood about 5'6" roughly 110 lbs each and had dark hair, beautiful skin and the nicest bodies. They were the hottest girls in the neighborhood. Anyone would expect each of them to be stuck up, self absorbed girls yet they were both really down to earth. I heard them refered to as old souls, they just had a great understanding of the world and the people in it.
Well I had the hots for sis's friend, and one weekend when she stayed over, I had the notion that I wanted to snoop around. They went shopping and I had my chance. I went in and went thru her friends bags and only found pants, shirts and clean underwear. I unfolded her bra and panties. I felt sneaky and wonderful at the same time, her clothes were soft and smelled of nice fabric softener.
I was hoping to find a vibrator or anything sexual and I found nothing. I went into the sis's bathroom and there in a pile was sleep clothes from last night and panties. I leaned over and pulled the panties out and opened them up. This was the first time I ever sniffed any girls panties. I definitly didn't want to sniff my sisters panties and I wasn't sure which ones belonged to who.
I realized before I lifted the panties all the way to smell the crotch, a very distinct scent of perfume came from the white pair, I knew for sure these were sis's friends panties. I left the other pair and snuck back to my room to jerk off and examine her panties closer. Once on my bed with my pants at my ankles, my dick was hard as steel and I thought I was gonna cum before I even touch it.
I opened her panties and was strokin my cock as I looked closely, examining the yellowish white stain where her pussy touchs the fabric. It was more than just a stain, there was something more. It appeared thick and laying on the material, not soaked in. I had know idea at that time what discharge or female cum was, I just knew I was excited, my heart was pounding, my breathing had my chest rising and falling like a jet at take off and landing and i was doing everything not to cum. The scent of her friends perfume wasn't the only smell, what ever was on the panties gave off the most wonderful smell in the world. I buried my face in her panties and the very instant my nose inhailed the smell of a girls pussy for the first time my cock exploded. It was the strongest orgasm I'd had up to the point. Cum flew all the way over my head and hit the wall.
As I was recovering there in my bed I layed there just smelling the scent of what was to be a life time of girls bodies and the glorious pleasures to come.
I heard the front door open and I jumped up pulling my pants on. I knew I was in trouble if I didn't get those panties back to my sisters bathroom. I wasn't fast enough, they were in her room before I could get there. I opened the door to my room and could hear them rustling shopping bags and paper moving around. I walked past sis's room and they were pulling stuff out and pulling tags off. As I went by, sis's friend asked, ..... hey what do ya think of this ? Holding a blouse up in front of herself. I stammered and said I like it, it's going to be beautiful on you, and then it slipped, ..... anything you wear is beautiful. I felt my face turning red. She said, ......... awh, thank you, thats soooo sweet. My sister was smiling at me seeing my expression that I wasn't sure if that was the right thing to say or not, yet sis's look assured me it was.
I'm standing there with her friends panties stuffed in my pocket frantically thinking of a way to get them back in the bathroom. They were there and the bathroom was on the other side of the room. Sis asked if I would close the door because they wanted to try on what they bought.
I went downstairs and turned on the tv, I figured they would come down and I would run up and put them back in the bathroom. I heard sis's door open and they started down the stairs. I became scared as they came into view, her friend had her bags packed and was leaving. I knew I was dead if she realized (or at least would be embarrased to no end) that her panties were gone. Sis's friend was wearing the blouse, skirt and shoes she had bought. She stopped in front of me and gave herself a playful twirl and said; .......... whadda ya think ? If I told her what I was really thinking she would have slapped me. I was thinking that I wanted to just crawl under her skirt and bury my nose inside her pussy.
Its strange how fast thoughts process and the right words come out even if not thinking about a question that was asked. I said; ............ Robin, your absolutely gorgeous, your one one of the prettiest girls ever. She said. What ? playfully asking, ....... I'm not the prettiest ? I looked over at sis and said you both are equally beautiful, and you both will have any man you wish to have.
They both smiled, and Robin said see ya the next time. I got up and headed for the stairs and Cindy was right behind me. I couldn't get to her bathroom, I had to walk past her door. I heard her door close and I just went to my room.
I was thinking of Robin, and I pulled her panties out and started sniffing the scent of sisters best friends pussy. My dick was hard and I beat my meat for a few seconds before blowing my wad, thick streams with some chuncky stuff I never saw before. I cleaned up and drifted off to sleep.
I little later I was awakened with a knock at my door. It opened as sis was saying my name. I was still half asleep and started to sit up, I was clothed yet I hadn't tidied up. Cindy spoke and says, I hope I'm not distrubing you ? I said no, not at all, what up ?
She came to the bed and sat on the edge, ....... well Robin called and ( my heart dropped, I knew I was dead meat ),............pause............. and she said she wanted me to thank you for the wonderful compliments you gave her.
I said that's it, thats all,......... I thought, ....... ah, .......... I thought she was gonna say I was silly or something. We both laughed, my laugh was out of relief, a relief that Cindy had no idea of what I was relieved from. My thoughts went directly to, okay sis is out of her room and how do I get the Robins underwear back in the bathroom.
Sis rubbed my hair and went downstairs. This was my chance, I rushed across the hall and into Cindy's bathroom. I looked down and some of the clothes were gone, I noticed that the clothes Robin was wearing from the day before was gone, and the other pair of panties was gone. I thought ot myself, I guess Robin had taken Cindy's panties by mistake. What the heck I placed the panties back on the floor and went to my room.
Later that night sis asked if I had anything to wash, ......... as long as I can remember Cindy has never asked me that question. I could see she was holding some clothes in her arms and I could see the panties.
She returned from the laundry room and asked if I would help her with her computer. I said sure, be there in a second. When I entered her room and sat at her computer, she was leaning over my shoulder as I sat there. I'm certain I felt the soft flesh of her chest brush my shoulder. .......... It must have been and accident. ............ Then again I felt her body press into my shoulder. This time she moved around as she rubbed her soft tits into me. I was having trouble concentrating.
She asked if I can ask you something, I said what is it. ............ Well I was wondering if you really think Robin and I are the prettiest girls, and are we beautiful ? I said you and Robin are the most beautiful girls I know.
Then Cindy asked, ............ well between her and I which one is more beautiful ? I said Cindy I don't know how to answer that. I think I like Robin, so I'm a little biased, yet your my best friend, your my sister, and I love you, your very special to me, so its hard to answer. Your beautiful and she is beautiful. ............... Does it make a difference Cindy ?....... No I guess not.
Then Cindy says I want to show you something, and I don't want you to get mad because I'm not.
Okay what is it sis ?
She clicked on her cam files and there I was not an hour ago walking in her room with Robins panties in my hand, going into the bathroom and coming out and leaving her room.
I immedialty said, look Cindy please don't tell Robin, I am so sorry Its just that I have this crush on her and when you both left this morning I couldn't help myself, I am so ashamed.
Cindy spoke, ..... well when Robin packed her things and left I retruned to my room. I went into my bathroom to use the toilet. I noticed my panties were gone, and Robin must have mistakingly taken them home. Yet after I thought about it she wouldn't have made that mistake. I was wondering if you had been in my room when we were shopping. I decided to turn on my webcam and then I went to your room to talk about Robin's call, ....... she really did call and say that though. I went downstairs and was looking up the stair case and saw a shadow in the hall and top of your head turning into my room.
When I got back to my room I played the cam back and there you are. I went into my bathroom and there were my panties back on the floor, thats when I decided to go to your room and had my panties hanging where you could see them and to see the look on your face. I saw your eyes look right at them.
Cindy then says, I really am not too upset, yet thats my room, how would you like it if I was digging in your stuff, not to mention friends stuff ?
Sis, I'm so sorry, I thought they were Robins, I had no idea they were yours, like that would make a real difference. I'm such a pervert, I am so sorry, I really thought they were Robins, they had the smell of her perfume when I picked them up.
Bro, well all I can say is, you picked mine, Robin and I decided to swap pefumes the last night before we went walk the neighborhood.
I sat there with a deer in the head lights stare, ........... I, ah,............I ah, don't know what else to say Cindy, I really am ashamed and this will never happen again, I promise.
She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and look me in the eyes and said it better not, then ( in a loving playful voice) now get out of my room.
The next few days sis smiled at me more and touched me when ever we were close to each other, we were in the kitchen and she stood right next to me, leaning on me. I was watching tv and she sat on the couch right next to me. I tried not to think about the fact that I had smelled her panties, I mean I knew what she smelled like down there. I was having a time not letting her see my erection thru my pants. Cindy really " is " very pretty, yet I was was having thoughts about her that were supposed to be about her friend.
The next week end Robin came and spent the weekend, I made certain not to go in sis's room. As much as I wanted to, I didn't.
When Robin left on Sunday, sis came to my room and asked if she could come in. She entered and sat on my bed and I was on my computer. Sis said I'm proud of you ! ........... I said what ?? She said, I had my cam on all weekend and you didn't go in my room once, and I'm proud of you. ........ I turned to her and said, ...... there was no way in hell that I was going in there after last week, lol. We both smiled and she had the funny grin on her face. ....... I said, What ? She just smiled, then says, well I've got a present for your good behavior. She pulled her hand from behind her back and was holding a pair of black underwear. .......... There was a silence as she smiled,.............. these are Robin's from yesturday when we went to the skate rink. I just want them back so I can return them, if she miss's them I'll just say she left them in my room.
I didn't know what to say, I was just sitting there and she extended her arm towards me and reached around and said I'll just leave them here and she got up and walked out. I was thinking I have the coolest sister in the world. I quickly pressed them to my face, there was that smell, that wonderful scent. My heart was pounding, my dick was ripping my pants at the zipper wanting out. I sat there at in my computer chair and smelled Robins pussy and masturbated for only a ninute or two and shot jets of cum straight up into the air. I jerked off with those panties till the next weekend. Sis said she was going to Robins for the weekend and she needed Robins panties back. I gave them to her, yet didn't want to, she smiled and said I hope you enjoyed them. I smirked back and said, .......... yes, ........ I did,............ alot ! Cindy just laughed and smiled, I'm glad you enjoyed them.
Before Cindy left she came to my room and said, ......... I'll see if I can maybe get another pair for you, I can't promise, yet I'll try.
Gosh Cindy, why are you doing this ? ............ Well lets just say that I am enjoying providing you with something that gives you a little happiness. I mean its not a secret as to what your doing with them, well I guess you could be doing any number of different things, lol, yet Its easy to guess.
Cindy, I don't know how to thank you.
She said, you don't have to, I want to do this for you.
Bro, don't you think girls fantasize and,.......... you know, ............. do it to ? We all need a little stimulation sometimes.
She was lightly laughing as she walked out. Sure enough when she got home Sunday night, she came straight to my room with her night bag, opened it up and pulled out two pair of panties, tossed them on the bed and said enjoy and left.
The next week was brutal, I could wait to get home everyday. I ran straight upstairs to my room and used Robins panties to get off.
On thursday evening sis knocked on my door and came in. I said whats up sis ? She looked at me and said, whats up with you bro ? Enjoying the gifts ? I said yes, I've been in my room everyday enjoying them, smileing at her as I spoke.
She sthen said, well I've thought of a way you can repay me if you want to. I said what can I do? Well remeber when I said we all need some stimulation ? ......... I said yeah. ...... Well what would you think bro, if I asked you to use your cam and let me watch you doing it with her panties ??? ........... I looked at he and asked are you serious ? Thoughts were flying a zillion miles per hour in my head as I waited for her answer.
Yeah, I think I would like to watch ! .......... I said well you can watch me right now sis.
Cindy then says she would feel more comfortable in her room from our computers.
I thought for a second and said yes, I can do that for you, just don't expect me to last very long, the thought of smelling Robins panties and you watching from your computer will make me cum pretty fast, matter of fact I am so excited right now I could cum in my pants. I am feeling all kinds of emotions right now, I'm not certain what they are.
Well bro, I'm feeling kinda funny that I asked you, yet we can't get what we need if we don't ask, right ? Okay, well how about 10 pm I'll knock and tell you I'm loggin on to my IM and I'll be across the hall waiting. ........... Look if you want to back out bro its okay, I know it might be more than you can do, even if you think you want to. Who knows I might even turn off the screen after I start watching, so I'll see you later tonight.
The knock came and we connected on IM, she didn't activate her cam though. She typed in, are you gonna go thru with it ?
I pushed my computer chair away from the desk and I was undressed from the waist down, my erection was standing straight up as I removed my top. The IM said OMG, its huge ! I quickly IM'd her, look I can't type and do this at the same time, cab we go to speaker ? The next thing I hear Cindy's voice, ............. Oh my god bro you have a really big dick, touch it for me.
I did and I picked up Robins panties and rubbed my dick with them, ....... Cindy spoke, ...... I want to know if you ever smell them ? ............. Yeah, I smell them, thats the best part. I tilted the cam a little upward. Can you see my face and me touching myself at the same time ?
Yes I can, are you goning to smell them ?
I said, Cindy, soon as I smell them I gonna cum, so watch close. ..... She said okay. I raised them to my face as I beat off, and the smell sent me into my orgasm, spurting strings of cum flying all over my chest and chin. I was panting like a dog,............... and then I heard her, Cindy's voice was quivering and I heard oh god, oh god, oh god, then I heard her purring, cooing, and the sounds of her in deep pleasure, she just kept saying shit, shit, shit, that was fucking awsome, shhhhhhiiiiiiiit. She exhailed very deeply a few times.
She then asked, I want you to look at the screen. She wrote I love you ! I love You ! Ilove You ! Then she wrote this is for you. .............. her cam came on briefly, and it was facing her very wet crotch, I was seeing my sisters pussy for the first time, she was slowly carressing herself thru her pubic hair, then the screen wnet blank.
Then she wrote, good night bro, see you in the morning. We went down the next moring and she was smiling at me, and I at her.
Friday came and she was agian going to stay at Robins, she asked for the panties back, and said I'm sorry I have to bring them back.
Sunday night came and she wnet to her room and didn't come out. I knocked at her door and she just said to go to instant messenger. I did. She was on her cam and said she, I need to tell you something.
I said okay what is it, did Robin figure it out, or did you tell her ? ....... No I did tell her, she doesn't know anything.............. I said, well what is it ? ............ Cindy then held up both pair of Robins panties. I asked, her why didn't you put them back ? Robin will figure this out sis !
I was dumbfounded waiting for her to say something, ................. sis ???
Cindy spoke, ................ they're not Robins panties..................... silence. Their mine.
I was trying to wrapp my mind around what she just said. What do you mean their yours ? Cindy, why would you do that ?
Bro, I don't know, I guess I was just, I was, ........ well I was turned on that you used mine bt accident the first time. After I found out you used mine that weekend, I couldn't get the thought out of my head, everyday I masturbated in the mornings when I woke up and at night thinking of you doingf that across the hall. I figured it would be easier and safer to just lets you use my panties instead of Robins.
Are you mad at me ? .......... pause .......... No, Im just confused, I mean I was fantasizing about Robins pussy and the smell of her body and you even watched me getting off sniffing your panties, I'm just confused.
I saw her get up on the cam and walk to her door, the next thing she's opening mine. .... Can I come in ? I said yeah, come in.
I turned in my chair as she sat on the egde of my bed, she looke up thru her bangs and she said, .......... if you still want me to give you them, I will.
I looked at her closely and said, yeah I guess it couldn't hurt could it ? She smiled and said I was hoping you would say that. She stood up and slid her cotton pajamas down to her ankles and kicked them to the side, there she was in her long t-shirt, her legs extending from underneath. My blood was rushing thru my body, heart beating rapidly. She was less than two feet from me then lifts her shirt just above her panties and starts to pull them down. I briefly saw the top of her pubic hair as her shirt dropped following her hands down her legs as she slid her panties off and handed them towards me.
I could see Cindy was breathing very hard also, her chest was rising and falling, her breasts were very large and the tips of her nipples were protruding thru her shirt. She was smiling and said aren't you going to take them ?
She said, I want to see you smell them, I want you to smell my pussy.
I pressed them to my face and Cindy lifted her shirt and place her hand on her pussy, I could see her fingers run thru her hair and into the folds of her body. I cam at that very second in my pants, I hadn't even touched my self, I was breathing, and saying oh god just as she has nights before. She stood there and continued rubbing herself faster and came seconds after me. We were both panting and trying to enjoy what just happened. She laid back on my bed and I stood up to get my wet drawers and pants off. She lay there with her eyes closed and I mine were wide open staring straight at her pussy, ..... the pussy I had been smelling for the last weeks thinking it was Robins scent, such a wonderful scent, yet it was my own sister.
As my pants came off and I was walking to my dresser for some clean underwear my cock was hard as steel bouncing up and down as I walked. I was putting one leg in the underwear and Cindy, says in a soft voice, ......... don't, ........ don't do that. I looked at her and she at me with the same lustful eyes.
Cindy then shifts upwards on my bed and opens here legs wide, ......... come on the bed with me. As I'm walking to her, she pulls her shirt off and extends her arms as I climbed up. I instinctivly placed my hand between her legs and touched her pussy for the first time. The first time I touched any pussy. It was so warm, the texture was slippery and my fingers easily parted her outer lips. She pulled me down and she pressed her lips to mine. We kissed for the first time, the untimate taboo, I realized I was in love with my sister, we kissed and I fingered her for quite sometime, she was stroking my hard cock and pre cum was slick all over the shaft. We were both devouring each other, each in sexual bliss. We both were at a point of orgasm and we each came, me with my fingers inside her pussy and her beating me off. My cum was all over both of us as out bodies wreathed in the heat of the moment. She pulled away and layed on her back as well as myself. We laid there, both in extreme pleasure that neither us had ever actually felt before.
She then did something, .......... Cindy passed her hand thru my cum and brought it to her nose, .......... she hesitated, ......... then she smelled it. She took deep breaths humming as she did, then she opened her mouth and tasted it, sucking her fingers. She passed her other hand thru the cum and sucked those fingers right in front of me.
I looke at her and she just smiled and said, ............ what, ........... you smelled mine ! I said well I hadn't tasted hers though!
She scoots closer to me and whispers in my ear, .......... I wouldn't mind if you wanted to. I said softly, ...... if you really would mind I think I would like too ? She says I won't.
I got on my knees and shift around to where her pussy was, I looked at her and said, ..... are you sure ? ........... Yes, I'm sure, I want you to do it. I got close and could smell her pussy. It was far stronger than her panties. It was musky, yet very, very pleasant. Her hand reached around the back of my head and gently pulled my face into her pussy. She was warm and very wet. I back away and said, Cindy I don't know what to do, she said just lick me, I don't know what your supposed to do either, jsut lick me, put your tongue in me. With that she buried my face in her pussy and started to hump my face. I licked and slurped her wet juices as much as I could. She tasted great, salty, yet sweet, soft, silky wetness. It seems like she had a faucet inside her, because she was drowning me with her juices. She was tugging on my dick the entire time and I started moaning as I licked her hairy pussy. She started to rock really fast and I felt my cum rushing upwards from my balls, she put my dick in her mouth as I errupted partially on her kneck and face before she got it totally in her mouth. She was coming also as my tongue slid feverishly thu her hair and inside her cunt.
We each recovered and sat up, she kissed me, and I her, we each were holding and carressing each others face as we kissed. I looked at her and told her, ..... Ilove you too, she smile and we fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up around 5 am and realized she better get back to her room. I woke her up and she kissed me on the cheek and left the room.
Needless to say this was a turning point in our relationship as brother and sisters.

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