The beginning of a love story

The beginning of a love story

Its my first story, all feedback very much appreciated

Context: This takes place at a private school, about a 14 year old boy that's gay but hasn't told anyone about it. Until now

It was a morning like any other, birds chirping, sun peeking over the trees shining into my room. I quickly got up after my alarm screeched, quickly undressing to dress up into my uniform. A midnight blue dress-shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, it isn't really needed to wear a tie but I decide to tie it on because why not. I change boxers and put on black dress pants which are a bit tight but Im glad it is, to show off my plump butt. It didn't really matter because no one at my private school is homo so. I ran to the bathroom, quickly brushing my teeth and fixing my hair before running downstairs, passed the living room and out to my mom's car getting in.

Mom: Good Morning honey, sleep well?

Me: Yeah

I turned up the radio on the car, she pulled out the driveway and drove off. I looked out the window, seeing the trees pass by. About 7 minutes later we get to my school's parking lot, I thanked my mom and got out closing the door. I walked into the school with everyone else, then I saw this new face in the crowd. I got curious and started making my way to him, he went into the restrooms. Do I go in? Do I dare follow him? Yep, I take the kill and casually walk in. He was looking in the mirror while leaning onto the sink in front of him. I stood at the next sink, looking at him. Wow he was cute, muscelur, tanned skin. I decide to make my first "move"

Me: Hey, you new here?

Him: W-Wha..?

He looked at me, I swear I saw a faint blush but I really focused on his beautiful brown eyes

Him: Y-Yeah, I am... Just a bit.. you know... Nervous... New school

Me: Yeah, I don't know actually because I've been here all my life

Wow, Im stupid, did I really just say that? First impressions...

Him: S-Sorry

Me: No no! Im sorry, but uhm... what grade are you in?

Him: 8th

Me: Ah, me too. What homeroom per say?

Him: Mr. Kurk

Me: Same, but could we get breakfast? I feel a bit weird talking to you in the restrooms...

Him: Y-Yeah sorry

I nodded, before turning around and headed out walking down the hallway of lockers. He ran up to me and walked beside me, I blushed a bit but looked the other direction until it went away. We made it to the cafeteria and got our trays, finding a empty table and sat together (next to each other) we've gotten breakfast pizza and orange juice. I took a bite out of mine, looking over to him to see him already halfway eaten his pizza, I giggled as I swallowed what I chewed up and laid my pizza down

Me: Hah, hungry?

Him: Heh yeah, sorry.

Me: Don't be sorry, its good food

We both laughed. The day was over, just basically another day of school but I showed him around a bit, explaining stuff and people, giving him tips as well. I asked if he wanted to come over, he said he would ask his mom. He ringed her up, she said sure (THANKFULLY) and she didn't come to pick him up because he went home with me in my mum's car. We got home, ran up to my room and settled down. I sat on my chair and turned on my Xbox, I threw a controller onto my bed as I grabbed another one. He sat on my bed and turned on the controller, I turned on mine. I put it on BOII, he let out a small gasp

Him: I haven't played this in a long time, its compatable with Xbox One?

Me: Yeah man... By the way... I never did catch your name

Him: Bailey

Me: Ah, cu-NEAT

Bailey: Thanks, you?

Me: Tacai, it's Tacai

Bailey: Sweet

We played a couple rounds of GunGame, one CTF(CaptureTheFlag) and TDM(TeamDeathMatch). I looked over at him, wow he was so fucking cute

Me: Hey uh.. do you wrestle?

Bailey: No, no not really why?

Me: Maybe we could? Like I don't really know why I want to (Lies, I wanted to get closer) but I just want to

Bailey: Uhh alright sure, first to pin down?

Me: Yeah

Bailey: Where?

Me: The floor? My bed?

Bailey: Bed, it's softer

Me: You're on

Welp, this went on for the entire school year. Wrestling, laughing, talking, what friends do. One day when he came over and we got done fighting I was on my back, him on top as we laughed a little, all the while I looked into his eyes. There was a moment of silence, our eyes noticing each other but no reaction other then small faints of blushes. He leaned down and kissed me, the softest kiss I ever felt. Actually, the only kiss I ever had but it was soft. A few seconds went by and he pulled away just a bit

Bailey: I-Im so sorry I-

He paused, noticing my blushy red face just staring up into his eyes. I took the shot and quickly leaned up to peck his lips. We both blushed harder, I rolled us around and now I was ontop. I was over his crotch area, feeling something hard poke my bum.

Me: I-I win..

Bailey: You... Whatever

Me: Im not the one who started

Bailey: Mmph.. so you're gay too..?

Me: Well... Bisexual is what I'd use..

Our blushed had faded at that point, only to come again when he leaned up and pecked my lips. I was flustered, I quickly got off not just him but the bed aswell. I stood there, a few feet away from the bed faced away.

Bailey: I-I'm sorry I didn-

Me: It's fine, I liked it.. We can.. continue..?

Bailey: I'd like that

I turned around to push him onto his back, crawling back on top with my legs around his waist as I pinned his hands by holding them above his head. Interwining our fingers as our cheeks glowed. I leaned down, kissing him softly with lewd wet sounds being created. He's kissing back, butterflies appear in my stomach as I gently grinded against his already grown bulge

~To be continued~

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