Fucking Mia Matsumiya

Fucking Mia Matsumiya

Mia is a beautiful Japanese girl with large, expressive eyes, pert little baby-breasts, smooth sleek legs to die for, and long, jet-black hair she usually ties into a sexy ponytail. She plays violin for several avant-garde bands, and at only 24 years old, she's highly talented for one so young, and usually receives standing ovations at the end of her solos. People often compare her to the older Yo-Yo Ma, in relation to her sheer talent, and most guys who come to her performances harbor tons of fantasies about being the one to take her home and fuck her blue for an encore.

One such guy, Stan, sits toward the back of the crowd tonight at the dingy little dive bar where Mia and her band are performing. He's never been an avant-garde fan, can't stand her band's music...but the first time he ever laid eyes on Mia was at another performance months ago when he was at another bar and her band came onstage. He hated the music almost from the second the band started playing...but seeing this tiny little 4'9" beauty in her little grey top, grey skirt and shapely legs wrapped up in thigh-high come-fuck-me boots, gave him the most instant erection he ever experienced in his life. As she played her music, Stan pictured her standing in front of him at his home, absolutely nude while playing her violin just for him as he lay in bed stroking his cock, readying it for her tiny, tight pussy. In his fantasies, Mia would finish playing, take a bow to his applause, then climb into bed and wrap her lips lovingly around his cock for some hot sucky-sucky. She'd then climb atop him and squeeze her tight pussy around his cock, the mixture of pain and pleasure on her face making him even harder inside her. Stan would wrap his arms around Mia's waist and lift her up and down on his cock for a long, hard pony ride, before blowing his load deep inside her, as she'd toss her head back and yell out "TOUSAN!"(Daddy in Japanese).

That first time in that bar, when the fantasy first hit him, Stan had to rush to the bathroom, hiding his jean-contained erection with his jacket. Fortunately there was no one else in the bathroom, as everyone was so enthralled with the music. In the lonely sanctuary of an end stall, Stan pulled out his cock and jerked off furiously, splashing into the bowl and staining the seat itself. He was man enough to clean up the seat after himself, but although his dick went flaccid when he was done, seeing Mia still on stage when he exited the bathroom got him stiff again almost instantly. He snatched up a flyer for the band, which listed the members, and headed home to continue fucking Mia in his head.

Stan had many fantasies about Mia since that time; always with her in the submissive role, paying dutiful attention to her tousan. He'd fantasize about fucking her in the park, pretending she was a grade school teacher and that he'd come into class and deliver a biology lesson that definitely wasn't part of the curriculum, as he'd bend the petite teacher over her desk and bang her hard in front of her wide-eyed students. In Stan's mind, sometimes Mia would be serving drinks when his friends would come over to play cards, and he'd have her suck all of them off one by one, finally letting his friends run a train on her atop the card table. Stan would be last of course, and the only one allowed to give Mia what she deserved in her undeniably tight Asian ass. Stan would also fantasize about Mia giving birth to his child, the two of them walking in the park or shopping for groceries while pushing a stroller between them. Mia looked so sexy with a swollen belly...

But fantasizing wasn't enough for Stan, and so he began trailing Mia's various groups, always sitting in the middle or back of the audience, his raging hard-on covered by the leather jacket resting on his lap. Stan was a fairly handsome guy, tall with broad shoulders, dark brown hair and deeply intense brown eyes. He'd sometimes get drinks sent to him by various women as he sat alone at his table, but would always send them back; he was too intent on the prize he sought, and other pussy would just be a distraction for him. He wanted Mia Matsumiya with a ferocious passion he had never felt before. He wanted--no, needed--his cock to plunge into the depths of her warm pussy, and dominate it completely. Although Stan had always been a giving lover in bed, for the first time in his life he honestly didn't care whether Mia liked being taken or not; he just needed to be knee-deep inside that little Asian pussy, and that thought filled his head morning, noon and night. He knew what he was contemplating, he had accepted it months ago...there's a four-letter word for what he had in mind, but he didn't care anymore. Looking at Mia on stage, looking at those slender legs leading up to a beautiful treasure kept hidden by her little skirts, helped Stan to finally understand what drove men to such acts.

He had watched Mia stealthily for months at her gigs. After the first set, she and her bandmates would chit-chat and bullshit for a few minutes, and then she'd head off to the bathroom. Stan had scoped the layout of each place they had played, locking into his head such details as the distance from women's room to men's, how secluded or exposed the washrooms were from the main venue, how long Mia took in the bathroom, and if an extended absence might make her friends concerned. Did a lot of women use the bathroom at the same time, and how many stalls were in each room, so that he knew the odds of whether they'd be disturbed.

The Blackstone Bar and Grill, where Mia and her band were playing tonight, was the most likely spot for Stan to finally act out the realization of his fantasy. Tonight he had positioned himself at the back of the crowd, since one had to cross all the way to the back to get to the restrooms. The first set was nearing its close, and so Stan got to his feet and headed to the restrooms in back. The men's room was directly across from the women's, and Stan headed into the room shared by his gender. He rushed to the urinal, pulled out his prick and made sure he was piss-free; it wouldn't do to try to cum inside his "girlfriend", only to find he suddenly had a case of nervous piss to get out. Stan could feel his heart thudding in his chest, the flow of blood to his temples pounded in his ears as Mia's solo came to a close. There was applause which lasted almost two minutes, but finally died down. Stan had counted the steps to the ladies' room at least twenty times in the past week, ever since he had found out the band would be playing here. His black leather jacket rested across his arm as he made his way to the door and opened it a tiny crack...just enough to allow him to see the door right across the way.

He was so anxious, for a moment he felt a mild rush of bile start to rise in his throat, but he quickly fought off the sensation. It seemed to take forever, but finally--finally!--he saw a backlit shadow strike the wall, and then Mia came into view, her tiny little body moving forward as her slender fingers connected with the ladies' room door, pushing it open. She was stunning: her long dark hair tied in a ponytail which reached to almost midway down her back, slender arms exposed and baby breasts contained by a black tube-top, and a short pleated black skirt showing off her upper thighs, as her legs ran down into her black come-fuck-me's.

As Mia began to step into her bathroom, Stan pulled the men's room door open all the way and rushed forward, raising his black jacket high. He brought it down over Mia's entire head, wrapping it tight as he shoved her forward all the way into the ladies' room. Mia screamed, but as Stan had hoped, the jacket muffled the sound almost entirely. The closing of the door behind them and the distance between that door and the door of the stall where he now pushed her inside sealed the deal; no one outside could possibly hear her cries, unless Stan pulled the jacket off her head, and he had no intentions of doing that!

Mia clawed at the jacket, still screaming underneath it as she tried to tear it off from around her face. Somehow, Stan managed to keep a firm grip on the bunch of it grappled in his hand and was still able to close and lock the stall door behind him. He pushed her forward with his own body, shoving her against the toilet seat's tank, the punishment of her stomach colliding with it knocking the wind out of the young Asian woman's sails, and making her fall to her knees atop the closed seat cover.

Mia's cries had turned to an injured, weak moan. Stan felt a pang of remorse, but the almost painful pressure of his cock straining against the inside of his jeans for release quickly brought him back to reality: do the deed now, or give up and regret it forever. What's more, if he chose to set his prize free now, she'd undoubtedly alert everyone in the place with the loudest scream on record. Stan knew what he had to do. Keeping his body pressed against Mia's, pinning her down against the toilet tank, he reached under his jacket and found her ear. He pushed the jacket up just over it and leaned in close. "Listen to me, Mia. I don't want to hurt you, I really don't. Just let me do this and get done, and it'll be easier for you. If you fight it, if you scream, I swear I'll slit your fucking throat." Stan had no knife, he usually was a very easygoing guy in fact...it wasn't until the first time he laid eyes on this slender Oriental beauty before him that he'd ever considered doing anything like this. But he hoped the roughness he had shown so far would prove a significant deterrent for her against any outbursts.

Mia moaned beneath his jacket, trying to say something. Stan leaned close to her ear again. "I'll let you speak, but I swear, if you start screaming--" Mia shook her head vigorously beneath the jacket, and Stan was fairly sure she would keep her word. He raised the jacket just enough to expose her lips, which were surprisingly thick for an Asian woman..."blowjob ready", was the expression that came to his mind. Her lips trembled, and teardrops fell from beneath his jacket, alternating between striking the porcelain tank and blotting onto Mia's black tube-top. It was the first time Stan had ever heard her speak, and her voice was that of a frightened angel, with a thick Japanese accent that made his cock press so much harder against his pants that he winced.

"Please...please...please, don't hurt me..." she warbled pitiably. The little bit of regret Stan had felt earlier resurfaced. But taking another look at Mia, her hands resting against the porcelain tank, her slender body bent back against his chest, with one knee resting on the closed seat cover and the other leg now firmly on the floor, almost teasing him to mount her, was too much to resist. "You know what I want," he whispered in her ear. "You let me do it, you get to go free. Understand?"

"Yes," she sobbed after a moment.

"You know what I want," he told her sternly. "I want to hear you say it."

Mia sobbed a little more at this, but then after a moment, she said quietly, in an almost-whisper: "You want to fuck me?"

Stan almost came in his pants right then and there, hearing her say it as she had so often in his fantasies. He reached down, undoing his pants. His 7 1/2 inches sprang out, almost instinctively jumping up underneath Mia's skirt and brushing between her legs. The contact startled them both; Mia jumped slightly, and Stan was in shock! He gulped, not believing what he thought he just felt between Mia's legs. Reaching a decision, he started to pull the jacket above her head. "You don't look at me, you understand?! You stare at the wall, you don't turn around, you don't look at me!" Mia nodded, and Stan pulled the jacket off all the way. Her ponytail slipped out first, dangling tantalizingly in front of him. Mia's head was bowed, in that sterotypically submissive way that every man who ever desired an Asian woman has dreamed of.

Stan's breath was heavy, almost to the point where he thought he might pass out. He had lost track of time, and didn't know whether Mia was due back on stage. Fuck it, he thought, I've come so far, I have to do it, even if I get caught! He reached down, suddenly trembling hands grasping the bottom of Mia's pleated skirt. He pulled it up, revealing the truth of what he thought he had felt when his dick brushed between her legs: her ass was small, beautifully rounded...and completely nude. Mia was not wearing any panties! His head swam, thinking about how all the times he had seen her on stage, knowing how many guys in the audience must have had the same thoughts he had about fucking Mia...and Mia, of course well aware of how desired she was--! She played violin pantyless on stage, allowing herself to get moist with the heat of desire she felt emanating from her audience! How many times had she gone home and fingered herself to orgasm, dreaming of some guy being bold enough to approach her in the hopes of taking her home? Had she ever been so horny that she had taken one or more of her all-male bandmates home and had them fuck her brains out? Who was the luckiest guy on earth to tap that?

Stan snapped back to reality, watching as Mia held more firmly onto the toilet tank, bracing herself for his entry. She's ready! his brain screamed at him, and he felt some precum about to dribble from the tip of his cock. He positioned himself so that his dick was above her leg that braced against the toilet seat. The precum hovered a moment, dangling...then slowly dripped to her leg, moistening it, leaving his mark. Mia made a mild sigh, whether it was a type of disgust, pleasure or simply resigning to her fate, Stan couldn't tell. He didn't care anymore, either; all that mattered was finally claiming his sweet Asian prize.

He repositioned his cock, pointing it to the entry to Mia's heavenly gate. Leveling it just underneath, he could feel the heat emanating from her pussy. He placed his hands on her hips, holding onto her tightly. She didn't move. So amazingly obedient, he marveled. Without another word, he placed the head of his cock to her warm opening and began pushing, sliding his cock in slowly, inch by inch....

It wasn't until the sound of a cell phone ringing emanated from Mia's skirt that Stan realized just how much time he had lost track of! Mia half-turned her head, but didn't look back at him. The phone rang again. "Answer it," Stan stuttered. "But remember--"

"I know," Mia replied easily. She reached into a skirt pocket and pulled out a cell phone. She raised it to her ear. "Yes? I know. I'm sorry, I just had some indigestion. I'll be out in another minute. Yes, I'm fine. I will. Bye." Stan was amazed at how calm her voice was when she spoke. But as soon as she turned the phone off and put it back in her skirt pocket, she began sobbing lightly, her body trembling in fear as tears spattered the porcelain tank again.

The moistness which greeted his prick at the opening to her love hole seemed to invite Stan to take whatever he wanted. Still holding tightly onto Mia's hips, Stan sank his shaft deep inside her now, in one full thrust--the gasp which shot out of Mia's mouth at being filled so forcefully and all at once making his cock throb even hotter within her! Mia's fingers wrapped so tightly around the edges of the tank that they seemed to become part of it, as Stan finally found the perfect realization of what he had fantasized about for so long. Mia's pussy was even tighter than he ever thought it could be, and the power with which it unwillingly clamped around his cock almost made him cum instantly...but he managed to hold off, as he began thrusting inside her, slowly at first, but harder and faster, unintentionally rushing to get done, fearful that her all-male bandmates might ask some other woman to come in and check on her.

Mia began moaning lightly from the shock of his entry inside her, and then losing control of herself as her pussy began giving in to the pleasure of being filled--not knowing or caring that it was being taken forcefully, as the nerve endings of her slippery canal only admitted that they were performing as they were designed to. Stan grabbed Mia's ponytail, wrapping it tightly around one hand, and jerked her head back. "Bite your lip if you have to, but I don't want to hear you screaming when I cum inside you, you got it?"

Mia nodded as best she could, which wasn't very well at all; Stan had an iron grip on her ponytail, and was watching closely as she bit down on her full, lower lip in order to contain her automatic moans of passion. Stan had fantasized for months of hearing her call out his name, or call him tousan as they orgasmed together, and he HATED telling her not to say anything...but he couldn't risk anyone hearing and coming to her rescue.

As he held onto Mia's hair and penetrated deep inside her tight, warm pussy, riding her like a prize stallion, Stan realized her pussy was becoming wetter with each thrust. He didn't know if it was simply an automatic response to having his hard cock inside her, or if this was somehow turning her on. He came to doubt the latter, as tears still ran from Mia's face, now dabbling her black tube-top as he forcefully arched her back toward him so his dick could reach deeper inside her. He let go of her waist and reached up with his free hand to roughly pull down her top, her proud and perky baby-breasts bobbing free, in the process betraying how erect her dime-sized nipples were. He reached around with his free hand, alternating between which tit he would grab and fondle, playing with her little dimes, trying to see if she was enjoying this at all. Mia had closed her eyes, and some blood began dripping from her lip where she was biting down so fiercely in order to keep true to her new master's command to be silent.

Stan freed her ponytail, and Mia bowed her head, trying not to let the soft, whimpering moans slip out from between her lips as her rapist moved his cock inside her, massaging every inch of her sweet inner walls. Stan now grabbed both breasts in his hands and bent his body over hers, weighing her down so that her chin rested against the porcelain tank as he pumped his cock in a slower, rhythmic pace inside her...he was aware she was overdue on stage, but he didn't care anymore, even if he got caught; this pussy was just too good to let go of so soon!

"I want you to call me 'tousan'. I want to hear you call me daddy," he whispered into her ear. For reasons which neither could explain, Stan eased his thrusts for a moment, and there was a slight pause. He was surprised, but said nothing as Mia turned her head slightly, catching sight of his face out of the corner of her tearful eye. The moment seemed to stretch out forever, but then she turned her head back again, facing the wall.

"Papa," she said quietly.

Stan's cock throbbed hard within her as she met him on her own terms, and he could feel himself ready to blow a load inside her as he began shafting her pussy again, building up to a furious frenzy of fucking as she kept calling him "papa" and her breath came in short, sharp breaths with each thrust of his engorged member. He reached down, flipping her pleated skirt over her waist and began spanking her perfectly round Asian cheeks as she more loudly replied "Papa!" every time his hand connected to her ass. He could feel her pussy getting wetter, the welcoming moistness making it easier to slip in deeper, his breath hot in her ear as he whispered what a hot little fuck she was, her soft moans of "papa" gratefully answering his compliments. Finally, he felt his balls tighten and he released a torrent of hot steaming jism deep into her Japanese pussy, filling it so completely that he thought he might actually empty his sack into her for all time!

Stan collapsed on top of her, his sweat-soaked face pressed against hers. Mia was sobbing lightly. With a light gulp in his throat as he became aware of the time once more, he quickly pulled out of her, some of his cum dripping onto her leg and boots. Although Mia was spent from the ordeal, she tried weakly to push herself up from the tank. Stan grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over, her ass cheeks smacking the seat cover, making her cry out in pain. She looked up at him towering over her, wondering what he would do now that she saw his face in full. She closed her eyes, fearful, a small whimper slipping between her lips.

Stan moved forward, grabbing her mouth and opening it forcefully, plunging his cock inside it until the tip of his head first brushed the back of Mia's throat, then slid partway down it. Her eyes went wide as she gagged around its thickness, but Stan grabbed her ponytail roughly once more. "Hurry up. You have some wifely duties to perform right quick, before I let you go play with your friends." Even he was surprised at the harshness of his voice, not sure any longer whether he was doing it just to convince Mia to get him off once more, or if he was slipping into the role of rapist a little too well. Whatever the case, Mia wrapped both of her small hands around his cock, and began sucking him off obediently, the remnants of her master's cum mixed with her juices slowly leaking out from underneath her pleated skirt. Her eyes went wide briefly, as she felt Stan's cock grow stiffer in her mouth, but then she closed them once more, slurping on his prick as her cell phone rang in her pocket again, this time going unanswered.

After a moment, Stan shot another load, which to his surprise and pleasure, Mia gulped down easily, a light moan from her lips vibrating his cock just slightly as his sperm slid quickly down her throat. She opened her eyes and looked up at Stan, but he couldn't read the expression on her face. She knew him now, far more intimately than she might ever have wanted to, but could easily give a full description of him to the police. Stan didn't have it in him to do any harm to her, no matter what he had told her earlier, and he sensed she knew it. She said nothing however as he pulled out of her mouth. She watched him passively as he grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his cock, then stuffed it back in his pants. She watched but said nothing as he got dressed, opened the stall door, and left. As he did though he glanced back, and the last thing he saw before the stall door closed behind him was Mia slowly pulling up her tube-top...

A few months passed. Stan went about his daily routine, going to work, hanging with friends, doing other things, all in a secret fear that one day he'd get a knock on his apartment door and he'd open it to find the police waiting. But they never came. Never.

It's a cliche that criminals always return to the scene of their crime, but after four months, Stan couldn't help it; Mia Matsumiya's band was performing at the Blackstone Bar and Grill again, and he just had to see her...even if she spotted him in the middle of her set and screamed for someone to grab him and hold him until the police came. You're a fucking idiot, he thought to himself all the way down to the bar, and as he took his seat at the back of the crowd, waiting for the band to come onstage.

They finally came on, and Stan found he still couldn't stand the music. But when he looked at Mia, the old familiar hard on came back with a vengeance, even bolder than ever before. She took center stage for her solo, wearing the very same clothes she had on the night he had his way with her, with one exception...

Her black tube-top now rode up partway on her stomach, revealing the most beautiful little baby bump Stan had ever seen in his life.

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