Looking after Liz

Looking after Liz

I had just moved to a new area to live with my girlfriend. We’ve been dating several years now, so I have become a part of the entire family. All of my girlfriend’s nieces and nephews had even started calling me “uncle.”

One weekend my soon-to-be-brother and sister-in-law were leaving for the weekend to visit some friends out of town. They were taking their two boys with them, but their daughter had to stay home to help out with a school fundraiser. They didn’t want to leave her home alone for the weekend, and my girlfriend had to go away for a work conference, so they asked if I would stay at the house and watch Liz for them. We got along well, and I wanted to help them out, so of course I agreed.

They left bright and early Saturday morning and I made my way over to the house around noon. I walked in through the unlocked garage, as we always do, and entered the house. I yelled, “Hello, Liz, I’m here” but got no answer. I then noticed music blaring from her bedroom and realized that she had not heard me, so I decided to go announce my presence.

I walked down the hall, knocked on her door and opened it to say hi. As I opened the door, I saw Liz standing in her room wearing only her bra and panties. I stood there shell-shocked. Liz was 15-years-old, about 5’8” with light brown hair and brown eyes. While she wasn’t the skinniest girl in the world, she was nowhere near heavy, either. She had a nice athletic build that I loved with just a little bit of baby fat that reminded you she was still maturing. And as she began turning into a young woman, she was beginning to develop the same large breasts as her mother.

I stood there for a good 30 seconds, unable to move. I just looked her up-and-down in her matching pink underwear set. Finally, Liz opened her mouth and broke my trance saying, “Um, hi, Patrick. I see you are here now. Can I finish getting dressed so I can get to my fundraiser?”

“What? Um, oh yeah,” I stuttered in response. “Go right ahead. Sorry.” I looked her dead in the eye for the first time. Was I mistaken? Did I notice a little smile on her face? And did I see erect nipples through her bra? Was she enjoying this? I turned around, shut her door and left the room. I went into the living room and turned on the TV waiting on her to get ready.

Finally, she emerged from her room in a t-shirt and shorts and said she was ready to go like I hadn’t just walked in on her half-naked. I got up and drove her to her fundraiser, a car wash, and dropped her off.

“Ok, we’ll be done around 5. You should come back a little before that to get your car washed.”

I agreed and drove off to kill some time. As I went back to their house to grab some lunch and watch some TV, I couldn’t get the picture of Liz out of my head. I have seen her a thousand times, but this time had definitely turned me on as I thought of her standing there. I closed my eyes and my mind drifted to wondering what she would look like with those last two pieces of clothing removed … What was I doing? This girl was about to be my niece, how could I think of her that way? But she wasn’t related to me, so what’s the problem? Oh yeah, that she’s only 15 and I’m almost twice her age! But seeing her body had definitely turned me on and I couldn’t get her out of my mind!

Finally, it was time for me to go pick Liz back up. I was both excited to see her again and nervous for what I may think and the way she might react after she had thought more about what had happened earlier. I arrived to the car wash about 15 minutes before it ended to get my car washed. I heard Liz announce to the other girls that this was her soon-to-be-uncle and to make sure to do a good job. The girls all circled the car and began washing various sections of my car. They were all attractive girls and a few of the older ones were even wearing bikini tops. I was surely being tortured! Just then I saw Liz’s face in my windshield smiling at me. She began washing the window and as she reached out to get the middle, she rested her t-shirt against the car. Her shirt was wet now, and sticking to her breasts underneath it. I could make out the outline of the bra I had just seen a few hours ago through the fabric. She finished washing and again smiled at me. Was she enjoying teasing me?

The girls finished the wash and dried my car. I ended up being the last car of the day so, after a brief team meeting, Liz got into my car to head home. After a minute or so she started a conversation.

“Do you think my teammates are pretty, Uncle Patrick?”

Oh, was this a bad and dangerous conversation to have! “Well, yes, I guess they were pretty, though I really didn’t pay much attention,” I said, lying about the last part.

“I wish I were as pretty as some of those girls,” she continued.

I could tell she was a little dejected, so I thought I would help pick her spirits up. “You are a very pretty girl, Liz, and just as attractive as any one of those girls.”

“Do you really mean that?” she asked, with a hint of enthusiasm in her voice.

“Absolutely!” I countered. I find you very attractive!” Oh crap, I probably said too much. I glanced at her to gauge her reaction; she was smiling. We drove home the rest of the way in silence.

We got home and I practically ran to the kitchen to get a beer to calm my nerves. I heard Liz announce that she was going to get a shower. As I left the kitchen to return to the living room, Liz was walking to the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel wrapped just above her breasts. Again, she flashed a smile at me.

As she turned to enter the bathroom, I saw that the way the towel was positioned on her body, it didn’t fully cover her butt; the bottom of her cheeks were hanging out exposed! I felt my dick begin to harden at the sight. What was this girl trying to do to me?!

I choked on the gulp of beer I had just taken. Shaking my head in disbelief, I returned to the chair in the living room. As I turned on the TV, I noticed that the sound of the water in the shower sounded louder than normal, not at all muffled. I leaned back in the chair and looked down the hall. She had left the bathroom door open all the way. I couldn’t help myself anymore. I got up from my seat and walked down the hall. I stopped in front of the bathroom and looked in. The shower doors were frosted glass and I could see Liz’s silhouette.

Her head was leaned back pushing the excess water from her long hair as she wet the rest of her body. She reached for her body wash and began to soap herself. As her hands washed her breasts, my hand moved to my crotch and I began to rub myself through my shorts to the image in front of me. She continued massaging her small, but growing breasts, obviously enjoying the feeling. She then moved her hands down her stomach and continued to her legs, bending over to slowly wash every inch of her thighs and calves. I have always been a leg man, so I especially enjoyed this part. As she rose back up, she traced her legs and then began to wash her butt. Again, she took her time rubbing her globes before finally moving her hands to wash her vagina. I watched as she lifted one leg onto the edge of the tub and rubbed between her legs. Oh my God! I was watching this 15-year-old masturbate!

Her fingers began a steady rhythm on her clit as she moved her left hand to her breasts again and fondled herself. I could see her hands manipulating her breasts. She caressed them and then rubbed circles around her nipples before pinching them. T was harder to tell exactly how she was playing with her pussy, but it seemed like she rubbed her clit for awhile and then would plunge a finger into her depths.

After a few minutes, she reached for the detachable shower head, removed it, turned it to the steady, single stream setting, and aimed it right at her clit. I heard her begin to moan. Hearing her “oohs” and “aahs” set me over the edge. I hadn’t noticed how worked up I had gotten until I felt myself cum in my shorts! As I finished my orgasm, I heard Liz begin hers. I snapped back to reality and went to her parent’s room where I would be sleeping that night and changed my clothes. I hurried back to the living room and just as I sat back down I heard the water turn off and the shower door open.

“Perfect timing,” I whispered to myself as I took another long drink of my beer.

Liz came out to the living room and was still enjoying teasing me, it seemed. She was wearing a tight-fitting, white tank top, and I could see the blue bra she was wearing underneath it. She also had on very tight black cotton shorts that hugged every inch of skin they touched. But that happened to be very little skin as they just barely covered her butt; these shorts were obviously a year or two old and now too small for her.

She walked over to the DVD player and, bending at the waist only so that her legs were straight and her ass was sticking up in the air, put a movie in the player. She wiggled her hips slightly before standing up.

“I thought we could watch a movie together,” she stated as she left the room and went into the kitchen.

She returned with a glass of pop for herself and another beer for me. She handed me my drink and then did something I wasn’t expecting – she joined me in the oversized chair I was sitting in! I knew I should have told her to move, but I just couldn’t. She was half in the chair and half in my lap. She draped one leg in between mine. The only way to get comfortable in the position was for me to put my left arm around her and she leaned into me. We were pretty much cuddling at this point.

The movie began and she had chosen an old horror movie. Every so often she would shift in the chair to get comfortable. Each time she changed positions her leg would brush against my cock, which would cause it to stir a bit. I was so nervous that I was going to get hard! We continued watching the movie and eventually we got to the obligatory scene where the young boyfriend and girlfriend were making out in their bed, foreshadowing that they were going to have sex. As everyone knows, virgins stay alive in horror movies, young teens that have sex don’t. These two would be goners!

I looked at Liz and she was watching the scene very intently. She even licked her lips a bit. I took the opportunity to look her up and down again. Her legs were extended and spread on either side of my left leg. My head was slightly above her body and I could just barely see down her shirt and looked at the top of her developing cleavage. I definitely desired this girl. What was I thinking? I moved my right hand onto her right thigh and pulled her closer to me with my left hand. She responded by leaning into me and laying her head on my chest. Her outer right thigh was now lying directly on my crotch and my hand was now resting on her inner thigh. Every-so-often I would slightly stroke her thigh. She never flinched or stopped me.

The movie ended and Liz flipped in the chair lying across it so that her back was against one arm rest and her legs were dangling over the other. Her butt was resting firmly on my cock, and she seemed to know it as she moved on top of it several times. It felt so good. I could tell something was on her mind so I asked her what it was.

“Well, did you mean what you said in the car? About finding me attractive?” she asked.

“Of course I did. Why would I lie about that? You are developing into a very attractive young lady.”

“Well then why don’t the boys in my class seem to think that? They won’t even kiss me,” she responded.

“Because they are fools,” came my instinctual retort.

“Well, would you kiss me then?” she asked, with a sultry, yet innocent look in her eye. “I just want to know what its like. All of my friends have had their first kiss. I want mine, too.”

“I really shouldn’t do that, Liz.”

“Please? I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

Her eyes were pleading with me. She moved so that she was sitting more upright. I just sat there, again frozen. I knew I shouldn’t kiss this girl, but I wanted to badly. Liz took the initiative and began to slowly move towards me. “I should move. I should stop this” kept running through my mind, but I just sat there, waiting for her. Her eyes closed. Our lips met. I sat there at first, not responding, but then my lips parted and I kissed her back.

We sat there like that for several minutes and continued to kiss softly. My desire for this girl was increasing and my self control had all but disappeared. I reached over with my right hand and cupped her butt cheek. I lifted her slightly and she took my lead and threw her left leg over my lap so that she was straddling me.

We were full-on making out now. I reached down and grabbed her butt in my hands. I squeezed her cheeks and then caressed them all over. She had quite a butt and I was enjoying fondling it. I let my hands slide down to her creamy thighs and stroked them all the way down to her calves and back up, again grabbing at her ass. She was quite a natural kisser and followed my lead very well. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue. She was caught off guard and wasn’t sure what to do at first, but she opened her mouth to let my invading tongue in. Our tongues intertwined and she caught on quickly.

Finally we broke off the kiss and came up for air. “How did I do?” she asked sincerely.

“Very nice! You’re a quick learner, Liz. Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”

“Never! I swear!” came her retort. She shifted gears quickly, asking, “Did you like seeing me in my underwear earlier?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“What about in the shower? Did you like watching me masturbate?”

Crap! I didn’t think she knew I had watched her. “Yes,” I again admitted.

“Why did you leave so quickly?” she asked me.

“Because I was so excited watching you that I came in my shorts.”

She smiled in delight that she had caused such an effect. Seeing her braces was a gentle reminder of just how young this girl was.

“Do you want to see me naked?” she asked, pretty confident that she knew the answer.

I had lost all self-control. There was nothing that could happen now that I could say no to.

“Yes, I really want to see you naked,” I responded.

She reached for the bottom of her shirt and nervously pulled it over her head. For the second time of the day I was staring at Liz in her bra. She just looked at me, nervous that I wouldn’t like what I was seeing. To ease her fears, I reached around her and unfastened the clasp on her bra. She pulled it from her body and dropped it to the floor. Her perky little breasts were right in front of my face.

I reached for them and began to fondle her breasts. A gasp escaped her lips as for the first time in her young life, someone else was playing with her tits. She leaned in to kiss me again while I felt her up, this time being more aggressive. We kissed for awhile, but I needed to suck these breasts I was touching so I broke off the kiss again.

I moved my mouth slightly south and, looking up into her eyes as she looked down to watch what I was doing, I took her right breast into my mouth while leaving my right hand on her left breast. Her eyes closed, her head tilted back, and “Uuuuhhhhh” escaped her lips. I spent my time moving between each breast, alternating between light and powerful sucks. I made light circles around her areolas. I flicked her hardened nipples quickly with the tip of my tongue and finally bit down on her nipples, gently at first, but gradually increased the power. Each new sensation on her breasts brought a new sound of pleasure from the girl and she was now grinding her pelvis into my hard crotch.

I removed her breast from my mouth. “Stand up, I want to see the rest of you,” I told her. She practically jumped up and removed her shorts and then her panties. She had a light mound of hair on her pussy; not yet at the point in her life where she thought to shave, nor needed to. I had her turn around so I could see the butt that had been torturing me all day. Then I stood up and told her to sit back in the chair.

She sat in the chair and I moved her butt to the edge and told her to lay back. I picked up her legs, spread them, and placed them hanging over each arm of the chair as if they were stirrups. Starting at her right ankle, I ran my tongue across the length of her leg, stopping just before her bush. I then started at her left ankle and repeated the process. I then looked up at her face and saw her wanting eyes looking down at me. I moved in and took the first lick of her pussy as I stared into her eyes. They closed immediately and her mouth dropped open. “Oh, yes, that feels so good!” And it tasted so good too!

I began lapping hungrily at her pussy. It had been quite some time since I had gone down on anyone with hair on their pussy and I was finding that I enjoyed it. Her body was gushing fluid and I was licking it as fast as I could. Her sweet nectar tasted wonderful and I couldn’t get enough. I reached up and fondled her breasts while my tongue explored the lips of her pussy. “Oh, uuhhh, huuhhh, oooooohhhh, uh, uh, uh” kept pouring out of Liz’s mouth as fast as liquid poured from her vagina. I reached down and grabbed her ass and slightly spread her cheeks. I let my tongue drop a little lower and placed the middle of my tongue squarely on her asshole and pulled it all the way across her clit. I repeated this three times before placing my tongue right onto her brown hole and licked that exclusively. I always loved eating a girl’s ass, but too many girls thought it was “dirty” and wouldn’t let you do it to them. I was determined to make sure that Liz had no such hang ups and would do anything as long as it felt good.

“Do you like that?” I asked her. “Uh huh” was her only response so I went back to it and rimmed her for a few more minutes. I licked the hole more and it began to open up for me, but I wanted to bring her off so I moved back to her pussy and went to town on her clit. I put my left hand back on her right breast and teased and pinched her nipple. I then inserted my right middle finger into her soaked pussy and fingered her at the same pace that I licked her.

“Oh, oh, oh my, huh, uh, uh, ah, uh, yes, yes, yes, uuuuuhhhhhhh, I’m cuuuummmmiiinnnnggggg, uuuuuhhhhhhh!” I had never heard a sexier orgasm in my life and had never tasted a better pussy as she soaked my goatee.

I looked at her as she recovered from her orgasm. She finally opened her eyes and smiled at me again.

“Liz, have you ever seen a penis?” I asked her. She kept smiling and shook her head “no”. “Do you want to see mine?” This time her head nodded “yes”.

I helped her up from the chair and told her to lead me to her bedroom. I was now overcome by lust and had fully accepted the situation and how taboo it was. I was going to take this girl’s virginity and I wanted to do it on her childhood bed. She led me down the hall and I watched her ass sway the whole way there.

We entered the room and it definitely reminded me of her age and turned me on even more. Painted pink and decorated with posters of her favorite bands and teddy bears, I was overcome with desire. I told to sit on the edge of her bed. I stood in front of her and lifted off my shirt. I then pulled my shorts down bending over in front of her. As I stood up and stepped out of my shorts, Liz’s eyes opened wide. My hard cock, the first one she had ever seen, was right in front of her face.

“Touch it, Liz.” She tentatively reached her hand out and put her finger tips on the head of my cock. She then ran her small fingers under the shaft and finally gripped it. She gave me a few gentle tugs and then looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you, um, want me … to … um … put it … in … my mouth?”

I nearly blasted my load in her face the second she finished the question, but luckily held out. Oh, yes, I wanted this girl to suck my dick! But not right now. It would take time to properly train her to give a blowjob and I wanted something else more.

“Not right now. Soon, definitely, but I want to do something else right now. Why don’t you lie down and spread your legs?”

She did as I asked and I climbed into her twin sized bed with her. I positioned myself in between her legs and supported my weight on my hands and knees. I leaned down and kissed her again. When we stopped the kiss, she looked at me with a devilish grin and asked, “Patrick, how old am I?”

“Um, 15,” I answered. Was she having doubts?

“And what do you want to do to this 15-year-old girl that is soon to be your niece?

“I want to fuck this sexy 15-year-old girl that is soon to be my niece,” I said.

“OK, I just wanted to hear you say it out loud and make sure you knew what you were about to do.” She smiled again. Evidently I wasn’t the only one getting excited by how taboo this act was!

“Liz,” I asked, “do you want me to fuck you?”

“Please fuck me, Uncle Patrick!”

I lined my prick up with her pussy and rubbed my head in her lips to lubricate it a little. “This might hurt a little, Liz. Let me know if you want me to stop or slow down.” She just shook her head “ok” and stared down at my penis that was about to penetrate her for the first time. I looked at her face and wanted to see the expression she made as I entered her.

I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock enter her. Her face contorted. “Ungh.” I asked if she was ok and if I should continue. “Uh huh.” I pulled back slightly and pushed forward again. Half my cock was in her. ”Uh.” I pulled back out and again moved my hips forward, thus time burying my cock deep inside of her teenage pussy. My pelvis was pressed against hers. “Oh, yes.”

I began pumping into her. I was taking my time, letting her get used to the size of the member inside of her. I leaned and put my weight on my right forearm as I continued thrusting into her. I leaned and kissed her briefly and then began to kiss and suck on her neck and collarbone while I fondled her right breast with my left hand. I pinched her nipple and she moaned her approval. She obviously enjoyed a little pain in her nipples so I twisted it slightly. She moaned again. I loved it!

I kept humping her and her soaking pussy kept me sliding easily. In and out. In and out.

“Fuck me, Uncle Patrick. It feels so good. Fuck me more!” she was screaming. I was loving it. She was tight and wet and too young and I loved every second of it.

“Fuck, your 15-year-old pussy feels so good on my cock, Liz. Oh, yes, I love fucking your teenage pussy!” I got even harder every time one of us said how old she was or that we would soon be related.

I reached over and grabbed her right leg and put it over my shoulder. I started pounding into her harder and faster. The sound of my pelvis and balls slapping into her echoed throughout the room; probably the entire house.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” came the sound of her getting fucked. “Fuck me, Uncle Patrick. Fuck me! Fuck my teenage pussy!” This normally shy and reserved girl was definitely coming out of her shell in the bedroom.

I grabbed her ass and squeezed hard as I fucked her. She was moving her hands all over my arms, back, butt and legs, fully exploring a man’s body for the first time. I kept pistoning in and out of her. I slid my middle finger into the crack of her ass and began rubbing circles around her hole. “Ooohhhh” was her response.

“Want to do something that will make Uncle Patrick feel really good, Liz?” I asked.

“Uh huh” was all the response she could manage.

“Then rub me like I am rubbing you right now.”

I felt her hand move down my ass and a finger slid into my crack and found my hole. She began rubbing circles around my puckered hole. I was in heaven fucking this girl.

I kept fucking her. As I did, I used her pussy juices that were dripping into her ass crack as a lube and poked my finger into her ass a little bit. She followed suit using sweat as lube for me. I felt her finger insert into me down to her first knuckle. We both kept filling each other’s holes. I was slamming into her even harder. I was approaching my orgasm quickly.

“Fuck, yes, Liz, I’m going to cum. Fuck yes. Oh yes.”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, fuck me, uh uh, uuuuhhhhh.” Liz had her second orgasm of the session, third of the day. I knew I should pull out, hell, I should have been wearing a condom the whole time, but I just had to cum inside this tight, young pussy. I couldn’t get myself to pull out of her. I pushed my finger as deep into Liz’s ass as I could. Not being able to reach any farther to penetrate my ass any deeper, I felt Liz poking me with a second finger that broke through. The extra penetration coupled with her pussy clamping down on my cock as her orgasm subsided was too much for me.

“Are you ready to feel your first load of cum shoot into your pussy?” I asked her.

“Fill up my 15-year-old pussy, Uncle Patrick!” she yelled back.

She really knew how to get to me! I gave a couple of last thrusts and then pushed myself deep inside of her and exploded. My first shot might have been the biggest one I have ever had. I shot 5 ropes of cum inside the teenager before just leaving it inside of her to finish dripping empty. I collapsed on top of her and gave her a deep kiss before finally withdrawing my flaccid penis and lying next to her.

“What did you think of losing your virginity?” I asked.

“When can we do it again?” she countered.

“In the morning. It’s late now, let’s get some sleep.”

I looked down and saw my semen slowly leaking out of her used teen pussy and fell asleep.

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