The House A Slave Training and Auction Chapter 11 & 12

The House A Slave Training and Auction Chapter 11 & 12

Chapter 11

Mistress Liz Michael and Molly and Milton
Mistress Liz- D tells me that he wants to talk to me before I start. D- What the fuck is up with you? I know that you have been a little down so what gives? Liz- I think I am just going through the motions. What you need is a hard session. I know I just need to find the time and someone maybe a bottom boy that I can whip and fuck hard. I can’t do it with Michael maybe one of the new once. He tells me to take Milton but don’t kill him.
Michael and Molly get in here we will began as soon as the new trainee gets here Molly you will be going home with Michael’s Master but you need to learn to listen and be obedient and she agrees to comply. Milton comes in looking scared and he should be. I introduce myself to him and tell him that he is not allowed to speak unless spoken and when he does he will say yes Mistress. Get into the slave pose today you will learn how to suck dick first up is Molly. I have one of the boys stand in front of her. Molly- I look at the dick that’s in my face I begin by licking the head like Michael showed me I suck the head in my mouth and I deep throat it and the guy moans. Mistress- very nice Molly I see that Michael has been working with you up next Milton have you ever sucked a dick? Yes, Mistress have you had sex? Yes, Mistress once. Okay bend over the bed I go to the cabinet and get lube and a but plug I lube it up and insert it into his ass and tell him to stand in the corner. I tell Michael to get over here and suck my dick he crawls on his hands and knee and lifts my skirt and starts licking my cock I grab him by the back of his head I tell Milton to pay attention to what he is doing I moan as he takes my dick in his mouth. I tell Molly to get over him and help him and she puts her mouth around my cock and it feels good as I push them away. I tell Molly to get on the bed and open her legs and as she does I see that she is wet I grab my whip and hit her pussy with it and I tell Michael to lick her pussy I tell them if they cum they will be punished I instruct Michael on how to please a woman. I stand over Molly’s head and I tell her to lick me as I grind my pussy in her face I grab her nipple and put a clamp on the left one and then the right one as I begin to stroke my dick I tell Michael to lick her clit as she begins to squirm. I flick my whip over her breast and I tell her to cum and she does and so do I shooting cum all over her. I move and tell Michael to lick my cum off her. I grab Michael’s dick and begin stroking him as I hit him I tell him to hold it that if he comes will hit his balls with a cane.
Michael- I must not cum I don’t think I can hold it I begin begging Mistress to let me cum. This is your problem Michael you only think of what you want what about pleasing me or your Master that is why you are here you have no self- control that is why you will not be cumming today you will be put in a chastity belt. Michael looks like he wants to start crying so I tell him to go ahead. I tell Michael and Molly to get cleaned up and to kneel when they are done. As I take the clamps off Molly she screams I rub her breast and tell her what a good girl she is being. Molly-Mistress said I was a good girl my whole body hurts and as she rubs my breast my pussy begins to throb again I can’t believe that I like the things that they are doing to me. I really want to have a kind Master I hope Michael’s Master will take me too I like Michael but I know he doesn’t like girls.

Mistress Liz- I tell the boys to take the girl and the boys to my dungeon and stay with them until I get there. I go to my room and change into a black corset and skirt along with my black boots. I need a hard session and black makes me feel powerful. I know need to find a sub my problem is no one has challenged me enough to take one. What I need is a powerful man I want to be able to let go I am a switch. When there is a knock on the door I tell whoever it is this better be important as D comes into to my room. He looks at me and he tells me that I look nice but he knows me to well he is looking at me I ask if he needs anything and he tells me that I need to fund a man I raise my eyebrow at him and he tells me that he wants me to meet Andre and I tell him that I was on my way to have a session but he is welcome to bring him in. I move to step around him and he grabs me by the hair and considers my face as he says. D- I know what you need Liz and you haven’t had a slave or a sub in over 2 years because you want someone you can submit to like you did for me all those years! I look at him and tell him yes, I want a man to take charge of me. He lets me go and I make my way down to my dungeon I have three lovely slaves on their knees waiting for me. The door opens behind me as D and Andre walk in as I look him over he is fine and I know he has a big dick I ask if I could talk to him for a minute. Andre- Now what! I know that D said that I must submit but I didn’t think I would be doing today I look at Liz she is fine as hell and I would like to fuck the shit out of her as I look closer I realize that her skirt is tenting oh so she has a dick. Liz- I need to just get this out there so as I lead him across the hall I tell him to step in. Andre- I am Liz and yea I do have a dick I also have a pussy I was born with both. D tells me that you have agreed to join us as he says yes, I tell him that maybe we could spend some time together if he was interested. Andre- So she is hitting on me do I want a chick with a dick so I tell her to show me and she does I also see her pussy which is wet. I ask her what she really wants and she tells me that she is looking for a partner. I tell her that I will think about it and that I am looking forward to seeing her in action.

We go back into the dungeon and D has the girl on the bed tied up and he is fucking her hard a fast with his hands around her neck she has bite marks on her breast and my dick is rock hard I look at the two boys and they both look scared good I think. Liz- Milton get up it is time to begin I tell Andre that he can use Michael but he is not allowed to cum or he can take Molly when D is done. I push a button and the chains drop from the ceiling I secure Milton and push the button to raise him he must stand on his toes as I reach for the cat I drag the tip across his back down his ass and thighs and I strike he screams I hit him again and tell him to be a quite that I was just getting started. I look up to see D forcing his dick into Michael’s mouth as Andre is twisting Molly’s nipples. I go to the cabinet to get a few things like clothes pins and clamps the kind that bite into the skin. D cums in Michael’s mouth and he swallows as Molly screams in pain I look up to see that Andre has his hands around her neck while fucking her from behind D tells him to go easy on her we need her alive he lets her go. D tells Molly and Michael to go clean up and someone will take them to their room. Milton looks so afraid and he should be this is going to hurt. I get a whip and send it cracking into the floor and then I strike it hits his ass and leaves an angry red welt across it and then I move down to his thighs and strike three times landing on his upper back and the fourth on his shoulder than I which to my bull whip and stand back I hit his ass and thighs I am getting worked up now and Milton is screaming and crying asking why so I tell him because I can. I grab the nipple clamp and pinch his nipples and put first one than the other on. I also put one clothes pin on his nuts than the other I stand in front of him and tell him that I am going to hit them off with the whip and if he moves I may get him he is begging and pleading for me not to do it I step back and take aim I swing the whip and knock the first one off as he continues to scream and the other and he goes limp he passes out.
Milton- I feel someone lifting me and I open my eyes my whole body is hurting Mistress is still holding the whip. Why is she doing this to me? I look around and see the two big guys standing talking as I sit on the bed. Liz- I tell him to lie back and I cuff him to the bed I tell him that I am not done with him. I get my special vibrator and lube it up and run it over his leg and I hit the button and it shocks him and he screams louder I force it up his ass fucking him with it while it shocks him as he cums all over himself. I pull it out and I get on the table and tell him to open his mouth he doesn’t I slap his balls and as he screams I force my dick into his mouth and choke him with it as he squirms and twist I cum in his mouth and it feels so good that I get dizzy as I look down I realize that he can’t breathe so I pull out and he take a big breath. I look up to see both D and Andre looking at me I tell D that I didn’t kill him.

Chapter 12 Master D and The Two Virgins

I look at the monitor and I here Jessica telling Stacy that she must kneel and wait for me to come into the room at first, she is looking like she wants to argue but Jessica tells her that she doesn’t want to disobey that it will be bad for her if she did so Stacy does as she is told smart girl. I get up to go next door when Sonya comes in and I tell her to stay here and I will talk to her later. I go into the room and I touch both girls on the head they look up I tell them to stand with their hands behind there back chest out. I introduce myself to Stacy and I tell her that she will not speak unless spoken to and to call me Master I ask her if she understands and she says yes Master! I ask her if she has ever had sex she says no Master! I ask her if she has ever sucked a dick she says yes Master once? I ask her if she has ever been with a girl she makes a face and says no? I tell her that she is here to be trained as a sex slave and that her new Master or Mistress will want her to learn how to eat pussy and enjoy it and a few other things. Stacy- I begin to speak but remember what he said, but he tells me to go ahead so I ask will it hurt and he says yes. I am told that I will learn to give my new owner pleasure and I will learn to take pain. I was kidnapped along with my friend Milton walking home from school we were talking about some boy he kissed and the next thing I knew I was being put into a trunk and when I woke up I was tied up on a plane.

Master- Ok I don’t think that Stacy is going to be a problem. I begin with a pleasure spanking I sit in the chair and tell Jessica to bend over my lap I run my hands over her ass and dip my finger between her legs she is wet. I slap her ass not hard and run my palm over it and I do it again this time I insert my finger in her and slap her again as she groans I take my finger out and begin rubbing her clit as I spank her and she is grasping and moaning so I tell her to cum as I continue to spank her and she does. I put my finger in her again up against her hymen and I think of all the times I did this to Sonya I can’t wait to fuck her. As I rub her ass I see that she has calmed down I ask her how she feels and she says tingly all over I tell her good because that’s what a pleasure spanking feels like. I tell her to go sit on the bed and call Stacy over and bend her over my lap her ass is meatier than Jessica’s and I palm one cheek she as an ass meant for a spanking. I begin the same way only I notice that she is not getting wet when I run my hand between her legs so I ask her what’s wrong when she says she doesn’t know so I hit her harder and I feel wetness on my leg ok so now I know she wants it rough how is she still a virgin I don’t know I reach between her legs and pinch her clit and tell her to cum as she soaks my leg. With the force of her orgasm I hold her as she cries when she calms down I ask her how she feels and she looks at me like she doesn’t know what to say so I remind her that I asked her a question she tells me that she doesn’t know I tell her that she needs to be honest.
Stacy- I don’t know what happened I have never cum that hard in my life I have played with myself in the past but it has never felt like that. I tell him I don’t know, but it was the best orgasm that I have ever had. He asks me in the past what I think about when I play with myself and I tell him that I sometimes think about boys that I like but it doesn’t always work. He asks if I ever think about being spanked and I feel my face heat? I tell him yes and then I realize that I like to be spanked. Master- I realize that this girl maybe a Masochistic and she is cute I know a few of the guys coming to the auction would love her. I tell the girls to kneel I go to the door and call a couple of the male subs they will be helping with teaching these girls how to give blowjobs I tell them. I begin my telling that it is their job to please their Master so I have them kneel in front of each boy and reach up and take their cocks out and begin my licking the head and underside. I tell them to begin by putting it in their mouths Stacy has no problem deep throating the boy is not that big and she has done this before. Jessica’s boy is a little bigger and she can’t take all of it. I tell the boys that they are not allowed to cum and they both say yes Master. I let this go on for a few minutes and I tell the guys to fuck their face.
Stacy- I am getting so wet as this guy begins to fuck my mouth I think I may cum from this. Master- I look over and realize that Stacy is really enjoying this I tap her with my cat and tell her that she is not allowed to cum she shakes her head and keeps on sucking I look at Jessica and tell the boy to be rougher with her he tells me that he is trying not to cum so I tell him that if he cums that I will send him to Liz to be punished. I let this go on for a few more minutes and I tell them to stop I tell the boys that they may leave and I call in one of the female subs and Sonya. I tell them both to each lay down on a bed and open their legs I tell the other girls that they will have to learn how to please their Mistress and Stacy looks like she wants to argue to I tell her to go to Sonya. I tell her that if she wants to cum she will do this and not get on my bad side. Stacy- I can’t believe I must eat a pussy I have never been into girls I look at the girl she is pretty and she doesn’t smell so I guess I can do this I don’t have a choice.
Master- I tell them to begin by licking the lips and around the hole I also tell them to lick the clit and pull back the hood. I look at Sonya and I know that she wants to take over but I tell her it’s about teaching these girls how to give a woman pleasure so she tells Stacy where to lick her. After a few minutes of this I tell Sonya and the girl to fuck their faces and Sonya ask if they can cum and I say yes. Sonya- I grab her by the hair force her face into my pussy I tell the bitch to suck me harder I look up and I see Daddy get a vib and I think that he is going to use it on me I tell him I want her on her back so we switch places and I sit on her face. I begin twisting her nipples and running my hand over her she is pretty Daddy gives me the vib and I put it to her clit I ask if she can cum he says that she must learn how to please me first. I run my hands over her nipples again as I grind my pussy on her face it feels so good I begin twisting her nipples hard and she is squirming and I slap her thigh and tell her to be still has I cum in her mouth drowning her in my juice. I get the vib and hold it to her clit as I pull her lips and twist them she cums hard. Master- I look at Jessica and see that she is really turned on so I tell the other sub to make her cum she gets off the table and bury her face in Jessica’s pussy I twist her nipples and tell her to cum and she does. I thank Sonya and the sub and I tell the girls to clean themselves up after they do this I put them in chastity belts I also give them dildo’s and tell them to practice sucking them. I also tell them that we are done for now. I go into my office and find Sonya curled up sleep on the couch. I turn on the monitor and see the girls talking and looking at the dildo’s I see Stacy is telling Jessica something so I turn on the audio and I hear Jessica telling Stacy that I have a big dick and that they need to learn how to take me and I smile because she is right. I listen for a few more minutes as they talk about learning to relax their throat. Stacy ask about Sonya and Jessica tells her that she fears her and that she Sonya is my girlfriend and how she beat up the girl before her. Stacy tells her that she thinks that Sonya is pretty she tells Jessica that she has never been with a girl before and didn’t think she would like it but she did. The door opens and their food is delivered. I go to my phone and tell my friend that I got a black virgin masochistic he tells me that is coming and is very interested I tell him her price will double and he says fine he is looking for a new toy for him and his wife she wants someone to have babies. I hang up and go to wake up Sonya.

Master D and Sonya
Sonya- Daddy wakes me by sucking on my breast hard I smile I want so bad to be fucked and he knows it. He tells me he knows that I am awake so I sit up. I think he wants to talk. D- I help her sit up and I ask her what did she think of Stacy she says that she likes her and I tell her that she is a masochistic like her and that I will be putting her through the test. I ask how does she feel about that and she tells me that she wants to be there I tell her that I will think about it and maybe she can help but I tell her that Stacy is a virgin so we can’t fuck her. I tell her that on her birthday we will be having a collaring ceremony at which time she will become my wife it will be legal because she was emancipated from her years ago and she will be graduating soon and taking online college courses.

Sonya-I am so happy that he wants to marry me although I didn’t think he would I am okay with submitting to him and I tell him this. He also tells me that only one or two things will change he will be fucking me often and he wants kids and so do I so I can do all kinds of dirty things to them. He also tells me that he may or may not take another slave and I am ok with that and he also says that he will be having sex with other and I know he will be continuing to fuck Master Rob I love it when he fucks other guys and make them take his big dick in their ass. He tells me that I will only fuck people that he tells me to and it won’t be often and I ask about Master-Rob and he tells me he will always be in our lives for both of us to fuck. I know what will happen if I don’t agree and I know that he likes to watch others with me. I ask what about getting oral from other girls and he says that is fine only with the people I can do it with now or when he tells me too. I know my Daddy loves me and I love him I will do anything for him. D- My girl is looking at me with lust in her eyes my dick is hard as a rock I like at the screen and see the two girls talking she looks at me and ask if I want her to take care of my hard on I say no and she looks I tell her that I am saving it for later and that right now I need to go to a meeting I tell her to go talk to the girls and help them with giving blowjobs.
I meet the team to see how everyone is doing. Liz states that her trainees are doing well I also note that she is looking like she is feeling better. I tell them that I think Andre maybe a sadist and he doesn’t realize it yet. Rob tells about two girls. Rob- Both girls are doing okay no whining, but I do have a slight problem Daisy she is so sexual we may not have anyone that can keep up with her she may be better to be in one of the houses for a while she likes being whipped and fucked and has even been with animals and likes it, she is 16 and can take all of me in her pussy and ass. She wants to be used and treated like a sex slave. I look at him as I tell him Sonya would love to play with her maybe we can see what the doctor can do but I do like the house idea. T how’s is going man? T- the girl has agreed to comply she saw the bitch with the black eye thanks to your pint size dynamo I told where she is headed and that one call and she will be one her way also after that she did whatever I told her to and complied. The boy has done everything that I have told him to so no problems with him.
Ann comes in and tells us all is well and that she will be taking Nat with her I ask if she can trust her she says no that why she is only taking her to her house. She says that she is going to let her slave break the seal and I say it’s about time you are letting him get some pussy she says I let him have some all the time he gives the best head I tell her I meant to fuck she knows that I am teasing her. Ann met Eric about five years ago in a club that she was doing a demo in he made millions in the software and security he sold one of his companies. His family tried to run over him and take his money and even threatened him to get it because he is submissive and bi. He began paying Ann 5000 a week to work with him and one day he showed up with a black eye he told her what happened she moved him in with her and they became a couple. When his father tried to have, him commit to get his money she married him. They thought that Ann was a gold digger turns out she had just as much as he did and maybe more she also had friends pay his brother a visit when he tried to force her to give him money. Turns out Eric is also very smart and he is studying law right now. I look at them and tell them that I am holding a collaring ceremony and wedding next week on Sonya’s birthday and Rob says you finally fucking her I tell him yes? I also tell them that there will be a reception afterward it will be held at our house and of course after the food and cake them will be BDSM themed orgy so bring your best slaves or dates.

The Collaring
The ceremony and the collaring where great and after we eat and have cake I tell her to go change and wait upstairs. I get everyone’s attention I tell them that it’s time for tonight’s actives. The doors open on the patio I have setup BDSM equipment around the pool and the hot tub along with my dungeon. I go to Rob and ask if Daisy is ready he tells me that he has her in an upstairs room waiting and the doctor has been putting cream on her to make her snap back along with giving her more fruit to eat and he has her doing Kegel exercises and she hasn’t had sex for a week I tell him thanks I also asked why he didn’t bring anyone he said he knew it was going to be a few single people here and he gives me a wink. I tell my head security guy that I am going upstairs for a while and to watch the guess I ask if my office is locked and he says yes, I know that the control room is watching everyone. I see Aahil and I ask him if the bitch is still alive and he says yes and that she is doing quite well even trying to be top girl I say in a week he says that the threat of being pushed out of a plane will make you comply. I tell him good luck and I ask why he didn’t bring her he says that his family if trying to force him to marry and his future bride wanted to see his dirty side so he brought her I look at him and he tells me that she is a lesbian and wants to get away from her family and she is kinkier than he is and she has used every one of his girls and Kathy is her favorite. I know that in his country being gay is punishable by death so I tell him to enjoy himself and his lady. He also tells me that they need to see my doctor so I tell him to call me next week.
I go upstairs and Sonya is kneeling by the door in a white corset she looks so beautiful as I help her stand. Sonya- I can’t believe that this day is finally here daddy is going to fuck me I am so horny he hasn’t let me masturbate in three days. I know that he is going to be hard and I want him to be. D-I have been waiting a long time for this so I tell her as I begin taking my clothes off. Tonight, we will begin by me taking your virginity and after that we will have some fun I have a surprise waiting for you. I help her out of the corset and I tell her to lay down I start by kissing her as I make my way down to her breast that are so perfect for me. I kiss her stomach that will carry my children as I get to her pussy I rub it and her clit comes out as I lightly bit it and suck it into my mouth I tell her she can cum as much as she wants and then I get to work give my wife pleasure. I lick and suck and nibble on my pussy and she cums twice I know that she is ready to take my dick I am so horny I haven’t had sex in three days. I get the lube and part her legs I look at my beautiful girl and I know that our children will be just as beautiful as their mother. I put the head of my dick in her and I tell her that it will hurt at first as I am pushing my dick into her. Her pussy is killing me I push quickly to break her hymen as she screams I stop to let her get use to me and I feel her getting wetter I look down and I see some blood she tells he its ok to move and I begin to fuck my wife. Sonya- I can’t believe that he is fucking me it feels so good he is so big he is being easy on me and I know it’s because I am a virgin. D- Oh god her pussy is so tight I know that she does those Kegel exercises but she doesn’t need to. Sonya is moaning and telling me to do it hard so I give her what she wants and I feel her cunt squeeze my dick and I lose it and I cum long and hard it was so worth it. I hold her and tell her that I love her and she tells me also. I pull out of her and lick her virgin blood and my cum out of her pussy and she cums again. I pick her up and we go into the shower where I wash her.

After we take our shower I tell her to put on a robe and I lead her across the hall to my other play room when I open the door she sees her surprise. Daisy- I have been waiting here for hours when I see Master D and I think her name is Sonya. Master D- Hi Daisy welcome to our home this is my wife Sonya thank you for waiting so patiently I say as she looks at me I know she wants to know why she is here and I can see the lust in her eyes as she looks at us. I tell her that she was brought here to play with us and that if all goes well we may make some changes that she would greatly benefit from. I tell her to get up and I ask Sonya where she wants her at and she says the cross.
Daisy-I can’t believe they want to play with me they are both good looking and I am so horny after the doctor gave me that stuff and I had to do the exercise they wouldn’t let me have sex. D- this girl has some big breast I wonder if they are real so I touch them they are real. I get some nipple clamps and I suck first one then the other and she is moaning as squirming and she tells me that she is so horny I tell her that she will only cum if I tell her.
Sonya- I can’t wait to have her lick my pussy I have seen her in training she is hot I look at her with my daddy and I know that he can’t wait to fuck her and I want to see that as well I pick up a whip as I swing it to loosen up my arm I also have seen her whipped before I know that she likes it. When she is restrained to the cross daddy tells me not to be too hard on her because I will need her. I swing the whip and strike first her ass and then her thighs she is moaning and groaning. I look at her and she is so aroused I strike her ass again and I look at daddy his dick is hard as a rock I want to watch her suck it so I drop the whip and I go to her and rub my hand over the welts she is so hot and I ask if she wants to cum and she says yes I help her down and I tell her that I want her mouth on my pussy I lay down on the table and her attacks my pussy like a dying woman she is licking and sucking me I grab her by the hair and tell her to slow down she tells me that I taste so good and that she is so horny I as her if she wants daddy to fuck her and says yes! I tell her to beg.
Daisy- Daddy please fuck this horny slut?
D- holy hell this girl really his horny I go stand behind her pussy is so wet I don’t need lube I pull her ass cheeks apart and I look at her pussy as I run my dick back and forth she is begging for it. I put my dick in her and as I tell the girls they may cum as much as they want and I slap her ask as she cums and soaks me. I begin thrust into her and she is thrusting back I slap her again and tell her to be still as I look up and I see Sonya pulling her hair as she cums and the girl goes wild she isn’t missing a drop as her pussy is trying to milk my dick I pull out of her and tell her to clean my dick and she does and I thrust into Sonya hard and fast I tell the girl to sit on Sonya’s face as I fuck my girl she begins to cum again and she is milking my dick and I look up to see that Daisy is also cumming. We all go to clean up as I set clothes out for them to put on. I ask Sonya if she thinks we should take Daisy to the party she says yes, I tell them the rules they are not allowed to have sex with anyone but each other they both say yes daddy! I put on some leathers and we head downstairs to the orgy that is happening.
The first person I see is Rob who is standing with Aahil while watching and woman flog another woman and telling her how she is going to make her lick her pussy. I say to Aahil that must be the misses and he says yes! a woman after his own heart. I look at Rob and ask if he is enjoying himself and he says yes and he has a hook up with one of the guest. I ask to speak to him alone and we go off to the side I ask him what’s up and he looks at me. Rob- I don’t know what to say so I go for the truth and I tell him that I think that our relationship will change because he got married.
D- I look at him as he says this I didn’t think he was jealous we have an on again off relationship we have been fucking for years, so I ask him what he wants and he says that he wants to be with me I tell him he knows that I would love to fuck him and that will never change and I tell him that Sonya feels the same way and once she is pregnant he can fuck her. He leans in and kisses me and I kiss him back it is only two people that I kiss and he is one of them. I tell him to stick around after the party and to use a condom with whoever he is going to be with he tells me that he isn’t seeing the Senator until tomorrow and I ask is it the Bitches father and he says not that one.
We go back to the party and my girl tells me that she was looking for me and I ask her what’s wrong she tells me that some guy was trying to touch her and Daisy I ask her to point him out and I look to see who she is talking about he is still talking to Daisy and she looks at me and I nod. I go over and he looks at me and I ask Ken if there is a problem I can see that he is drunk so I tell him let’s take a walk I walk him to the back by my kitchen to a room I have off to the side Rob is right behind me. I ask him why was he touching my property and he tells me he thought that it was ok and I slap him hard. I tell him that know touches what is mine I also ask him what Daisy told him and he says that she told him she was off limits and I asked him why was he still talking to her he says because she didn’t have a collar on so he thought that she was just telling him that. I look at him and I tell him that I should kill him but I tell him that if its action that he is looking for we can find him some. He otherwise leaves my girl and Daisy alone. He gets up and looks at me he knows that I mean business and he goes to the door I tell him to have some coffee and when he has sobered up I will send a girl to him. I turn to Rob and ask if he thinks Ken will be a problem he tells me no because we have a lot on him.

I go back out and see Daisy and Sonya talking and kissing Rob looks at me and he says that those two seem to be getting along very well. I tell him yes there are and that I may be taking Daisy for a while. I go into the dungeon and I see Ann working Eric over with a whip he is naked tied to the cross. I also see Liz is spanking some boy over a spanking bench. I go outside to that Aahil is fucking a girl while his soon to be wife is sitting on her face hitting her with a riding crop everyone is having a good time I go back to Sonya to find Daisy on her knees sucking her pussy she looks up and smiles at me and I kiss her.

Chapter 13 coming soon

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The Foster Home

The Foster Home Disclaimer: what follows is a work of fantasy. As such, I have chosen to set it in a world where birth control is 100% safe, effective, and available, and all STDs have been eradicated. In the real world, some of the choices these characters make would be extremely risky. Don't behave like them. Michael's jaw dropped as he stared at the naked woman on the bed. He had seen naked women in magazines, but this was his first time in real life, and she was every bit as hot as the professionals in the magazines. Her almost 30...


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A Day In the Woods Chapt 14

Well all - here is the awaited chapter 14. I didnt put down all of the themes this time - I am hoping that this story has a bit more of a following by now and those arent necessary? Anyways ... Chapter 14 Paul returned home later that afternoon. Ray was doing quite well. It would take him a week to recover fully, if not for his lycan abilities it would have taken three weeks. Paul was hoping Jess was doing as well as Ray. He walked into the house and could hear Jess upstairs. He walked up the stairs and...


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PART 1 imagine coming home from a long day at work, you're tired an stressed, everything that could go wrong has including being late for work, your collegue nicking your parking spot, your computer crashed, which made you sent out orders late, an then someone cut you up on your way home from work. you arrive home where i'm waiting, i open the door wearing just my short baby blue silk nightie with white lace trim an matching dressing gown, an a cheeky smile. you look at me an all your stresses from work go an all you can think of...


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Morgan L.

Morgan L Morgan sat in her kitchen now for the first time she began having doubts my god she thought I just spent the night fucking two of my son’s friends I enjoyed the hell out of it, but young guys talk I would not want Terry to find out. I would like to see them again, but this may become difficult when Terry is home. Her phone buzzed bigguy came up she instantly answered, what Morgan didn’t know was her two new fuck buddies were planning a gangbang on her for Saturday night. Saturday morning, she was walking around the...


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Cuck and Wife

She was rather plain looking. Or at least I thought so from afar until I saw her deep green almond shaped eyes. As she came closer I could see her slightly upturned bow shaped lips. Her hair was as black as raven's feathers. She walked right past me into the bar. My eyes followed her incredible rump as she made her way to the bar and sat right next to a very handsome, well-dressed black man. FUCK! I sat a few stools down from her and her companion. The bar was nearly empty but it was 3:30 in the afternoon and...


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It Will Cost You

It’ll Cost You For years my wife and I have joked about “It’ll Cost You.” It is our way of teasing one another. We even do it right in front of the kids. If my wife wants me to mow the lawn or take out the trash I’ll say, “It’ll Cost You” and she will say, “Okay.” Then I reach out and grab her tit giving it a little squeeze or put my hand up her skirt to feel of her panty covered pussy. Occasionally I forget to say it so my wife will say, “What’ll It Cost Me?” Well the...


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The Coven Part 1 - Reed_(1)

Reed “HELP ME SOMEONE HELP PLEASE!!!” a young woman yelled as she was dragged in through the front door by a grinning Jackson. He had her by the neck of her collar as everyone in the bar type area laughed and grinned at the pitiful woman. She was attractive, with dyed blonde hair cut into a messy bob, and huge brown eyes. She was in some sort of uniform, but it was torn up so bad that nobody could make out for sure what it read. She panicked, looking around the room at everyone, hoping for someone to save her. But...


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The Medieval Marine Part Nine(1)

CHAPTER XXXIX The night before had been hard on Marion for she was anxious to get the battle over with. They could hear the women’s cries coming from the enemy camp as they were being raped and it was everything that Luke could do to keep Marion and Gabriel under control. He did this by encouraging Marion to turn her anger and anxiety toward making sure the army was ready to go. The three of them went to every unit and visited with the troops for a little bit. Marion made sure that none of them had any questions of why...


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fanfic Chapter 2 - sorry it's late

By Hana M Brimeck I close the window, close my eyes, turn, fall back, and slid down to the floor. I take a moment to catch my breath until my thoughts are interrupted by a cold shiver. ‘I need a hot shower.’ I say to myself as I finally pick myself off the floor with a groan. I peel off my wet sweater and bra, not like they were doing much to cover me anyways. Taking a moment to touch my breasts cupping them in my hands in a futile attempt to warm them up. My skirt drops to the floor...


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