Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 01

Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 01

Walter has just finished college and is spending one last summer taking care of his weird uncle’s cabin located on Pond Cove, a secluded area surrounded by a government nature preserve. All of the other owners, except one, have been bought out by the government which wants to turn Pond Cove into a frog sanctuary. Walter meets his neighbors for the summer– six sorority sisters who are spending one last summer together.

Things get a little warm... and a little weird... as Walter learns about his submissive side from the hands of some expert teachers.

This story stands on its own, but the storyline will continue in the future. Because this is the first chapter, there is a lot of setup and staging before things get interesting.

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I’m not sure why Uncle Walter won’t sell his cabin and land at Pond Cove. He never comes down here.

Actually he is my mother’s uncle– grandma’s brother– but everyone, even non-relatives, call him “Uncle Walter.” Except, that is, when he isn’t around, then most people call him “Weird Walter.”

My uncle is more than a bit strange.

Walter had once been willing to sell the cabin and land, but that was before my time. There was this big hotel chain that wanted to build a lavish resort at Pond Cove. They offered Uncle Walter a really good price and a yearly two-week vacation at the resort.

Evidently Uncle Walter was really looking forward to two weeks sitting around on the beach ogling sweet young things in their bikinis, but then some government environmentalist found a little green tree frog living in the pond.

The “Pond Cove Green Tree Frog” looks like a regular tree frog to me, but evidently there is something just a little different about it and it can’t be found anywhere else in the world. That put it on the endangered species list and that put the kibosh to the hotel’s– and Uncle Walter’s plans. Grandma says that’s when her brother got

Since then, the federal government has been attempting to buy out the local residents and have been fairly successful at it. There are only two private land owners left at Pond Cove. The feds say they offer “fair market price,” but since, because of the frog, you can’t sell to anyone but the federal government, that price is significantly below what the hotel was willing to pay. There is also a law or regulation or whatever that if the land is vacant for more than eighteen months, the government can claim it under eminent domain as unused land. Then the price is even lower.

That’s how I came to be here every summer in the first place. Uncle Walter used to hire a caretaker each summer to keep the grass mowed and do general maintenance on the property. That’s another clause in the regulations, the property must be “kept up,” or Uncle Sam swoops in and takes it.

Family members work cheaper, I guess, so I have been coming down here since I started high school. This might be my last year, though, because this was my last year of college. I have graduated and have been certified as a teacher. If I take the position I’ve been offered to teach math at the grade school level, I will still have summers off... but I will probably have to take classes over the summer to keep my certifications.

Then again, a lot of teachers have other jobs over the summer and this has been a really nice summer job for me for the past eight years. Uncle Walter pays for satellite TV & internet over the summer. And he has this big tower that brings in cell phone signals from town. Town is about forty miles away and regular cellular service ends about ten miles from here at about the same point as where the road turns to gravel.

I don’t get many visitors here. Actually, I don’t get any visitors here, which is fine with me. I have a little problem dealing with people... adult people... especially adult women people.

I’ve always been that way. My parents even started me in school late in hopes that I would be a little bigger and “be more ready for it.” But I never was. I was never really ready for school and I was always the smallest boy in my class. That led to a lot of teasing and bullying which didn’t help things. I liked school itself. It was the other students I had problems with.

I really like my time alone here at Pond Cove.

I guess I’m a little weird myself, but I prefer to call myself an extreme geek. I know that teaching is going to be hard. But so would anything else. At least I will be primarily dealing with youngsters... except for my fellow teachers... and administrators... and parents. I will make it work somehow, but for now I’m not going to worry about it.

Pond Cove is the absolutely best place for me to spend the summer. If you were looking for the perfect secluded beach, Pond Cove would be it.

It is called Pond Cove because it is both a pond and a cove. Technically, it is a cove because it fills with seawater. If it were truly open to the sea, it might even have been considered a long, thin, bay, but there is a natural stone breakwater across the entire entrance which cuts it off from the ocean– and also keeps it from filling in with sand from the sea. Rains and a small stream provide some of the water for the cove. The rest seeps through the rocks and sand or crashes over the breakwater as waves– especially during storms.

The area in front of the breakwater is shallow and filled with large rocks. There is also supposedly a rock reef out there somewhere and a ton of sting rays hiding in the sand on the bottom. With all that, it would be reckless, if not fatal, to attempt to bring a boat into the cove... or even close to it. Besides, the whole area– including the beach– has signs that say “Federal Property - No Trespassing - Protected Environment” Technically, we are supposed to stay on the area of the beach in front of the property that we own, but all the deeds for the land surrounding the cove give full access rights to the entire cove to all owners. So there’s nothing the government can do, except buy up– or take– the land.

Uncle Walter’s cabin is at the very northern end of the cove. The other remaining cabin is on the very southern end and you have to take a different gravel road around the edge of the government land to get to it. If I am out on the beach, I can see when there are people down there, but it is almost two miles from one tip of the cove to the other, so you can’t see any details.

The owner lives up in New York and almost never comes down to his cabin. He’s as weird– or weirder– than Uncle Walter. The only reason he doesn’t sell his land is that his family has a generations-long distrust of the federal government and, besides, he won’t sell to “a bunch of Yankee carpetbaggers just because of some damn frog.”

He rents his cabin out for the summer to families or college students or whoever through a local real estate agent. The rent is fairly cheap, but they have to mow the grass and do some minor yard work. Usually it ends up being some young family living nearby who wants to get away for a couple of months. This year I heard that it was a bunch of college students who had just graduated from college and wanted one more last summer of fun before starting work.

I didn’t know anything else about them, so I decided to sneak over and get a look at who they were. I have a kayak that I could have used to just paddle across the cove, but I’m not real good at meeting strangers. I needed to work up the nerve to meet them first. Or, at least, I needed to see them and maybe know what to expect.

There is a back trail between the two cabins that cuts across the government land. It is pretty much overgrown, but if you are careful you can get through. It comes out on the beach near the other cabin. When I got to the beach I was about to break through the vines which were covering the opening when I heard a lot of laughing and giggling... FEMALE laughing and giggling. I looked out through the vines and saw four naked girls standing not quite hip deep in the pond, splashing each other with water.

They all appeared to be college age or a little older. Two were brunettes; One was African-American; and the other was a flaming redhead.

I was staring intently at the redhead and her beautiful, bright smile when she said, “Gloria, did you ever expect to be skinny dipping in broad daylight this summer?”

“No, Holly,” one of the brunettes answered, “but I never expected your uncle to let us stay here all summer for free either.”

“This is the perfect place for our sorority final fling,” another voice said. “Three final months together and then we head out into the real world to become prim and proper school teachers.”

“This IS the real world,” Gloria replied sarcastically. “And you will never be prim and proper, Kat.”

“But it’s our own private corner of the real world,” Holly replied.

“Maybe not so private,” came a loud voice from behind me. “We have a Peeping Tom.”

I spun around to see two very large, very naked young women standing directly behind me.

“This... this... this... isn’t what it looks like,” I sputtered. “I was just coming over to say hello and heard all the splashing and giggling.”

“And when you saw we were naked,” the larger of the two women snarled, “you decided to hunker down in the weeds and spy on us!” She was blond, with the fair skin to match, but her face was very red with anger.

“Yes,” I said. “I mean, no... I mean... I didn’t expect to find a bunch of naked women.”

I looked down at the ground and stood there trembling in fear for a moment.

“It surprised me,” I finally stammered out. “I didn’t know what to do. ... I’m not real good with women when they have clothes on, let alone...”

I looked back up at them and said plaintively, “I guess I just froze.”

“Ladies,” the blond yelled, “I think we have found a true twenty-five-year-old virgin.”

“I’m twenty-three,” I muttered.

“Correction,” the other yelled, “a true twenty-three-year-old virgin.”

The other woman was darker-complected, but still had blond hair. I didn’t think it was natural, though, because there was a thin strip of mousey brown hair above her slit. It looked like it was the same color as mine– I mean the hair on my head, not down there. Though, I guess, what little I have down there is the same color as on my head.

“Well?!” the blond said loudly.

I just hung my head and turned red.

“What’s your name?” the bleached blond growled.

“Walter,” I answered. “I’m named after my uncle who owns the other cabin.”

“Hey Gloria,” she yelled out, “this is Weird Walter’s nephew... little Weird Walter.”

“Bring the weird worm over here,” the redhead named Holly yelled back. “I think MY weird uncle would expect me to say hello.”

“You heard her,” the big blonde said, giving me a little push, “let’s go meet the girls.”

“Wait a minute,” the smaller blonde added. “I think we should meet as equals.”

“What do you mean?” I sputtered.

“What she means,” growled the big one, “is shuck down. We’re naked. You get naked. ... Understood?!”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I snapped back, not looking up at her.

“‘Yes, Ma’am,’ he says,” she said with a laugh. “And with his eyes looking at the ground. I think we might have ourselves a sissy boy... or are you just a submissive little slut waiting to find his Mistress?”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I said as I peeled off my shorts and shirt. I wasn’t wearing underwear under the shorts.

“Leave that here,” she ordered. “You can ditch the sandals as soon as we’re onto the sand.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I answered.

A few moments later we were walking across the sand to where the rest of the women were now standing. When we got over to the group, one of them stepped forward. She was about my height– I’m five foot six... OK, five five... if I round up... a lot, but she was at least an inch or maybe two taller than me. Her hair was a dark brown and her eyes matched her hair.

The hair just above her slit was almost black, or maybe it was dark brown and looked black because it was wet from her being in the water. I tried to not stare at her pussy, but I couldn’t meet her eyes and there was no place to look that I wasn’t staring at a naked female crotch.

“Eyes up, Walter,” she said firmly.

I tried. I really tried, but I couldn’t meet her eyes. The best I could do was stare at her breasts. They were smaller than most of the women on the porn sites, but they were natural. I could tell by the way the nipples hung on the front.

“Well, Walter,” she said flatly, “if you can’t bring your eyes up, then take them further down. I want you looking at my feet, not at my cunt or tits while I talk to you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, lowering my eyes so that I was looking at the sand in front of her toes.

“He really is a natural submissive, isn’t he?” she said to her friends, almost laughing.

Then she said firmly to me, “My name is Gloria. I think you should call me Mistress Gloria.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” I repeated.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” she asked almost angrily. “Not Ma’am, Mistress Gloria. You got that?”

“Yes, Mistress Gloria,” I mumbled.

“I want to hear you,” she yelled, and I yelled back, “Yes, Mistress Gloria.”

“And this is Holly,” she said, “You don’t have to call her Mistress.”

I gave Holly a sort of smile.

“And why is that, Holly?!” she snapped.

Holly scampered over and stood next to me facing Gloria. She was standing almost at attention, but her eyes were down at Gloria’s feet as mine were supposed to be. I quickly returned my eyes to Gloria’s feet as holly said, “Because I’m your slave, Mistress Gloria.”

Holy Shit! What had I stumbled into here?

“We were having a little ‘away time’ when you arrived,” Gloria explained cheerily. “But we are back to proper status now... aren’t we girls?”

“Yes, Mistress Gloria,” holly and the other two who had been in the water said together. It sounded like they were used to talking in unison.

The large blond and the not-quite-so-large bleached blond came over and stood on either side of Gloria. If Gloria were actually five seven, then the bleached blond was at least five ten and the natural blond six foot or perhaps a little taller.

Gloria looked back and forth at them and said, “We were friends in grade school and that continued into high school and then on into college. We joined the sorority together and became known as The Three Musketeers on campus.”

“That’s not totally true,” the big blond said. “A lot of people called us those three bitches you don’t want to mess with.”

“Now, Sam,” Gloria said, “let’s not show weird worm our darker side... yet.”

She smile at me and said, “Mistress Samantha has her more... scary... side, but you will warm up to her.”

She snapped her fingers and the black girl scampered over to stand in front of Sam. “Cheryl is Sam’s slave,” Gloria said rather matter-of-factly.

She must have seen the look of surprise... or confusion on my face because she reached out and lifted my face and said, “What’s wrong with that?”

“N... n... nothing,” I answered. “I just didn’t think an African-American would be into this slave and Mistress thing.

“I was adopted as a baby,” cheryl said. “I grew up with a snow-white family in a snow-white town in snow-white Iowa. I’m not African-American. I’m just a black white girl. ... a very submissive black white girl.”

Somehow what she said made sense to me at the time.

Gloria snapped her fingers once again, and the other brunette raced to stand in front of the bleached blond.

“This is Tracy’s slave, puddy tat.” Gloria said with a laugh. Then she said, “Her name is actually Katrina, or Kat, but Tracy watched a lot of cartoons as a kid.”

Puddy tat smiled over at me and waved. Somehow I didn’t have a problem looking at cheryl’s or puddy tat’s faces. I also noticed their bare slits as my eyes went up to their faces and then back to Gloria’s toes. All three girls were totally naked down there. I would find out later that the lack of pussy hair was a sign of their submission to their Mistresses. I would also find out that all three of them had gone through permanent hair removal, so it would never grow back down there.

“I think,” Gloria continued, “that we need to decide how you fit into our little corner of paradise.”

“Maybe we could keep him as a pet,” Sam said with a smirk.

“Mistress?” holly said softly, “I’ve been out in the sun for a long time. May I please get my sunscreen?”

Gloria looked over at me and said, “What about you, worm? It looks like your pasty skin would burn pretty fast. Do you need some sunscreen?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered. Then I startled and said rapidly, “I mean, yes, Mistress Gloria.”

Gloria laughed. “Anxious to please, aren’t we?” she said with a grin. “But Mistress is sufficient if you are speaking directly to me.” She paused and then said, “If we are in public, like at the club, I will tell you when to use the full title.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I answered meekly, wondering what club she might be referring to.

“Well, well, well,” said Sam slowly. “We have two pasty slaves that need sunscreen. I say we go back up to the cabin and have them stand on the porch and put sunscreen on... each other.”

I gasped. Holly just smiled in a weird sort of way.

As we walked the short distance to the cabin, I could feel things stirring “down there.”

Tracy was walking more or less behind me. “Maybe,” she said, “we should have them keep applying the cream until one of them pops. Loser gets ten with a belt.”

“Good idea,” responded Gloria, “but lets break the weird worm in gently. Loser gets twenty with the hand.”

Holly broke step and almost stumbled. I heard her take a deep breath as she hurriedly regained her step.

When we got to the front porch of the cabin. Tracy said loudly, “Puddy tat, go get that old blanket,” and her slave scampered inside for a moment. When she returned she was carrying an old, obviously dirty blanket.

“We sometimes use this to sit on down at the beach when we don’t want to get our asses full of sand,” Sam said. “But SOMEONE left it out in the rain and it got all muddy.”

Cheryl cringed and smiled weakly at her Mistress.

“I haven’t decided on the punishment for that yet,” Sam said ominously. She pointed to holly and then me and indicated that we should stand on the blanket.

“OK,” Gloria said, handing both of us tubes of sunscreen. “You can start wherever you want, but you had better get the whole body covered.”

She laughed and said, “You can’t just rub it in where it will do the most good. If the whole body isn’t covered by the time he... or she... pops, you are the loser.”

Both Holly and I immediately started smearing the sunscreen over the other’s body. I’d never touched a naked woman before and the effect on me was immediate. Little Bill– do all men have names for their pricks? Little Bill was standing straight out in front of me.

Tracy gave a long whistle and said, “Wow! It looks like the weird worm here could get arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. It don’t look like much asleep, but when it wakes up, it’s right impressive.”

I’d never thought of it that way. I knew that I looked small when I wasn’t aroused, but when I’m turned on, I’m about seven inches long and a lot thicker than most of those men on the porn sites. I wanted to say “Thank you,” but I couldn’t get up the nerve to do so.

Holly squatted down and started putting the lotion on my legs. I bent over her and slathered it on her back. I suddenly squealed, however, and stood bolt upright when she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of my penis. She then stood up and began rubbing the sunscreen into my crotch and ass.

“You’ve got a lot of skin yet to cover, holly,” Gloria cautioned, and holly turned me and let me start smearing lotion on her legs and feet while she copied me and started smearing the stuff on my back.

That position put me very close to her naked slit. She was turned on. I could smell her. And there was moisture on her pussy lips that wasn’t from the sunscreen.

As soon as she was finished with my back, she lifted me back up and we both began smearing the thick cream on each other’s fronts. She shuddered slightly as my hands passed over her nipples.

“Close your eyes,” I said as I started applying the sunscreen to her face.

“Close yours,” she replied as she also moved up to my face. I was surprised at how sensitive my ears were when she gently smeared the stuff there. I never thought of my ears as sexual– but then, I’ve never had a naked woman pressed against me rubbing lotion onto them.

We were now both totally covered with sunscreen. “Looks like it’s a race to the finish,” Sam said from behind me.

“But the winner of the race loses,” she added with a laugh.

Holly leaned in closer to me and said, “If we work it right, we can finish together.”

She then poured more lotion on her hand– and mine– and moved down to begin massaging my aching prick.

I may be inexperienced, but I’m not stupid. I began rubbing the lotion into her slit.

“Softer,” she whispered, leaning against me, “and use your fingers gently on the little button at the top.”

I knew the little button at the top was the clitoris, but I didn’t know that it got bigger just like my prick. Well... not just like. It isn’t anywhere near as big, but holly’s little button was definitely stiff and standing out from her body as I ran my fingers around it. I couldn’t look down there with our body’s pressed together, but from what I could feel, it was pretty obvious that it was peeking out more than a little from her slit.

After a while, holly said hoarsely, “Now... harder,” and she began milking my cock with her hand wrapped all the way around it.

I started rubbing her slit and clit hard with my hand.

“I’m going to cum,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Now,” she said sharply in my ear, and I felt my balls pumping cum out onto the ground. I also felt her shudder and shake and scream– loudly– in my ear.

“We have a tie,” Tracy said loudly. “Now what?”

“Well,” Gloria said slowly, but firmly, “since the winner was the one who didn’t cum first and they popped together, I would say that they both lost.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sam said loudly. “I think Gloria should take care of holly, Tracey will do the worm, and I...” staring over at cheryl, “will use a paddle to teach my slave not to forget a blanket out on the beach when it’s going to rain.”

Cheryl somehow paled significantly, or at least turned a slightly lighter shade of dark brown. She stood there trembling, but said nothing.

“Puddy tat!” Tracey yelled. “We need three solid chairs out here from the kitchen. And I would hurry if I were you or we will arrange for a fourth spanking.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” puddy tat yelled as she ran into the house.

Gloria looked over at me and said, “‘Ma’am’ is also acceptable in certain situations.” Then she laughed.

Puddy tat was back very rapidly with two chairs. She set those down and ran back into the house for the third.

“While she is gone,” Sam ordered, “worm and holly will fold up the blanket and set the chairs in a circle.

I’m not sure how we were supposed to set two chairs in a circle, but evidently the idea was that they should all face inward, so as soon as we had the blanket folded, I picked up one of the chairs and holly grabbed the other. She set her chair almost against the cabin wall and I set mine near the edge of the porch more or less facing it, but off to one side. By the time we were done, puddy tat was already back and she set the third chair also near the edge of the porch mirroring mine so that it was like the three chairs were part of a circle.

“What do you think?” Gloria mused aloud. “Should we do this simultaneously or one at a time?”

“Sets of five, going around the circle,” Sam suggested.

Gloria nodded her head. So did Tracey.

“Sets of five it is,” Sam said firmly as she sat down on the chair closest to the cabin.

“But first,” she said loudly, “cheryl, go into the cabin and bring out... ....” cheryl was obviously trembling and Sam drew out the pause to the maximum before saying, “the leather paddle.”

Cheryl let out the breath she had been holding in and said, “Thank you, Mistress Samantha.”

I wondered what she might have been told to bring out since she was grateful that it was “just” the leather paddle. Visions of various paddles and whips I had seen on porn sites flashed through my head. Some of them were definitely much worse than a leather paddle.

Cheryl ran quickly into the house and returned in moments with a short, black, leather paddle that looked somewhat like the sole of a shoe, except that it was very shiny and had a short wooden handle that was also covered in black leather.

Sam patted her legs and cheryl quickly draped herself across her lap with her hips directly over Sam’s right leg. She then stretched out her arms so that she was touching the floor with her fingertips. I noticed that the had her hands formed almost as if she were holding a ball so that her fingertips touched the porch floor in a circle. After her arms were in place, she straightened her legs and lifted them so that only her toes were touching the floor.

Gloria nodded her head slightly and holly assumed a similar position over her lap.

“You see the proper position, worm,” Tracy said flatly. “Think you can copy that?”

I started to let myself down onto her lap when she said loudly, “Whoa there, worm boy! Haven’t you been watching? I’m left-handed.”

I stood back up and looked down at her in confusion until she said angrily, “Other way down on my lap, worm.”

“Oh,” I said and reversed myself so that I was lying across her left leg rather than her right.

As soon as I was against her lap, she gave me a very loud slap to my ass. “That’s for not noticing I was left-handed.”

Her hand slammed down on my ass again. “And that is for not addressing me properly when I told you what to do.”

I started to say “oh” once again, but quickly changed that to, “Thank you, Mistress Tracy.”

She looked over at Gloria and said with a smile, “He can be trained.”

I tried to position myself on her leg like holly and cheryl had done, but it was too painful. My cock was becoming stiff again and if I was in the same position as holly was on Gloria, I was crushing my balls.

Tracey laughed. “I guess boys and girls are a little different,” she said. She then repositioned me so that my ass was over the center of her lap with my cock and balls hanging between her slightly spread legs.

“I think we need to give you a little dangle room,” she said with a smirk. “But I still want those finger tips and toes on the floor all of the time. If you pull up off the floor, the stroke doesn’t count.”

“Yes, Mistress Tracy,” I replied.

She patted my ass lightly and said, “I guess we are ready to begin. Who goes first?”

“I would normally say ‘Ladies first,” Sam said, “but I think we should give that honor to our guest.”

“Count them,” Tracy ordered. “And the correct form is ‘One. Thank you, Ma’am.’”

I nodded my head and tried to prepare for the first blow.

“Unclench your ass!” Tracy said sharply, giving me a light, but sharp, smack on the ass. “You are supposed to just lie there and take it.”

I didn’t say anything. I just tried to relax my ass muscles.

I was still trying to do that when, “Smack!”

It sounded like an explosion to me. I shuddered, trying to keep my fingers and toes on the floor.

“If you don’t count it, it doesn’t count,” Tracy said softly and I forced out, “One. Thank you, Ma’am.”

On “Ma’am” Tracy struck again. If anything this one was louder– and harder– than the first.

“Two. Thank you, Ma’am” I managed to say.

Tracy kept up her pattern of giving the next blow on the word “Ma’am.” I was starting to squirm and working really hard to keep my fingers and toes in place. Then on the fifth stroke, Tracy changed her pattern. She paused for just a moment after the word “Ma’am.”

It wasn’t much of a change, but somehow it really threw off my body... or maybe my mind. I yelped and my fingers and toes all came up off the floor.

“Doesn’t count,” Tracy said firmly.

“Sorry, Mistress Tracy,” I replied.

On “Tracy,” she re-applied the fifth stroke. Even though I didn’t expect it at all, this time I managed to keep my fingers and toes in place. I even managed to say, “Five. Thank you, Ma’am” promptly.

After the fifth spank, Tracy stopped and began rubbing her hand lightly across my flaming rear end. It felt really nice. It still hurt, but her hand somehow made that hurt not hurt so much. Even the hot stinging that was still there was starting to feel nice.

“Smack!” Gloria had evidently started on holly.

“One. Thank you, Ma’am,” holly cried out.

I watched holly for the next four swats. She absolutely just lay there. Her body was almost relaxed. In fact, by the fifth smack, it was almost like she was slowly grinding herself into Mistress Gloria’s leg.

When Gloria had finished, I looked over at Mistress Sam and cheryl. Cheryl was still in correct position across Sam’s leg, but now it looked like she was vibrating slightly in fright. Sam was softly stroking cheryl’s ass.

“Do you know why you are being punished?” Sam asked.

“This stupid slave left a blanket out in the rain and it got dirty,” cheryl answered.

“Do you think twenty swats with a paddle make up for that?” Sam asked softly. “What is the proper punishment?”

“Whatever my Mistress decrees,” cheryl answered.

“What if I said sixty swats? Would that be proper?”

“If that is what my Mistress thinks is proper,” cheryl answered almost tearfully. “But this slave begs for a less severe punishment.”

“Hmmm,” Sam murmured. “Less than sixty... but more than twenty... We shall do forty... in sets of ten. Is that proper?”

Cheryl hung her head low and said, “Yes, Mistress Samantha. ... But please give me permission to wail and cry.”

“Puddy tat,” Sam called out. “You heard your sister slave. She wants to be able to wail and cry. ... Which means someone else has to keep the count.”

Puddy tat hurried over and stood alongside Sam. “I will keep count for my sister slave, Mistress Samantha,” she said. “Do you wish me to speak her thanks for her?”

“No, puddy,” Sam replied. “The count itself is sufficient. Remember it is forty in sets of ten.”

“Yes, Mistress Samantha,” puddy tat replied.

Almost as soon as puddy tat finished speaking, Sam whipped her left hand off of cheryl’s ass and used her right to slam the paddle down on cheryl’s left asscheek. The loud “Smack!” was almost like a rifle shot.

I don’t know how cheryl was able to remain in place. Her whole body twanged like a spring, but somehow the fingers and toes remained in place.

“Ahhhhhh!” cheryl screamed.

“One,” puddy tat counted.

The next blow was on the right asscheek and was just as loud. Cheryl’s wail was also just as loud, but somewhat shriller.

Sam varied the pattern of her strikes. Sometimes she would hit on the left; sometimes on the right; and sometimes squarely in the middle. She also moved up and down on cheryl’s ass. Occasionally she would strike just where the asscheek merged into the leg. Once she even struck lower on the leg itself. I noticed that she was very careful, however, to never go above cheryl’s waist.

By the time puddy tat counted the tenth stroke, cheryl was screaming almost continually. It was a very high-pitched wail which almost sounded like some possessed demon from an old horror film. To my amazement, her body pitched and bucked, but her fingers and toes stayed in place. Her ass looked slightly swollen, but because of her dark skin, it was harder to see the welts the paddle had raised.

I was still watching her quiver on Sam’s lap when Tracy’s hand slammed into my own ass. I yelped, but surprisingly I was able to remain in position and stutter out, “Six. Thank you, Ma’am.”

I started paying attention to where Tracy was striking me. She, too, moved around. Two of the five swats were on the left, two were on the right, and one was in the middle... very low. That final swat in the middle felt almost like it was on the base of my prick, or even on the top of my ball sack. It didn’t hurt any more– or less– than any of the others, but it felt... ... different.

As before, when Tracy finished her five, she rested her right hand on my ass and slowly rubbed the flaming welts caused by her other hand. I found myself making an almost contented noise and she leaned down and said softly, “I think you are a special kind of submissive slut. While we are together this summer, the girls and I just might help you find your hidden, inner self.”

I didn’t know what she meant, but, for some reason, my cock began getting stiff as I tried to figure it out. I was lying there thinking about it when cheryl’s loud scream brought my attention back to the matter at hand– so to speak.

“Eleven,” puddy tat said loudly. Then Sam began raining blows rapidly on cheryl’s ass. Puddy tat could barely keep up with the count. Cheryl was screaming and wailing louder and shriller with each blow.

Finally puddy tat said, “Twenty.”

Cheryl lay across Sam’s lap sobbing and crying. Her ass was starting to swell badly and I could now see hints of red and purple on the raised welts.

“I didn’t think you could do it,” Sam said. “You constantly amaze me with what you can take.”

“I wouldn’t have been able if you had not given me permission to wail, Mistress,” cheryl sobbed out.

“We are half-way through,” Sam said as she very lightly rubbed cheryl’s now very inflamed ass.

I started to prepare myself for the next blow, but when Tracy patted my ass and said, “Relax,” I realized that I was clenching my asscheeks again.

I forced myself to relax and just be open to the next swat.


“Eleven. Thank you, Ma’am.”

There was something different about that swat. It hurt, but not in the same way that the other swats had hurt. It was... .... different.

I tried to relax even more for the next one.


“Twelve. Thank you, Ma’am.”

Again, it hurt, but in a different sort of way. It almost felt good– no, that couldn’t be. It was a spanking. It couldn’t feel good. Spankings were supposed to hurt.


“Thirteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”


“Fourteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”


“Fifteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”

What was going on? The smacks were starting to feel good in a weird sort of way. They still hurt, but they felt... good.

I watched holly very closely as Mistress Gloria spanked her. Holly was squirming on Gloria’s lap, but as strange as it sounds, it looked like she, too, was... enjoying... her spanking.

The loud smack of the leather paddle and cheryl’s screams captured my attention. Cheryl was definitely not enjoying her spanking– or maybe I should call it a beating since it seemed so intense. Even puddy tat was having trouble calling out the count. She was sobbing heavily as she called out, “Twenty-nine,” and had to try several times before she could finally call out, “Thirty.”

I had five more to go. I tried not to think about when or where or how hard. I concentrated on relaxing. What would be, would be. Let the swat happen. Don’t fight it.


“Sixteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”

Yes, it still hurt. But at the same time, it felt sort of good.


“Seventeen. Thank you, Ma’am.”

I took a deep breath. Only three more to go. They didn’t seem to hurt nearly as much, and they were starting to feel even better in a very weird sort of way. I could get through this easily.


“Eighteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”


“Nineteen. Thank you, Ma’am.”

Tracy softly rubbed my flaming ass. “On this last blow, worm,” she said softly, “you may cum.”

I may what?! Then I realized that I was hard... very hard... very, very hard. How was that possible?! I was getting my ass fried and I was turned on.


“Twenty. .... aaahhhaaahhh”

I did it. I came, squirting down between Tracy’s legs. As a small puddle of cum formed on the floor, I took a deep breath and wheezed out, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Tracy just laughed softly and rubbed my ass. “I think you are finding yourself sooner than we thought,” she said softly.

I heard holly count, “Nineteen. Thank you, Ma’am,” and Mistress Gloria said firmly, “You, too, may cum on the twentieth stroke.”


Holly gave a loud cry as she shook and quivered on Gloria’s lap while she kept her hands and toes firmly on the ground. She then took several short, sharp breaths and trembled out “Twenty. Thank you, Ma’am.”

After that, she seemed to collapse on Gloria’s lap, repeating “Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am.”

Gloria laughed as she rubbed holly’s ass and looked over at me with Tracy rubbing mine. She laughed again and said with a smile, “We seem to have a matched pair of pain sluts.”

Sam also laughed, but her laugh sounded much more ominous. “I’ll bet that right now my slave wishes that she was a pain slut rather than just someone who craves pain.” Looking down at cheryl she said cruelly, “You want this, don’t you? But it’s just pain to you, isn’t it? Why do you keep misbehaving and forcing me to punish you?”

“I need it, Mistress,” cheryl wailed. She looked up at Mistress Samantha and added, “And I need it from you. It has to be from you.”

“Ten more,” Sam said and brought the paddle down with another resounding “Smack!”

“Thirty-one,” said puddy tat.

Sam again let loose with a rapid fire stream of swats. Again she was all over cheryl’s ass. Again cheryl screamed loudly and shrilly. Again puddy tat sobbed as she watched her sister slave receive her punishment.

“With every sour there should be sweet,” Gloria said calmly. Then she ordered, “Puddy tat, spread the blanket back out here in the center of the circle.”

Puddy tat scampered to obey, making sure that the cleaner side of the blanket was up. Then Gloria said, “The four of you have our permission to please each other– or yourself– for the next half hour.”

Holly, cheryl, and puddy tat immediately crawled to the center of the blanket. Tracy pushed me slightly and said, “Join them.”

As I got to the center of the blanket, holly pulled me to one side and said, “Cheryl and puddy tat are lovers. I think we should let them please each other on their side of the blanket while you and I get to know each other better on this side.”

I let her pull me further over to the side of the blanket. Then I looked at her and said, “What?”

“Are you really a virgin?” she asked.

When I nodded my head, she smiled and said, “You won’t be for long.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

END OF STORY (For now. Further chapters may follow.)

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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