Laura's story (for women)

Laura's story (for women)

Laura’s Story

My name is Laura. I’ve been working at this law firm for 6 months now. I’m a basic office worker, answering phones and light office work. It’s an easy job, since I go to college 2 nights a week.

My best work friend is Lissette, she’s an older married Puerto Rican woman around 40. She’s so much fun to talk to. She’s so wild, and loves to talk about sex! I think she thinks I’m too innocent since I come from a very religious family. Sometimes I wonder if she’s made it her personal mission to corrupt me!

She is gorgeous! I’ve always envied her style and have started to emulate it however I can. We became friends right away. On breaks, we’d go outside and chat while she would smoke. She smokes in such a sexy, sensuous, classy way, I just can’t explain it!

One day we were outside chatting and I told her how I admired how sexy she looked when she smoked. She said “I’ll teach you if you want”, and offered me a ciggy.

At first I was hesitant, but I was curious and took it. At first I could only take little puffs, but after a couple of days trying it at our lunch breaks, I got the hang of it. I don’t really smoke though, only on breaks with Lissette, and a couple times out at a club with friends. Never around my parents since my Dad once told me only whores smoke.

One time, my boyfriend Chris found a pack in my purse and got so mad! I think he thinks girls that smoke are slutty too, since he’s the jealous type.

I’ve also began to dress more like Lissette. She knows how to dress sexy. We’ve gone shopping after work and she helped me pick out some sexy, but still barely appropriate office outfits. And some not so appropriate ones too!

The lawyers are nice, especially one, Michael. He’s almost 50 I think, but in amazing shape! He rides his bicycle to work and seems to be really into biking. He wears all those racer outfits with the logos on them. Lissette says he’s always checking out my body. She’s very observant of these things, or so she says! She says he’s been checking me out more since I started dressing more sexy. I don’t mind, since he is soooo handsome!

One day on break, Lissette and I were outside smoking and Michael rode up on his bike. He says “good morning ladies” and waves, then says “Laura, I didn’t know you smoke….didn’t think you were the type.” Shyly, I just smiled. I wondered what “the type” is.

I’ve been dating my boyfriend Chris for almost a year. He’s 20, a year younger than me, and I have to admit a little immature. He’s only my second boyfriend. We started having sex soon after we started dating. I told him he was my first even though I did have sex a few times with a boy down the street when I was 15. I don’t really count those, since we were young and didn’t know what we were doing! It’s just a little white lie, I didn’t want him to think I’m a slut!

Once, Chris dropped me off at work. Michael was there and I introduced him. Chris looked like a punk kid dressed in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. The next day, Michael asked me if that was my boyfriend. I said yes, and he laughed and said he’s not who he expected I’d date. He looks like a kid!

I told him he’s pretty much my age. Lissette overheard this and after Michael went back in his office, she says “he’s jealous!”. I just laughed, but I know Lissette is right. I know Michael flirts with me, and am I wrong not to discourage it? I flirt back. It’s harmless. It makes me kind of feel good that an older man lusts after me. I know Chris would be pissed if he knew about it though.


Last Thursday night, I was out with Chris and I was wearing one of the outfits I bought while shopping with Lissette. It was very sexy and skimpy! Chris was getting us drinks at the bar and this guy came up to me trying to talk to me and get my number. When Chris came back, the guy was still trying. Chris got mad and said “why are you talking to my girlfriend bro?”. The guy backed off and walked away, but Chris was still mad. He accused me of dressing too slutty and that’s why it happened! We argued, and I demanded he take me home.

We were silent in the car all the way back to my apartment. When we got there, I had had enough. I told him I didn’t want to be with him anymore, pulled off the promise ring he gave me and threw it at him as I got out and slammed the door. I went inside, cried, and went to bed.


The next morning I went to work. I met Lissette in the parking lot and told her what happened. She hugged me as I cried a little. She says “it’s going to be okay hunny, trust me, there’s so many men out there to date, and experiences to have.” “You’re young and should just date and have fun, you’re too young to get so serious with one guy!”

We go inside and sit at our desks and begin to work. Michael comes in and goes in his office to change from his cycling outfit into a suit as usual. After a few minutes, he comes out to give us some paperwork. I just had a few more tears and he notices as I’m blotting them away with a tissue.

He kneels down next to my chair, puts his hand on my shoulder and says “hey...hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”.

Shyly, I tell him “I broke up with my boyfriend”.

He looks at me reassuringly and says “aww I’m sorry Laura…’s going to be okay, trust me…. why don’t you take the day off, try to do something to get your mind off it?”, as he gently rubs my shoulder.

I say “okay I guess so…....thank you”.

As I start to pack up my purse, he says “hey Laura…. I’m getting together with some friends tonight at the club near my house. Why don’t you join us? You should really get out of the house while you feel this way”.

“Umm…” I say, and out of the corner of my eye I see Lissette gesturing with her hands, like GO...GO, while mouthing the word YES...GO. It seems harmless enough, and I guess I don’t really want to stay at home, so I smile and say “okay...sounds nice”


So after work I go home and start getting ready. I'm feeling a little better, since at least I'm going out and not sitting at home sad. I decide to wear something really sexy, since Chris can't complain anymore. Something I'd wanted to wear, but he said it was too short and revealing. A very skimpy pink club dress with completely open back almost down to my ass, low cut in front, with a deep V showing off my cleavage.

I try it on and notice it's so sheer I can see my pantylines through it. I didn't notice that when I tried it on before! I take off my panties and now it looks fine! No lines. I check myself out in the mirror and I feel sexy and confident. I do notice, though, the dress is so sheer I can see a little dark patch where my pubic hairs are. Hmm...I guess I could shave it.

I go in the shower and shave my punani completely bald! It feels so strange, yet very sexy at the same time! As I'm lathering up the rest of my body, I run my fingers over my now smooth bare mound. OMG it feels so nice, I wish I'd done it always! I slide my finger between my hairless soapy labia, rubbing my now excited clitoris. Wait, I don't have time for this, I have to get ready.

I get out of the shower and try on the dress. Now it’s perfect, I can't see anything through it. It's a little concerning though, how short it is. I really have to watch how I sit or someone will get a show! I finish my makeup and hair and leave to meet Michael and his friends at the club.

I get to the club and park my car. I walk to the entrance and see Michael waiting for me. He greets me with a kiss on the cheek and says "wow! You look gorgeous!"

It feels a little weird, since at work we never greet that way. We go to the entrance and show ID. The bouncer looks at me and the ID a couple times, and says "you just turned 21?"

Shyly, I say "yes a couple months ago." How embarrassing!

Michael and I go in and walk to the bar and he pulls out a high bar-seat for me and I sit, being extra cautious to cross my legs. Thankfully, it’s dimly lit. He orders for me without asking what I want, saying "you have to try this!"

The bartender brings the drinks and I try it. It's so strong! We talk for a few minutes. He stands so close to me, but its okay, it's a little noisy there, so it’s easier to hear him. I can smell his cologne and he smells really good!

Finally, I ask him, "so where are your friends?"

He says, "OH, they canceled!" "So it's just you and me, hope you don't mind!"

I say, "no that's okay." I'm lying though, because I'm really not sure how I feel about it! I bet he tricked me and they were never coming!

We talk a while more and I start to realize a different side of him. He's a really funny guy with a lot of fun stories of things he's done and places he's been! I start to feel more relaxed, especially since I'm on the second of those strong drinks!

I’m still a little shy and nervous though. I decide maybe a cigarette will help too. I take out a ciggy and my lighter. Michael takes the lighter from me and lights my ciggy. Such a gentleman! He doesn’t criticize me about it like Chris would.

I practice smoking just like Lissette does. So sensuous and sexy. I’ve almost perfectly copied her technique now. I’m also feeling sexy and hot in my little dress. I hear a ding from my phone, and look at it. It’s Chris texting me. I really don’t care what he has to say right now, and just put it back in my purse without reading it. I’m feeling so sexy and confident, I don’t want him to kill it for me!

Occasionally, while we’re talking, Michael would put his hand on the small of my back. Just for a second, as if to accentuate what he's saying. I can feel his hand is so rough and masculine, since my back is bare! A few times, he put his hand on my knee just for a second.

After a while, as we talk, he put is hand on the small of my back and kept it there. Slowly and softly rubbing with his fingertips. His hand is so low on my back. Just barely touching my butt cleavage! I want to tell him to stop, but I’m really enjoying the night and his company. I know it will just ruin it. It’s harmless.

He asks me a lot about myself and college. What I’m studying, and such. As we talk and laugh, I keep thinking about how different being out with him is. He’s so attentive, and his casual touching makes me feel older, more mature and sexy.

We've been there almost 3 hours and people are starting to leave. He tells me "I guess it's getting late.”

I look around and say "yes….looks like it.”

He says, "Hey listen...I want to show you some videos I just got back of my last trip to South America...I've never showed anyone and I want you to see them….we can walk to my house, it's just 2 blocks away.”

Shyly, I say, "Um, okay.” I immediately regret what I just said! I can't believe I just agreed to go to his house! I don't know, I feel kind of relaxed now with him, and I trust him. Also, I like his stories and I really don't want to go home.…


We get up to leave, and I get really dizzy suddenly! He sees me almost fall and grabs me around my waist, pulling me close against him. "Are you okay?" he ask?

Embarrassed, I reply "yes I'm okay.”

"Are you sure?" he says, still holding me close.

Nervously I reply "Yes, I'm fine, just got a little dizzy.” I can feel his body against mine. His body feels so lean and muscular! Slowly he releases me and we walk towards the door. I realize how hard it is to walk in 2" heels after just two drinks!

We walk the 2 blocks to his house and as we're about to go in, I ask "is anyone there?"

He says "no, I live alone". I'm really thinking now I must be crazy. This is everything my mom told me never to do!

We go inside and he shows me to the living room and says "have a seat on the couch", "I'll pour you a drink". I sit down and slide off my 2” pumps. I sit and make sure my short dress is covering enough. Damn Laura, what are you getting yourself into?! I think.

He brings me the drink and we talk awhile. I sip my drink as he shows me a couple of videos. Its so beautiful, the scenery! As he's telling me about the trip, he sits close to me and puts his arm on the back of the couch around me but not touching.

Eventually, he asks me, "I know it's personal, but do you want to talk about your breakup?".

"He was too jealous and controlling, and I got sick of it, so I broke up with him". I reply.

"Well you're a very sexy woman, I know I shouldn't be telling you that, but it's true", he says.

"Aww thank you!", I say smiling, his complement makes me blush a little. I feel flattered that he thinks I’m sexy.

"How old is he?" he asks.

"20" I reply.

He laughs, "20!, he knows nothing about how to treat a woman!".

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well, like how to kiss....young guys have no idea" he says.

"I don't know, I liked the way he kissed me", I say.

"Have you kissed many men? Or only boys?" he asks.

", just 2" I say shyly. I notice he's now gently rubbing my bare shoulder while we're talking. I guess the drinks have me feeling a little uninhibited, as the touch of his fingertips make me feel kinda good. I feel flattered that an older, very VERY attractive man is giving me this kind of attention.

"Only men past at least 30 really know now to kiss the way women like" he says.

"I’ll be the judge of that!" I say a little flirtatiously. I can’t believe I just said that! I think the bad habit of flirting with him at work plus having had some strong drinks might have caught up to me.

My fear was realized as he apparently took it as an invitation and leans forward and slowly and gently kisses me on the lips. I'm shocked and every part of my mind tells me to pull away, but the gentleness of the kiss is so sweet and soft. So different than the boys that have aggressively and clumsily kissed me in the past. I find myself instinctively responding with my lips.

He kissed me in a way that made me feel like a treasure he desired more than anything. He looks me in my pretty light green eyes and puts his hand against my face, brushing my dark brown hair over my ear. He kisses me again, this time more passionately, but still gently, like he’s respecting a fine treasure.

He has gorgeous soft lips! He slides his hand down my back and around my slim waist, his fingers sliding inside my dress gently pulling me closer to him. His hands are rough and masculine, but still warm and tender. His lips pressing and slowly opening to guide me to open mine.

Slowly he probes with his tongue just past my lips, unobtrusively. He slowly starts to kiss my chin and down my neck, taking his time. He’s in no hurry. Gently sucking my neck. So softly. The feeling of his mouth on my neck is incredibly erotic! I start to feel a little tingle between my legs, my inner labia and clitoris start to swell with blood! I can't believe I'm full on making out with my boss! This is crazy!

I should stop this. He's old enough to be my father! But the feeling of his mouth softly sucking my neck is the most erotic thing I’ve ever felt! I open my mouth to say "NO, STOP", but nothing comes out. He slides his other hand slowly up my body and over my breast and gently but firmly caresses it through my sheer dress.

He kisses me deeply, sliding his tongue into my mouth deeper this time. I feel another familiar feeling, a little spreading of my labia, as I start to get wet. The lubricant expanding and pushing my swollen inner labia apart.

He slides his fingers inside the deep V of my dress and over my bare breast, my nipple between his fingers. He squeezes it firmly. I can feel the heat of his hand directly on my bare breast. My shoulder string falls off letting my dress fall down, my milky white breasts bare for him to see.

He slowly kisses and sucks down my neck and down my chest to my cleavage. Then slowly kissing his way to my very puffy areola. Gently taking my nipple into his mouth, as before, like a fine treasure. Gently and erotically sucking and nibbling it. Not clumsily like some boy. My nipple protrudes and becomes so sensitive between his lips.

I'm getting really turned on now, I start to breathe a little heavily. I ever so slightly spread my legs hoping to get some relief from the swelling of my labia. He notices this and reaches down and squeezes my thigh just above my knee, pulling my legs apart a little more, then slowly moving his hand up my thigh.

Suddenly, I remember my lack of panties! I really start to seriously consider stopping this. It's just wrong... he's my boss!

I grab his wrist with both hands and say "No No NO, STOP!"... he stops his hand moving any further up my thigh, but continues to gently kiss and suck my neck.

I realize I thought the words in my mind, but nothing came out! All that came out was a little moan! The battle in my head to stop this is slowly losing. My grip relaxes from his wrist and he slides his wrist out of my hands and further up my dress caressing my firm milky smooth inner thigh.

Back down to my other nipple this time. He takes it into his mouth expertly nibbling and sucking it gently. It makes me forget where his hand is momentarily and I spread my legs just a tiny bit more.

He takes it as an invitation to slide his hand all the way up until his fingers touch my bare pantiless pussy. I hold my breath as I feel his fingers touch it. He keeps them there for a few seconds, I guess to see if I protest. I want to, but I can’t even breathe.

He gently presses his thick rough middle finger between my outer labia. His finger starts to glide smoothly up and down between them because of how wet I am.

I hold my breath for what seems like a minute. His middle finger softly probing and sliding up and down between my labia and brushing over my clitoris. How did I let this get so out of control?! Any hope of stopping this is fading fast.

I start breathing again suddenly and let out another little moan. He slides his finger down my inner labia, finds my vaginal opening and slowly slides his middle finger deep into my pussy. His big rough finger hurts a little. It's almost the size of my ex-boyfriend’s dick!

I squeal softly just a little and he stops, to let my vagina relax and get used to his finger. Then he slowly starts to finger fuck me, slowly in and out. It feels amazing! I'm so wet and it doesn't hurt anymore. Just feels like I'm getting fucked!

We French kiss long and deep as he finger fucks me. I can feel myself building up to an orgasm! Sensing I’m getting there, he moves his finger in and out a little faster. I can feel my vagina spasm as it gets close.

Then...he stops. He holds me tight as I catch my breath. He stands up and takes me by the hand and leads me to his bedroom.

I sit on the bed and he pulls my dress up and off. He kisses me and gently pushes me down on my back and lays half on top of me, one knee between my legs. He buries his face in my neck, giving the other side some attention. He pulls off his shirt and I run my fingers over his big hairy chest. So lean and muscular! He’s so sexy!

He reaches down and gently rubs my clit. I'm so wet now! He kisses down my tummy and very slowly down to my smooth shaved mound, then onto my clitoris. His strong hands spread my legs.

He kisses and gently tongues my clit and sucks on my inner thighs. His tongue expertly flicking over my clit and up and down between my inner labia. I know he can taste me, and it makes me crazy. Feeling his tongue and lips on my pussy feels amazing!

He stands up and takes off his trousers. Pulling down his underwear, I see his hard erect penis. It's so thick! Easily twice as thick as Chris’s! Lissette told me that men get thicker when they get older, but I didn’t believe her!

Just the sight of his hard erect dick makes me sooooo horny! He slowly crawls back on top of me between my legs taking both my boobs in his hands, squeezing them and sucking on the nipples. Laying between my spread legs. I grind my bald wet cunt against his hard hiary stomach. I want him so bad now!

He moves up and reaches down, sliding the thick head of his dick up and down between my labia. Getting it nice and wet. He finds my vaginal opening and presses it inside.

My vagina stretches more than it’s ever been, and it hurts! "Ow ow ow" i squeal quietly, a little shyly, pushing against his stomach. He pulls it back out and slides it in just a little. He leaves it there and kisses my neck. Pressing it in a little at a time, then pulling it out.

My vagina starts to relax and he’s able to slide it allllll the way in. It hurts, but I force myself not to complain. I’m embarrassed that he’ll think I’m so inexperienced! He stays just like that as again I hold my breath. The feeling of ecstasy, pain, and anticipation all in one!

After a little while I start to breathe again, the pain subsides a little as my vagina relaxes. He feels this and starts to fuck me slow and deep. My thoughts on. top. of. me...his dick in me...FUCKING ME!!

I feel something I’ve never felt before with a younger boy. I can feel the head of his dick touching my cervix! Every time it touches it, I feel a tingle. When Chris and I had sex, it was nothing like this! After a little while it doesn’t hurt anymore. Just pure pleasure. I feel an orgasm start to build.

He feels my vagina spasm and starts to fuck me harder and faster. I squeal with each thrust digging my nails into his back. My whole body tenses up and I hold my breath and stop squealing as I climax. The spasms racing all over my body, in my pussy, down my thighs, then back up over my ass.

The orgasm ends and he lays on me, kissing me. His still rock hard dick deep in my spasming vagina. He continues to slowly fuck me for a couple of minutes as my vagina recovers. Then he rolls me over on my tummy.

He buries his face in my ass and tongues my pussy from behind. His stubble scratching my ass and inner thighs.

Then he pulls me up by my hips onto my knees and works his dick back into me from behind, all the way in. The feel of his thick rough pubic hair against the delicate skin of my ass and pussy turns me on like crazy, knowing his dick is all the way inside me.

I feel tighter in this position and can really feel his thickness! His pelvis begins to tap my ass sharply, my young firm ass jiggles with each tap. The tightness of my vagina in this position surprises me and the feeling of orgasm starts building again immediately!

He grabs my arm and pulls me up, my back arched. He squeezes my breast with his other hand as his pelvis taps my ass sharp and hard. I cum again, suddenly this time, but it lasts longer. Like one long long orgasm!

He feels my tight vagina spasming, and starts to cum, I feel his strong hands grip my hips pulling me back hard onto his dick. I feel him cum, thrusting his dick deep as he can! His dick pulsing with each discharge of semen. Must have been 4 or 5 pulses!

He finishes and collapses on top of me, we lay and spoon, completely spent. As I lay there in his arms I can’t believe how good it felt! I’ve never been able to cum during sex, but he made me cum so easily. Not just once, but twice!

I lay for awhile in his arms in post coital bliss. Eventually, I realize how late it must be. I whisper “I better go”.

I put my dress and heels back on and go to the bathroom to fix my makeup and wipe off whats left of my lipstick. Then, he walks me back to my car.

He holds me around the waist and kisses me passionately. After many lovely kisses, I finally say “I better go.”

“Okay drive safe”, he whispers in my ear.


I drive away and start thinking about what just happened. Michael…...Michael!...just fucked me! And what else? He did it without a condom! It’s the first time I’ve ever had sex without one. I guess I was too intimidated, shy, turned on, and probably buzzed to ask him to wear one!

As I drive, I’m aware of how strange my vagina feels. It feels a little numb and tingly somehow. I reach down between my legs and feel between my labia. It’s still so wet and creamy! I smell my finger and it smells like ripe pussy mixed with the scent of his semen.

The smell of his semen coming from my vagina is such a strong turn on. The memory of the feeling of his dick pulsing inside me discharging his semen races through my mind. GOD it felt so erotic!

I stop as I begin to think of the reality of my situation. I could get pregnant! I better stop at the store and get something.

I google a 24hr Walgreens and drive to it. I get there and go inside, still wearing my club dress with no panties. And, no doubt, some very sticky inner thighs. I go to the family planning isle and find Plan B One-Step. I take it to the counter and there’s a young man there.

Shyly, I put the box on the counter. He checks out my body, looking me up and down in my sexy dress while he scans the PlanB box. I wonder if he can smell the sex I’m sure is emanating from my fingers and pantiless pussy.

I’m mortified by the thought. I’m sure he has figured out by now, this girl just got FUCKED! I pay for the PlanB and hurry out. I read the directions and take the tiny pill. I hope it works! I’m too young to get pregnant, my mom would kill me!

I go home and go inside, putting my purse down, I decide to check my phone. There’s two texts, one from Chris and one from Michael. I don’t even read Chris’ text and go straight to Michael’s. He just wanted to know if I got home okay. I text him that I did and thanked him for a nice time.

I take a shower and clean myself up. I get into bed and lay there thinking about the evening. Such an unexpected turn! It was definitely the most erotic night of my life! I’m nervous about how things are going to be on Monday!


Monday morning comes, and I struggle to find the right outfit. I feel myself worrying only what Michael will think of it! I decide on a tank top and little pleated miniskirt, with thigh-high hose. A black satin Victoria Secret thong panty under it. I wear a suit jacket, just to make it “office like”.

I drive to work and park. Lissette is parking at the same time and we walk towards the building together. She immediately says …..”Hi Laura!...How are you feeling today? You were pretty upset on Friday”.

“I’m feeling much better, thank you” I reply smiling. We go inside and sit down at our desks. Michael isn’t there yet.

Lissette asks….”Sooooo??…..How was Friday night?????”.

I smile and try not to blush. “It was nice” I say.

Lissette asks “what were his friends like?”.

“Um…...well they didn’t show” I reply.

“You mean it was just you and Michael??” she asks.

“Yes” I reply.

“, what was that like?” she asks.

“It was nice, we talked a lot”. Just then Michael walks in.

“Good morning ladies” he says.

Lissette says “good morning.”

I just smile nervously. Michael looks at me a little longer and smiles as he walks into his office and closes the door. Lissette, being ever so perceptive, notices his look and my shy smile. I look at her and she’s smiling at me like she suspects something.

I smile and say “what??”

She says “oh nothing….”, smiling.

After a few minutes, Michael comes out and gives us some paperwork. He smiles at me and I smile back, our eyes flirtingly watching each other. He goes back in his office and I look at Lissette. Her mouth is now wide open with one hand over it.

She takes her hand off and mouths the words “you had sex with Michael!!!!” She really is incredibly perceptive!

I smile and look at the ceiling innocently. She whispers “you’re telling me everything at lunch!!”

We work on our paperwork all morning. Finally, lunchtime comes and Lissette grabs me by the wrist and drags me towards the door. We walk across the street to the cafe and find a table outside. We both order our salads.

Finally she asks “so???? spill it girl! How did it happen???”

I tell her about how we talked at the club for a couple of hours and how he was touching me flirtingly, and then, that he invited me to his house. I told her about how I was a little buzzed from the drinks he gave me. I told her about the kiss, and how amazing it was. I told her one thing led to another and it just happened!

Then I asked her “remember when you told me about how men get thicker when they’re older?”

She smiles and says “yes”.

I say shyly “you were right”.

She laughed and says “of course! When have I been wrong??” “So???? how did it feel??” she asks.

“It felt amazing!” I told her about how I’ve never had an orgasm during sex and how Michael gave me two of them effortlessly.

She says “I’m so happy for you girl!”, “Forget about Chris. I’m glad you’re exploring your sexuality. Just have fun!” We finish our salads and light our ciggys. We share more girl talk about men and sex. I tell her about how it hurt so much when he put his dick in me. I told her about how sore I was the next day.

She says these things are normal and I’ll get used to his size. I’m glad to have her as a mother figure that I can share these things with. My own mother is so religious, she never taught me anything!

We finish our ciggys, walk back to the office, and get back to our work. Michael is very busy all morning on the phone talking to clients. He finally comes out and asks me to come into his office. I go in and he shuts the door behind me.

He faces me and puts is hands on my waist and looks into my eyes. “I missed you” he says quietly and leans down to gently kiss me. Careful not to disturb my lipstick. I put my arms around him and feel his strong back.

He holds me close and I feel his amazing lean body against me. That, plus the smell of his cologne causes my body to respond! I feel a surge of blood to my vagina. Why does he have this affect on me?!

He kisses my neck and slides his hand down my body to the bottom of my skirt, then kisses his way down my chest and buries his face between my boobs. He slides is hand up the back of my thigh up under my short skirt. His strong rough hand slides over my ass and he gives it a firm squeeze.

He kisses up to my neck again. Pulling me against him, I can feel his bulge pressing against me. I can tell he’s getting hard and it excites me even more!

His hand slides around to the front of my satin panties. He slides two fingers over my pussy, pressing it through my panties. Just then, his phone starts to ring. He ignores it. He pulls my panties to one side and slips his middle finger between my labia. It feels so slick as I’m already very wet.

The phone continues to ring. I whisper in his ear “do you need to get that?”.

He sighs..”yes, I probably need to”. We release our embrace and he turns to go answer the phone.

I walk out and go back to my desk. It’s hard to concentrate after that. I just keep fantasizing about Michael’s finger rubbing my clit. I go to the bathroom to pee. I go in the stall, pull down my panties, and sit on the toilet. I notice the crotch of my satin panties is wet!

God, he got me so turned on! After I pee, I start rubbing my clitoris. My finger slides easily over it. I fantasize about Michael fucking me from behind in the bathroom stall. Orgasm comes quickly and I have some relief from this sexual tension!

I go back to my desk and finish my work. The end of the day comes and we say our goodnights. I don’t work Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I’ll see Lissette and Michael on Wednesday.


Wednesday comes and I’m excited to go to work. I wear a skin tight short white dress with a dark blue blazer over it to make it somewhat work appropriate. I decide to forego panties, as the lines show through the dress. I get to work and see Lissette as we walk up to the building. We comment on each other’s cute outfits and go in and start work.

Michael arrives as usual and we all start the day. Many times, Michael doesn’t close his office door and he faces my desk directly in the other room. I sit and type on my computer as we both work.

I notice he looks at me and we exchange smiles occasionally while he talks on the phone. I know he can see my legs under my desk, so I decide to tease him a little. I spread my legs just a little, so he can see up my dress. I shaved again the night before, so my pussy is smooth and perfect!

I can tell he’s looking down at it, and moves just so he can get a good view of my perfect pussy. I act like I’m doing it by accident, casually opening and closing my legs as I work.

He finishes his phone call, and calls for me to come into his office. I dutifully comply bringing a notepad in with me. I glance at Lissette as I walk, and she gives me a smirk and a knowing look! He closes the door behind us and takes me by the hand and leads me towards his desk.

He stops me facing his desk, removes my blazer, throwing it on the desk, then wraps his strong arms around me from behind. He kisses my neck and whispers, “you smell amazing!”

He nibbles my ear and feels up both my breasts through my dress. Squeezing them firmly. His hand slides down my body to my hip and up under my dress. He feels my firm ass, then slides his hand between my legs. Slipping his middle finger effortlessly between my labia, no panties to get in the way.

I reach back and caress the front of his trousers. I can feel his dick is already hard through his pants! His finger works my pussy into a well lubricated state.

He grabs my wrists and puts my hands on his desk, bending me over. He kneels and pushes my tight dress up over my ass and up to my waist. He buries his face in my ass, his tongue probing between my labia and into my vaginal opening. He licks me so good, I struggle not to squeal and moan. I bite my fingers to stop myself from making a sound.

After a couple of minutes, I start to cum...I reach back and grab his wrist as the orgasm starts. He immediately stops and stands up. I hear him unbuckling his belt and unzipping his trousers. I hear them drop to the floor around his ankles.

Then, I feel the head of his dick sliding up and down between my moist labia, stopping at my vaginal entrance. Slowly, he starts to push it in. It hurts again as my vagina expands to accept his girth, but I think because I’m still a little sore! I reach back with one hand and push back against his firm stomach.

He stops and pulls it almost all the way out, then back in a little further. I bite my finger again to keep from squealing. He pulls me by the hips firmly back onto his dick, sliding it all the way in. Again, I’m surprised by how thick he is! He slides it in and out a few times slowly. Pain and ecstasy at the same time! I try hard to relax, and the pain subsides quicker this time.

He starts to fuck me a little harder and faster. Orgasm comes quickly and shoots up and down my inner thighs. My vagina squeezing his dick hard. I’m amazed how easily he can make me cum! I struggle to stay quiet as he continues to pound my tightened pussy relentlessly. The smack smack smack of his pounding gets a little louder and I worry Lissette can hear it!

I can feel his dick thicken up more than it already is as he nears orgasm. The pulsing starts and I know he’s filling me with semen once again. He grunts slightly with each pulse. He finishes, pulls out and hurries to pull up his pants and buckle his belt. I pull my dress back down and turn around. He holds me around my waist and pulls me in for a gentle kiss, just enough to not mess up my lipstick.

I tell him I better go back to my desk or others will wonder and he agrees. I leave his office and go straight to the restroom. In the stall, I pull up my dress just as I feel my vagina discharge. A little farting sound and I see loads of his semen dripping out of my vagina and down my inner thighs. I get some toilet paper and do my best to clean myself up.

I go back to my desk and relieved to find Lissette busy on the phone. She finishes her call then takes out a cigarette standing up, she says to me “take a break?”

I definitely need a ciggy now, so we go outside. As we smoke and chat, she doesn’t seem to suspect a thing! As we chat I’m keenly aware of how my vagina feels. That little sore, moist, tingly “just got fucked” feeling. I get horny a little just thinking about it!


I’m off on Thursday and Friday is a holiday, so I won’t be back at work until Monday! My friend Lindsay, who I went to highschool with, has been chatting for weeks with this Cuban guy she met online. He lives in Key West. She’s been begging me to go down there with her so she can meet him. We finally agreed to drive down this weekend. His father has a boat and will take us out on it.

Michael calls me Wednesday night and we talk for over an hour. He has a business trip this weekend to Dallas and asks me to go with him. I tell him I’d love to, but I already told Lindsay I’d go with her to Key West! He tells me it’s okay, and that I should go with Lindsay since I told her I would already. He’s so understanding and trusting! Chris would never allow me to go somewhere like that alone!

Friday morning comes and I meet Lindsay and we start the drive down to Key West. We plan on staying at a motel, then meet Jose Saturday morning to go out on his father’s boat.

During the drive, we catch up. I tell her about breaking up with Chris and that I just started dating this guy named Michael. I don’t tell her his age and the fact that he’s my boss!

We get to Key West, have dinner, and check into the motel. I take a shower and relax a while, then go to bed. Laying there, I fantasize about Michael being on top of me. The feel of his lean hairy muscular body. I begin to touch myself. Imagining Michael’s thick penis inside me. I enjoy a nice orgasm and fall right to sleep.

The next morning we get ready to go meet Jose. I wear a little yellow string bikini with a thong bottom. One Lissette picked out for me when we were shopping together. It’s so tiny, I also bring a sheer white beach tunic to cover it. Although you can still see my bare ass and body through it!

I also bring a bag with everything I need such as sunscreen and a little sundress just in case. Lindsay is so excited to meet Jose, she can’t contain herself! I hope I’m not too bored as a third wheel!

We walk down to the marina to meet Jose. He’s there and Lindsay and Jose finally meet. They are all smiles and hugs as they finally meet for the first time. She introduces me and he shakes my hand. He seems nice and sweet and friendly!

Jose says his father, Rolando, is waiting on his boat for us. We walk down the pier to the boat. Rolando waves and smiles as we approach. He’s definitely not what I expected! He’s a shirtless very very VERY fit, dark tanned Cuban man about 40, with somewhat curly wild black hair. He’s gorgeous!

Jose and Lindsay step onto the boat as Jose introduces his father. “This is my dad Rolando, he doesn’t speak much English.” I’m last to board and Rolando offers his hand to help me onboard and smiles checking out my body. I take his hand and gingerly step onto the boat.

Jose sees this and laughs “Hahaha you gotta watch this guy!….I’m warning you he’s a ladies man!” Lindsay and I laugh as we look for a place to sit. We all sit and Rolando stands at the helm, starts the boat and begins to leave the marina.

I take off my tunic and Lindsay and I start putting on lotion. As we cruise along, Jose points out all the sights to us. “If you guys want, you can tan on the bow, there’s a pad to lay on” Jose says. Lindsay and I go up to the bow and lay on our tummies.

I glance back and see Jose and his dad exchanging smiles, as if it’s not every day they have two very hot white girls in thong bikinis on the boat. Lindsay takes off her bikini top. I do the same as we lay so we don’t get tan lines.

After about 15 minutes, Lindsey turns over on her back, topless. She looks at me as I look a little shocked. “C’mon Laura, everyone goes topless down here!”

What the hell...I turn over and let my very milky white boobs enjoy the sun for the first time….probably ever! I lay on my back and glance at the guys and see even bigger smiles!

Another 15 minutes and I see we’re headed for a dock. Jose says “we’ll dock near Duval Street and walk downtown so we can walk around and then get some lunch.” Lindsay and I put our bikini tops back on and our tunics as we approach the dock.

After docking, Jose offers Lindsay his hand to help her off the boat and Rolando offers me his. We start walking down Duval Street seeing the sights. I’m feeling sexy in my little bikini, but glad I’m covered at least a little by my sheer tunic.

Jose and Lindsay walk ahead, and Rolando and I trail behind. We look in some shops, all full of tourist stuff. As we walk, Jose and Lindsay start holding hands. They really seem to be hitting it off! I notice Rolando always walks and stays right next to me. I think he wants to make sure I don’t feel like a third wheel. Very sweet! I did catch him checking out my ass a couple times! I don’t mind since I can’t say I’m not attracted to him. He has such an amazing body!

Finally it’s lunch time and we stop at an outdoor cafe and find a table. Rolando pulls out a chair for me, and I sit. He sits next to me.

Mostly Jose and Lindsay talk to each other. I feel bad for Rolando, and I start asking him to tell me what some words are in Spanish. After we eat, I feel like having a ciggy. I take one out and light it. Lindsay says “Laura! Since when do you smoke?”

“I don’t really smoke much… just socially”, I reply. We talk some more. Jose and Lindsay are getting closer. I see some flirty touching going on!

I smoke my ciggy in the sexy way just like Lissette taught me. I notice Rolando watching me. He says something in Spanish to Jose. Jose laughs.

I smile and say “what??”.

“He says you’re a very sexy woman” Jose replies.

“Gracias.” I say smiling at Rolando shyly.

Jose laughs, “I told you he’s a lady’s man!”

There was a time not too long ago, when something like that would make me feel really uncomfortable. I guess I’m changing. I’m beginning to crave men’s attention, and feel sexy when they appreciate my body. It makes me feel flattered, sexy and boosts my confidence when I get a complement like that from a man.

We decide to walk some more and see a few more of the shops and tourist traps. We spend the rest of the day walking and looking around. Every time we enter a shop, Rolando opens the door for me. He’s such a gentleman!

We look around in the shops, and I find a cute tank top that says Key West on it. I decide to buy it. I take it to the counter and Rolando follows me. He insists on buying it for me. So sweet!

The sun will start to set soon, we head back to the boat. Jose invites us to have dinner at their house. They have some Cuban food. It sounds nice and we agree. Rolando starts the boat and starts driving it back to the marina where their house is. Jose and Lindsay sit on the bow. On the way, I notice they begin to kiss and make out!

We get back to their house and dock the boat. Its now gotten dark and we go inside. Jose and Rolando cook us dinner as Lindsay and I chat. “You guys are really hitting it off!” I say.

Lindsay smiles and says “yes, I really like him”.

We have dinner and Jose and Lindsay go out to the deck looking out over the water. It’s dark out there, but I can faintly see they are making out heavily.

I’m feeling sweaty and dirty from walking around all day in the heat. I somehow manage to ask Rolando in the very little Spanish I know if I can take a shower. He says si si,...and shows me where it is and gives me a towel.

I take my bag in the bathroom, take off my bikini and get in the shower. I enjoy a nice shower, it feels so good to be clean and fresh! I get out and towel myself off. I think about putting my bikini back on but don’t want to put something dirty back on my clean body.

I decide just to wear my sun dress I brought with nothing under. I look in the mirror and admire my body. I look so cute and sexy in that dress!

I go back in the living room and Rolando sees me in my cute sundress and says “que bonita” and smiles.

“Gracias” I reply.

He’s still shirtless, I guess people don’t wear a lot of clothes down here! I look around and out on the deck but don’t see Jose and Lindsay anymore. I sit on the couch and Rolando sits next to me. He gets out some picture albums and shows me some pictures, trying to somewhat explain what they are.

There are many pictures of him in the gym. Apparently he does a lot of weight lifting. There’s also a few of him

in competitions. That explains the hot body! As we look at the pictures, he flexes his arm and says “touch touch”. I put my hand on his bicep and squeeze it. It’s rock hard! My little hand seems so small in comparison!

He sits close to me and I notice he smells really good. I wonder what cologne he’s wearing. As I look at the pictures, he puts his arm around me over the back of the couch. His fingertips brushing softly over my shoulder. His touch gives me a warm feeling.

When I was younger, a man’s touch would freak me out. It used to make me very nervous. Somehow things have changed. I enjoy a man’s touch. Even one I just met! His touch makes me feel sexy and desired. Is this what Lissette was talking about when she told me about mature sexuality?

We sit and talk. He tries to teach me some more words in Spanish.

I become aware of some sounds coming from upstairs. Someone moaning. Just a couple of times. I look at Rolando and he also looks perplexed. We go back to learning Spanish.

A few more moans come from upstairs. Also, some rhythmic squeaking. We both realize at the same time what it is. Jose and Lindsay are having sex! I cover my mouth and gasp a little. Rolando smiles and laughs. We try to ignore it and go back to our Spanish lesson.

The moaning and bed squeaking gets a little louder. I start feeling a little horny listening to the sounds Jose and Lindsay are making. Plus because of the very sexy man sitting next to me!

Rolando gently pulls me closer to him. Then, he leans over and begins to kiss my cheek just in front of my ear. I don’t even want to pull away. He’s so sexy. I’d wanted him to make a move on me since earlier in the day!

The sounds of sex coming from upstairs continues. I hear Lindsay squeal loudly over and over. Jose must be really giving it to her good! The sounds, plus Rolando kissing my cheek and ear start to get me hot, my vagina responds predictably. My labia and clit begin to swell.

He brushes my long dark hair away from my neck and moves from my ear down to the back of my neck. He kisses and gently sucks on it. He slides his other hand between my legs and begins to caress my thigh. His hand is so strong and rough from all the weight lifting.

He firmly squeezes my inner thigh. His hand so close to my bare pussy drives me crazy with lust. I look over at his shorts. They’re so tight I can see the outline of his penis bulging through them. I put my hand on his bulge and can feel the shape of his very firm dick.

Feeling this, he immediately goes for my pussy, as I spread my legs just enough to allow him. He starts rubbing it with two fingers, All over between my labia and over my clitoris. “Ohhhhh” I moan quietly.

The sounds from upstairs change. I can hear a faint slapping sound. I picture Lindsay getting fucked from behind.

Rolando kisses along my cheek on onto my lips. I respond to his kiss with my mouth open enough for him to slide his tongue inside. He slides his rough middle finger deep in my vagina. I’m so wet it doesn’t even hurt!

I think for a second about Michael and feel a little guilty. We’ve only had sex a couple of times though and only one date. He never asked me to be his girlfriend. I don’t owe him any fidelity. I mean, for all I know, he’s with a woman right now in Dallas!

The thoughts fade as Rolando fingers me faster, kissing me deeply and passionately. He stops and pulls out his finger. He kneels down in front of me and buries his face between my thighs, kissing them. He pushes up my sundress, his hands on the sides of my hips and up under my ass. He pulls my ass to the edge of the couch.

I’m a little amused by how aggressively he’s going right for what he wants! I spread my long legs wide and he see’s my hairless pussy. “Ey que perfecto!”, he whispers slowly. He goes right in and runs his tongue from just above my asshole all they way up to my clitoris.

The sudden ecstasy makes me close my legs around his face. He grabs my legs and forces them open wide. He tongues and licks with such passion. He’s a real pussyman! It feels amazing! I’ve never been eaten like this before!

The sounds from upstairs have stopped, but I hardly notice. We’re making sounds of our own! I moan as he eats me, but trying not to be loud. He flicks his tongue over my clit fast. I can feel an orgasm building immediately. I put my hand on his forehead and try to push his face away from my vagina. I hold my breath and try to close my legs, but he’s so strong I can’t even move them.

He flicks his tongue on my clit relentlessly. I cum hard. He sees me cumming and stops licking. He puts his thumb on my clitoris and presses. It intensifies and extends my orgasm! My body twitches as the orgasm shoots up and down my body. Into my inner thighs and back deep in my vagina. It’s one of the most intense I’ve ever had!

I relax and lay there, exhausted as he kisses my inner thighs and over my bald mound. Then he slides his arms under my body to pick me up. I have a feeling he’s not nearly done with me! He picks me up effortlessly. I weigh 125 lbs, but he picks me up like I weigh nothing!

He carries me to a bedroom that adjoins the living room and kicks the door closed behind him. The room is dimly lit and he lays me on the bed. He pulls off his shorts and I see his dick for the first time. It looks different. I realize he’s uncircumcised! I’ve never seen one before. It’s so erect it’s pointing almost straight up! It’s thick, but not quite as thick as Michael’s.

I lay on my back and pull off my sundress. He lays down next to me and runs his hand over my smooth body. He whispers something in Spanish in my ear but I don’t know what he’s saying. He takes my hand and puts it on his hard thick dick. I take it in my hand and start stroking it. It’s so hard! I can feel the foreskin sliding up and down the shaft.

He whispers in my ear “yes babby” in his thick Cuban accent. He turns my hips so I’m facing away from him, spooning me. He reaches around and caresses my breasts firmly yet gently. My puffy nipples between his fingers. The feel of his strong weightlifter hands squeezing my delicate breasts turns me on tremendously.

He reaches down and slides his hand under my thigh. He lifts it up and shoves one knee between my legs, holding them open. He reaches down and maneuvers his dick between my legs, finds my vagina, and presses the head right against the opening.

I arch my back and press my ass back against him. His dick slips effortlessly into my pussy all the way to the hilt. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck!” I gasp as I’m caught off guard at how good it feels! I think I’m the wettest I’ve ever been!

He starts to fuck me in short little taps, squeezing my tits. I squeak a little with each thrust. His dick feels amazing! Spank spank spank as his pelvis taps my firm young ass, just quick little taps. His core strength is evident! I arch my back more and feel his dick hit my cervix.

This immediately causes me to cum! Just a quick intense one, deep in my vagina. I squeal a little kinda loudly. He stops for a minute, kisses my neck nibbles my ear to let my vagina recover. Then, he pushes me onto my stomach and lays on top of me. I feel his weight. His amazingly toned body on top of me, his rock hard dick still deep inside me.

He continues to fuck me steadily and rhythmicly. I press my ass up against him, allowing his dick to penetrate me deep. He’s so strong! He pushes his body up off of me. His pelvis pressed firmly against my ass. His dick deep inside. He begins to pound my ass hard. I reach back and put my hand on his stomach.

It hurts a little as his dick slams against my cervix, but somehow the pain intensifies the pleasure! I’m laying face down on the bed, my face turned towards the closed door. I grip the sheets tightly as Rolando pounds me. Suddenly to my horror I see the doorknob start to turn!

The door opens slightly and I see Lindsay and Jose peek in! Lindsay gasps and puts her hand over her mouth. “They’re fucking!” she half whispers. I hear them both giggle as they close the door. I’m embarrassed for a second but all I can think about is Rolando’s thick dick pounding my pussy.

Rolando doesn’t even notice or care they peeked in. I hear him grunt and intensify his thrusts. I think he’s going to cum! He speaks, saying something in Spanish, then in a thick accent “cum for me babby, cum for me!” He pounds me hard.

Somehow my vagina responds to his demand and starts to spasm! It quickly builds and I squeal as the orgasm peaks. At the same time I hear him moaning and grunting with each thrust, faster and faster! He suddenly pulls out and sprays semen all over my ass and lower back.

I feel several spurts. He finishes and smears the hot semen all over my ass with his dick. He collapses next to me and rubs my back sensuously. I’m in total bliss! I just lay there enjoying his massage.

After a while, I get up and go in the attached bathroom, get some toilet paper and clean the semen off my ass and back. I put my sundress back on and we leave the bedroom. Lindsay and Jose are on the couch and turn to look at us.

They smile, but say nothing. I stand there for a second a little embarrassed. Jose gets up and goes with his dad to the kitchen. I sit on the couch with Lindsay. She smiles again and says “looks like you had fun!”. I reply “sounded like you did too!”, we giggle.

I hear Jose and Rolando high fiveing each other in the kitchen. Lindsay and I smirk and roll our eyes at each other. I think to myself how amusing it is. A father and son bonding over fucking two hot young college girls!

We sit and chat for awhile and have some icecream. Lindsay and I discuss driving home. It’s gotten late though. Jose suggests we stay the night. Lindsay is eager to accept. I know she’s not ready to leave Jose. We don’t have toiletries, but Jose tells us they have extra for us. I relent and agree to stay. Have to admit, I’d love to spend some more time with Rolando.

We talk a bit longer, then Jose and Lindsay go upstairs to bed. I go in the bedroom’s bathroom and brush my teeth with a new toothbrush they gave me. I realize I still don’t have any extra panties, so I decide to just sleep naked. I go out of the bathroom buck naked and Rolando is waiting for me in bed. He’s already showered and fresh.

He gazes on my naked body and gives me a look like he likes what he sees. I climb into bed under the sheets and into his strong arms. He caresses me and runs his hands all over my smooth naked body. I return the favor feeling all over his cut abs, chest, and back. His body feels amazing!

We start to make out passionately. I reach down and feel his dick through his underwear. I can feel he’s already hard again! I want him to fuck me again but I worry I’ll be sore. I slide down and pull off his underwear. I take his dick in my hand and stroke him. He closes his eyes enjoying my small hand stoking him.

I lean down and gently kiss the head of his dick. I see a little precum on the tip. I lick it off and run my tongue all over it. Slowly, I take it in my mouth. It’s so thick I have to open my mouth wide to get it in! Last blowjob I gave was with Chris’!

I take it in as deep as I can, but I can’t take it all, I gag a little. I sensuously blow him, slowly sliding his dick in and out of my mouth. My lips around his shaft. Being careful with my teeth. It tastes so good. He moans and says “yes babby” in his sexy accent. It’s such a turn on!

He stops me and takes my wrist. Gently pulling me up on top of him. I straddle him and lay on top and we kiss passionately. His body is so dark tanned and toned. He’s so sexy! I press my clitoris against his hard dick, still wet with my saliva. I start to grind on it. Grinding my clit against his hard shaft.

I sit up still straddling him. I brush my long hair out of my face and move my hips forward and back sliding my cunt over his shaft. He puts his hand under my ass and pushes me up a little so he can maneuver his dick into my pussy. I move up onto my knees and he puts the head of his dick against the opening. I slowly sit down onto his dick. It slides in smoothly.

I feel kind of a deep soreness, but it’s okay since I’m in control. I slide all the way down, his dick deep inside me. I look down, and see my pale bald cunt right against his thick black pubic hair. I put my hands on his abs and start to grind forward and back. It’s sore, but feels good.

He reaches up and squeezes my tits. I brush my hair out of my face again then hold his forearms to steady myself. I begin to ride him, slowly moving up and down on his dick. I look down and can see I’ve creamed all over his shaft. GOD he makes me so fucking wet! Especially when he squeezes my tits like that!

He slides his hands down to my slim waist. His hands are so strong and big! He grips my waist tight and begins to thrust his pelvis up. He’s so strong it’s like my weight on top of him is nothing. He starts to bounce me up and down on his dick. Suddenly he’s in control again.

His strong abs so defined as he thrusts his pelvis upwards. The feel of his thick black pubic hair against my delicate hairless labia drives me wild. My vagina tightens around his shaft as he bounces me. I start to cum, letting out little high pitched squeaks. I hold my breath and stop squeaking as the orgasm peaks.

He stops and reaches down and puts his thumb on my clitoris like before and presses. My orgasm peaks and peaks over and over! Where did he learn to do that!!?? Finally it stops. I look down and see so much more cream! I’ve creamed all over his pubic hair! I realize I’ve started to produce so much more of this white creamy stuff. When I was younger, I didn’t notice it so much. Maybe my hormones are changing?

He sits up and puts his arm around me. He lifts me up effortlessly and lays me back down on my back. He lays on top of me between my spread legs. His face buried between my pale milky boobs. He kisses my cleavage and sucks my puffy nipples. Biting and squeezing gently.

Then he goes down on me. Right to my still very creamy pussy. He really knows what he likes! He spends a lot of time down there. Licking and sucking my clit and labia. I never imagined a man would love to eat pussy so much! I don’t mind at all though because it feels amazing!

I almost cum a couple of times, but it’s getting harder to cum since I’ve cum so many times already tonight, I’ve lost count! He slides up and kisses me. His mouth tastes like my vagina. I don’t mind anymore as I’ve gotten used to it. I can feel him moving his hips maneuvering the head of his dick between my labia.

Without reaching down, he slides it around between my labia searching for my vagina. I reach down and help him find the opening. He feels it and slides his dick in.

He fucks me slowly and sensuously. Kissing and sucking on my neck. I run my hands over his back and down to his ass. I give it a little squeeze. It’s so tight and muscular! Running my hands back up along his sides. I can feel his muscles so defined and cut.

He raises up his torso and starts to pound me sharp and hard. I put my hands on his stomach and feel his defined abs. The feel of them excites me and an orgasm starts to build. I make some high pitched squeaks as he effortlessly brings me to orgasm one last time.

He pulls out and strokes his dick. He moans in pleasure as he cums, his warm semen spurts all over my pussy, stomach and boobs. So much semen! Chris would never make so much. Of course, I never saw it since it was always in a condom.

I get up, go in the bathroom, and clean myself up. I come out and get into bed, Rolando spoons me and gives me many more sweet kisses. Laying there in his arms, I realize I’ve never actually “slept” the night with a man before. It feels nice. I wonder if this is what being married feels like. I drift off to sleep in his arms.

I awake and notice the sun is coming up. Still naked in Rolando’s arms. It feels so nice. I just want to lay there all day, but I realize we need to get home. I get up and put on my sun dress. I look at Rolando as he stirs. We smile at each other.

I go out into the living room. Lindsay is there in the kitchen making some coffee. “Good morning” we say sleepily. “Glad you’re making coffee”, “where’s Jose?” I ask. “He’s in the shower” she says. She smiles and whispers “did you do it again?”. “Yes”, I whisper shyly. “Did you?” “Yes” she whispers, smiling...we giggle.

We have breakfast and get ready to leave and go home. The guys hold us tight and give us lots of sweet kisses. Lindsay and Jose make plans to see each other again in a couple of weeks. After many more sweet kisses, we tear ourselves away from the g

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The Maintenance Man 2

The Maintenance Man 2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark awoke the next day to a strange feeling, his cock was being bathed in a warm, wet, suction feeling, it felt wonderful unlike anything he had ever felt. Then suddenly he had a feeling not unlike having to having to take a piss Then he felt as is he was pumping pee out but not quite it had a more wonderful feeling than that then as suddenly as it started it was gone. Not thinking too much on it as he thought it was a dream he drifted back deeper into sleep. Stirring awake a...


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Soaked through

This is my first story; it’s a true story from a few years ago. Please feel free to give me your comments and you enjoy it as much as I did!! I knew she wouldn’t be happy that I didn’t go and collect her as it was raining so heavy but I was really busy in the house that I’d lost track of the time, anyway she had turned 16 the day before so she wanted her ‘Independence’. My name is Chris and I'm 24 and I'm the official guardian of Debbie, whose mum was travelling the world apparently ‘finding herself’...


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The Demons Harem Part One: The gathering

We're going to teach you all sorts of new things The ugly brute chuckled as he grabbed one of the the girls arms and pushed her into the cell. She stumbled onto the dirt floor as he swung the rusting metal gate shut, slamming it against the bars, rattling the cage like prison.They knew this day was coming. All the girls in the nearby villages are raised in a hushed fear that they will one day be taken away from their families and forced into slavery. Another guard spit into the cage, falling at one of the girls feet. Her lips...


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Naruto's Leaf Village Adventures!

It was a peaceful springtime in the leaf village, Orochimaru was unusually quiet, the other villages, sent the occasional message that everything was fine and no help was needed. At this point though, just like Rock Lee and Might Guy would say, these kids are in the springtime of their youth! Love! And passion are the roads to adulthood! This was one of the most truthful quotes spoken by Might Guy, and it depicted exactly what was going on in the leaf village at that time... Just after a mission, on the outskirts of the leaf village, in a cosy inn...


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New Horizons

Really hard being a boy at fifteen. Not yet a man but light-years from childhood. No money to speak of – the occasional weekend shift at McDonalds barely keeps me in gum. No car, too much homework and worse – no regular girlfriend and that’s what I want to talk to you about. Sure, a few of the girls in my class are cool. Sandra has a good head on her shoulders but that’s the problem, I hear she gives pretty good head too. Jackie’s all innocence – least that’s the image she likes to put across. It’s kind of a...


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Family Affair - ch 3

So, there I was, sitting at the breakfast table naked, as Mom had requested, eating my cereal. With her mug of coffee, Mom came and sat down at the table. As she stepped to the table, her cotton house dress did nothing to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing a bra, her tits swaying as she took the few steps to the table. When she sat down opposite me the its top, with the first three buttons undone, gaped open to reveal a glimpse of her tits as they hung there, invitingly. Just seeing that sight made me begin to...


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