A Little Black Magic Chapter 1

A Little Black Magic Chapter 1

Chapter 1

This is my story… No. This is my confession. I’m not sure if what I did was a crime but it was certainly against nature. My last year in college and in fact the last few weeks until I was going to be ceremoniously shoved into the working world. I stood in the bathroom that accompanied my bedroom exploring my own body in the mirror. The thick lenses of my glasses made my eyes large under the wavy mess of black hair. My skin was pale from spending days in libraries or behind computers. The slight curve of my spine made me look depressed but it was also a consequence of too many nights with my nose in books. I was overly thin and my arms and legs looked stretched. The only part of my body that I felt content with was my penis, the thick long member slanted to the right and touched my thigh. The flesh that concealed the tip was often stretched revealing the tip of the cherry-red tip.

“Fuck you nerd!” I said to my reflection as I stroked my cock.

My parents were very well off and had purchased a home near campus for me and my best friend Jeremy to stay while we attended school. It was both a blessing and a curse. It was a blessing to easily find quiet and solitude when studying for exams but a curse to be isolated from the rest of the students and consequently any parties. My cock swelled expectantly as I jerked on the flesh and the thick muscle hardened as the pleasure built. I was a twenty-three-year-old virgin so I was no stranger to masturbation. Mental images of some of the beautiful girls from school danced through my head. The heavy pounding on the bathroom door caused me to leap back and nearly into the bathtub.

“Quentin! Stop jerking off we have to get to class!” Jeremy shouted from the other side of the door.

My heart skipped a beat as the orgasm vanished.

“Fuck you, Jeremy.”

I heard him laughing as he descended the stairs back to the living room. Jeremy was my best friend from elementary school and sometimes had a better sense of what I wanted than I did. He often burst in on me while I was jerking off annoying me but he would also have my favorite foods waiting for me on my birthday or after a tough exam. We had been friends for so long it was like living with my brother. My Stepsister, Jessica, often teased us for acting like an old married couple.

When my heart resumed a reasonable beat I considered resuming the self-pleasure but somehow the moment seemed rushed or shattered. The only image I could muster was the image of Jeremy laughing. Jeremy was much shorter than me with dark almond skin and short straight black hair, he was as much of a nerd as I was but he somehow had better luck with girls. Jeremy bragged about each new girl he was able to bed, I figured it was his good looks that gave him better luck. Jeremy had a soft face and easy smile with a hard chiseled… everything. When Jeremy wasn’t killing zombies online he was at the gym.

I sighed at my softening erection and began to dress. It was still a couple of hours before our first class of the day but Jeremy liked to get breakfast at a small diner near the school and so I wasn’t surprised to see him at the front door tapping his foot impatiently.

When Jeremy smiled at me mischievously I said, “Fuck you!”

“I want to get you laid brother but I’m not sure you are that desperate?”

“Huh,” I said as my eyes went unfocused.

“Nevermind. Joni’s?”

“Sure, You're driving,” I said handing Jeremy the keys.

When we took our usual seat at the back of the diner Jeremy asked, “What’s wrong with you today?”

I blinked at him realizing I’d ignored him since taking my seat in the car. Jeremy must have been talking the whole trip but I hadn’t heard a word. I considered the question for just a moment but the challenge of trying to describe my hopelessness left me mumbling, “Nothing.”

“Liar,” Jeremy said harshly. “Are you worried about exams?”


Jeremy’s eyes narrowed as if he was attempting to bore into my brain with his eyes. “Are you still sulking because of what Sherra said?”

My eyes locked with his and the dark brown irises in his eyes seemed to flash with a yellow. “No…maybe…I don’t know. It’s not just her.” The echo of Sherra screaming “Fuck You Quentin!” in the library when I asked her out for coffee seemed to echo through the busy diner.

“She’s a bitch, you don’t want anything to do with her anyway.”

“I know just kind of the last straw. I’m twenty-three fucking years old, Jeremy and I haven’t even had my first kiss yet.”

“Why didn’t you say so, come here I’ll kiss you!”

I waded up the napkin on the table and threw it at Jeremy, “Fuck! Maybe I should just become a monk or something. A priest?”

“You aren’t catholic.”

“You need a little black magic,” said a silky voice from the booth behind me.

I turned to see a beautiful woman with thick black hair, large scarlet red lips, and almond eyes that matched her skin leaning on her elbows with her arms tucked under large breasts that were nearly spilling forward into my face. Beside her were two of the schools' football warriors with blank admiring faces.

“Excuse me?” I asked confused.

“No excuses, I’m Madam Ater and I can make your dreams come true.”

Madam Ater’s fingers flashed a silver card in front of my nose and instinctively I took it.

“Uh, thanks. But I don’t believe in magic.”

“You will. If you decide you don’t want to be a twenty-four-year-old virgin come see me at my shop, the address is on the card.”

I blinked attempting to keep my eyes on Madam Ater’s eyes and not the breasts inches from my face.

“Magic huh? Prove it.” Jeremy snapped from the other side of the table.

Ater’s eyes flashed as she smiled, my skin began to crawl as she spoke. “You look very hungry Jeremy, you should eat,” With a wink of her left eye, the color vanished leaving her eye pure white.

I spun back to watch Jeremy start tearing his napkin into bite-size pieces, chewing them as if it were steak then swallowing them. I watched in slight amusement and a little horror as he consumed every bite of the napkin.

When Jeremy swallowed the last bite he said, “I didn’t think so. Where did she go?”

I turned back to find the booth behind us empty except for a large gold coin spinning on the table. I watched expecting the coin to spin to a stop or roll off the table when it became obvious it wasn’t I snatched it up and quickly slid back into my seat.

“I hate frauds like that, just trying to take advantage of someone.”

“Uh, Yeah,” I said as the waitress slid our usuals onto the table.

“Where is my napkin?” Jeremy asked checking the floor.

“Madam Ater, made it disappear,” I said amusing myself.

“Yeah, I bet,” Jeremy said with contempt.

The rest of the day was a waste for me. I barely made it to classes as I wandered through campus staring at the large gold coin. When I’d slide it into my pocket it would seem to burn until I picked it up again. When I made it home and found the solitude of my bedroom I looked up the address on the silver card Madam Ater had given me. Google came up blank and suggested a dozen other addresses that weren’t even close.

Fuck you, Quentin!

The ghost of my latest rejection haunted me. As I turned the coin over and over. The Latin writing on the coin translated to “All who enter must pass through the gate and pay the toll.”

My mind considered what had happened at the diner this morning and then there was something about the coin that seemed to have its own magic. I searched the internet for explanations for what happened and definitions of black magic but all I could find were vague references to voodoo and the Salem witch trials. When the red numbers on the clock across from me read two o’clock I groaned and closed the laptop dropping it next to me on the bed. My cock jumped and twitched excitedly at the thought of Madam Ater’s large breasts. She was beautiful, but not a person I would have normally gravitated towards. My mind snapped to the small nose and pale freckled face of my step sister and I snorted. I thought of Sherra with her wild black hair and beautiful dark skin, she was crazy hot but I’d only asked her out because she had been so nice to me during study group. I’d know she was out of my league. I turned the coin over and over in my hand as I considered all the girls who had turned me down and all of the girls that would inevitably turn me down if I’d asked. I closed my eyes trying to decide what to do and heard heavy steps a moment later I felt the steps shaking my body. In a moment of panic as I imagined giants storming the house I attempted to leap out of bed but when I opened my eyes I was already standing on Hallow Street. Barefoot and in nothing but my boxers. The sudden chill of the concrete on my feet startled me. Leaning against the brick wall of the dry cleaner I steadied myself against the feeling of disorientation.

I blinked at the coin still in my hand and wondered at it before checking the street for other signs of life. The strange yellow lights showed an empty street, the store front’s large windows were all dark and the eerie silence sent a chill down my spine.

I checked my voice with a soft, “Hello?” The sound vanished quickly into the quieted street.

Briefly, I’d wondered if the coin had teleported me here but then looked at my feet and saw the mud and filth of the several-mile walk still clinging to them. I remembered Jeremy at the diner and thought of hypnotism. I nearly chucked the coin away from me in fear that it might possess me again. I reconsidered feeling like being without the coin would expose me even more. I had walked for miles without clothes, shoes, or money, the small coin was all I had.

Hollow street was a familiar street during the day with many of the most popular stores crammed down the old cobblestone street. Cars weren’t allowed down the road anymore with parking lots on either end of the street and limited parking on the streets behind the shops. It felt like trespassing to be here and my nerve began to waver. The street lights flickered when I took my first step back then all when dark on my second, except for one nearly halfway up the street. The lamp wasn’t like the others with the thick base and heavy bend necks, This one was small and only about eight feet tall. The dim light of the lamp barely reached past its own base. When the light shifted strangely I noticed it was a flame between mirrors instead of a bulb.

“A gas lamp,” I whispered into the darkness. The appearance of the lamp hadn’t strengthened my will but fear had me moving towards the light and not away from it. When my fingers wrapped around the large iron pole I felt relieved, like I’d found the safe point in a game of tag. I marveled at the lamp for a long time until I felt a calm take me, then I turned to look at the heavy, poorly painted, black door just behind me. It would have been easily missed if I hadn’t been standing by the lamp. There weren’t any signs or markings on the door or even a handle. Just the thick black paint and a poorly cut circular hole about eye level. I moved towards the door with my free arm outstretched and my fingers still holding on to the lamp. I’m sure I was the strangest creature out that night as I looked like a drowning man reaching for his next hold.

With a rush of excitement, I jumped forward pressing my hand to the door, the heavy clank of the gold coin connecting with the door reminding me I was still holding it, clinched between three fingers. It seemed obvious then to fit the coin in the carved hole of the door. It slid in easily, I held it there with my thumb expecting the door to vanish or speak or one of the many other strange things I’d seen doors do in movies. When nothing happened I tried prying the coin back out but before I could, the coin slipped and vanished into a slot in the door I hadn’t noticed before.

“Damn,” I shouted feeling fully exposed without the coin.

The clanking of the coin as it fell through what must have been an elaborate tunnel system echoed up at me. I felt like chasing it, diving into the sewer to look for the lost treasure but as soon as the sounds of the coin falling stopped the heavy door swung inside. A heavy musk confronted me with a mixture of sandalwood and another smell that was familiar but I couldn’t place it. The smell enticed me inside like the smell of freshly baked cookies enticed children home. I wondered for a moment if I was going to wake Madam Ater but heard noises coming from inside. I stepped into a large room that was lit by long dripping, black, candles and closed the door behind me. The ancient wooden shelves that lined the walls were spaced evenly around three of the walls with a thick curtain cutting the room off from the other side. Between the shelves were large mirrors that fit perfectly between the floor and ceiling. The shelves were dusty and covered in small bottles, boxes, books, and scrolls or yellowed parchment. I grinned a little at the small bottle with the skull and crossbones label feeling silly standing in a place like this in my boxers. Heavy breathing, moans, and grunts came from behind the curtain and my curiosity got the better of me. Finding the edge of the curtain I pulled it open an inch to peer behind. This section of the room was surrounded by mirrors and lit by hundreds of long candles set around what was an oversized bed with black silk sheets. Laying on the bed was one of the handsome football stars with Madam Ater sitting on top of his naked body rising and falling onto his erection. Madam Ater was nude except for a thick leather corset wrapped crushingly around her waist. The large breasts spilled out and bounced hypnotically as she continued to impale herself on the man beneath her. Standing beside her was the other man with rippling muscles feeding his erection into Ater’s mouth, her thick red lips sucking and pulling on him as he slid in and out of her. My cock jumped and began to swell at the sight of the erotic threesome.

“Quentin!” Madam Ater said excitedly pulling free of the stud beside her. She continued bouncing up and down on the cock beneath her as she spoke. “I was expecting you hours ago. I will be with you in just a few moments…unless you would like to join us?”

My erection swelled to full mass lifting my boxers and jetting out. “I, uh…”

“Fuck yeah,” The man beneath Ater shouted and I watched him buck his hips as he emptied himself into Ater.

Madam Ater moaned and shook with her pleasure at being filled with the man’s seed. A moment later the man next to her who had begun stroking his cock grunted his pleasure and sprayed cum across Ater’s large tits, she jerked forward to take the tip of him into her mouth and I watched as he pulsed filling her mouth with thick white cum. When he finished both of the men collapsed onto the bed as Madam Ater rose with her eyes closed licking her lips clean. She seemed to glow for a moment then slid easily to her feet and walked towards me.

Her wicked eyes flashed open and she began looking me up and down hungrily, licking her lips when she saw my erection.

“Too bad you weren’t a little sooner,” Madam Ater purred.

“I’m here now!”

She smiled, leaned in, and kissed my cheek. “You aren’t for me, although I’m sure you would be delicious.”

“Are you a witch?” I asked as Madam Ater pulled a black robe from behind the curtain and slid her arms into the sleeves. She left the robe open unashamed of her exposed breasts and naked pussy that was now dripping cum down her leg.

“A witch, no,” She said with a wicked grin. “I’m something much more exotic.”

“Exotic? I don’t understand.”

Madam Ater moved in close and the tip of my erection pressed into her belly. She traced the tip of her long black fingernail down my cheek tracing my jawline. She inhaled deeply as she closed her eyes seeming to become euphoric by the smell of me.

“You are an innocent. But you are on the razor's edge.”


Madam Ater slid away from me moaning as if in the throes of ecstasy. “Innocent like a child. I can teach you all you want to know but I can not give you what you seek.”

“What am I looking for?”


I chuckled, “I’m not seeking love.”

“You can fool yourself, Quentin but you cannot fool Madam Ater. You seek magic to entice the one you love.”

I swallowed hard as the beautiful face floated into my mind, “I wouldn’t be wrong.”

“No,” Ater agreed with a toothy smile. “She loves you too, but you seek sex, not her love.”

“Is that wrong?”

“No, but like I said you are an innocent walking the line. Love is good, control of another is evil.”

“Control, how would I control her?”

Madam Ater’s eyes narrowed at my question, “Perhaps I should explain the magic first.” She slid around me as she touched and examined various objects on the shelves. “Anyone can connect to the energy around us. The energy you call magic. Those who study the energy can connect to it and then very few of those who can connect to it can manipulate it. If you choose to connect to the energy in only the positive, such as healing, or natural growth then you are using white magic. Those who use the energy to effect unnatural change are using black magic.”

“Who can connect and use magic?”

Madam Ater moaned and clutched at her left breast at my question, “Good question, A few humans can connect to the energy but the cost often overwhelms them and they never last long.”


She flashed her grin again then said, “Yes, humans. You see all magic has a cost and with humans, the cost is often premature aging. When they realize the cost they often spend the rest of their time drawing the life force of others attempting to regain their youth.” Madam Ater chuckled then shaking her head said, “It never works.”

Taking a small human skull off of a shelf Ater rubbed away a layer of dust then replaced the skull. The creatures you call angels and demons are bound to the magic itself. If angels use magic for the good they are elevated in their connection if they use it for evil their connection to the energy is reduced. If they used it for evil too often they become demons and are tortured by the connection until they inflict pain on others.”

With Madam Ater’s back to me, I stepped away. She didn’t look like an angel to me but neither did she look like a demon.

“Relax Quentin, I’m not a demon,” Ater said without turning around. “I’m something more exotic.”

“So you said, but what are you?”

Madam Ater clutched at the shelves and moaned at my question. Her free hand found the slick lips that were still swollen and slid two fingers inside. She masturbated freely for several moments then withdrew her fingers and placed them into her mouth and sucked greedily. Humming happily she glanced at me with shining eyes and said, “You really are my favorite. I’ve only helped a few innocents before but you are absolutely delicious.”

I stepped away from her with my back towards the door and asked again, “What are you?”

Ater’s body shook and a thick stream of moisture dripped from between her lips before she answered. “My mother was the product of love between a man and an angel, my father was a demon. This gives me the unique name of succubus. I am connected to both white and black magic. My curse is my pleasure.”

When I went to speak, Madam Ater moved suddenly and covered my mouth with her hand, “Silence! Your words are torture to me. You see as both angel and demon I am compelled to help those in need and punish those who hurt others and because of my creation I seek those challenges in the physical connections of others.”

I couldn’t speak but thought the word sex and Ater nodded, “Yes, sex. Both heaven and hell can be found in the act of love. The passion of two lovers enriches both and the forced copulation of another destroys both.”

My recent fantasy slipped through my mind and Ater moaned, “Yes, What you seek is both; the razor’s edge.”

Reading my mind again Ater stepped away and said, “I’ll help you because I’m neutral. No matter what path you choose I win. If you choose evil you will end up in my bed if you walk the path of good then those who seek to hurt you will end up pleasuring me. You see, helping an innocent is delicious.”

“My words give you pleasure?” Ater’s sudden moans were my answer. “What happens to me if I use the magic for what I want?”

Madam Ater pinched her nipples with a wide grin, “Magic has its price.” Pulling back the curtain she revealed the two young football stars lying on the large bed. They both had aged visibly several years. When I saw them in the diner they both looked about twenty and now both men had lines of grey and wrinkles under their eyes. If I had met them today Id’ have guessed them to be in their mid-thirties or early forties.

“Shit, what did they do to deserve that?”

Madam Ater’s look turned fierce at the question, “They were not innocent and are being punished for inflicting pain on one who was innocent.”

“There punishment was a threesome with a smoking hot succubus?”

With a deep moan and shutter, Ater came hard at my words. Thick streams of liquid gushed from her open pussy. Vigorously she clutched at her crotch fingering the pleasure from her body again. Once she had recovered from the unprovoked pleasure she said, “Bad boy. We must hurry before I lose my will and take your innocence.” Her words were heavy with desire.

When I started to ask another question Madam Ater shouted, “Silence! You do not understand the pain you cause me when you speak. I know your thoughts so just ask in your mind.”

“Can I use magic?”

“Perhaps with a great deal of training or if one of your ancestors were gifted, but that process is slow and uncertain. Those of us who can use the energy are often bribed by those who cannot. I can manipulate the energy for you or give you one of the many items here that I’ve collected from others. Certain minerals can store magic and release it later.”

My eyes snapped to a small silver ring just over Ater’s shoulder. “Yes, yes,” She said reading my thoughts. "That would give you the abilitys you seek but it was created by my father and I would not trust it. Now remove your boxers so I can get a good look at you.”

I clutched the thin fabric over my still-hard erection in a slight panic. “I do not seek your innocence today boy, I just need to see what I have to work with.”

When I attempted another step back Ater said, “Very well,” then snapped her fingers on her left hand. An invisible force jerked my arms high into the air and lifted me a few inches from the ground. My legs were pulled apart and pinned so that I was absurdly stretched in mid-air. With another snap of her fingers, I felt an unpleasant heat at my crotch and saw in one of the mirrors my boxers burn away leaving me fully exposed to Madam Ater. My erection lifted and pulsed pointing straight out into the chilly air.

Madam Ater smiled at my erection and licked her lips, “Very nice, very nice.” She clicked her tongue as she circled me tracing a finger across exposed and sensitive skin. “You have a lot of good features just a little tweaking is needed.”

With a long finger and whispered words, Madam Ater traced a line down my spine. The screeching sound of my spine shifting and growing drowned out my thoughts. When it stopped I felt the curve in my spine had straightened and saw the same in the mirrors.

“Yes, yes,” Ater said obviously pleased with her work. She stood in front of me tapping a fingernail on sharp teeth. “Perhaps a little muscle.” She then flicked a nail over my biceps and down my abs. The sudden burn of a thousand workout sessions tore my muscle fibers then restitched in seconds. My eyes went blurry from the pain and I screamed but when my focus cleared the result was incredible. The divided sections of my abs were well-formed and deepened with every breath I took. My shoulders were wider and my biceps stretched nicely against the pale flesh.

“Very nice, and you seem to have no issues with stamina,” Madam Ater said gesturing to the erection that I’d had since I had walked in on her and the two men. With a sudden jerking movement, she fell to her knees and gripped the shaft of my cock.

“Fuck,” I shouted at the sudden feeling of fingers that weren’t my own on my cock.

“Don’t tempt me,” Madam Ater said with her face poised inches from my cock. It was then as I looked down on her stroking my cock I noticed the small silver horns protruding just above her hairline through the thick black hair. Her skin had paled and turned a crimson red color. Her teeth were sharp and her tongue was thin and forked. The transformation was both terrifying and erotic. She had become more beautiful and simultaneously not human.

Madam Ater, continued to stroke my cock as she fingered her pussy. I was helpless to stop her and wasn’t sure I would even if I could.

“This is bad, I’m being bad,” Ater moaned as she slipped forward and laid my cock across her face. Slipping her tongue out to taste my balls caused thick precum to drip onto her forehead. Madam Ater jerked and jumped away as if the liquid burned her. “I can not,” Ater shouted standing up again. With a flick of her index finger, she took the precum from her forehead and placed it seductively into her mouth.

“Mmm, you are delicious Quentin. You have a beautiful cock too, no need to change that. Cute ass, and tall. Is there anything else you want me to adjust?” With a momentary glance at my eyes, she read my mind and agreed. “Yes, sure. Not something that I noticed but easy enough to fix.” Once again she traced a finger over a part of my body, this time it was my nose and I felt and heard the pop as the bridge of my nose straightened.

I nearly fell to my knees when the magic binding me to the air released, I stumbled ahead the retreated a step, “What will this cost me?”

Madam Ater hissed at my words and slid the robe off her shoulders revealing the long thick tail that protruded from her back just above her ass. “The cost is mine to pay and I have paid it. Now go, I must feed… unless you would like to stay and play.” Madam Ater’s sexy ass shifted from side to side as she returned to the two men in her bed. The words were seductive and I stroked my cock at the sight of her naked body. Both men woke and worked on their erections as she slid into bed with them. In moments they had slid inside her dripping pussy and mouth and were pounding away at her, either oblivious to her change or not caring that she was a succubus.

With a great deal of effort, I pulled the curtains closed so only the sounds of rapid sloppy fucking could be heard and turned to leave, as I did the shine of the silver ring caught my eye and I stepped closer to see the in***********ion on the yellowed parchment below it. Many of the words were written in a language I’d never seen but the last three were clear and said Ring Of Wishes. I hesitated to take it wondering if Ater was still reading my mind. When she moaned loudly from what was obviously an orgasm I snatched the ring and parchment and headed for the door. I planned on running back home to avoid being seen naked but as I passed through the stone archway my knees collided with the edge of my bed and I fell hard, face-first into the mattress.


I wrote this story for fun and hope you enjoy it. Next chapters coming soon. If you enjoy my stories you can help support me by buying my books on Amazon. My writers name is T. R. Dixxon for straight romance and H. R. Dixx for Gay and Bisexual. Thanks again and please send me your suggestions for future stories.

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