Watching Her First Porn

Watching Her First Porn

Watching Her First Porn 1

…There always has to be a first time a girl watches her first porn. I’m Tanya and mine was a porn video. I was doing a sleepover at my girlfriend Sissy’s house and her brother was a pest. He was older and loved to pick on us girls. That night he decided to try and get us all horny. He was always trying to feel up Sissy. She wouldn’t let him but secretly liked the attention. I wanted him to try and feel me up, but he wouldn’t. He knew my dad would pound his ass if he touched me. I decided to use that to pick on him back.

…My dad was a cop. He was very over protective and we didn’t get along well. No boys would come near me except a couple of nerds. I had just discovered masturbation and was liking it a lot.

….That evening their parents were out of town until tomorrow and Brad was free to pick on us. He did the usual grabs at his sister as I just watched. We both giggled and told him to stop. He had his sister in the corner trying to feel her tits. I watched this little show and it began to excite me a little. She would giggle and then push his hands away, giving him just a quick feel.

... I moved behind and said: “Brad, be nice.” He turned around. He blinked as he saw me with my hand on my own tits, smiling at him. I had bigger tits than his sister and his eyes went wide open. He just looked but didn’t make a move on me. “They’re just tits Brad.” I said as I squeezed my tits while he watched.

….You could see he was trying to figure a way to get his hands on my tits,…but without getting in trouble. He smiled at me and walked back to his bedroom. I got a warm rush by doing that little feel up right in front of him.

…Now Brad was wanting to make us both horny and if we made a move on him, he would have the advantage of: ‘I’m telling on you guys’ to threaten us with. His next ploy was to leave his bedroom door wide open. You could see his computer straight on. He put in a porn video and moved to the side to watch it. He turned the sound up and just waited. We heard it and Sissy looked out her door to see two naked girls with a naked guy between them in the video.

... We both watched. It was my first. The girls in the vid felt the naked guy up. Sissy and I started getting the hornies bad. Brad stopped the vid, turn in his chair and just smiled at us. Damn him, we wanted to see more of it. We whispered with a plan. The hall light was off and we turn off Sissy’s bedroom light. We stood in her doorway and faced each other. Now to counter his little horny making scheme. We began feeling each others tits. That got his attention right away. Watch us we saw him starting to get a boner. We stopped and just smiled at him. We waited. He got the idea. Show more vid and get more feel up show from us. He turned and started it up again. It worked!

…The girls in the vid moved the naked guy over to a bed and began to play with is boner. It was big and they felt it and they both began to kiss it. We both had never seen this before and it was …making us hot.

…Brad thought….
…so…those little shits want to play hornies with me, well I’m liking this. Maybe this vid will give them the idea to come in here and play with the real thing?……I would love to get my hands on Tanya’s tits…they are hot looking and big. I’ve been watching her for a long time and she gets sexier by the day. Hot little body, nice tits, and long brown hair and her eyes are beautiful. I bet she would like me to try and feel those tits and more, but I don’t need her cop dad causing me trouble. I’ll get them to make the first move and play the victim of two horny girls……


…Brad had a boner and he didn’t try and hide it. We whispered how hot it looked and giggled. He just smiled at us and started the vid up again.

… One girl laid down and the other girl laid on top of her on her back. The guy played with both their pussy’s and licked them both. They moaned and felt each others big tits. The guy then mounted them both. Wow…he was going to fuck them both? We were very hot now and I wanted to rub my pussy as we watched….so I did. Sissy saw me and she joined me in doing the same. Brad’s eyes were watching us now and not the vid. He stopped the vid again.

...He put his hand on his boner and massaged it. We spread our legs and rubbed our pussy’s more. We really wanted him to take his boner out so we could see it. I started slowly lifting my night gown up. He started working his underwear down. Sissy did the same. We continued up and up until he could see our panties. I put my fingers inside my panties. Sissy was bolder and worked her panties down some. Now he could see Sissy’s fingers covering her naked pussy. I had to out due her and I put a finger in my pussy and moved it slowly in and out. Brad was now taking out his boner.

….I was the first one we had seen for real. I reached down and rubbed my little clit while I fingered my pussy. Brad began to stroke his boner. Now Sissy followed me in rubbing herself. I had heard about guys jacking off, but now I was going to watch a guy do it for real.

… This was the hottest thing I had ever done, and I wanted to make my self orgasm bad….so I kept on. We watched him jack his boner and play with his balls. I was getting ready to orgasm as Sissy was too. This was the best stimulant I’d ever had. I heard Sissy moan as she began to orgasm.

…When Brad heard that…he started jacking faster and long streams of white liquid shot out of his boner. I orgasmed the best I ever had…

….He had cum for us and we were now in a new world. We stepped back and Sissy closed her door. “Oh my god!…did you see that?” Sissy said. “We made him cum…oh…my…god…that was so hot.” I replied. We got in bed and talked and talked about how thrilling that was and how we’d like to do that again. Later we quietly rubbed our pussy’s laying beside each other for the first time.

….We both were all fired up and couldn’t sleep….so we got up and slowly opened her door and peeked out. Brad’s computer was still on. We watched as he sat down to keep watching that same porn vid. I just open her door and walked in Brad’s room and sat on his bed. Sissy with me. “I don’t remember inviting you girls in here.” he said. Sissy said: “Oh shut up Brad, we want to watch the rest of the vid…so turn it on.” He gave us a ‘victory’ smile and clicked it on. I stared at his rising boner. I had this urge to feel it. He saw me looking at it and smiled. He felt he had us hooked now and began to play games with it.

….He would play a little and stop it. I guess he was waiting for another show from us. He said: “I guess that’s enough for tonight girls.” Sissy and I looked at each other and smiled. “Not so fast Brad, we know what you want.” Sissy said. We raised up our night gowns and now he was very close to us. We spread our legs wide and began to rub our pussy’s. He turned his chair to watch the show we were about to give him. He had another boner and down his shorts came.

….He watched us play with our pussy’s and then began to stroke his boner. I was hot to see this up close. Sissy just reached over and touch his boner. My hand immediately followed. He took his hand away and let us fondle him. We got on our knees and got real close. We had never been this sexually excited in our lives. I was feeling my first boner and loving it. We touched all around it and stroked it. I just leaned over and gave it a quick kiss. Sissy did the same as we giggled a little. Brad leaned up and felt my tits for the first time. I was rubbing my clit at the time and I got a wonderful jolt in my pussy. His other hand felt Sissy’s. We were both breathing hard with the excitement. Sissy and I both at the same time began kissing his boner, like we’d seen in the vid. I tapped Sissy and whispered: (“..stop.”) We pulled back. We wanted to see more of that vid……..

…(see part 2) to see what happens next…..

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