Vampire Ethan's Story About Ethan Part 1

Vampire Ethan's Story About Ethan Part 1

Hello everyone! This is your friend, Ethan Taylor, here to tell you another story. I certainly hope you'll be pleased with this one, because this is just a dirty little fantasy I had with my friend Ethan Patrick Rhodes. Whenever I'm with Ethan, my friends call me Taylor so I hope this won't confuse you!

Let me tell you a little about myself if you don't know. I'm a Vampire of about 600 years of age. Vampires are actually a type of sorcerer initiated into the mystical art of bloodsucking to fuel powerful spells that keep us young, healthy, strong, powerful, and full of a variety of magickal abilities. We can sustain our powers with just a few gulps of blood per week, so we need never kill anyone. We have the power to control people's minds to various degrees. I was gifted in that skill and I can make people want it, crave it, or I can force their bodies to stay still but their minds be totally concious of my fangs diving into their necks and my lips sucking their juices like a heavy milkshake... Though I usually reserve that treatment for the cruel people who deserve it. I have never killed anyone in my life - but I have punished them with my powers.

I travel the world with my uncle who initiated me into many magickal arts and we both have done a lot of good over the years, but usually we just move from place to place, living our lives. You can imagine how boring and lonely it can get after hundreds of years. That's why I really enjoy having my friends - like Ethan.

Ethan is an interesting boy. Since he was 11 years old he knew he wanted to be a pornstar - he calls himself Prince Pornography online. When I met him, he was 14 years old and that was a year ago. He's growing into a very attractive young man - but he still has a lithe and beautiful body of a young teenaged boy. He's relatively slender - his body has begun to thicken and develop muscle. He used to have auburn hair which has turned to a dirty gold. He wears contacts that make his eyes a very bright sky blue. He has a rediculously adorable bubble butt and I've even been privy to some of his nude pictures that he shares with his closest friends and his completely smooth 6 inch dick looks completely delicious. Oh yes, I am very gay and very turned on by my friend. I've told him as much and we have fooled around before - just a little wrestling in our underwear or hanging out at one of our houses when no one is around, shedding layers of clothing throughout the day. He's looking for a special guy to be his first time, and I wish it could be me! My devout readers and friends can imagine the wild time I could show him!

I've allowed myself to age slowly around Ethan. I had recently returned to my 13 year old body using my Vampirism before we moved to this simple little coastal town in Mississippi. Now I'm a spry 14 and I always love how my dick develops at this age. I was gifted with a thick 5 inch dick by the age of 13, and I stayed 13 for many years as a Vampire. Once I started letting myself age, I realized that around the time of my 14th birthday, I get a growth spurt in my dick of about 2 inches. That growth spurt had just finished when this tale begins.

Ethan and I live not too far from each other and not that far of a walk from the movie theatre. So even though it was late at night, Ethan and I went to the midnight premiere of Twilight: Eclipse. We had a wonderful time watching the movie, pointing out the hot guys and whispering whose dick we'd suck and whose cum tastes like what and who shaves their balls - you know, horny gay teen boy stuff! Lol!

As we're walking home, Ethan and I start talking about what we'd do to Edward or Jacob. We're both on Team Edward, but we'd bend over for both of them! I ask Ethan if he would let Edward drink from him and he replied, "Hell yes!"

"Alright, so you like the idea of being bitten by a Vampire?" I asked.

"Definitely! It looks like it hurts like hell, but it looks so hot! Especially in True Blood, some of those sex scenes make me shoot over my head!"

"Hahaha! You and masturbating! Everything makes you shoot over your head!"

"That's true, but I swear I would do anything either one of them wanted me to, they're so fucking hot," he mused. I grinned mischeivously.

"Would you even... give them rimjobs?" I asked.

"Oh fuck yes, I'd bury my face in their holes and never come out all night!"

"Not even to suck their cocks?"

"That'd be the only reason, to deepthroat their poles and drink their cum!"

"Well, now what if Vampires were real, would you still want one to bite you?"

"I already said yes! I mean, damn, what's hotter about having a hot Vampire's dick in your ass while he's sucking the life out of your neck? What's a better way to go?"

"None that I can think of," I said quietly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking what if we actually bumped into the two of them here in the woods, making out or something?"

"Jesus Fucking Christ! That would just be so hot!"

"Yeah, I can just see you asking to join in. They open up and you three begin some hot kissing while you're ripping off each other's clothes. They're standing, kissing while you're on you're knees, sucking both their cocks," I mused, grinning at the tent in Ethan's pants.

"Mmm... Come on, tell me more!"

Laughing at my friend's horniness, and my own, I pressed on. "Edward then pulls you up while Jacob gets down. Jacob sucks your cock into his mouth as Edward takes his first bite out of your neck and sucks ferociously."

"Ohhh fuuuck..." Ethan thought he was subtle in adjusting his dick. He wasn't.

"They help drop you to the ground and Edward is still drinking deep while Jacob throws your legs over his shoulders and begins to plough into you. Screaming isn't something you're going to stop doing for a while."

"Damnit, that's just so HOT! I actually like the idea of pain, it's just so... dominant, you know?"

"I think I do," I snicker inwardly, "But what I know is that now Jacob is ramming his thick rod into you, making you bleed. Edward has finished with that side of your neck for now and has licked the wound clean and magically sealed... He moves down to your nipples, licking them before making shallow bites and suckling the blood out. All the while, Jacob is growling and pounding."

"Fuck, I gotta sit down," Ethan says as he claims a spot on a fallen tree. I sit down next to him and continue.

"Jacob says 'I'm gonna cum in your ass you little bitch!' and howls as he pounds your virgin ass, filling it with cum. Once he's done, he pulls out and comes over to your head. He pulls your head to his cock and orders you to suck it clean, which you open up and do. Edward, in the meantime, has moved to Jacob's spot and has lifted your ass in the air and has begun to lick up the blood and other mess left from Jacob's rape."

Ethan hasn't said anything, so I scoot a little closer before continuing my story.

"After cleaning your ass of the blood and the cum with his expert, century-old tongue, Edward takes his longer, but thinner, shining cock and eases into you. More gentle than Jacob, he doesn't see you as just a hole to fuck, but as something for him to use however he wants. And to him, if his meal is enjoying the ride, it tastes all the sweeter. So he pulls all the way out and flows right back in, massaging your prostate. Your hard as a rock and leaking profusely as Edward takes you. You were raped and used by Jacob, but you're owned by Edward. Always will be. He proves it by fucking you steadily while grabbing one of your legs and biting down on a nice vein. Blood trickles down your leg as he sucks the vein until it collapses... He then finds the same vein on the other leg and begins to feed from it."

"All the while, you've long since cleaned Jacob's cock and now it's hard again and he's using your throat like a pussy - banging deep and pulling you down the base. You're gagging and coughing from the cock, screaming from Edward's suckling lips, moaning from Edward's owning of your ass, and yet you've got both your hands on Jacob's rock-hard ass and you're pulling him deeper into you. You want MORE!"

Ethan's breathing has gotten harder. He's looking off into the woods, I imagine at a spot where he's visualizing all of this happening. He's not even shy that his cock is raging in his pants, but he's definitely not open enough to just take it out. My hand is on his knee, but he's too far gone to realize it now. I never wanted to hypnotize him, but I think I can make him horny enough to...

"Jacob is still fucking your throat as Edward changes position. He's pressing his muscular, shimmering chest against yours and his lips, after collapsing several veins in your now limp legs, are kissing your throbbing, cock-filled throat. He already fed from one side of your neck, and you're almost ready to scream from the memory. Now, his long fangs dive deep into this side of your neck. They retract, and his lips are draining you deep. You can feel what little blood is left in your legs being pulled up through your body, your weakening heart pumping with all its might to get blood down there. Shockingly, your cock is rock fucking hard, and with Jacob's delicous cock in your mouth, Edward's cock in your ass, and the blood being sucked right out of you and you're powerless to stop it - your dick starts erupting cum all over your body, all over Jacob and Edward, and right over your head. Nearly ten spurts of cum before it pumps out a creamy ooze of cum, your body still spasming wildly. The smell of cum drives Jacob wild and he fires off his sweet seed into your mouth. He doesn't need to command you to swallow, you eat it hungrily. Your spasming asshole around Edward's cock and your sweet blood in his mouth drives him over the edge and he begins pounding into your hole, filling you with his icy-cold seed that sends tingles and shivers deep inside of your dying body."

Ethan is whimpering, his eyes closed and his hand is gripping his crotch. I can smell his horniness. I need to take him... I have to take him.

"Jacob, having cum twice, has gotten his fill. He steps back and watches Edward as his cock remains hard. Your lower body feels so completely numb to you, that you can't feel Edward really using you viciously now. His long cock is ripping your ass apart and his bloodsucking is draining you deep. You're sweeter than sugar and he's drinking you through the holes in your neck like a milkshake. You can feel the blood in your stomach and chest and your nipples being sucked up. You can't feel his cock in your ass, but now there's a radiating pleasure coming from your cock and his cock and it's flowing through your body. You can't even moan anymore. You don't even know if you're going to be turned into a Vampire, or die here after the first and greatest sex of your life. Your heart is slowing down. There's not much left yet you still feel Edward's second roaring orgasm, the wild energy of which makes you cum again and makes him suck harder for those last, sweet drops of life from your cold, smiling face."

Ethan was quiet, but I could tell the story turned him on immensely, intrigued him deeply, and on some level disturbed him by how much he enjoyed it. How did I know this? I was in his mind. In it, not altering it.

"Oh my God, that was just so... HOT... Damn, I wish Vampires were real..." he finally said.

"Are you sure about that?" I asked. My hand was still on his knee and his hand was still on his cock, rubbing it subconsciously.

"Fuck yes, I'd love to be a Vampire - living for centuries, staying young forever, drinking blood... And having sex with a Vampire!! Damnit, if you're going to die it might as well be like that!!" he was still staring at where he was imagining the greatest sex of his life could take place.

"Ethan," I said, and he turned to me. "How would you like to have sex with a Vampire right now?" I opened my mouth and let my fangs come down. It took a full 10 seconds for him to process what he was seeing.

"What the FUCK?! Are those REAL? ARE YOU A VAMPIRE?" he backed away from me. I was still in his mind. He was scared. Very scared. But excited. His heart was pounding his sweet blood throughout his throbbing cock. He stood up and backed himself against a tree. I followed him and put my hands around him, against the tree, blocking him.

"You tell me, Ethan." I found his neck, kissed and licked it, and bit down.

And so began the screaming.

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