My Life Pt 2

My Life Pt 2

Part 2 of ?

I forgot to mention some key parts of my family. My mom she works 12 hours a day on the week days and 8 hours on Saturday, and off Sunday. My older sister Sara is about 6'1 with long brown hair and curves that would make you jizz in your pants, her face kinda looks like Jessica Alba but 10 years younger. She is very smart but don't expect her to make you laugh she has no sense of humor at all. know for Kelly. she is about 5'5 her body is perfect for a 15 yr old she has a high B cup a perfectly rounded ass. and the legs that would make you bite your lip if you saw them coming out of a shower . she is a very average intelligence wise but she could always make me laugh.

So i after Kelly and I just finished she and i started talking.

"that was Great David" Kelly said surprisingly
"yeah it felt so good" I said
"you know that was my first time" she said
"Really" I said acting surprised
"yeah i've never" she said
"you were great" reassuring her she did a good job
"now go to sleep we have school tomorrow" i said

she nodded then snuggled close to me

i woke up knowing that it was about 5Am
i knew my mom sleeps till about 730 and my older sister wakes up at 7 i decided to have some fun with Kelly
so while see was sleeping i started to jerk off until i got hard and i started to like Kelly's pussy and she moaned but stayed asleep so i got ready got some KY lubed her and my self up and prodded her vagina
she was still asleep so i penetrated her and went slowly and faster then i pulled out and prodded her asshole she woke up and kept moaning i penetrated her asshole

"oooooooooooooooowwwwwww" she whimpered but she knew if she screamed we would get caught
"what are you doing" she whispered
" its ok ill go slow" i whispered back
she nodded

i went a deeper little by little i could tell she was biting her pillow but she liked it then i pushed the rest of my rock hard cock in her ass

"go faster" she said
"are you sure" i said
"go as fast as you want" she said in a way that made you think she loved you

i went as fast as i could thrust myself deeper and deeper into her ass then came inside of her tight little ass

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned
"that was amazing" she whispered as i laid back next to her

we laid there until 6 am the she went to take a shower

i sneaked into the bathroom then got into the shower with her and just held her and we just stood in the shower and let the hot water run over our body i turned her around

" i love you" i whispered into her ear
"i love you to" she whispered back biting my ear as she said it
after the shower we got out and got dressed for school and we waited on the couch watching tv
we were waiting for our sister but she was probably still asleep so i went up stairs and woke her up to get ready for school

" Sara wake up" I walked over to her and gently shook her
" OK OK OK" she yelled

she got up and went into the bathroom

i opened her dresser because i knew she had some morning after pills i took one i went down stairs and got a glass of water and walked over to Kelly

"her take this" i said
"what is it" she said
"its the morning after pill you take it if you have unprotected sex and you dont want a baby" i said
"oh ok" she replied

she took the pill and washed it down with water after we continued watching tv my sister came down and we left for school after we got to school i gave sara a hug

"see you after school sara" i said
"see you later little bro" she said

me and Kelly walked to homeroom and we sat next to each other as the teacher finished taking attendance we left and i was so bored but then the Gym coach came up to me

" hey David is it" the gym coach said
"yeah coach" i replied
"i have a question would you like to try out for our football team as Quarter Back we could really use someone with your abilities" he asked
"coach i would live to play football for you but i need to ask my sister if she could stay after to take me home" i replied
"ok here go ask her" he said and gave me a pass to go to my sisters class and ask her

i ran to my Saras math class and walked up to the teacher and gave her the note

"Sara your brother needs to speak with you in the hallway" the teacher stated
" ok miss Abernathy" she said

she walked out to the hallway and said

"i need to ask you something sis" i said
" well" she said
" the coach of the Varsity team asked me to join the team and i was wondering if you wouldn't mind staying after school to drive me home" i asked
"as long as it is ok with Kelly" she said
"i dont think she will mind" i said

as i just said that i though tof the glorious sex we had last night and again this morning

"well its ok with me now i have and excuse to watch the football practice" she said
"ok i need to get back to gym class" i gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and ran back to gym

as i got to the gym the coach stopped me

"is it ok for you to be on the team" he asked
"yeah my sister said it was ok for me to play" i replied

He handed over the forms and the play book study this up and be at practice with those forms tomorrow

i went about my day and after my last class i met up with my sisters and for some reason this guy was hanging all over my sister sara

" come on babe just touch it" some random guy said

i could tell Sara didn't want this guy so i grabbed him and threw him to the ground and just continuously threw all my weight into every punch after about 4 punches my sister pulled me off and drug me to the car .

"you ever come near my sister ever again i will kill you" i yelled at him

the funny thing was my gym teacher was right there and didn't do a thing

when we got home i flipped through the playbook then put it back in my back pack

i took the papers forged my mom signature but you couldn't tell because i remembered every curve of my moms signature i finished the forms then did my homework which took about 10 minutes. i made some dinner for me and my sisters i do it because i remember all the good recipes from the cooking shows.
We sat down to eat because my mother rarely was home for dinner.

" kelly i told Sara it was ok that i joined the Football team and you wouldn't mind staying after school " i told Kelly

" Its ok i can do my homework while you practice" she replied
"if your gonna play football i think i might join the cheer leading squad" Sara replied
"you should join to Kelly" she added

"I will we can both cheer for David" Kelly replied

"i dont mind" I said

that night my mom went to bed earlier then usual so i sneaked up stairs and went into Saras room she was waiting up just laying in bed. i could tell she was so ready for me but i grabbed her hand

"come with me" i said
she said "ok"

we walked down stairs and back into my room i told her to lay next to Kelly who was already asleep so she did kelly was a heavy sleeper
so i drug my bed over it was easier because it was on wheels to my sisters and tied them together i woke up kelly by putting my finger in her tight little ass hole she jumped and was scared that Sara was laying next to her

"you know i heard you guys last night" Sara said
"you did" kelly said in astonishment
"you moan loud enough for me to hear" Sara replied
"well i guess you didn't hear this morning" i said

Kelly blushed in embarrassment

"you stud you" Sara said

so i was laying behind Sara and Kelly was on the other side of Sara i started to rub Sara's pussy and while i was doing that kelly and sara were kissing passionately and it made me super hard almost instantly i could tell Sara was wet and i stopped rubbing her and slide my dick into her also tight pussy she was shocked that i did that so fast

"god your so big" Sara said
"yeah he is" kelly agreed

I kept going harder and deeper the i came deep inside her young pussy

Sara laid on her back and kelly went down on her and started eating Sara out. i got up and started to eat out Kelly while Sara was having back o back orgasms and kelly was starting to get wet as i was just getting Hard again i got on my knees behind her and put my dick deep in side her she she tried to pull back but i grabbed her hips and just thrusted deeper into her i could tell she was in pain probably soar from the other night but couldn't stop not then then i came deep inside her and fell over in exhaustion and my Kelly laid behind me and Sara in front of me

We were all basically spooning Kelly fell asleep almost instantly bu Sara and i were still u i was kissing the back of her neck and she was rubbing her ass against my soft dick after about 5 minutes i got hard again i started Prodding her ass hole i could tell she already did it there a couple time but i didn't care so i penetrated her ass and just went slow i didn't want to cum again so quickly but after about 5 more minutes i just went crazy on her ass as fast as i could and finally released inside of her and we both feel asleep and i had set the alarm for six so Sara could get back upstairs and i untied my bed and pushed it back.then laid back next to Kelly. I went back to sleep but i woke up and Kelly was blowing me so i just unleashed it into her mouth and she ran to the bathroom i went after her

"Im sorry" she said
"its ok" i said

She grabbed my hand and drug me into the shower and turned on the hot water and just as we got in Sara opened the door and joined us

Kelly and Sara lathered me up then each other

i grabbed Kelly and just held her as Sara Held me Sara reached down and started to fondle my Penis all the while i was felling up Kelly squeezing her breasts

i dint realize that Sara had put her head in between my legs and started sucking me off and just then i came into her mouth then she stood-up and shared it with my other sister letting it run out of her mouth and into Kellys they both swallowed my glorious cum.

(i will post more tonight or tomorrow if i get some constructive criticism)

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