Clairy's poker face

Clairy's poker face



The guys and I had been playing poker in the den for only an hour and I was low on funds, I couldn’t believe it, I was on a losing streak.

“Clairy, come bring daddy a beer.” I said, summoning my daughter over. She had been laying on the floor watching TV, it was normally not my weekend to have custody but Aileen had messed up the dates and I wasn’t about to cancel on the guys. Looking at my chips, now I wish I had.

“Ok Daddy.” She said, getting up to go to the kitchen. I watched Roger eye her as she left the room. I couldn’t blame him. Tanned legs, perfect sun kissed skin, and dark eyes contrasting her light hair. She was a sight. Today she was sporting a little white swimsuit with shorts thrown over top. As she came back in I noticed I could see the shape of her nipples through the top, her willowy frame looking somehow both soft and erotic. I shook my head as she handed me the beer. “Here you go Daddy.”

Looking away I grabbed the beer. “Thanks sweetheart.”

Upon her exit I realized all three of them were now staring at her, and then back at me. 
It was George who broke the ice.
“Shit Steve…When did your get so hot.”
Victor laughed and so did I, choosing to plead the fifth. I drew more cards.

“Clairy! More beer!”
It had been an hour and we were all about five beers in. The hour had been mostly dedicated to us summoning my daughter and ogling her as she served us, slowly sort-of playing cards. It was unspoken that cards were second to Clairy at this point. 
“Daddyyy” Clairy whined, “I was going to go into the pool!”

“Beers first.”
She returned with beers and an adorable pout.

I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her on the head.
“Thanks sweetheart.”
My hand continued to pet up and down her back, lingering on her lower back. The guys smirked and Clairy left.

“Well,” said Victor “At least now we can focus on the cards.”

We all laughed.
I finished my beer and folded my next hand. No luck tonight. I was out.

“Anyone able to buy me back in?”

This was met with groans and men appraising their chips.

“I’ve bought you in twice already.” said Roger.

“Tonight’s just not your night Steve.” said George.

I looked at Victor. I could tell he was trying to say no so I added

“What if I buy back in with Clairy? Any of you care to have her sit in your lap?"
Then they all slowly smiled at one another. 
“Welcome back to the game” said Victor.

Clairy came in fresh from the pool, her shorts off and swimsuit wet. I called her over.
“Hey sweetheart, mind getting all the guys some drinks?"
She left and came back, and as she handed the beer to Victor he pulled her close. She stiffened a little.

“Hey Clairy. I like your swimsuit.

“Thank you.” She mumbled, looking away, blushing

“You seem like good luck, do you mind sitting with me this round?
She looked to me for confirmation. I nodded.

He pulled her onto his knee and cradled her with one arm. We continued to play. I continued to lose. Victor lightly bounced Clairy on his knee, repositioning her legs to dangle on either side. His hand that held her gently rubbed her thigh. Clairy squirmed a little but Victor held firm. When I was out once again I made eyes with Victor who nodded. I took more cards.
Victor moved his hand up to where Clairy’s pussy was bouncing on his knee and moved the suit out of the way. Clairy struggled and tried to get off his lap but I smiled at her

. “It’s ok sweetheart. We like Victor. He won’t hurt you."

Victor had her suit off to the side of her pussy now and slowly massaged her clit while bouncing her. She leaned back into him and although she was frowning slightly moved into his touch.

My daughter was practically fucking my friend’s leg while getting fingered. I felt myself go hard under the table. Victor, too was hard. He pulled her small hand toward his protruding cock.

“Daddy.. I want to go.”


He kissed her collarbone and kept rubbing her clit. She groaned and I thought I would explode right there. We kept putting our cards down while Victor played a different game. His knee was now moving frantically, Clairy practically humping his leg, body arched as Victor dipped two fingers into her swollen cunt.

“No. Not there!” She said, wriggling to get off his lap. But Victor was focused now. rubbing her nipples through the fabric, kissing her neck and rubbing her cunt while she bounced on his leg. A glisten of moisture now on his fingers as he entered her. 

“uuugh.” She crooned, and I watched as my baby girl spasmed and orgasmed on Victor’s fingers and leg. Clairy had tears in her eyes and looked shamefully away.

“Very good Clairy” I said while Victor kissed her with praise.

“What a good little girl” George said.

“I could use a good little girl right about now.” said Roger. He was practically sweating as he looked at Clairy.

Without words Victor raised Clairy off his lap and Roger reached to meet him, cradling Clairy by her wet pussy and back. 
“No, please. No more” She whined weakly. But Roger ignored her, spreading her legs with his own so her sex was on fully display on his lap. He slowly took down the sides of her swim straps and she reached her hands up to over herself. He gently but firmly pulled her hands way, replacing them with his own big meaty ones. Cupping her perky breasts in his too big hands and pinching the nipples. She cried out and he shushed her, nipping and licking at her ear and neck as she tried to pull away.


“Do as Roger says baby girl. It’s alright. Daddy’s here.”

“It hurts.”

“Just relax. It’ll feel good soon.”

His arm reached around her to grasp her chest while the other dug into her wet pussy and began to insert and pull out, his hands much larger than Victors she moaned but it was more hoarse than before. Tears slid down her beautiful face. Roger increased his speed and my daughter began to pant.

Victor played a card and, belated, the rest of us followed. Barley able to take our eyes of my daughter getting finger fucked and molested. My own cock was twitching and pressed so hard against my pants I thought I would die if I didn’t fuck her on this table now. But I resisted, half tortured, half enjoying the show. As was George, who now had his dick pulled out and was openly jacking off. Nobody was playing the game anymore.

“Ugh D-daddy. P-puh-puh-please” she gasped and panted as he split her legs farther and farther apart to enter her. Her beautiful pink puffy lips were on display the swimsuit practically removed all together.

Then George came over and began rubbing her nipples as well. Reaching over Roger. He guided her hands and head towards the table and Roger, following his cue scooted in so she was spread over his lap and pressed on the table. Victor and I watching for what would happen next.
Roger further removed the suit pulling it to the side of her ass and, holding down her back, inserted a thumb and began to work it into her small asshole

“auggaaahh” She cried out. Unable to move while pressed down on the table.

George continued to jack off and hold down her head while Roger invaded her ass with his thumb. 
I stood up so quickly that for a moment everyone paused. Clairy was gasping and crying to catch her breath between sobs.

I stood next to Roger and motioned, and he slowly rose up and away. Clairy remained pinned to the table, and George dragged her farther up onto it so her tits were pressed against it as well, her bottom half limp and dangling. Slowly, I pulled the wet ruined suit off of her and she whimpered.
I unbuckled my belt and my cock came flying out erect. My balls so tight the nestled at the bottom of my shaft like a bomb ready to go off. She dangled in the air while pressed on the table top. Then, lifting her by her hips, I raised her to my cock, directing my head with my hips I held my daughter steady and pressed my tip into her still wet and swollen pussy.

“No! Please! No more!” She had no idea what was coming.

My eight inch dick pushed into her and it felt so tight I was sure she had ripped despite how gentle I had been and how wet she was. Her shattering scream quickly turned to sobs and groans and I slid more and more of myself into her. She twisted and turned but the guys held her firmly so the movement only sent my nerve endings into a pleasure spiral. I groaned and held back as I continued to enter her. She was so wet and warm, her small slit stretching and hugging my cock. I fit into her like a glove and I tightened my grip on her hips to begin thrusting.

“Ugh-uh-uh” She panted as I fucked her, each pump causing her legs to spasm from the force and pressure. I went slow but rocked more and more into her as I went. 

“fuck yes babygirl. You’re so fucking tight.”

George came in his hand and leaned in, turning her head to face him while pressed on the table.

“Lick me up Clairy. Be a good girl and clean up your mess.”

She sobbed and tried to speak or turn away but was capable of neither. George simply pressed his cock to her lips and slowly entered.

“That’s right Clairy. suck it up. oooh god you’re good.”

Seeing my daughter suck cock while I pounded into her proved to be too much, before I could react I felt my balls tighten and my seed burst into her gapping hole. I leaned into her as the jizz drained from me into her until it over flowed and spurted from her pussy lips to the ground, dripping on the floor. I pulled myself from her slowly, her body still clenching onto mine, unwilling to let go of my cock. Once she had licked George clean, he and Roger switched places, then Victor, until all of them had their dicks clean, her mouth eager to get the job done, for this to be over.

The men left, cards, chips and money on the table. I sat back alone on the couch, cradling my daughters head while she lay collapsed on her knees cleaning off my cock.

“You’re a good girl Clairy.” I said as her head bobbed under my palm.
“You’re going to take good care of Daddy every weekend.”

With that she shuttered, but kept on sucking.

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