Making our Daughter Cum

Making our Daughter Cum

Making our Daughter Cum

Story #100

…..I’m Lynn, I have the same urges as my mom. Mom (Dee Dee), brother Ken and myself all have this ’thing’ and like to feel each other up. We jokingly named it ’Feel-itis’. This led to us all having sex with each other.
…..Now I had a daughter Vicky. I decided to not feel up Vicky growing up so she could develop in her own way. Her birthday today meant she was of legal age now. It was hard fighting the urges I had to feel her body. She already had a hot body. Nice tits, hips, legs and a pretty face. I want to feel her so bad and play with her pussy and tits, but so far, I did not. I wanted her to decide if there was to be any feeling up of Ken and I and mom.
…..What I did notice as she grew up, was she showed the same urges as mom, brother Ken and I.
‘Feel-itis’, yes, she had it too.
I noticed that she like to feel other girls slits. She would lift up their dresses and put her hand in their panties and feel them if she could. She did the same with boys. Slipping her hand down their shorts and feeling their cocks.
…..I had many talks with Vicky about how you can’t do that. You must keep those urges to yourself, and not touch. When she thought I wasn’t looking, she did it anyway. So far I had kept her out of trouble. At our house, when Vickie was gone, there were no rules. At any time I could feel Ken or my mom. Of course they could feel me too. Feel-its was a good thing to us and we loved it. At any time, we could feel each others legs, tits, pussy or Ken cock. It was a turn on and our shower was our play palace. Mind blowing wet soapy triple sex. Feeling, licking, fingering and sex with all three that left us all exhaustingly satisfied.
…..Dee Dee (my mom) as we all called her, was on vacation for a week and it was just Vicky and I home. Vicky was in her room playing on her computer.

…..I needed relief for my urges for Vickie bad. I had to do something. It started when I was taking off my clothes to get dressed. I was naked and was looking in my big long mirror and feeling my own body. I squeezed my tits and then I just had to slip a finger in my pussy to help relief the tension of wanting to feel my daughter. I closed my eyes and imagined feeling her….I started to fantasize…..

……we were in the shower like my mom and I did. I was washing her real good and feeling her tits and pussy, watching her get all turned on. She reached out and for the first time started soaping me up. We soaped up each other slowly. My fingers were jittery as they began to enter her pussy. Her fingers were shaking too as they parted my pubic hair, and slowly went in my pussy. My heart was pounding so hard. She put her one leg between mine and we began to masturbate each other. I felt her ass as she felt my tits. We got weak and slowly dropped and laid on the shower floor. Our pussy’s started rubbing together along with our fingers moving in and out. I was headed for a big climax. I couldn’t help it.

.... She began to moan as the warm water flowed over us, adding to the erotic feelings we were having…I grabbed her tight and let my pussy just fuck itself against her pussy. She pushed her pussy against mine and we began to both moan…..we worked our pussy’s together to get that big climax we both wanted. Damn she knew just what to do to turn me on so hot. I just let it happen with her and here it came. The feeling I had with my mom in the shower when I was young. We started to shake as our climaxes peaked and caused us to lock together and squeeze our pussy hard against our fingers. We yelled together in ecstasy…trembling together…gasping for air as our minds went away in euphoria…..

I was standing while I fantasized all this, and my knees slowly let me down as I fell back on my bed. I still had my fingers in my pussy, massaging away.
I had just had a long overdue, finger fucking climax about masturbating my own daughter…..

It had been years since I let myself think about feeling my daughter while I had sex of any kind. I lay there with my eyes closed and kept fingering my pussy slowly. I felt my own body with my other hand. My tits, legs and just all over. I bask in the wonderful feeling of it all. I couldn’t wait to tell my brother Ken, Vicky’s dad, what had happened.
Yes,…you read it right…. Vicky was the daughter of my brother and I. She knew it, but no outsiders did.

…..I continued to play with my pussy and enjoy it all.
I was so engrossed I didn’t hear my bedroom door quietly open. I was moaning slightly, reliving the great climax I’d just had and wishing I could feel Vicky for real. I relaxed and sighed real big…..I opened my eyes a little. I saw Vicky standing right in front of me smiling.

I panicked!…I sat up reaching for my robe. Vicky said: “I heard you moaning mom, are you ok?”
I gathered my self and breath…and smiled and said: ”Oh yes dear, mom was just having a little day dream.” She said: “You sure have a beautiful body, mom.”….and sat down beside me. Her words gave me chills like I’d never had before. I held my robe in front of me. She still had her tiny nightie on. I tried not to look at her tits and hot legs…but I just had to. Now my pussy was heating up and here came more wetness. I was getting turned on by the second looking at Vicky.

....She sat looking at my body over real good. My head was spinning and I laid back down to catch my breath. My robe now wasn’t covering much. Vicky was just smiling and looking at my body. She said: “I don’t have but a little pubic hair, yours is great!…do you mind If I look at it?” I had no choice as I watched my hand pull my robe up for her to see my pubic hair. Damn she was sexy looking, and staring right at my pussy. Oh god….she’s getting on her knees in front of me to take a closer look at my pussy. She parting my legs, wider and wider. He eyes are wide with delight as she scoots closer.
I can’t take this!…but I can’t move away. I watched her unconsciously start feeling her own beautiful tits. Her eyes…oh my god…are fixated on my pussy. I feel my pussy start to ooze my wetness. She asked: “Can it touch it?”

….I couldn’t answer, I was choking with excitement. I could only nod my head. I watched her hand reach up and feel my pubic hair. I shuddered with chills. I scooted closer to her and raised my knees up. My pussy was now just a few inches from her face. I was having the most trembles of my entire life now. She kept feeling my pubic hair over and over. Her eyes were fixated on my wide open pussy. She whispered: (“I like your pussy, mom. It’s so pink and wet. Can I feel it…please?) I gulped and moaned out: “Oh yes…please do.” I felt my face get so hot as the thought of my daughter feeling my pussy…I thought I was going to pass out.
She was now feeling my legs all around continuously. She was hot too and stopped to quick stand up and take off he little nighie, and panties. Oh god…I saw her little patch of pubic hair between her legs. I shuttered and orgasmed…I couldn’t help it….
Back she came zooming her face right to my pussy. I figured with her urges like mine, she had already licked the pussy of some of her girlfriends. I found out later she had, but the one she wanted to lick the most……was mine.

….Her fingers started slowly feeling my pussy lips, up and down. They were real wet. Her face got closer as I trembled continuously. She parted more of my pubic hair around my pulsing clit.
Her one hand headed down between her legs. I knew she was rubbing her own pussy. I felt her panting breath on my pussy.

My cell phone rang.
Before I could even sit up, she gave my pussy a long big lick and her tongue ended up gliding right across my clit….
I orgasmed again… instantly!
She quick grabbed her clothes and ran out of the my bedroom. I was dizzy but found my cell phone. It was Ken. I answered. “Oh Ken, it happened, I have so much to tell you, I…”
He said: “Slow down sis, what happened?”…”Vicky and I….we…oh god Ken...It’s been wonderful…I….” I breathlessly stammered.
(“You and Vicky have gotten together?”) He asked whispering.
“YES!...when you come home I tell you all about it…it’s so damn hot…I…I”
Ken whispered: (“Stop Lynn, I’m at work and I can’t get a hardon here!…It sounds like a part 2 of our wonderful life is beginning. When I get home, tonight we’ll….gotta go sweet…bye.”) and he hung up.

…..I sat stunned with a great smile on my face. My pussy was happy. My urges were feeling great and relieved for now. Vicky had come of age finally and she was like Ken and I….

…..I headed for the shower. I heard Vicky moaning in the bathroom. I knew she was masturbating. I went to the downstairs shower.

…..Ken too had never touched Vicky along with mom and I.

…..I sat down with Vicky and filled her in on our history and the reasons why we all decided to let her decide her way of doing things. She smiled big and said: “Mom, do you know how long I’ve wanted to feel you and dad?“ I said: “I sure do, I could tell a long time ago you had ’feel-itis’ like the rest of us.” “ Do you mean we be ourselves now and just keep it in the house here?” Vicky asked. I told her ’yes’, that was the setup we had in place. She was delighted to get some relief now from her urges to feel our bodies. She told me she had felt up other girls tits and pussy’s and felt guys cocks, but always had to be so careful about it. It was never enough to satisfy her. She was now elated to be included in our ’feel-itis’ freedom.

…..I knew now what was coming. We now fondled each other openly for the first time that day. We both loved feeling us up. In the kitchen, the hall and every where in the house.

…..I had told her that Ken, her and I were going to have some fun together tonight. I didn’t need to say another word, she knew. I loved feeling her and having her feel me. Fingers probing and tit licking all day long. I told her we would start off tonight with us all taking a shower together. (I knew Ken very well)
Vicky said: “Daddy in the shower too?….I’ve wanted to that forever!”
I thought…
….my mom would just smile and nod her head if she heard that. ‘A chip off the old block.’, she would probably say.

….Vicky and I planned to attack Ken when he got home. He’d been so cool for all of Vicky’s young years.

Ken thought as he drove home….
….Well…sis and I have mom’s ’feel-itis’ and now Vicky too. If she has our same urges, she’s sure has the right mom and dad. I will let Vicky know that nothing is ever forced, just do your own thing. I’ve wanted to feel her up so bad, but never did. Let her make her own decisions about that. Sis and I will let her take the lead as to anything she’s comfortable with doing with us.
I wondered if she ever fantasized about “daddy” feeling her and more. I bet she has. She’s tried many times to see me naked, and even to take little feels on me growing up, but I turned it all down. Not any more Vicky. I hope she wants me to lick her pussy. I’ve only thought about a million times….
Vicky had some thoughts about all this…..

….I’ve had urges all my life. Mom taught me that some will get me in trouble with outsiders of our family. I was always able to find girls at school who were interested in feeling other girls up. I remember in school was my first real feel up with a girl. Boys came a little later. I love to do both. Mom and dad never knew, but I was in the girl restroom at school when a girl was looking at my new and growing tits. I remember so well her saying: “Wow…you have wonderful looking tits.” I got a buzz in my pussy when she said that. I said: “Why thank you, but yours are bigger than mine. They look like they would be fun to feel.”

....She smiled at me and we went into a stall and began to feel each others tits. I got hot doing that and she did too. We met each day at the same time and felt each others tits…but we wanted more. She ask me if I had any hair on my pussy yet. I told her only about 10 little hairs. He eyes went wide and said she had none yet and wanted to feel mine. I said sure, and lifted up my skirt so she could get her hand in my panties. She did the same and I got to feel my first pussy real good, while having mine felt.

….We both started breathing real heavy and she whispered: “Oh god Vicky, you have to come over and do a sleep over at my house tonight. We can feel us all we want after my parents go to sleep.” I remember asking mom for permission. She looked me in the eyes. She grinned at me. I couldn’t hold back and started laughing. She knew something was up. She ask the question that exposed my secret intentions. “Will there be any ’touching’ going on?…hmmmm?”
I confessed and said: “Mom…this girl has the nicest tits, and I really want to feel them a lot.” She smiled and thanked me for being so honest. She said ’Ok’ but don’t get caught doing anything by her parents…and….then she paused…..

“What?“….I asked. She whispered: (“…you have to tell me everything you guys do so I can enjoy it too…”)
I said: (“Deal, mom.”)
I kissed mom and took off to get ready.
I’d never seen mom’s eyes get that far away look before. I knew she wanted to get turned on by me telling her about my adventure. Her look sent a shock wave down to my pussy. Turning on my mom had just given me my first buzz from that. It felt so good. I had the urge to turn her on more and get more thrills for both of us.
….I started to fantasize about that as I got ready…..I pictured me undressing mom, and feeling her big tits. I licked them as I reached down and felt her pussy….she felt me too and we ended up on my bed….I had the urge to move down and lick her pussy….

I snapped out of my fantasy and realized my pussy was getting wet. I had to take a minute and rub my clit. I was going back to this fantasy from now on. I wanted more it…..

….The next night I told her everything we did. Feeling our tits and pussy’s all we wanted. Mom was excited hearing all this, and was taking big breaths. She asked: “Was that all?” I was kind of embarrassed to tell her everything we did at first,…but the look in her eyes told me my adventure was turning her on big. I was getting hot myself telling it, and started telling her all of it….in detail.
After the girl’s parents were asleep we started our quiet feeling of our tits. We both started getting real hot. She started kissing and sucking on my tits. Wow…what a turn on that was. I had to try it too. She had bigger tits than mine and I indulged in sucking on her nipples and tits. She whispered she want to see my pussy up close. We turned so we were face to pussy for both of us. We started to feel each others pussy’s. We lifted our night gowns up and one leg up to expose our pussy’s wide open. We were breathing hard and very excited. The sneaking of doing this made it more exciting!

…..We were sitting at the kitchen table as I talked. I noticed mom’s hand go down and I could tell she was rubbing her pussy. She got that far away look as she looked into space. I was turning her on and it was turning me on too. I continued….
“The girl and I fingered each other and I had that urge….to lick her pussy. Did I dare? What would she think? While I pondered doing it…I felt her tongue slide over my clit….my pussy jumped as I moaned quietly. She pulled my pussy tighter to her mouth. It was pure heaven the feelings I got. Now I just put my tongue on her clit. She jumped and moaned too! That started us in with a licking fest. I got tingles like never before. Fingering myself was great, but nothing like this. We held each others butt cheeks and moved them in a rocking motion.”
…..Now I moved my hand to finger my pussy while I told the story.
I thought….I will tell my dad this story and I bet he gets a big hard on. I’ve only seen him with a big hardon once, when I surprised him and mom fooling around on the couch. He had his robe on and it popped out when he stood up and quickly covered it. I never forgot the tingles I got from seeing his big hard on….I continued the story….

…..The girl and I were building up a super good feeling in our pussy’s. I was really into this. We squirmed and got what I guess they call ’orgasms’. We bucked our pussy and moaned quietly in the wonderful feelings. It took our breath away and made our bodies shake with pleasure. We lay there panting and enjoying the afterglow of the orgasms. She wanted still more fun. She whispered: (“…have you had sex with a boy yet?”) I said ’no’. She said: (“…you must keep this to yourself ’forever’…but I’ve had sex with my brother.

....I’m so horny now, let me go see if he’ll come in here and we can play with him.”) My heart jumped. She went to go get her brother?…..oh my god…it was like a dream come true. I wanted to play with a boy so bad, and there was one on the way! She slowly brought in her brother. He was half asleep. She got him on his back and pulled down his pajama bottoms. I was looking at his dick. She began to stroke him. His dick slowly got bigger. When she got it big….she started sucking on it. He moaned quietly. She whispered…(“Come here and try it.”) I quickly got my mouth next to it, but first I had to feel it all over.

....My hands trembled a little, but I was doing what I had dreamed about doing someday. We both licked him and then I had to try it. I put my mouth over his dick and started jacking it. She was all excited and said: (“…that’s it…jack it faster now. She felt my tits and fingered herself while she watched. I had to finger my pussy as the thrill was making it throb. I jacked faster as I ran my tongue over his dick head inside my mouth.
He squirmed and a burst of cum went in my mouth. I orgasmed right away as I tasted cum for the first time….I liked it. The girl moved my head and put her mouth on it as he shot some more cum.
Wow…that was the hottest thing I had ever done, and my pussy jumped inside with new feelings. She licked him clean, then took him back to his room. He was still half asleep but with a big sleepy smile on his face now.
I couldn’t thank the girl enough for doing that. I couldn’t wait till we did it again soon.
……My mom’s eyes were lost in thought as her hand rubbed her pussy underneath the table. My own pussy was very wet. She got up and thanked me and quickly went to her bedroom and closed the door. I just sat there fingering myself and got lost in the memory of that night….
…..We waited for daddy to get home.
When he came in thru the door, we were both waiting on each side and attack him. We all giggled as we took him to the floor tickling him and feeling his crouch. I said: “Daddy, we want you to play with us tonight. It’s will be my birthday present from you.” Daddy laid on the floor laughing. He put his arms around us both and started feeling us up. We giggled and ran away as he got up and chased us to mom’s bedroom. Mom and I held the door shut. He said: “I gonna get you two girls tonight and get even with you guys“…..
…..That evening we all sat at the table and ate. Mom had a talk earlier with dad and brought him up to date on the days happenings. Dad was smiling as we played with his legs and flashed our tits at him. He said: “Vicky, Lynn, you are two naughty girls. I going to take you both in the shower and clean up your act.” We said ’Oh no…not the shower! Anything but the ’shower!’ He said to get ready to be undressed by him and taken in the shower! We squealed and said we might just take ’him’ in the shower and make him to do naughty things to us.…..
………That evening the fun began….

……I went in to their bedroom. They were laying on the bed kissing and feeling each other up. I crawled between them and said: “Is three a crowd?” I should have never said that, as they attack me and fondled every part of my body. I fondled back. It got real hot in that bed with the body heat and our hot breathing. Dad started undressing us. A little of mom clothes, then a little of mine. We in turn undressed him. When we were all naked, he got up with the biggest hard on I’d ever seen. He took our hands and led us to the shower.
…..I was so excited I almost peed right in the shower. Dad set the warm water and we all started to soap up. I couldn’t help staring at his huge hard on and mom’s full bush. They whispered and said: “That’s not how you wash Vicky, let us do it.” I stopped and they got on either side of me. The leaned me against the shower wall and began to soap me up real good. The warm water and their warm hands got me dizzy. Dads hand on my tits were awesome. Mom had her fingers sliding up and down my pussy. I reached out and got to feel my dads hard on. It as so big and warm.

..... I slowly jacked it as the soap made it slick. I finally got to feel mom’s big tits. I played with her big nipples, all slick with soap. Dad knew just how to feel my tits, and he made them tingle so good. Moms finger went in me and she knew just where to feel inside my pussy real good. I spread my legs wide apart for her. Her other hand moved the soapy bubbles down my tummy and gently rubbed my little clit. That made me jump and thrust my hips with great feeling.
….I was having the best birthday I could ever wish for.

…..Mom got on her knees. Dad started sucking on my tits. I still held on to dads hard on. I wanted to suck it so bad. Mom started in licking my pussy. I got weak with all the feeling and my knees began to bend. They held me as I sank to the shower floor. They gently pulled me to the center of the shower. Mom started licking my pussy so good, I started to tremble inside. Dad turned so his hard on was next to my face. I got to see it close up and feel it both. I had him bring it closer…and closer. I licked it gently. He jacked it with me now. The head got real big and pink. I took it in my mouth all I could. He jumped a little and moaned quietly. I was going to make him cum. Mom had me squirming with her licks on my clit and her finger rubbing in my pussy. I brought up my knees and put my legs on moms back. My hips began to move up and down with her fingering and licking. I moaned with dads hard on in my mouth. I could tell mom had her other hands fingers in her pussy.

.....She rocked back and forth as she moaned with me. I held the wet hair on her head and guided her head as she licked me firmer and firmer. Dad and my hands jack him faster as I took the whole head of his dick in mouth. It was so warm and wonderful….but….I knew what was coming next. He jerked, moaned and I felt it. A big shot of warm cum filling my mouth….I moaned loud. Mom was watching and she moaned too….

….Her fingers and tongue made me climax so intense, I yelled and shook all over…it was the best climax I’d ever had….
….My pussy pulsated around her fingers. I felt my own warm juice inside my pussy. I could only moan big as my pussy trembled….
….. Dad cum kept filling my mouth with his cum as I savored it and let my tongue roll around the head. I jacked him for all the cum he had…I wanted all of it. Dad had to lay down as he held my head. He pumped his cock in my mouth for every last shot of cum. I kept jacking him as his body jerked with each pump. His cum ran out the sides of my mouth, as I couldn’t hold it all. I had to hold moms hair tight to keep her licking my clit. I was in heaven and no words…. …can ever describe it……

.....I jumped with each lick of moms warm tongue. I held dads cum in my mouth and let my tongue feel it’s wonderful slickness. I was slowly drifting out….the warm water was making me sleepy.

….The next thing I knew dad was carrying my spent body to my bed. He had a big giant cozy towel around me. I remember him kissing my forehead as I passed into sleep.
…..That was just the beginning. We have three-somes all the time now.

…..I can bring my boyfriends (and girlfriends) right to my room now, anytime I want. We have some wild sex in my room….but…when they’re not here…is went the most fun begins. Mom and I, dad and I, or all three of us. We start with a ‘feel up’ and take it from there. I finally had full on sex with my dad, with mom feeling us both up as we moaned loud and shook for a long time. I love my dads cock in me, it’s warm and big. He makes me climax so good I see beautiful colored lights in my head and hear angel music. His tongue goes wild with mine….
…..My friend Crissy spent the night. (we both like to eat pussy’s and suck cocks too.) She said: “Your parents are so nice. You and your parents seem so happy all the time. I saw you and your mom and dad all hugging and rubbing all of your backs. I thought that was so cool.”

I thought……

…Oh Crissy….. you just wouldn’t believe all the things we do...

…..when no ones around.…

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