My sister and I loved the outdoors and always spent time outside. We spent a ling time planning a trip to go hiking in the forest and camp for a few night. We prepared for many days and got all our stuff ready. We set off early in the morning and hiked most of the day then stopped and ate lunch.
After we made a fire and had lunch we set off again. Around 5 we stopped for the night. I went hunting while my sister set up the camp. I shot a few squirrels and rabbits that we then cooked over for dinner. We sat by the fire for a long time and talked about life. We were really close as kids but now she shes 21 and I'm 19 so we had grown farther apart.
About 1am we went to our tent and got in our sleeping bags and said good night. That night it got so cold that neither of us could fall asleep. Slowly i moved closer to try to snuggle with her. I put my arm around her and she didn't seem to mind it. She said my hands would stay more warm if they were in her shirt. That kind of surprised me and got me a little turned on. So i did as she said and slid my hands up her shirt. After awhile i unhooked her bra and put my hands right on her boobs. She seemed to have liked it because her tits got hard. She had nice DD36 boobs. Then she asked if she could put her hands in my pants. I wasn't going to say no, so i let her. At first she just put her hands in and didn't do much. I began to get hard though. She said, "Am i turning you on?" I told her she was and she started stroking my 7in cock. That felt really good and got my mind off the cold. She took her hands out of my pants then got up and went between my legs. She pulled my pants off then my boxers. My dick was out and fully erect. She grabbed it and started licking it and playing with my balls. I almost cam all over her face. I told her to suck it and she wrapped her lips around it. As she went up and down she would move her tongue around on it which felt so good. After sucking me for awhile i jizzed in her mouth which she proudly swallowed.
I turned around so that her vagina was over my face. I slid her pants off and saw that her pink lace thong was super wet. I pulled it to the side and saw her sweet tight pussy. I just wanted to shove my dick in and tear it apart. I licked her clit and all over. I also stuck my fingers inside while licking. She cam multiple times on me. I knew she liked it. I licked behind her pussy and her butthole too. I sucker her butt for awhile then stuck a finger in her anus, she let out a little shriek.
I then got on top of her and licked her gorgeous blue viened titties. I suck on each one like it was a lolipop. They were so nice and big. Then she squeezed her boobs together with my dick in between. As i would thrust up she would suck or lick it as it got close to her mouth. It had felt so good. Finally it was my chance to have sex with her. I had dreamed of this for years. She laid on her back and i was on top. First i just rubbed my dick between the juicy pink lips of her pussy. This was really making her wet. I gently pit my dick inside and she moaned loudly with pleasure. She had never had a dick this lomg and fat before. At first i went slow and then harder. She whispered in my ear that she had some good ideas. In her bag she pulled ouy KY Intense lube and dildos. I guess she was perpared. She put the girl lube on her then rubber the guys on me. Then we banged doggie style for awhile and many other positions. All night we had sex. Then close to morning we fell asleep. Asnshe was sleeping i put my dick in her and went to bed. Around 10 we woke up and did everything all over again. The afternoon her friend that was a girl came and met us at our camp spot. We confesedmwhat we had done the noght before and she told us that she wouldnt mind a three way. So that night we all got in the tent to have a great night. Her and her friend got naked and so did i. They began to make out over top of me which got me extrlemey horny. Her friend sucked my dick while my sister ate her pussy out. After a while i put them side by side and took turns fingering them and eating them out. Both of them wanted my dick extremely bad. I stood up and then got on their knees and took turns deep throating my penis. Then my sister sat on my dick while her friend sat over my face so i coukd eat her out. They both took turns getting sucked and fucked. We had had the greatest weekend ever. We all decided this would have to become a regular thing whether camping or at home. To this day we all still get together and do naughty things with eachother.

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