Three is not a Crowd

Three is not a Crowd

II was never satisfied.

I’ve been screwing my ass off for five years but I haven’t gotten fucked good enough to fall into a fully contented sleep. I can get off, that’s not a problem. I have strong orgasms if the guy is good enough, but I know deep inside me that I need a lot more than one to make my body happy. Maybe I’m a sex addict, a nympho, or a true slut; I have that rep around the school but I don’t care. My twin brothers and I go to a small hometown college. My brothers, who are a year behind me, know I’m the college mascot. I even asked them to set me up with some of their friends. I fuck a lot but no one has truly scratched my itch, something was missing.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with older men. I’m 20 and if I have to say it myself, I look pretty fucking hot. I am fucking hot. It thrills me to the core to have men hit on me, trying to be casual as the animals in their pants slobber long ribbons of spit because of me. Three days ago, I let a guy 27 years older than me into my pants. He was good, he fucked me twice, I got off a few times but I still crawled out of his bed feeling unfulfilled.

How can I find peace and quiet? What is it going to take so that the bitch between my legs will finally beg to stop?

I was sitting in our living room one night trying to find some sexy scenes on the movie channels when my brothers came home. Our mother was on a cougar hunt, looking to get some cock and cunt action for herself. Our dad hadn’t been around since I was 12, so mom had to go on the prowl to get laid.

Logan and Morgan, my brothers joined me in front of the flat screen and started complaining about their dates. They were dating two prissy little uptight bitches that hung together and told little white lies about how they fucked guys. Shit, the only thing those two twits fucked was maybe the tips of each other’s fingers. Those two asexual bitches didn’t like me much because I had fucked both their boyfriends before they started seeing my brothers, and it was way too easy, the girls didn’t put out, but I did.

I listened to the twins griping how they were horny but the two girls they were dating wouldn’t give up their precious princess pussies. In our family, we talked about sex openly, even with mom around. We weren’t trash mouth or dirty, we just talked openly. Nobody in our family was virgin so we weren’t embarrassed to talk about sex. Even my mother would make comments and conversations sometimes that could be R, or even X-rated.

Morgan sat on the sofa next to me and asked me, “What turns a girl like Sarah on? What can I do to her to get her to fuck me?”

“Ask her. If some guy wants to get me into bed the easiest way for him is to ask. I say yes or no. She might say no a couple of times but if she has any interest in you at all, she’ll come across. If she says no more than three times, drop her; go find a willing girl. There are plenty of them around.”

“Are you that easy?” asked Logan who was sitting on the arm of the sofa next to me.

“Sometimes, sometimes not. Depends on how much he turns me on.”

Morgan jumped in again, “How many guys have you screwed?”

That made me pause and think. I’d been getting laid for five years and in the whole time, I’d had only four boys that I could actually call boyfriends. I dated one for six months, he was the longest. “I’m not sure; I don’t keep a journal; maybe two or three a month.”

“Christ that pretty much makes you a real slut. That means you’ve probably fucked everybody in the school except me and Logan.”

“Almost, I won’t let Kenny take me to bed. He freaks me out, and Francis is just too much of a girly boy, so that’s four of you that I haven’t tried.”

“Why not?” injected Logan. “Why haven’t you tried me and Morgan?”

“Cause you’re my brothers you stupid ass.”

“So what, we have cocks and get nice big hard-ons, if the lights are out what difference would it make? What do you think, would you fuck us?”

Now, I don’t hate my twin brothers, I just never had much use for them. They exist on a different planet from me, but Logan’s question made me pause. They did have dicks. I’ve accidentally seen them in the buff a few times and from what I saw, even limp they looked well hung. But to screw them? I’m their big sister; older than them by 19 months. Even my hormone-dripping pussy knows that fucking relatives is against some fucking law, “Get the fuck out of my face you dick, and take your dumb shit brother with you.”

“Come on Sandy.” Morgan returned, “I’ll bet you never had twins before. Logan and I can take turns with you, or you can do us both at once.”

Despite who was talking to me, my randy little cunt was listening. Not only listening but sending sexy messages to my womb and clit, her partners in any sexual adventure. She was warming up and getting wet, “Show me what you’ve got.” I said to them. “I wouldn’t even think about letting you two in unless you have something worth the effort.”

The twins stood between me and the TV and dropped their pants in unison. Morgan had on boxers but Logan was naked under his Levi’s. As Morgan shook off his underwear, I was watching them both, their cocks were growing longer and thicker under my stare. Both dicks grew steadily until they were standing well over 8 inches tall, pointing their thick mushroom heads toward the ceiling, the skin tight around the girth of their pricks. The tails of their shirts were hanging over their nuts which were pulled up tight against the base of those impressive erections. My pussy shuttered and sent a series of small thrills directly to my gut.

I stood up and took two steps to them. I wrapped my left hand fingers around Logan’s erection and my right around Morgan’s. As soon as I touched those throbbing hot shafts, I knew what was gonna happen. My body was heating up, the itch between my legs was getting stronger and I held two scratching posts in my hands.

In my years of fucking and sucking I’d never done two guys at once. I’d pulled a few trains but they came to me one at a time. Now I stood in front of my brothers and I knew I was going to let them work on me together. Like I’d told them if you have to ask three times, go somewhere else. They’d asked twice and now that I was holding them, I didn’t want to send them back to those prissy little twats they were dating. I stepped back and loosened the clasp on my skirt and let it fall to the floor. As I pulled my blouse over my head my brothers were taking their shirts off. I wasn’t wearing a bra and Logan pulled my panties down. In seconds the three of us were stripped bare and ready for action. I sat back on the sofa and reached for an erection. I latched on to Logan and pulled him to me by the handle and kissed the end of his cock. He was dripping clear lube which I licked off then he pushed his cock into my mouth. I had my right hand full of Logan, so Morgan grabbed my left and put it on his dick. I was blowing one brother and playing with the other’s package. I was getting turned on hard so I sucked harder on the one twin until I felt him start to quiver. I spit him out and immediately took the other brother between my lips and sucked him in.

Logan grabbed my tits and began to suckle them while I gave his brother head. I twisted around until I was lying on my back on the cushions so Morgan could move his ass better; he was fucking my mouth while the other brother crawled between my legs and split my cunt with his big erection. My body vibrated with shivers of ecstasy while Logan slid his cock in and out, rubbing on my clit as I mouthed his twin.

Morgan pulled away from me and sat back, watching his clone assault my body in a heated passion. He was slowly stroking his erection, waiting his turn. All of a sudden Logan groaned loudly and I felt him squirting a flood of hot juices into my puss. I arched my back and held on to his ass so I wouldn’t lose a drop, I wanted it all. As soon as Logan collapsed on top of me, I pushed him up and away. As he stood, Morgan took his place and rammed his red-hot tool into me. My body took off on a ride of mind-numbing excitement as my brother slammed his balls against my ass. The other brother sat beside the couch and started fondling my breasts, licking them and twisting the nipples in his fingertips. My first orgasm welled up like a tidal wave from my womb and washed over me in rushes of nerve-tingling fire. I wrapped my legs around Morgan as my body begged for more cum. He stiffened as hard as the bone inside me and blew a load of sperm and semen to mix with our brother’s.

Morgan rolled off me panting with the exertion of fucking; I was lying quietly trying to catch my breath. Logan told me to turn over which I did, giving both of them a full view of my back and ass. Logan got up between my legs and probed for the opening of my body with the head of his cock. He was turned on hard again and looking to fuck me more. I spread my thighs and moved my ass until he slipped back into me. He screwed me for 15 minutes. We rocked and rolled all over the sofa then moved to the floor where we had more room. While Logan was pleasuring my pussy, Morgan was getting his by mouth and hand again. Eventually, Morgan got his brother to pull out of me and took his place, and continued the marathon fuck. I was in limbo. My mind had shut down completely and I only experienced the two massive erections as they took turns with me. Morgan fucked me hard then let Logan have me again. Just as Logan rammed into me, I hit my fourth (or fifth?) climax, harder and stronger, a tornado in my guts as I gasped for air and mercy.

I was a quivering mess, lying on the floor unable to move. My brothers were on each side of me, each of them stroking my body, feeling my breasts, and nuzzling my neck. I had just experienced some of the most intense sex I’d ever had but I was still turned on. I instinctively knew that I was only one more orgasm shy of my lifelong goal of complete and absolute satisfaction. I also realized how I could get to that level. I reached for the two cocks and began to build them stronger by stroking and squeezing them. They had only cum once and I knew they could blow their nuts a second time. When Logan’s massive cock was standing full length, pointed toward the sky, I rolled up and over him and slipped him into me. As I fucked the one twin the other was lying beside us watching. I turned to him and said, “I want you to screw my ass. Get over me, fuck my butt.”

Morgan looked at Logan who smiled and said, “Is she going to have to ask twice?”

Morgan got up and straddled my butt and rubbed the head of his cock along my crack. I stopped moving on Logan and held still while Morgan spread my ass cheeks and put the end of his dick against my anus and pressed against it. I was covered with cum and love juice so it didn’t hurt when he slipped into me. The end of his dick was still until my asshole relaxed, he pushed farther down and in. My butt was shivering with exquisite pain as he stretched the nether opening to my body.

Logan started pumping my pussy as Morgan got used to my asshole. It took only a few moments until they were both humping and bumping, I was pinned by two huge, identical hard-ons and loving every second of it. The longer those two fucked to me the hotter I got. I could feel them both reaching their peaks, they were groaning and straining to hold back the end but I didn’t want that. I knew that when they reached their climax, I would get mine too. I had to help, so I managed to utter, “Come on guys, what are you waiting for?”

Morgan groaned over my back and as his cock erupted in my ass, Logan began to shoot long hot bullets into my pussy. I felt my twin brothers delivering twin loads which set me off on my final cuming. I heard some girl scream in supreme pleasure as if she were having the most massive orgasm she had ever endured. My mind was blank; my body numb, I only felt the jets of boiling fluids spraying my womb and ass.

I drifted on clouds of total bliss until I opened my eyes and saw our mother standing over our nude bodies, “What the hell is going on here!!?? Have you three lost your minds!?”

I was on my back staring at my mother but my eyes weren’t focused. I lay there stunned, not because my mother had caught us, not because I succumbed to my brothers; but because I couldn’t feel the itch between my legs. It was gone. After five years of fucking every cock I could, my cunt was finally sated and relaxed. I looked at my two brothers who had shriveled to little boys under our mother’s stern glare then back at her.

“Oh my god Mom, you have got to try this.”

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