Our First Time_(10)

Our First Time_(10)

I remember flashes at first... It had been a long day of work. As a construction worker, my days are filled with constant physical labor. Most days I trudge home, kiss the wife on the cheek, go to shower, grab something to eat and wind down. We'll watch some TV and chat about our day... But generally, I'm calling it quits around 930... But last Friday was different.... I had lost a drill head about four feet into some rock. We needed to get that head... We can't drill again until we find and free it.... So we call for a mini-axe.... And after we come across the rock.... We realize there's nothing short of a jackhammer that's going to break up what we are stuck in. So my guys call for the jackhammer and compressor and get to it. Hours go by and to everyone's surprise, it barely makes a dent. Chiseling away at this tiny mountain has done little more than nothing. I am frustrated... Pounding of hundreds of beats a minute into this rock has sent reverberations throughout my hands, arms, and chest.. I'm exhausted.... Finally, they bring in the big guns.... An industrial Jack head on an excavator. Finally, we pierce through. We've penetrated the rock and can finally work on. The day was draining though, and after it was said and done, I headed home. On the way, as always, I phoned to tell my wife I'm headed on. She's excited as always, but I hear she's had some wine, and company is in the background. "Great," I think.... "She's having a night out at home.... " I figured this meant she'd be loud and having a time as I'm trying to sleep in the other room while her friends are chuckling at nonsense or crying again because their landlord won't let them have a puppy... (yeah, I've been there for that one too many times). I pull up in the parking lot, having no memory of the drive home. I shut the ignition of the truck off, Bruno Mars is telling me to put my pinky finger to the moon.... Perhaps another night... I stand up, feeling the day's wear on me as I awkwardly stumble to my front door. From outside I hear my wife laughing. I can't help but smile because it's easily my favorite sound on Earth. As my key slides into the keyhole, I hear her shout "Shhhhhhhh! He's here! HIDE!" Now, Kate is my love... I met her at 15 on a school trip and for 14 years she has been my friend, my lover, and the silliest person I could come across. So, I know she's filled with wine and probably acting silly for her friends... I go along with her game.. I unlock the door and find all of the lights out, except down the hall, I see the bathroom light on.... I hear a quick *slap* as the lightswitch is flipped shut and a "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I've put the pieces together... Kate is possibly hiding from me SOMEWHERE in my apartment.... She's making me laugh the whole time... Reminding me as she always does why I love her... Despite being ungodly tired, I want to lift her up and spin her around in my arms and kiss her a thousand times. I walk passed the bathroom and into our bedroom. I say, "I guess Kate's not home... Guess I'll just go right to bed... " *cough....HMM* A very indignant stranger seemed to voice disapproval at my proclamation from the other room. At this point, I was in play mode with my wife, and also very tired from work.... I then walked into the bathroom to take a piss. Knowing Kate would be in there, but forgetting she had a friend over... I walk in to the bathroom, cock out and ready to tease my love with the goods... And as I walk in, I hear behind the shower curtain *guh!* with what I assume was either Kate or her friend slapping a hand quickly to cover her mouth... I'd exposed myself to my wife's friend by mistake.... Needless to say, I was mortified.... I finish up and wash my hands in perhaps the most awkward moment of my life and head for the kitchen. I'm in for a bit when I hear rustling coming from the bathroom. There's whispers, followed by a loud crash and uproarious laughter. I run to find Kate and her friend Kelly, tangled in the shower curtain sprawled out on the bathroom floor. Luckily, it was funny enough to make up for what had happened earlier. So... We are providing company for my wife's friend Kelly.... Kelly and my wife have been friends since they met when they were six years old. Kelly dated and married a guy I had always hated in high school. They, like Kate and I, met as kids, dated through highschool and college, and then married each other.... David was unfortunately a piece of shit. Kelly received a message from another woman one night saying David had impregnated her, and was now trying to make her either get an abortion, or suggested taking enough pills to "take care of it". I knew Kate and Kelly were spending a lot of time together, but it wasn't until having been told what she was going through that I understood why she needed that... So the night wears on... And a second bottle of wine comes out. I'm consuming as the girls chat. They work together so they have the same workplace drama and what not. I'm doing the dishes as the two are laughing face to face about Shawn and Edna and how Steve STILL can't figure out how to fax a spreadsheet... And I go into what she's called "Zombie Mode" before... I'd pretty much say I was "affectionately sleep-walking" The two are sitting at the dining room table, which are seated by stools. I have an either instinctive, or possessive pull towards Kate... I, standing behind her, hug her. She smiles at my affection. I begin to caress her, groping her breasts, sliding my hands down to strum her hips. Kate is unsure of what to do at this point. I've apparently done this before.... I've come home from work, somehow too tired to speak, but still ready for some "marital relations" But not only is this unexpected, but her childhood friend is sitting four feet from her... Watching her as her husband grabs her tits and kisses her neck.... "You... You probably had a bit too much wine... " Kate suggests. "You need to go to bed, let's go." I slide my fingers inside my wife and feel her arch back in pleasure. For several moments, neither of us are aware of anything but our love and pleasure. When I don't have the energy to stop myself from Kate's unluring draw, and once I've made her cum, it's over... We're animals. Kelly's mouth is agape. She's watching her childhood friend get fingered, moaning as she's penetrated repeatedly by a man she used to beat in Mario Kart 64 growing up. I tear off Kate's shirt, exposing her firm breasts. Kate is slender, but with a bust... I'm not a breast man, but hers certainly do it for me... I'm sucking her neck, gliding my left hand along her ribs softly twerking her nipples as my right hand has made its way passed her jeans, under her cotton panties, brushed the lushness of her landing strip, and gently reached her clitoris. I'm in my wife, there's nowhere I'd rather be... When it finally hits her... Kate's moaning as I've got her bent over a stool, fingering her and I'm seconds away from filling her with all of me... And Kelly sneezes... I...I'm snapped back to reality.... "Bless you!" I say out of impulse.... My wife, topless, drunk, bent over and with three fingers knuckle deep inside her, laughs so hard she snorts. Tipsy, and in a position *so to say* that I've never been in, I'm not sure how to proceed. Kate steps forward, sliding myself from her. She looks at Kelly knowingly, and then snuggles against the base of my cock. I lean down and ask her "You want this?" Kate arches herself to me and says "Fucking take me." I've never done this, obviously.... And we're both drunk.... But I also don't need to be told twice when my wife wants me to fuck her... I looked down at my wife's perfect pussy, spit and thrust! *gulah* She exclaimed as I entered her, as if I had done so for the first time... Kate moaned as she and Kelly locked eyes. I was full of my wife's love at this point, and so all I could do is keep fucking her as she clawed at Kelly. Her moans shot out as Kelly held her hand and hair to the side as I filled her friend with passion. I was given the invitation to forget we had a spectator, but still that didn't quite jive, with each thrust into Kate my locked gaze with Kelly sent me mental. All I could think was that from now on, I want someone to be here to watch Kate take Me.

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