A Night Of Drinking Turns More

A Night Of Drinking Turns More

I had been away for several months on a business trip. Not long after I returned home, my stepdaughter went to stay out of town during the summer, but would come home almost every weekend to visit.

My stepdaughter has a killer body. She is about 5’4” and weighs about 95 lbs. She is slender, but not skinny, and has a nice set of perky 36C tits and a firm ass.
She likes to drink alcohol, and her preference is vodka. When she was home on the weekends, we would usually have a couple drinks together and that would be it. Occasionally, she would suggest a drinking game, sometimes one of the drinking games that she and her friends would play, like beer pong, sometimes one of the games that I taught her, like Circle of Death or Red/Black.

This night, we decided on Circle of Death. Now, if you are not familiar with the game, it is a game that uses a deck of cards and goes something like this:
2 thru 5, the player takes that many drinks
6 thru 9, the player gives out that many drinks (although we modified this since there were just two of us playing, to were 6 was two drinks and 9 was five)
10 are sentences, where the first player says one word and each player repeats what was said, adding one word at the end, until someone messed up and would have to drink
Jacks are “I nevers”, where the player says “I never” and gave an action, and anyone that had done that action had to drink, with the option of a lone drinker having to tell the tale of said action.
Queens are questions, with each person asking another person a question, without answering the question posed of them. Play continues until a player answers a question or cannot ask someone else another question within 3 seconds.
Kings are categories, and the player that draws the king determines the category. Once the category is announced, each person in turn says something that pertains to that category until someone cannot name something, or repeats someone else.
Aces (my personal favorite) are rule cards. If you draw an ace, you get to make a rule and you can have it be in play for the entire game or for a limited time. It can be something as innocent as making a particular player, or all players, make a certain statement before they take a drink. Or it can get really explicit, depending upon the people playing, of course.

We had been playing for awhile and gotten pretty relaxed and having a good time. She commented about how she was drunk enough that she wasn’t going to remember anything in the morning. We were about halfway through the deck when I pulled an ace. Like I said earlier, my stepdaughter has a nice body, and I thought I would try to get her to show more of it to me, so I made a rule that if she burped, she would have to play with either her tits or her pussy for five minutes. Surprisingly, she did not object to this rule and the game continued.

A few rounds after I had made that rule, much to my pleasant surprise, she did indeed burp. It kind of surprised me, since she was drinking straight vodka and didn’t usually burp while drinking that. I reminded her of the rule I had made and she got ready to play with her tits. At first, I thought she was just going to slip her hands up underneath her shirt and bra and I wasn’t going to get a show. Much to my surprise, however, she lifted her shirt and her bra and started rubbing and squeezing her tits. The only problem was that her bra was obscuring my view, so I suggested that she remove it, which she did. Now, I was able to see her tits in all of their glory as she went back to playing with them.

I’m not sure what came over me, but I approached her and kind of pushed her onto her back. I took her hands away from her tits and held them over her head, then began to suck on her nipples. She resisted a little bit at first, but after a very short while, she relaxed and started to moan a little bit.

I continued sucking on her titties for a few minutes then decided I wanted to titty-fuck her. I straddled her chest and pulled out my hard cock. I placed it on her chest between her tits and told her to push her tits together, which she eagerly did. I began sliding my dick back and forth between those lovely tits.

After awhile, I wanted to rub my dick on her lips, so I slid up a little bit and went to place my dick against her lips. To my disappointment, she turned her head to the side. I thought I would give it one more shot and positioned my dick against her lips again and started rubbing her lips with it.

Much to my surprise, at this point, she opened her mouth and took my hard dick into her mouth, and turned her head back towards me. I began to fuck her face as she lay there on her back on the floor. After about half dozen strokes or so, I decided to stand up and pull her to her knees. I put my dick near her face and she went after it like it was the first meal she had eaten all day. She was quite the impressive cocksucker, taking my full 7” into her mouth without gagging at all. She deep throated me like there was no tomorrow.

After several minutes of her wonderful ministrations, I had her lie back down. I got down on the floor and pulled her shorts and panties off and admired her lovely, clean-shaven pussy for the first time. She told me that she was not a virgin and had lost her virginity a few months ago. I proceeded to lie down between her legs and had my first feast of her pussy.

I licked her clit as I shoved two fingers into her tight pussy. Damn, she tasted soooo good. As I continued to relish her juices and finger pussy, I slipped my pinky into her tight ass. She really started moaning when I began pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy and ass. She had two very intense orgasms before I stopped eating her out.

After she caught her breath, I put her on her hands and knees and positioned myself behind her. I grabbed her hips and pushed my hips forward until my cock just brushed against her pussy. When I didn’t proceed to push my raging hard-on into her, she pushed herself back, taking my cock into her, and letting me feel that hot, velvety warmth. I pushed forward and buried myself, balls-deep, into her pussy and she moaned loudly and dropped her head down, with her eyes closed.

I leaned forward and grabbed her pendulous tits and squeezed them as I began to pump my throbbing cock in and out of that lovely pussy. Almost immediately, she was matching my thrusts and the sound of our bodies slapping together could be heard throughout the house, as well as her lustful moans.

I could feel my orgasm rapidly approaching, and I didn’t want this adventure to end so soon. I pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy and decided to give her a rim job. At first, she tried to pull away, since, as she confided in me later, she had never experienced anyone toying with her ass other than my earlier fingering. But, as I held her and licked around her puckered asshole and probed it with my tongue, she, again, began to moan and lay down on her belly.

After I had sufficiently lubed her asshole with my saliva, I inserted my middle finger into her and began pumping her ass. After a couple minutes of pumping her ass with one finger, I asked if she wanted another one, and she nodded. I spit on my index finger and slipped that one into her ass alongside my middle finger and began to pump again. As I pumped, I could feel her asshole relax and I asked her if she wanted another finger in her ass, and again she nodded.

I pumped three fingers in her lovely ass for a few minutes before I asked her if she wanted me to stick my dick in her ass. She said that she wanted me to fuck her ass, so I pulled my fingers out and placed the head of my dick against her asshole. I gently pushed forward and watched the head of my cock disappear into her virgin asshole. My god, it felt wonderful. I eased my cock into her asshole until my pelvis was against her ass.

Slowly, I began to slide my cock in and out of her ass. As I felt her asshole relax and slightly loosen, I started to pump her ass faster and faster. The faster I pumped, the louder her moans became. I kept pumping her ass, the sounds of us slapping against each other once again echoing throughout the room. Again, I felt my orgasm approaching and told her that I was getting close. She told me to shoot my load in her ass, that she wanted to feel my hot sperm and my throbbing, pulsating cock in her tight ass. I was more than happy to oblige.

I continued to fuck her ass until I shot my load in her ass. It felt as though I had shot at least a quart of cum in her before I was done. I lied down and pulled her onto her side next to me, with my cock still buried in her ass. Reaching around to play with her tits some more, I asked her how she like it in the ass. She said it was incredible and she never expected to get fucked in the ass, let alone for it to be so good. She said she could hardly wait until she could get her ass fucked again.

After saying that, she slid forward so that my cock, now mostly limp, slid out of her ass. We moved into a sixty-nine position and she proceed to use her mouth to clean up the remnants of my cum from my cock as I went back to eating her pussy, again. Before retiring to our separate beds, she told me that she wanted to be completely sober next time.

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