Tommy and Jade

Tommy and Jade

Chapter One:
In which we begin our modern tale of erotic romance…


'Mmm, that's right Jade.'


'Don't stop, I'm almost there Jade.'

"Damn it Tommy, wake up!"


Tommy felt a smack across his face, instantly forcing him from his lustful slumber.

'Damnit! I was about to cum too!’ Tommy thought to himself as he felt his, now, red hot cheek.

Tommy, rubbing his eyes of sleep, focused at the hundred and twenty pound, God sculpted object of his desires, straddling his waist. It might have been the sudden interruption of one of his "happy dreams", or it could have been the way that the light was pouring in and how it complimented his new step sister's face and deep red locks of hair, but for some reason, she just appeared even more beautiful than usual, if that was even possible. Already she was angelic, now she seemed a goddess.

"Oh!? And what is this baby brother?"

"I'm not your baby brother, Jade, you're eighteen, and I'm only a couple months away from being eighteen. And what are you talking about?"

But Tommy knew what she was talking about. For the past two months, every time that Tommy had a dream about his new stepsister, he would wake up with wood that could be used as a battering ram, and so painful that Tommy would nearly have to jerk himself into a coma to finally get his cock under control.

'Of course when I'm having the best dream about her ever, she wakes me up by sitting on me and slapping my face. Now how am I gonna explain my perverted erection that she caused?'

"I'm talking about this silly."

Jade started to slowly run her hand down Tommy's well refined body, pausing momentarily to rub a bit on his washboard belly, and then continuing on to his waist while seductively biting her lower lip.

'Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Is this really happening', thought Tommy, praying that this wasn't just a dream, and the woman that he was in love with really wanted his rock hard cock right now. Tommy wanted nothing more than to make love to Jade ever since she moved in with Tommy's new step mom.

But he could never work up the courage to tell her what he thought about her. 'What if she thinks I'm a pervert? Isn't it wrong? I mean, she's my new sister for crissake!'

'STEP - sister', Tommy thought as he corrected his own thoughts.

As Jade progressed closer and closer to Tommy's throbbing member, his heart rate reached danger levels. Quickly, Jade moved her hand behind herself, entirely skipping Tommy's cock, and grabbing a folded up piece of paper.

'Oh no! Anything but that!’ thought Tommy, even though he knew exactly what it was.

Tommy fancied himself a poet of sorts, and since Jade moved in with his father and himself, he had found his muse in Jade, and when he wasn't masturbating to fantasies about the romantic possibilities between himself and Jade, he would find himself scribbling poetry verses professing his love for her on every scrap of paper he could find. But Tommy was always careful to hide what he wrote where he thought nobody else would find it.

"Look," said Tommy, "It's not what you think it's-"

Already too late, Jade was starting to read Tommy's poetry out loud:

"I see her every day, wanting her every minute,
Begging for her attention at ever second,
But I can do nothing but admire her from afar,
My goddess,
If only she'd grant me a passing glance,
Or some sign that she would want me as much
as I want her,
but it would be forbidden,
For my Jade Goddess,
is also my Step Sister."

"Um. Er. Ya' see-" Tommy, who was never at a loss for words, struggled to worm his way out of getting caught obsessing over his step sister.

"I think it's sweet. The nicest thing anyone's ever written about me," Jade reassured Tommy with her trademark smile, cocking her head slightly to the right and showing off her pearly white teeth, in a super model like smile.

"...Really?" Tommy said in an exasperated voice.

"Of course silly," Jade said as she lightly tapped Tommy's nose. "Who knows, I might feel the same way about you, stud muffin."

And with that, Jade leapt off of Tommy with a wink and scurried out of his room, leaving his door open.

"No. Fucking. Way," Tommy uttered to himself as he watched his step sister (now, potential lover) walk down the hallway, swaying her beautifully shaped ass at every step, giving Tommy the best show he's ever seen. Without hesitating, Tommy started beating his painfully hard cock with all that he could, replaying both the dream and what just happened in his head a hundred times.

"Oh, Tommy, I forgot to tell you, breakfast is ready. Come on down, I made you waffles."

'Fuck!' Tommy screamed in his own mind. 'Second time she's ruined my ability to cum today.' Refusing to let his step sister down, Tommy quickly threw a shirt on, and scrambled after his sister down the stairs while also trying to hide his erection in his house pants.

As Tommy bound down the steps he was forcing naughty thoughts of his step sister out of his head in an attempt to lessen the intensity of his painfully hard cock. As he turned the corner he heard what sounded like Jade talking to someone.

"Yeah...Alright...Don't worry, he's already up...Sure thing...I'll let him know..." Tommy walked into the kitchen to see his crush of the past few months in a white tank top with plenty of cleavage to show off her perfectly perky C-Cup breasts. She had hardened nipples despite the warm temperature of the house and showing off the fact that she was braless. She was also wearing pajama bottoms that were riding just low enough to show off a classy amount of her neon pink thong hugging her hips.

By the time that Tommy brought himself back from his fantasies, he found that not only was his cock reinvigorated by the dirty things that Tommy wanted to do to Jade.

Jade turned to Tommy, flashing him a quick smile and rolling her eyes while twirling her finger, their own little sign that it was the parents on the other end of the line.

Before she could see Tommy's erection, he quickly sat at the table and poured himself some Orange Juice. As he looked up from his pouring he noticed that Jade had put her deep fiery red hair back up into a pony tail, and had put her stylishly thick framed glasses on, giving her the ultimate sexy librarian look.

Tommy stared so long that he forgot that he was pouring orange juice and it spilt over his glass and some of it landed on the floor.

Without wanting to give away that he was hard, Tommy just ignored the spill and prayed that Jade wouldn't notice.

"Alright, we'll see you later tonight. Okay, bye." Jade hung up the phone and turned back around to Tommy. "Well, seems that we're gonna have the house all to ourselves today," Jade spoke with a twinkle in her eye.

"Um...*gulp*...Uh, I think we can find something to occupy ourselves with all day, heh heh."

"Oh, I bet we could," Jade said in a husky near whisper voice. "Dammit, the eggs and bacon are all burnt to a fucking crisp. I guess we'll have to do something else for breakfast."

"Well, um," Tommy struggled to say, "We could go to that new IHop down the street."

Jade squealed at that idea. "Ohhh, I've wanted to go there so badly, gimme ten and we'll go."

"Alright, sounds good to me."

Jade started to walk out of the kitchen to get ready when the spill of orange juice caught her eye. "Hmm," Jade put on an adorable look of confusion on her face, twisting her mouth to the side, furrowing her brow, and squinting at the spill. "That looks new. I'll clean it up real quick."

"No no, that's fine, get dressed and I'll clean it up," Tommy said, trying to get Jade out of the kitchen so he could finally relive himself before they left.

"I couldn't do that, you're paying for breakfast after all, the least I could do is clean this little mess up."

Before Tommy could get up and walk out Jade nabbed a washcloth and bent down at the hip to start cleaning up the juice. She was angled perfectly to give Tommy the most perfect view of her ass. Not to mention that the way they were both positioned, her perfect bum was nearly in his lap, almost touching his aching erection.

Tommy couldn't control himself, he slowly started to reach his hand out to grab Jade's ass and finally take her like he always wanted to. His hand was trembling as he continued to reach out. She kept on cleaning up the mess, bending down even lower, revealing more of her sexy pink thong.

Right before his hand reached Jade's ass, she suddenly announced, "All done", before snapping up and walking to the sink.

'Holy fuck! What are you doin' Tommy!? You need to knock this off. She doesn't fucking want you,' Tommy's reasoning side of his mind scolded him.

'Well, she did call me stud muffin, and she's been acting quite interested in me,' retorted Tommy's genitals.

Jade skipped out of the kitchen, quickly pecking Tommy on the cheek before running upstairs to get ready. Tommy, contemplated jerking it, but with this day's luck, he wasn't gonna get anywhere doin' that. So, while struggling with his erection and thoughts of romance, Tommy leapt his way up the stairs and changed into a loose Hawaiian tee, and some loose fitting jeans. As he finished putting his sandals on, Tommy looked up just in time to see Jade walking out of her room, which was located right next to Tommy's.

The view that he got was perfect. She came out in flip flops, and nothing but skin until about mid thigh where her super short denim shorts were wrapped tightly around her hips. Then all that was showing was a few inches of her wash board flat stomach (with her exotic diamond stud in her belly button) then covered by the same sexy white tank top, still, without a bra. She wore a thin golden chain around her neck with a black pendant hanging from the middle of the necklace. She didn't even need makeup, she was naturally beautiful as an angel, only to be further enhanced by keeping the glasses on and putting her scarlet red hair ponytail up into a bun, adding to the naughty librarian look.

Tommy was once again struggling to pick his chin up off the floor, reel his lively boner in, and stop his eyes from bugging out of their sockets.

"Oh, hey Tommy. Tell me what you think of my ass. I don't think that it looks good in these new shorts I got." Jade turned and arched her back to show Tommy her quite amazing ample, yet supple ass, looking back at him with a face that was looking for some kind of approval.

"Yeah, um...looks terrific- I mean, yeah, you look pretty smokin' hot- I mean, you look beautiful- I mean, yeah. Um... Yeah," giving up, Tommy just flashed her an a-okay sign with his hand and a nervous smile.

"You really think so," asked Jade as she bit on her index fingernail anxiously, continuing to arch her back as if Tommy would suddenly disagree.

Tommy was at such a loss of words that he just gave two thumbs up with a giant stupefied smile on his face.

"Okay, if you say so," Jade smiled as she took a giant step into Tommy's room to grab his hand and pull him along. "You'll have to drive, I got my license suspended earlier this week."

In a move of either extreme boldness or extreme arousal (or a bit of both), Tommy retorted, "Well, couldn't you have flirted with the officer a little bit and give him a little peak down your shirt to get out of the ticket?"

Suddenly, Tommy realized what he just said to his step sister and felt his heart stop.

"Pfft, I'm not that kind of gal, Tommy," Jade said looking up to Tommy's face to see him beat red and darting his eyes away from her cleavage. "But thank you for the compliment Tommy. And try to be less obvious when you look down my shirt," she said with a large smile on her face.

"Ummmm, hey, I wasn't looking down your shirt. I was just admiring your pendant there," Tommy said, thinking quickly on his feet.

'Yeah, great fucking excuse, you fucking perv. We could have seduced her, but nooooooo, you had to take one more giant ass peak at her perfect breasts! Good luck scoring with that fox now, you dumbshite,' Tommy's rational side once again scolded him.

"Well, thanks for the compliment anyway Tommy," Jade smiled at Tommy once more. And whispering almost totally under her breath, "I'd better see some poetry about my fantastic breasts later on."

'Ha ha ha,' Tommy's genitals mockingly laughed at his rational side. 'I think she still wants us. Or more importantly, me, the thing that can actually pleasure her.'

"Wh- wh- what did you say?"

"Oh, nothing. Shotgun!"

Jade raced to Tommy's car, even though nobody else was tagging along. Tommy chuckled at her adorable mannerisms as he plopped into the car. Before he could even get his car completely started, Jade was already looking for music on the radio.

"Hit 5."

"What," Jade asked, quite puzzled.

"I think you'd like what station I have for 5." Tommy defiantly knew what Jade loved as far as radio stations. He listened to her rave about her favorite alt-rock channel on the radio every day. So one afternoon, while idly thinking about her, Tommy found the station and saved it just in case she ever had to ride in his car.

"I love this song," Jade exclaimed as Weezer's "El Scorcho" came on the air waves.

'Ironic choice of song,' thought Tommy to himself.

As Jade was bobbing her head in time with River Cumo's lyrics, Tommy was forming another poem to write about her later:

'My goddess' choice in music is unmatched
like her beauty,
and charm,
and wit.
How I long for these, and her gentle touch upon my skin,
I wish for these things as I have never-'

"Here it is! Oooh! I want a full breakfast platter so badly! I'm starved," Jade interrupted Tommy's thoughts.

As he catalogued what he had worked up so far for later use, Tommy pulled into the breakfast joint. Jade sprung out of the car and ran to the door. Tommy just sat for a second, chuckling at his step sister's cute tendencies.

Tommy pulled himself out of the car and went to find Jade in the restaurant. He noticed her sitting in a corner booth, separated from people by two booths on either side and most of the tables were empty. Tommy tried to sit as far from her as he could without looking suspicion.

"No no Tommy, come over here, I'm cold in this place."

"Well, you shouldn't have worn such sexy- I mean, summertime clothes," Tommy said, nearly letting himself slip.

"Hey, it's close enough to be summer, it's fucking, a billion and a half degrees outside, and like, negative eight degrees in here," Jade pouted as she scooted close enough to Tommy so that their thighs were touching. Even through the fabric of his shorts, Tommy could feel the blazing heat radiating from her body, clearly not cold in the least bit.

'Hey smarts,' Tommy's genitals called to his brain. 'What the fuck do you think she is doin'?'

'And that's why I'm the brain. She's obviously into our Tommy Boy here. I think she wants to copulate,' Tommy's mind was split and making it way to difficult to think.

"Shut the fuck up you two. Just shut up," Tommy finally whispered to himself.

"What did you say?"

"Yeah, uhhh, yeah, umm, nothin'. Just thinkin' out loud."

"Thinkin' about how I found your poems stashed away under your desk?"

"Actually, yeah. How did you find those," Tommy was genuinely curious how his best kept secret had been found out.

"Well, it was actually quite easy. You see what I did was-"

"Hey you cute couple," the hefty waitress with a southern accent interrupted. "I'm Leslie, I'll be your server. Now, what can I get'cha?"

"I'll take your full breakfast platter, and he'll have the same," Jade enthusiastically replied.

"And to drink?"

"Um, lemme think, how about orange juice. What do you think Tom Tom?"

Tommy, still reeling from being called a couple with his sister, just dumbly nodded his head.

"Alright, so my boyfriend here would also like some orange juice. Thanks so much Leslie!"

'Wait! What the fuck did she just say,' both parts of his brain shouted at the same time.

"Sure thing hon. And might I say, you two are just THE cuuuuuutest couple I have ever seen," Leslie said with a smile as she turned to walk away.

"So, boyfriend, we haven't really gotten a chance to hang out and get to know each other in the two months that we've been living together. I know almost nothing about you, besides the fact that you think I'm pretty and that you like writing poetry. So tell me about yourself Tommy Boy."

Tommy didn't quite know what to say. Not only did the waitress call them a couple, but Jade WENT ALONG WITH IT. 'She might actually be interested in me,' Tommy was thinking to himself.

"Umm, what would you like to know," He asked with a nervous smile.

"Hmm, let me see," Jade was tapping her chin with her index finger, thinking, having that adorable confused look on her face again. "Oh! I know! Okay, have you ever been with another woman?"

Tommy gulped loudly, 'What should I tell her. If I say no, she'll think I'm a looser, if I say yes, she might get jealous and disinterested in me.'

"I, uh, I've never actually had a girlfriend before."

With a shocked expression Jade replied, "Ever? Like, ever ever?"

"Nope. Never found a girl that was into me as much as I was into her," which was true. Tommy never had much confidence with girls, and he had never actually gotten the courage to ask a girl out. Even with his charming good looks, and dry wit, all he amounted to with girls was a confidante and a shoulder to cry on. He hadn't even kissed a girl in his near eighteen years of existence.

"What kind of girls are you into," Jade asked.

"Er, I dunno. I guess the pretty ones-"

"Obviously," Jade said with a grin on her face and a roll of the eyes.

"Um, smart. I like it when girls are smart. Oh, and they hafta like nerdy things."

"Oh? Like what," Jade was becoming interested if her step brother was actually harboring feelings for her.

Tommy's palms were starting to perspire, and his brow was becoming moist. Wondering if Jade was starting to narrow the list of prospective ladies that he was interested in to her, he gulped hard.

Not to mention that his erection had yet to disappear. While looking down, trying to avoid eye contact, he saw Jade's hand slowly start to reach out to his thigh. Tommy didn't want it to stop, and his thoughts had no objection to it either, so he let her hand continue its travels. Jade let her fingers slowly snake their way up Tommy's thigh. Tommy's breathing was increasing rapidly; he couldn't believe that this was finally happening.

Jade's fingers were nearly touching Tommy's jean covered cock. Jade rubbed her hand higher and higher, til her fingers were nearly touching the tip of his throbbing cock. Suddenly, Tommy looked up, and stared directly into his step sister's beautiful blue eyes. Each of them, deep pools of azure. Tommmy found his lips being pulled like magnets to Jade's plump, luscious, red lips. The couple closed their eyes as their heads tilted and became prepared to take the first step in a totally new kind of relationship for the both of them.

"Well, here you are darlin's, a full breakfast platter and orange juice for the cute couple," Leslie interrupted.

The pair darted their lips from each other, folding their hands, and looking to their waitress at the same time, trying to get their breathing under control again.

Thanking their waitress, the pair ate through their breakfast in silence, not looking up from their plates at all in fear of reigniting their animalistic lust for one another.

Once they finished their meal, both stood up quietly, paid for their breakfast and rushed off to Tommy's car. After they were both seated and the radio was pumping out music again (Weezer, again, and this time playing "Only in Dreams." Ironic, again). Both just stared out the windshield a few seconds.

Tommy turned to Jade, "So, would that count as a date?"

As soon as the question left his mouth, Jade smashed her lips against Tommy's, giving him his first kiss ever. Initially surprised by the event, Tommy started to kiss his dream girl back. He placed his right hand behind Jade's head, pulling her closer and tighter to him, and resting his left hand on her thigh.

"Mmmm," Tommy moaned into his step-sister's mouth. Kissing Jade was more heavenly than any dream that Tommy had ever conceived before. Her lips had a natural sweetness to them, and as she slipped her tongue into Tommy's mouth, he accepted by wrestling with it using his own tongue.

Tommy and Jade's breathing increased to a frenetic pace, until Tommy had to reluctantly push away to recover his breath.

"What's wrong," asked Jade, with a genuine look of concern on her angelic face.

Tommy simply stared into Jade's amazing blue eyes. "Nothing's wrong. It's perfect."

It was Jade's turn to smile and pull Tommy into a deep kiss. Tommy's hand on Jade's thigh rose higher and higher.

Jade's breath was increasing as Tommy's hand approached Jade's moist pussy. Her skin rose up with goose bumps, despite the heat and humidity of the car.

Tommy's hand started to gently rub on Jade's dripping wet slit from the outside of her denim shorts, her breathing increasing to the point that she had to pull away and rest her forehead on Tommy's forehead, and closing her eyes heightening the pleasurable sensation radiating from Tommy's magic hands.

A deep moan began from deep in Jade's throat, followed by quick inhale, and then eliciting another moan.

Tommy smiled at Jade, and before kissing her again and rubbing harder than before he whispered into her ear, "I have wanted you for so long."

"MmmMMmm....*Gasp*....I'm glad you- MMmm...did somMmm...thing about it," Jade managed to say in-between moans and gasps of pleasure with a smile on her face, and proceeding to kiss Tommy once more.

Jade opened her eyes mid kiss and casually looked to the side. Pulling away, "I want more, soo, so much more. I want our first time to be perfect, especially," pointing out the windshield to the restaurant, "somewhere a bit more...secluded."

As Tommy looked out the front of the car he noticed that every patron and employee of the IHOP had been frozen in place from watching the young couple. Both Tommy and Jade giggled and howled as they pulled out of the parking lot.

As Tommy tried to concentrate entirely on driving home as fast and safe as possible, but his gaze kept returning to his new...

'Well,' Tommy thought, 'What exactly are we? I mean, she is my step-sister, and she's way out of my league. But in the IHOP she did call me her boyfriend. And I mean I did totally feel her up, and she nearly touched my-'

Before Tom had a chance to finish his thought, they pulled into their driveway. Shutting the car down, both adolescents just stared blankly forward.

Jade was the first to make any movement; pivoting in her seat, she spoke very softly to Tommy.

"Tommy, I want you to wait out here for ten minutes. You can come inside after that."

"Heh," Tommy chuckled. "So, you're banning me from my own home? Now that's just cruel."

"No," Jade said defiantly, "just-just trust me on this. Wait for ten minutes, please."

Sighing with a smile, Tommy simply just nodded his head. Jade leaned forward and pecked Tommy on the cheek. Before she could pull away, he pulled her back in for a deeper, more controlled kiss.

Finally pushing herself away, Jade patted Tommy on the chest and got out of the car before she could be roped into another make out session. Tommy just smiled to himself and watched Jade's amazing ass sway from side to side as she entered the house.

Seconds felt like hours as Tommy waited for the agonizing ten minutes to pass by.


Tommy just sat there. Twiddling his thumbs, playing "rock, paper, scissors" with himself, doing anything to keep his mind from wandering to what his step-sister could be doing in the house right now.

He tried to not think about what she might be preparing. What she might be possibly that plaid mini-skirt he saw her wear one day at school. Maybe she'd be wearing a white school girl’s shirt with just enough buttons not being used and with no bra on, just to give Tommy an idea of what she might be hiding. Or maybe she would be wea-


Tommy reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone, answering with a quick, "Yo!"

A husky voice on the other end replied with a slight bitterness to it, "I told you TEN minutes. Not a half an hour!"

"Oh! I was just thinking-" Tommy was quick to respond.

"You were just walking your sexy little ass into the house!"

"Yes ma'am," Tommy replied enthusiastically.

Literally leaping out of the car, and nearly running to the steps of the house, Tommy only paused to straighten out his shirt and slick back his hair, before walking into the house.

The first thing that Tommy noticed when he entered the house was the lack of any lights. As he slowly walked through the house he noticed the light scent of cherry blossoms coming from the living room, and so, he followed his nose, leading him deeper into the house.

"Have a seat, Tommy," the same husky voice that he heard over the phone instructed him from the dark.

Sitting down, Tommy scanned the room, looking for any sign of his step sister. As soon as he got himself settled, Tommy was suddenly blinded by a scented cloth.

"Shhhh. Let me handle this," Jade whispered into Tommy's ear.

Goosebumps raised on Tommy's arms as Jade lightly rubbed and felt along Tommy's shoulders. Suddenly, Tommy felt a light nibbling on his right ear, leading him to slowly exhale in ecstasy, attempting to lower his, now racing, heart beat.

Jade's hands started to rub her hands lower onto Tommy's chest, rubbing deeper, further increasing his heart rate.

Then the rubbing stopped briefly. As Tommy opened his mouth to ask if everything was alright, he felt a warm kiss. Tommy replied in kind by kissing back and slipped his tongue into Jade's mouth, wrestling with her own tongue.

Tommy felt his step-sister's light weight set upon his lap during their warm embrace and her hands behind his head, pulling their kiss even tighter.

Jade started to slowly gyrate her hips, feeling Tommy's increasingly hardening cock straining to escape his shorts, press against her moist pussy.

The husky voice spoke again, "I guess since you've been such a good boy, I'll take your blindfold off."

Adjusting his eyes to the dimmed lights, Tommy was delighted to see his new lover's revealing outfit. A purple corset, with a deep V all the way to her navel, showing off Jade's perfect “assets”, but still hiding her nipples from complete sight.

The corset was lined with black lace to compliment the deep purple of the item itself. The corset matched Jade's deep purple thong, which showed off her ample, supple, and perfect ass. Straddling Tommy were each of Jade's long and smooth legs, covered, for the most part, by transparent black stockings.

Tommy looked back up into Jade’s eyes. She had a look of worry to her. “Do you like it? I wanted it to be special, for the both of us.”

Not exactly knowing what to say, Tommy stalled in the best way he knew how. After giving her the most passionate and thankful kiss he could, Tommy leaned his face forward, nibbled on Jade’s ear a little bit, and simply said, “I want nobody else but you.”

Pulling away, Tommy could see that Jade had a few tears streaking across her face. He wiped the tears from her eyes, and Jade hugged Tommy tighter than he thought she was capable of.

“You’re the sweetest person ever. I-I love you Tom,” Jade managed to say, while still in her warm embrace with Tommy.

“I love you too Jade,” Tommy said. It was the first time he had ever been able to tell Jade how much he cared for her.

Jade composed herself, and continued to please Tommy in ways he could never imagine. She started with his collarbone and neck, kissing and sucking every inch of skin she could fit between her perfect lips.

Suddenly, she bit down on Tommy’s neck, giving him an intense rush of ecstasy and pain. To refrain from crying out in a mix of pleasure and torture, he latched his hands onto Jade’s exposed ass, pulling her closer to him, and also rubbing his caged cock into Jade’s willing pussy. Thrusting as hard as he could to take his mind off of what was happening to his neck.

As soon as she released her teeth, a rush of cool air brushed onto the newly formed love mark, exciting Tommy as well as making him secretly wish for more.

And more is what he got when she did the same exact thing on the other side of his neck. It was Tommy’s turn to let out a light moan in pleasure.

While her mouth was occupied with Tommy’s neck, Jade let her hands wander further south, ‘til they reached his belt. Too distracted by what she was doing to his neck, Tommy didn’t even realize that Jade had unclasped his belt, and was starting to snake her hands into her boxers.

“J-Jade! I-I’m about to-“

“I know,” Jade said after she took Tom’s cock out of her mouth. “I want it, all of it. Cum for me.”

“Oh! Oh! I’m…I’m… I-,” Tommy was struggling to say.

Just before he was about to cum, both Tommy and Jade heard something from the front door.

“Sorry guys! We’re home a bit early, but your dad couldn’t take that party anymore.”

Tommy and Jade just looked at each other eyes bulging out of their heads.

Their mom and dad were home!

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The Slave_(1)

Chapter one The finding of the slave It had been several months since anyone had ventured out of the kingdom in search of new slaves. But since the war had finally ended Princess Devania sought it upon herself to go out and find herself one. She searched town after town going through hundreds of young men but none of them peaked her interest. Then after weeks of searching just as she was about to give up she heard a small commotion coming from a near by jail she just had to check it out. And there in the court yard...


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Watching and Doing

WATCHING AND DOING John felt that he had made a very good deal. When he moved into this apartment building, he met and talked with the owner, and convinced that man to let him serve as janitor/caretaker/resident manager, doing everything simple that the building needed for $200 a month off the rent plus expenses. Normally that only took a few hours a month from his leisure time, and if he had to work during then day on a weekday, his schedule as a lab tech at a pharmaceutical company could be adjusted - most things there could be done in the...


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Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 6): All good things must end

1. Sangeeta: Good Things Must End Their sexual activities continued through the remaining days of their stay in Prague. Her son serviced her and his aunt regularly, and Sammy was always willing to be involved in any other sexual escapades that came along. Sangeeta would never forget the time they went around to Richard and Susie’s home again. She saw her son with his cock buried deep inside Heidi’s vagina, Suzie licking her daughter’s juices off his shaft every time he pulled back before thrusting into Heidi again, Richard with his cock inside Sammy’s ass, and John’s cock in his mouth...


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One of the benefits from the company that I work for is memgership in their gym. I have been working out 3-4 times a week ever since the birth of oour baby girl. I had taken the day off to take our baby girl to the doctor for a check-up. All was fine as we headed toward my mom's house. I felt that I needed some time alone, so I asked my mother to keep Heather over night. Bruce was out of town on business, so I planned a quite movie nitht at home. My co-worked Susie also worked out at...


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