[Author’s Note: I have reprised parts of HEAD NURSE to give you, dear reader, some background, but this story is a stand-alone rather than chapter two of a previous story. As in HEAD NURSE most of the story is true, but I hope you don’t know which parts so that the involved parties may continue to remain hidden from public disclosure and I may remain undetected from the authorities. Enjoy]
“Oooooh, Doctor, right there…yesss..that is perfect,” my patient, Mary Quinn, whispered as I gently pressed my hand onto her muff, one finger slipping easily between her swollen wet lips, and I could feel how hot her tunnel was. As I pressed deeply inside her, she scooted her bare ass down and almost off the end of the exam table allowing me to easily slide a second, then a third finger in her juicy cunt. As my thumb began rubbing circles around her erect clitoris, I added the last finger and began pumping them deeply in, then almost completely out. “Ooooooh…..I can feel my orgasm coming….coming…here is is….Yessss!” she cried out as she spasmed against my hand then fell back on the exam table. I could feel her cum run down my wrist so I gently removed my fingers and licked all her juice off them. So sweet!
My brain finally freed itself from the fog I was in…”what the hell am I doing?” I thought. Here I was, masturbating a patient in my own exam room! The room smelled of her sex so I flipped on the exhaust fan and washed her cum off my hands and arms. “Oh, Doctor, that was exactly what I needed!” she exclaimed. “Thank you so much.” She sat up, dressed and gave me a kiss as she exited the room. I stood in shock, realizing what I had done but not why. Shit…shit…shit!!!
My Head Nurse, Lynn, who seems to have ESP, walked in, then smiled as she sniffed the air. She looked at the boner poking out of my slacks then took my hand and led me into the bathroom saying, “Doug, it looks like you need to take care of some unfinished business.” I grabbed a bottle of hand lotion, dropped my boxers, squirted some lotion into my palm and proceeded to furiously pound my meat. It took no more than five seconds before a huge gusher of cum came boiling out of my balls onto the mirror over the sink, then several lesser squirts which splashed onto the sink faucet and down the side. That was the longest spurt I had ever done, maybe three feet away from the mirror. Oh but that felt so good.
I’ve owned a fairly active Family medical practice in Portland for 9 years. But this was the first time I had ever acted out sexually with a patient. Stupid. But that incredible event with Mary was like the breaking of a huge dam. Daily now I found myself fantasizing about fucking or sucking my patients, my staff, their kid’s moms and even the mail lady. I never followed through with any of those thoughts with them but I jerked off so many times in the bathroom that I bet I left a permanent coating on the floor from over a hundred loads of jizz.
Weeks passed with me jacking my cock, usually during lunch, since all the staff would walk down the block to a local eatery. So today I lotioned up in the bathroom, thinking about that last patient of the morning, a 23-year old blond perky college girl with deep blue eyes, killer tits and a firm ass. In a few moments, as I jerked and blew today’s load into the sink, I was shocked to hear Lynn outside the door saying, "I remember when your started beating off, Doug. It was the day Mary Quinn came in. You were acting so strange and skittish when I came into the room after she left. There was clearly the smell of her sex in the room even with the exhaust fan running. I knew you would ejaculate when I led you into the bathroom that day and I was right. I’ve been watching you take your frequent 'bathroom breaks' to flog your cock ever since. Today’s cum makes 107 loads of jizz," she finished.
She hadn’t gone out with the others. I was so busted! And she’d been counting the times too!
She then shocked me even more by continuing, “I need to confess that I have fantasized about you while you are jerking off in the bathroom. In fact, if it’s all quiet at lunch, I stay behind so I can go into the exam room next to you. I can hear you panting through the wall as you get close to your orgasm. I have been fingering myself in time with you, picturing you stroking your big dick faster and faster until you grunt and pump out your seed. I've been so horny that I cum right along with you. Come out here and see what you’ve been missing by masturbating all alone.”
I opened the door to find her leaning against the wall with her panties down around her ankles and her skirt lifted up to her waist, her beautiful blond silky pussy in full view. I knew now that she’d not only been next door cumming along with me but she was still horny. I could see her fingering her cunt right in front of me. I suddenly felt my cock begin to grow hard as I looked at her and she obviously noticed the bulge in my slacks. She pushed me back into the bathroom and pulled my slacks and boxers down allowing my eight inches to stand straight out. She reached for the lotion, squirted some on her hand then began to beat me off while she continued to frig her own cunt. “Oh, Doug, doesn’t it feel better if I do it for you?” she smiled.
“Oh, yesssss,” I mumbled, amazed at how quickly I felt my balls begin to boil at her touch. I watched as she jerked over and over on her hand, obviously cumming hard from the feeling in her cunt. Watching this brought me off and I shot a huge load right onto her stomach, watching the sperm slowly seep down onto her silky muff. She pulled her hand out of her twat and smiling said, “Open up.” She stuck two fingers in my mouth as she scooped up my splooge and began licking her cum-coated fingers.
She said, “I really needed some close human companionship, Doug. You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted you. Masturbating alone can’t give you the same pleasure as actually fucking. Can we go into an exam room? The staff won’t be back for another half-hour.” She smiled as she tipped her head back to kiss me full on the mouth, “Come on! I am so horny right now, I’m going to burst.”
We shed clothes faster than I ever dreamed possible once we were in the exam room. I sat her up on the exam table, then dropped in front of her and put one of her legs over each shoulder so I was just inches away from her glistening cunt. I leaned in and inhaled deeply, what a wonderful smell. I began to run my tongue from her little puckered butt hole up inside her cunt lips and through her juicy vagina to gently kiss her clit. I lapped over and over as I squeezed her nipples between my fingers and massaged her tits. She really was so horny that took literally only seconds for her to scream in pleasure and clamp her thighs tight against my head. “Oooohh, Doug. Aaaahh...yesss." When her legs stopped spasming, she sighed and said, "That was the best cum in a long time. Keep going, sweetie, I feel another one coming.” I had no intention of stopping so I continued my gentle persistent tonguing. “Aaaaah….here it comes!” she gasped as the second wave of pleasure crashed over her.
“Oooh, you can’t stop now…this feel sooooo damn good!” she moaned. So I merely stuck my tongue as far up into her tunnel as I could and held it there. Sure enough, in a few more minutes she shuddered with her third momentous orgasm. “Oooh, you are driving me wild…I am cumming so hard…Ooooh, Doug, here it comes!” she shrieked and this time she squirted into my mouth loads of her sweet juice. She crashed back on the table for a minute to recover, then sat back up and smiled, “For the last several weeks I have hoped that it would be this great and it sure was! Now, stand up because it's my turn and we have at least fifteen minutes before everyone returns from lunch.”
She climbed down off the table then knelt down in front of me as I rose up. I stood before her gently stroking my rock-hard dick which was now throbbing as it leaked pre-cum from the tip. As I watched, she engulfed my prick in her warm mouth beginning with just the head. As she sucked, more and more disappeared into her mouth until I could feel my cock head pass right into her throat. Watching my dick disappear into her mouth was the most incredible sight I could imagine. She pulled her mouth off and, looking up at me, said, “I can hold my breath for at least two minutes and I learned a long time ago how to overcome my gag reflex. You are going to love how this feels.”
Oh, my god, I was transfixed as she resumed sucking the length of my shaft until she was swallowing my entire throbbing cock, her nose pressed into my pubic hair. She didn’t even move her mouth but her tongue was doing wonders to my shaft. Then she began to fondle my sack, rubbing each testicle in her warm hands. I didn’t last long with her like this and soon my balls began to boil for the third time this hour and I could feel each huge pulse of cum as it shot out of my cock and literally rolled down her throat into her stomach.
“Oh, Lynn,” I cried as I blew my wad, my legs shaking as I struggled to remain upright, “That was just too incredible!” She smiled as she pumped the last of my sticky load into her mouth, then licked her lips and rose to kiss me. As our mouths met, she stuck her cum-coated tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own sperm for the first time. “What do you think,” she asked grinning, "Like the taste? I just love your taste in my mouth. After all, Doug,” she laughed, ”I am your ‘head’ nurse.”
We washed the smell of sex off and rearranged our clothes in time for the afternoon clinic. The rest of the day passed in a blur and soon my staff was closing up for the evening. I asked Lynn to remain behind as I called my wife, Gail, to explain that I’d be an hour or so late due to some work I still had to do. I sat with Lynn on the office couch and asked, “OK, you obviously know my secret but what happened today between us?”
“Doug, I have wanted to tell you for weeks now that these sessions with us masturbating in rooms next to each other are all that are keeping me sane since Keith abandoned me,” she whimpered and then began to cry.
“He what?” I stammered.
“Oh, he’s still married to me but no longer finds me attractive. We haven’t had sex with each other for months now,” she blurted out.
“Lynn, you’re a gorgeous thirty eight year old woman…and a definite MILF, if you don’t mind me saying so,” I replied. “He must be insane!”
She looked over at me, “MILF…that means a Mother I’d Like to Fuck, right?”
“Uh…yes it does. And I mean it,” I gulped. “You haven’t lost any tone in your body, you run so your muscular legs are just perfect, your breasts look delectable, and your waist, butt and hips are perfect for your frame. I still get hard remembering when you flashed your tits in the hot tub last summer.”
“You really want to fuck me? So, why doesn't Keith? I know his sex drive has not failed because he has loads of porn on his laptop…girl on girl stuff, girls peeing on guys, lots of cumshots in graphic detail, even some anal sex with guys licking assholes or women sitting on their face.” She blushed then went on, “I find that stuff really turns me on and I masturbate to it while he’s at work. He thinks I don't know that he masturbates a lot to it also and sometimes shoots his load into my panties because I find them in the hamper with fresh cum on them."
Then she looked down and said, “There’s more. Yesterday, I found a thumb drive hidden in his sock drawer. On it, he has several telephoto shots of Gail in your bathroom! She knows about his photography since the window curtains are usually down except for his photo shots where they are cranked all the way open. He has pictures of her sitting on the toilet and several full frontal shots of her standing in the window with her little landing strip completely exposed. In the drawer there’s a false bottom and I found several color prints of her standing in the window with one leg on the windowsill and her fingers deep inside her cunt, a wicked smile on her face, looking right at his camera. Doug, she’s masturbating just for him!”
“I found his dried cum on a several of these prints. The sex sites call cumming on a woman’s photo ‘a tribute’,” she went on. “My husband has not only been fantasizing about your wife, he’s done something about fulfilling those naughty dreams. I bet if you looked through Gail’s stuff you’d find that he’s sent the tributes to her for her to masturbate over.”
“Anyway, I thought it only fair that I reciprocate with you. I knew you were beating off so I thought I could beat you off instead. I just didn’t realize how much I wanted more than simply masturbating each other.”
Wow! I was shocked. I knew Gail was sexually open but I didn’t see her fantasizing about another man. Our sex life was perfect I thought and, even if I beat off during the day, I had enough stamina to keep her satisfied. At least I thought so, but apparently that was not true. My sexy wife was finger fucking herself for Keith and I now knew that he was jerking his rod and then pulsing his cum shot directly towards her as she watched him. I wondered if they had managed to go further than voyeurism. Her husband was the youngest Battalion Chief in the Portland Fire Bureau and ran a station nearby. His forty eight on-forty eight off schedule left him little time for socialization so I doubled they had been able to meet secretly. Maybe voyeur sex was all that had been possible between them.
"So what's your secret, Doug? You beat off every day but still have enough left for Gail. What's wrong with Keith that he pleasures himself for Gail but doesn't want me anymore? Until today I have had to be content with fingering myself while you are jacking off or fucking the toys that Keith gave me. Not any more” she said.
Now I understood Lynn’s need for me to satisfy her sexual and emotional desires.
After Lynn came to work with me, we bought the house directly behind theirs, backyards touching. She and I would often ride to clinic together. Both families were close and we'd sit together many dry evenings on our decks. Both husbands loved cigars and scotch. Then we bought a spa and would enjoy each other's company in the tub. One evening, Keith told a story about how Lynn had flashed her tits as they drove along. She was obviously buzzed this night from the tequila so she stood up with a wicked smile, lifted her bikini top and shook her tits at Gail and me. "What do you think of these babies?" she asked.
"Very, very nice," I said as my eyes bugged out. I must have been drooling because Gail punched my arm and said, "Doug, put your tongue back in your face.” Then she smiled and said, “Lynn, your breasts are so firm and beautiful and your nipples are exquisite.” Then she stood and completely untied her top to let her C-cup breasts loose and laughed, “So what do you guys think of mine?" Both of us had sudden boners but it was still too light outside to proceed further, so we continued to drink and talk as our wives soaked topless. I could see Keith rubbing his cock under the water and I did too.
That erotic tub session was repeated several times as the women loved to soak topless and the sex afterwards was intense. Gail and Lynn were both comfortable nude and would comment on the other’s lovely breasts, toned legs or flat stomach. We guys were a bit more circumspect since a large boner was not easy to hide from view nor does one make for polite conversation.
Weeks later, when it was really dark and we’d had way too much to drink, we all slipped our suits off and sat buck naked. Gail reached over to stroke my erection as I slid two fingers into her waiting cunt and began pumping. She soon cooed softly and whispered, “Oh yess…that’s it, Doug….right there…a little harder….ooooh, yesss,” as she spasmed on my hand. She stroked me fast as she climaxed until I felt my own orgasm approach. As the cum start to boil out of my prick, I stood up to shoot my load over the side of the tub since I didn’t want to fill the water with sperm. But Gail had other ideas as she grabbed my ass and led my pulsing cock right into her mouth, gulping down all of my splooge.
As I floated down from that fabulous orgasm, I could hear the water rhythmically sloshing from Lynn and Keith and, even though it was very dark, I could make out Lynn’s reflection facing me with a smile as her tits bounced up and down out of the water. She was sitting on his big cock, riding him hard but trying not to make large waves. She winked at us and actually blurted out a soft “Aaaah,” as he obviously had blown his cum inside her and brought her off by doing so. We all laughed and pretended to be too drunk to admit that we’d had a unique foursome.
Anyway, after that fantastic day in the clinic, I found out just how much Lynn loved to suck cock. If possible we’d head out to lunch separately, then meet up in a parking garage or at a rest stop off the freeway. She called it our ‘special lunch’ together. We’d hop in the back seat and she’d pump my dick until I was close to blowing my load then voraciously suck me until I exploded into her mouth. I had a big Toyota SUV with deeply tinted windows so no one could see in unless they stood right next to the vehicle. This gave us plenty of time to straighten up should someone come. And there were problems from time to time, but an overly eager parking lot attendant or a local cop were about the closest we came to being discovered and busted for public indecency.
After she ate my cum, I’d slip her skirt up to find she’d already taken her panties off and put them in her purse in preparation for our ‘lunch’. I would lie on the back seat and she’d straddle my face so I could thrust my tongue deeply into her wet cunt until she’d have a screaming orgasm. Not only did she love oral sex, it was my favorite as well. We were perfectly matched in our desires to suck each other.
When she was riding my face she’d occasionally face toward me but her favorite position was to put her ass on my forehead and let me service her pussy by leaning over me. I had perfect access to suck her clit this way. After she’d shower me with her delicious juice, she would stroke my dick back to life as I kept licking and she’d pump me until I could feel another load coming. Then she’d suck me as I climaxed and this would bring her off multiple times. During each session she must have had three or four climaxes this way to my two. The interesting thing was that we’d not yet fucked each other, having too much fun sucking and licking.
If we missed ‘special lunch’ I would wait for the staff to leave after work and Lynn would remain behind. I would have her sit on one of the rolling stools at her desk with her skirt hiked up, pretending to read or do charting. I would climb in under the desk and lick her waiting twat until she’d climax two or three times and then shower me with her warm cum. We were in this position one time when our receptionist, Gloria, forgot something and returned to clinic. She walked in the front door as I was sucking Lynn’s clit and she had just hit her climax, drenching me with her juice that I was hungrily lapping up.
“Oh, hi Lynn,” Gloria said. “You’re still here. I forgot my day-timer. Have you seen it?”
“I think it’s on the break room table,” Lynn answered, trying to act natural right through her orgasm. I decided to keep licking since we were hidden from Gloria’s view unless she happened to walk right behind the desk and look down at me. Besides, I wanted to tease Lynn and see how she’d react to the prospect of being caught in the act with her boss. As Glo walked over to the break room, Lynn looked down at me and said, “You need to be still and stay quiet. At least you could stop tongue fucking me until she leaves.”
“Oh, here it is,” Glo said. As she came back into the main clinic area, she walked over towards the desk and asked, “You look flushed, Lynn, are you alright?”
“I’m fine, just a bit too hot right now,” Lynn smiled at her double entendre. “I’m just catching up on some nursing stuff and ordering supplies.”
“I see Doctor Doug’s car still in the parking lot. Is he here?” she asked stopping a few feet in front of the desk.
“He ran over to the hospital for something. He’ll be right back. Do you need him?” Lynn asked.
Meanwhile I had continued to silently lick Lynn’s cunt and she was trying not to squirm. This was way beyond hot for me…servicing my head nurse while a co-worker was only a few feet away from catching us in the act. I was so turned on that I began slowly pounding my rock-hard cock as Gloria continued to carry on a conversation with Lynn. After very few pulls I shot my load right onto Lynn’s feet. She jumped as the splatter hit her legs then ran down her ankles onto her toes.
“Lynn, are you OK?” she asked. “You just jumped.”
“Oh, I’ve been working too hard. I just had a leg cramp,” she said.
“Well, why don’t you quit working and go home?” Gloria asked.
“It will be done in just a few minutes more,” she smiled again at her double meaning. “Thanks for your concern, Glo, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she replied.
As Gloria left, Lynn rolled her stool back and said, “You are a demon. That was way too close but oh so sexy. Look at my feet all covered with your cum, Doug.” She reached down and scooped some up with her fingers and then sucked her fingers clean. “Yum! Doug, I’m so horny and hot right now. We can clean up later but right now I need you to actually fuck me. No more sucking until we culminate this relationship the best way possible. You must stick your big cock right in me and fill me with your seed!”
“Your wish is my command,” I said as I stood, stepping out of the pants and boxers already down around my ankles, and sat on her stool. She was already naked from the waist down. I was still partially erect even after my climax, so she sat at my feet and sucked me back to full staff. Then she stood up and walked forward to straddle over me. Our chests pressed together as she literally just dropped down and completely impaled herself on my cock. “Oooh yesss,” she whispered. She was so wet from her orgasms and my spit that there was almost no resistance even though she still had quite a tight channel. “Oh god, Doug, this is what I’ve been so needing. Here, I also need to do this,” she added. Still fully impaled on my cock, she reached up and removed my tie, unbuttoned my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders, then lifted my undershirt over my head. She unbuttoned her blouse and slid it onto the floor then unhooked her bra to allow her beautiful C-cup tits free.
Now she pressed her erect nipples into my chest as she gently rocked back and forth on my rod. I cupped each breast in a hand and began pinching her nipples between my fingers. She moaned with pleasure. Her hot wet tunnel was pressed so tightly all around my cock that I just had to cry out with pleasure, “Ooooooh, Lynn, this feels soooooo goood.” We sat like this for several minutes, just enjoying the erotic personal feel of fucking each other for the first time. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she began intensely bouncing up and down on my cock like a woman possessed as she screamed out, “Oooh….I’m cumming…I’m cumming…Oh don’t stop, Doug….I’m cumming again.” She had now had several orgasms in a row and soon her juice was running down around my cock and balls to puddle on the stool. Her climax brought me right over the edge and I felt spurt after spurt of hot cum boil out of my prick into her hot channel.
We sat and held each other pressed together for several minutes as my seed mixed with her cum and both now began to seep out of her pussy. Then as my cock softened we were suddenly overwhelmed with a flood of juice that ran out onto the stool and over onto the floor.
“Holy crap,” she said, “That was soooo good, Doug. But look at the mess we’ve made!”
“I guess we can’t leave this for the cleaning folks,” I smiled. “Let’s mop up and get going.”
“We can’t go home like this,” she replied. “My pussy is swollen and still tingling, I’m leaking your cum and I smell like you. And Gail will be able to smell me on you.”
“OK,” I said. “Let’s go get a drink or two and we can say that I needed to discuss with you future plans for some new clinic we might build.”
Apparently it worked because neither spouse said anything about the lateness of our arrival hom that evening. [We found out later that we were merely fooling ourselves.]
From that evening on, Lynn and I had several sessions at the desk and lots more ‘lunches’. We had to time the evening sessions perfectly since the cleaning crew came in only half an hour or so after everyone left for the night. We found out the hard way one evening as we were on the stool, Lynn riding me in her favorite position with her tits pressed against my bare chest, when we heard the back door open. “Hello, anyone here?” said a voice. Luckily, we were in the back exam room at the time. So I pushed the door closed as I yelled, “Yes, still finishing up back here.” We dressed quickly, then Lynn walked out and began putting things away while I fiddled in the room.
Life was great! I could eat Lynn’s pussy and have my knob polished at lunch or eat her pussy and have her ride me in the evening. Then at home I still had a hot wife, who seemed to be getting hornier as the weeks went by. But Lynn continued to be luckless at her home. Obviously Keith was beating off but had little interest in having sex with her. He did get her a variety of sex toys: a vibrator called a ‘butterfly’ with elastic straps for her waist and thighs that she could wear under her skirt, batteries providing the continual stimulus to her clit as she walked about; a huge black dildo about ten inches long that she said she could stuff all the way in; three sizes of butt plugs; plus a pulsing and rotating vibrator for use at home. Lynn and I agreed that it made no sense for him to ignore her but I was ecstatic over this fact since she took all her sexual tensions out on me. When I brought the topic of Lynn’s sex life up with Gail, she was surprisingly unperturbed by any of it, saying that maybe it was just a dry spell Keith was going through.
Then came a weekend that Gail was working overtime at her magazine’s office in the Pearl District and we had had no sex. I was exceptionally horny by Tuesday so I asked Lynn to ‘lunch’. Lynn met me in the hospital parking garage at noon and she pumped me more vigorously than usual. I blew my load about the time she leaned over to put her mouth over my cock. There was so much cum that it spurted onto her forehead and into her hair and, unknown to us, some also splattered on her dress.
“Wow, Doug,” she laughed. “I see you really missed me this weekend.”
“Oh, Lynn, I’m sorry to have blown my load so soon,” I replied. “It was a sexless weekend for me and I really needed this.”
“Me too,” she said. “Keith said he had some chores at the station so he stayed there after his shift. He got home late that evening and slept most of the rest of his time off. When I got home from work Monday evening he was still in bed.”
As we returned to work, Coleen, one of the staff nurses looked at Lynn and said, “You got something splattered on your dress, Lynn.” She looked shocked but quickly recovered and replied, “Crap, I must have spilled the ranch dressing from my salad on it.” She walked into the bathroom, giving me a raised eyebrow as she passed by and whispered, “We’ve got to be a bit more careful, buddy.”
We thought it intriguing that both spouses had been occupied away from home at the same time. So that evening I snooped through Gail’s night stand and, sure enough, here were three dried but clearly cum splattered photos of Gail: one showing her straddling her fingers in our bathroom window, a smile for the camera clearly evident on her face; one with her straddling the toilet seat, her stream of pee squirting into the john and pressing her nipples between her fingers; and one of her bent over holding her butt cheeks apart with her hands, her pussy lips and a tuft of hair peeking out between her splayed legs. These were the ‘tribute’ photos Keith had sent after cumming all over them. The next day at clinic Lynn said she’d found a pair of cum soaked panties in her laundry hamper that weren’t hers and clearly had the smell of Gail’s sex on them. Obviously, her ‘gift’ to him in return. So it was beyond voyeurism with them.
The next weekend was two days away. Keith was to work until Saturday am and then be off until 6 am Monday. Gail said she had another deadline to work on over the weekend. So, I told her I would go play golf and be gone all day Saturday. Lynn made excuses to go visit a sister in Bend for the weekend. It seemed to take forever but finally Saturday rolled around and we both left for our respective ‘tasks’, only to meet an hour later at a nearby Starbucks. We snuck back into Lynn’s house but Keith was not home sleeping as he should be. So we walked quietly through the back yards and stepped in through our sliding glass door. We could clearly hear voices coming from the bedroom.
Keith was saying, “Spread your pussy lips for me, baby. I need more pictures to beat off on while Lynn is at work.” Then we saw the reflection of a flash as he obviously took a picture. “Now put two fingers in your cunt.” Flash. “Rub you beautiful clit for me” Flash. “Now get on all fours.” Flash. “Now spread your cheeks for me.” Flash. “Wow, Gail, you are so beautiful and so sexy. See how rock hard my cock is and so ready for you.” Flash. “Here, just suck on the head.” Flash. “Oh, baby, now take more in your mouth.” Flash. “Oh, so good! Look up at me now.” Flash. “Oh, I can’t take any more pictures while you are sucking like that.”
We silently snuck down the hall until we could see through the crack of the door jam. They were of course both naked. They were sideways to us on the bed with Keith’s erect cock totally engulfed in Gail’s mouth as he had put the camera down and was guiding her head with his hands, pumping away. I was shocked, not at the taboo scene before me, but that she was not gagging with his cock fully in her mouth. She was fingering her cunt and rubbing her clit in circles with her thumb. “Mmmmmm,” she was humming. He stiffened as he clearly shot his load into her mouth and she began swallowing for all she was worth.
“Oh, Gail, you are the best,” he said. “Lynn never sucked all the cum out of my cock like you do.” Then he crashed over onto the bed with his head facing us and pulled Gail over onto him, opening her legs so her wet cunt was directly over his face and also directly in line with the door where we were hiding. He began thrusting his tongue into her pussy while he pressed a finger against her puckered asshole. She writhed on his face as he tongued deeply into her. She then bucked backward against his finger until the whole thing disappeared into her rear tunnel. I could see her grab her tits and tweak her nipples hard like she loved to do when I ate her. “Yes, Keith, lick me…lick me harder….there…right there with your finger….Ooooh, here I cum,” she shouted and we could see her juice pulse out of her cunt right into his waiting mouth.
While this display was shocking, it was obvious both Lynn and I were very turned on by seeing my sweet wife be pleasured by her horny husband. In fact, ever since the hot tub fuck and suck session, I had hoped we could do something as a foursome. And now part of it was happening right before our eyes. My cock sprang up as Gail creamed on Keith’s face and I could see it run down his cheeks onto the bed. Lynn was standing behind me as we looked in the doorway and she reached around and began rubbing my erection. I slid my shorts down around my ankles and let her jerk me from that position. I reached back with both hands and found that she had also shed her shorts and panties so I had easy access to her wet cunt. I pressed my thumb onto her erect clit and began massaging it while sliding three fingers into her cunt. She began humping my hand and soon shuddered as a quick climax washed over her. I was very close myself.
Meanwhile Gail and Keith had reversed positions on the bed so that she was now on all fours with legs splayed wide open and he was pressing his cock into her waiting cunt from behind. He pushed the swollen head into her and then she bucked backward to completely impale herself on his prick. He pumped hard against her as she squealed, “Ooooh god, Keith. I can feel your balls slapping against my clit. Oooooh it feels so goooood….aaargh, I’m cumming so hard,” she screamed. His wrapped his hands in her hair pulling her against him as she slammed repeatedly back on his prick, totally embedded in her channel. “Oooooh Gail, here I come….Aaaargh…..feel it pulse deep in your pussy,” he yelled as he his balls erupted and he pumped his seed into her.
Right then I couldn’t hold back and I shot my load onto the door frame and down the side of the door. I knew my climax would bring Lynn off again and it did. I could feel her shake as a huge orgasm again ripped silently through her. We quietly tiptoed back down the hall into the kitchen. “Oh, Doug, that was wonderful! I can’t believe we all had our orgasms at the same time. But now what do we do?” she asked.
There was no turning back now, so we took the rest of our clothes off in the kitchen and walked calmly into the bedroom. Gail was already rubbing her clit as she recovered from her orgasm and was hoping for another massive cum. Still facing away, she turned her head to look at him and saw us but Keith still had his cock buried deep in her cunt and was unaware of us standing in the doorway. Extreme shock registered on her face as she realized they were caught in the act. She jumped and tried to cover up. Keith turned as his swollen prick popped out of Gil and I could see his splooge still dribbling out of the tip.
“Well, hi folks,” I said. “When is a surprise not really a surprise?”
As we all stood there naked, I explained, “Keith, we found your hidden trove of pictures of Gail masturbating just for you and her cum soaked panties in your laundry. Gail, we found the ‘tributes’ with Keith’s cum all over them in your dresser and know you were masturbating in the bathroom window while he watched and took photos.”
Keith held up his hands in surrender, saying, “Guys, I’m really sorry. But ever since I watched Gail suck Doug off in the hot tub, I’ve been fixated on her. I couldn’t even deal with your needs, Lynn, because I couldn’t get Gail off my mind. Then one day I saw her naked in the bathroom and gave her a wolf whistle. Totally not embarrassed, she smiled and waved, then shook her tits at me. So I just had to show her my cock. Then we both masturbated for each other and one thing led to another.” He continued, “We’ve only fucked each other a few times now. Are you totally pissed at me?”
“I’m not pissed that you are cumming for my doctor’s wife but upset that you’ve focused totally on her and ignored my needs. How many fuck sessions is a few?” Lynn asked.
”Uh…maybe six or seven,” Keith replied sheepishly.
“How about seventeen,” Gail broke in. “I am sorry too, Doug, but I have fantasized about Keith for a long time now. I kept the shades open hoping he’d someday ‘catch’ me naked. It may not be right and I don’t want to hurt your feelings but, once I saw how much bigger his cock is than yours, I had to experience it. He fills me completely and seems to know how to hit my spot just right so that I’ve never had such huge orgasms. Besides, sweetie, haven’t you secretly wanted me to fuck another guy while you watched? These are our best friends so it all makes sense, almost like keeping it in the family,” she added. “I hope you aren’t too mad at me.”
Lynn then said, “Well, because you’ve been ignoring me, Keith, I turned to Doug for comfort. He gives me the better orgasms than you ever have and we’ve been satisfying each other almost daily for three months now! What do you think of that, big fella’?”
I added, “Lynn totally loves to suck me off and she can completely swallow my cock when she gives head. And when I eat her pussy she cums four times as much as you do, Gail. So, I guess none of us can be angry with each other.”
I began to stroke my dick back to full mast and Gail smiled while watching me. Keith’s cock which had deflated at our entrance also began to rise as he looked from one gorgeous woman to the other. Lynn walked over to Gail and they hugged each other, then she hopped onto the bed and said, “I guess we are a family all right…a family of perverts!”
“Come over here, Doug,” Gail said. “There are no hard feelings but I can see you both have hard boners that we women would like to feel.”
And that was the beginning of an even greater relationship!

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