Four Poster Bed

Four Poster Bed

It had been a small gathering in Jinx's studio apartment. We had been sitting on Jinx's large four poster bed. When the ohers left, I stayed behind to say my goodbyes to Jinx, because this was the fist time I had met her.

The four poster had been intriguing me. I had been looking at the carving at the foot , and I was intrigued.

"Er---ropes?" I asked..

"How did you know?"

"The marks on the bedposts. Nice four-poster bed, by the way."

"Thanks. You're pretty observant. You into bondage?"

I hedged a bit. "Not exactly into it. I've read some, and I've always thought about trying it."

She looked at me sideways. " You want to try it?"

"With you?"

"Who else? This is my bed isn't it?"

She was wearing a tight sweater and leotards. Starting at the top, she had close cropped chestnut hair, wicked green eyes that promised all sorts of mischief, a pointed tongue that licked luscious lips every time she seemed to be challenging me---or was it inviting? Going lower, that tight sweater was so tight that it showed every detail beneath, bra straps, the edges of her bra, two bulges that were not as large as I would have liked, but a phenomenon I'd never seen before. Nipples so protruberent that they poked the sweater right out in two pointed mounds. They pushed out so far that the eyes were immediately drawn to them, and yet I hadn't dared be caught looking at them. If they were real, any other girl would have worn something that disguised them, I thought, so she must be wanting to draw attention to them.

She sure had my attention. And now she was talking bondage? It wasn't binding up I was interested in so much as unbinding those beauties. But any way at all was alright with me.

But I was describing this babe who seemed as if she might be a fun-type pervert on the quiet. Those leotards were skin-tight. If there was any undressing to be done it looked as if she'd need some help. The legs were just legs, I don't pay much attention to legs, but the thighs were something else, all the way up to where they joined, the material so tight that I could see there were no panties underneath, not even a g-string to break the smoothness.

Enough of description, there's better to come later. And I do mean cum. Jinx, that was her name,. wasn't about to waste any time.

"Got any preferences? You like to be the roper or the ropee?"

That was a difficult one. "What I can see of you from here, I can't wait to tie you up and do unspeakable things to you. But then I've always had a thing about being at the mercy of a beautiful babe with ideas."

"Well, that settles it." She knew what she wanted. "Men seem to be anxious enough to do things to me---and that's alright with me---but they're pretty chicken about being the victim. So you're the ropee for tonight.,"

That "for tonight" sounded as if there could be more nights to come. I was onto something good, it seemed.

"You're the boss," I said.

She had a gleam in her eye. "That's right. I'm the boss. I'll go get the stuff, and you get yourself ready."

"You mean peel?"

"Of course. I want to see what's inside those jeans. I've been wondering all evening."

Not as much as I wanted to see what was inside that sweater. But that would come later. I hoped.

She left the room, and I began to strip. By the time I was down to my briefs she was back, with an armful of what she'd called "the stuff." There were ropes, and straps, and chains, and handcuffs, and some other stuff I didn't have a chance to look at before she was on her knees in front of me


"Let's see what this bulge is all about," she said. And started to haul down my briefs. My prick was alive with the anticipation of what was in store for it, but there was a degree of apprehension that prevented me getting a real hard.

"Just the way I wanted it," Jinx said. I've got to put this cock ring on you, and it's almost impossible once you get too swollen."

She grabbed my prick, and fitted a plastic gadget over the head. She had to squeeze my knob and twist the ring to get it on, and by that time my prick was getting pretty flabby. Even so, as she forced the ring further on she had to hold my knob and pull till my prick was long and thin, and the ring eventually finished hard against my groin.


"That'll keep the blood in your cock once you get an erection," she said matter of factly. "I like a big hard cock, and I don't want to lose it too soon. Onto the bed, now. Head this end. I'll bring some pillows."

"Why head this end?" I asked.

"There are two big posts and a knob on the this end, only two posts at the head. Got to have things to tie you to."

I got onto the bed, and Jinx put a couple of pillows under my head.. Before I was ready she was snapping a handcuff onto one wrist. I just had time to be aware that it didn't hurt, it must have been lined with something soft, and she was hauling it back to fasten it to one of the posts.

"Going to crucify me?" I quipped, a little nervously. And by the time my other hand was shackled to the other bedpost I knew I wasn't far wrong. Jinx confirmed it.

"Of course. How else can I keep you still while I torture you?"

She moved down to where my prick was wondering whether to get excited about being looked at or apprehensive about this torture business. She bent over to look closely at it.

"Not much point in tying you up and leaving this weapon at large. Not that it's very large yet. I'd better make sure it doesn't get dangerous."

She went back to her collection of gadgets and brought back something I couldn't see clearly. She gently lifted my scrotum from between my thighs, and enclosed it tightly in some kind of a bag which she fastened above the base of my shaft. Then she fastened a sort of leash to the bag thing, and brought the loose end all the way back over my right shoulder to fasten somewhere behind my head. My prick had been a bit floppy, wondering what was going to happen to it, but as she tightened the rope I watched it pulled upright until it was standing erect, held rigid and unable to droop even if it wanted to. And it didn't want to with this beautiful creature working on my prick and doing intimate things I'd never experienced before. Even torture.

If torture meant having my prick played around with, even tied up like this, I was all for it. As I wondered what other gadgets Jinx might produce, I could feel it hardening and swelling to something I could be more proud of. Jinx sucked one finger and ran it round and round my knob, an unbearable sensation I could hardly stand.

"That's torture," I exclaimed.

"There's worse to come," she threatened. "But if you're going to squirm about like this I think it's time for more shackling." She clipped a shackle over one of my ankles, and I could see that it was attached to a short rope which she looped round one of the posts at the end of the bed. Then the other ankle, and my legs were stretched out diagonally like my arms, my crotch wide open. In the porn pictures it was always the women who were stretched out with their legs wide apart. This was a new experience,.

Jinx came back to my prick. I was apprehensive about more torture to come, and yet any attention to my prick was better than no attention. As she bent over me I could feel her breath on my belly and my prick She paused to run her finger up and down it, scraping one fingernail all the way up the underside to the sensitive vee, and then round and round the knob. She evidently couldn't resist holding the wholes swelling pole in her hand and squeezed, rubbing my knob with her thumb. Whenever I masturbated, I had to keep my legs close together. This was a new sensation, having my legs spread wide apart while my prick was masturbated. Or almost masturbated, because she wasn't really working on it, jerking it. But by that time I could feel the cock-ring gripping painfully as the shaft swelled far larger than the ring. My prick was beginning to throb in that unmistakable pre-orgasm way. My pelvis began to jerk in the effort to close my thighs and relieve the tension


"Down boy!" Jinx commanded, "I think we need a little more control here." She fetched a leather belt, which she fastened tightly round my waist, and then two chains which she hooked to loops on the belt and fastened somewhere down on the floor. This babe really is organized, I thought. I hope she's not going to bring out the whips next. By this stage I was securely pinioned and completely at the mercy of this bimbo. There was no way I could do more than raise my head, and I certainly couldn't escape if she should turn nasty.

But it was just that very impotence and the uncertainty of what was to come that was making my prick try to swell more and more, more than I'd ever seen it before, the knob so tumescent it was like a red shiny fruit bulging at the top.

I had never seen my prick so long. I had never felt so desperate to cum, and yet so unable to achieve an orgasm. Jinx was watching me, watching to see how enormous my erection would grow, watching me squirm, and gasp. She said nothing. And there was nothing I wanted to say. I couldn't remain flippant any more, I was so completely absorbed in the exquisite agony of an orgasm that she was evidently determined I shouldn't achieve.

"You said you had a thing about this, being at my mercy," Jinx said at last. "Is it as good as you expected?"

"Oh my god," I gasped. "I had no idea it could be like this. I never dreamed of torture like this. You've got to make me cum. Just jerk me a little and I think I'll explode. With your boobs hanging down right in front of my eyes and those nipples trying to force their way out I'd be masturbating like hell if my hands were free, When are you going to peel?"

"Who said anything about me peeling?" Jinx said. "You're the ropee. This is your torture. I get to do things to you. You were talking about doing unspeakable things to me. You said you had a thing about being at the mercy of a beautiful girl. Am I beautiful enough?"

"What d'you thinks making my prick sit up and beg like this?" I asked her. "But it's those beautiful tits that I really want to see. And those nips." My pelvis began to jerk and my thighs tried to open and close as I strained to relieve the tension of the tumescence.

"A little impatient for the torture, are we? I always find being kept almost at the point of orgasm and not being allowed to cum is torture, and that's one of the things you're going to experience. I wonder how long it'll take before you're promising me absolutely anything in the world to make you come?"

Not long, I thought., trying to close my thighs even a little. I'd had ideas about what it would be like to be tied down like this, but I'd never imagined that just the fact of being stretched out balls naked and looked at by a girl could arouse such a huge erection. And maintain it, apparently, because even the threat in Jinx's voice couldn't reduce it.

Jinx gently twanged the leash holding my prick back, and watched it spasm in time

"Well, you've had your wish," she said. "You are completely at my mercy. You can't move. There's no-one you can call to. I can do whatever I like with you and there's absolutely no way you can resist me. I can have a lot of fun with you while you're trussed up for my enjoyment. No, I'm not going to masturbate you and put you out of your agony. I love to look at a man's erection, and play with it, and do things to it, so I don't want to lose it. I'm proud of this erection. I'll bet you've never had one like this before, so long, so thick, so bloated, so shiny---"

"So ready to explode," I gasped. "If it's any satisfaction to you, I want to cum so badly, this is the worst torture I can imagine."

"But you are enjoying it, aren't you?" Jinx looked at my prick lovingly. "You wouldn't have missed this experience, would you?"

"You're right," I said. "I could never have imagined any sensation like this. How about you?"

"I've had a wonderful time so far," Jinx said. "Usually I'm the one on the bed, and I don't know that this is better, but it's certainly as good. But it's only just starting for me. I have the best of the fun to come, and this is where your torture gets more intense." She bent down and put her mouth to mine, exploring with her tongue. One hand slid down my chest and took hold of a nipple, and as our tongues continued to explore each other she squeezed it and massaged it until I could hardly bear the exquisite agony. And yet I couldn't open my mouth to gasp or exclaim because her mouth was clamped tightly to mine.

At length she released me. "Now you know what a girl feels like when you play with her nipples. Only more intensely. You'd like to play with my nipples, wouldn't you? Take them in your mouth and suck them? What's the thought of it doing to your cock right now? Nothing to what the sight of them would do. You've never seen nipples like mine, they're very unusual."

She stood up and cupped her breasts, and squeezed one so that the nipple thrust her sweater out in a cone between her fingers.

I was in agony. I knew I was on the point of cumming, trying desperately to close my thighs, move my pelvis, anything to bring on the orgasm. And yet I knew that once I shot my wad the glorious sensation of the most tremendous tumescence I had ever experienced would be gone. And I didn't want to lose it. Jinx was looking down at my body, watching me squirm. She must have been able to see the throbbing of my prick.

She looked me steadily in the eyes, and began to pull up her sweater. She tried to hold my eyes, but I just had to watch the progress of her sweater, waiting for it to rise above the bulges of her breasts. At that moment there was nothing I wanted more in life than to see those nipples come into view. But of course they didn't. It was a brassiere that was revealed, an attractive enough brassiere but not the nipples I hungered for.

"Are you disappointed, lover? Most men would give anything to see me like this. You're too greedy. Just for that I shall have to make you wait longer for relief.." Jinx leaned over me, and her breasts hung in her brassiere, accentuating the cleavage between. They were so close to my eyes that I could hardly believe she hadn't placed something inside her bra. I could hardly believe that nipples could be so large and so protrusive.

I strained to lift my head to get closer to those beauties, but my shoulders were held securely to the bed.. I wondered why I had gone for this bondage routine instead of simply getting Jinx undressed. And then I realized it was the gimmick of bondage that had got me where I was. And anyway, this agony of waiting was after all a delicious agony.

Jinx stood up, and dropped the sweater onto my face, and I knew what it was like to be blindfolded as well as bound. I shook my head, trying to shake the sweater loose, but it was there to stay. I heard her walk away across the room, and I was left to my tumescence and my thoughts. What was the torture she promised? Was it just this agony of imminent orgasm? Or had she more devillish things in mind.?

I hadn't heard her return, but suddenly the sweater was whisked away . She was standing beside me, starkly naked, her arms spread wide to thrust out her naked tits toward me. "Is this what you were waiting for?" she asked quietly.

I know I gasped, my mouth was wide open. They were very unusual nipples, she had said. They were like nothing I had ever dreamed of.. Her tits were not rounded, they were peak-shaped, their summits capped by large pinky brown cones which protruded nearly an inch from her tits. And atop those swollen aureola were tumescent nipples that jutted aggressively a further half inch, red and firm and ready to be sucked.

And then I came. I could hold it back no more. Those great puffy aureola with their nipples as large as finger tips had taken me over the top. Jinx let out a scream of delight, and my prick exploded in a jet of cum that streamed into the air. And again, and again, I don't know how many times, with no hands to masturbate it and no cunt to hold it, that hugely swollen prick poured out the jism it had been holding back for so long.. And before it was finished, Jinx had her hand round it, squeezing and massaging and jerking it off till every last drop of cum was out and every last spasm of my body had died away.

"That was lovely, my darling," she exclaimed. "And it was my nipples did that to you.! Well you won that round. I wanted to keep you on the brink longer than that. That was a real premature ejaculation.

"Let me suck them," I begged. "Surely you'd like me to suck them?"

"I've been longing for you to suck them, but I wanted to torment you. Do you realize what all this has been doing to me? Having a naked hunk to tie down to the bed, to do whatever I like with. Having a rampant prick to play with, a prick that's bigger than I've ever seen before. Being able to undress in front of him and see how much he wants to suck me. Watching him cum and knowing it's my tits made him cum? Don't you think all this has made me horny too? Look at this." She stood back from the bed and spread her legs wide. "Look what all this has done to my cunt."

The outer lips were wide apart, the inner lips swollen and hanging loose. And the cunt juice was on her thighs. But what I noticed most was the sheer nakedness of her cunt. It had been shaved smooth and shiny, with not a vestige of hair. Did she always keep it that way, I wondered

"I think I'd better clean you up," Jinx said, and for the first time I realized my body was soaked in cum. She brought a sponge and a towel and cleaned me, and all the time those glorious nipples were flopping about not far from my eyes. Usually once I've cum my interest wanes, and after such an explosive cumming I expected to have no more interest in the proceedings. But whether it was those nipples or the bondage situation or the naked girl doing things to me, I could feel a prick that was far from finished for the night. And close as those nipples were, I still couldn't get to them. She had me tied down so completely I couldn't even raise my mouth to get near them

"I think I deserve a bit of fun now," Jinx said when she was finished. "I've been doing all the work so far." She knelt beside the bed and bent over to suck one of my nipples., playing with the other at the same time. I could feel the spasms surging up my prick. It was going to be standing up and begging again before long, flaccid as it was. Jinx let my nipples go, and moved down my body, kissing the insides of my thighs and holding my ball bag in her hand. Then her hands were on my prick, one hand circling it tightly and the other teasing my knob.

"I love to play with a soft prick," she murmured. "I love to work on it and masturbate it and watch it get harder and bigger. It gives me such a sense of power to know I can work it all the way up to an orgasm if I want to." I wish you would, I thought, but I had an idea she was going to torture me again by refusing to let me cum.

"I don't like sucking a soft one." She was almost talking to herself, thoroughly absorbed in giving my prick a better hand job than I'd ever given it myself. "But I think it's ready for sucking now. It's getting hard, and your knob's becoming a real mouthful. She put her lips round my knob , running her tongue round and round it. As she took it further in she was sucking hard, rubbing the underside with her tongue. And then suddenly she stopped. "This was for me, and I get the feeling you're beginning to enjoy it too much.."

She climbed up onto the bed and stood with one foot on either side of my torso. "Look at me," she commanded. As if I would want to look anywhere else. "This is what a girl's body is for, to be looked at. I love to have a man look at me, at my tits, at my cunt. I love to open myself wide and let him explore me. That's what you're going to do. You're going to explore me. By the time I'm finished with you you're going to know my cunt better than you know your own prick."

She tuned her back to me and knelt down , the heart-shaped globes of her buns above my face. They were full cheeks, with a deep cleft between them, and as she deliberately tensed and untensed them I could watch the little crater of her anus winking at me. But there was better, much better, lower down, the wide, wet open lips of her vulva. Jinx had left off masturbating me well before I was coming near to cumming, but the closeness of her body was doing as much to my prick as her hands had done. I could only move my head from side to side, but I didn't want to with that open cunt so close to my eyes. The rest of me was powerless to move. All I could do was tense my groin to ease the rigidity of my swelling erection.

Jinx spread her legs further apart to open herself wider. She'd said she liked to be looked at and explored. She couldn't be looked at much closer than this. But apparently she could be explored more closely, because slowly the open wetness of her vulva sank down toward my face. I could see every detail of the engorged labia that hung below her outer lips, the opening of her cunt and the mysterious folds of tender flesh inside the entrance. And then my mouth was imprisoned by the hot softness of it all.

"This is what I meant by exploring," Jinx's voice came from above me. "You're imprisoned by my cunt. Kiss it, lick it, suck it, drink it. Do whatever I say. This is for me. This is what I've been wanting."

She opened her thighs further and wriggled her ass cheeks, and that delicious cunt slithered around on my face, soaking it with the cunt juice that Jinx was pouring out. I'd heard of female ejaculation, and if Jinx was going to ejaculate there was going to be a lot of wetness around. One of her labia found its way into my open mouth, and I closed my own lips on the soft flesh and sucked it as Jinx had sucked my prick, massaging it with my tongue. Jinx screamed. "Oh my god, don't stop, that is the most wonderful feeling. Suck harder, suck the other one as well, suck them both at once."

Her pelvis was writhing so violently that I had to keep moving my face to keep my mouth attached to hers. The labia slipped out of my mouth, and as Jinx ground her vulva harder down onto my face I found the entrance to her vagina and thrust my tongue up inside. Jinx screamed again. "You're fucking me with your tongue. I can feel it up inside me. Push harder. Stick your tongue up into my cunt as far as it goes. Keep fucking me, don't stop. But she was grinding too hard and too fast, and my tongue slipped out. But not before I had explored her vagina, feeling and tasting the little sensitive buds that lined its inside.

"I was just going to cum," Jinx wailed, "and you've stopped. I'm going to play with my clit, and you keep fucking me with your tongue until I cum into your mouth, or I'm just going to sit on your face all night until you make me cum. And I'm going to watch your cock , and watch it trying to cum."

My tongue found her open fuckhole again, and Jinx pressed harder down in response, forcing my mouth inside that wide open vagina. My tongue must have touched a nerve, because the muscles all round its opening spasmed and contracted, and then loosened again

"This is heaven," Jinx screamed, "Don't stop, I'm going to cum. I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming right into your mouth."

And as she masturbated her clitoris and forced my mouth inside her vagina she came into my mouth. And I drank the nectar that poured from her.

Looking back, I'm surprised that I didn't cum myself, I had been so near to it. But I think I had been so involved with what Jinx had called exploring that I forgot about myself. But Jinx hadn't. As she turned round to kneel facing me she was gasping, "That was a most glorious cumming. I came three times, did you know that? You have been a wonderful prisoner. Now you shall have your reward.

She leaned forward to lower the tits I'd forgotten about toward my face. I wouldn't have thought those puffy nipples could ever have grown any more, but her orgasm had made them swell just as any ordinary nipples might

She dangled one breast above my eyes, a tit that seemed to have poured its substance into the swollen fleshy cone with its mouth watering nipple. I lifted my head and opened my mouth as Jinx thrust her breast down to my face. First the nipple, then its great aureole filled my mouth, and at last I was able to suck on that wonderful tit. Jinx had said her nipples were unusual. They must have been, because I've never seen anything like them since. But as I sucked and tongued and nibbled, they had the same effect as any ordinary nipples. Jinx screamed, and thrust her tit harder into my mouth. I wanted to scream myself, but my mouth was full of the tumescent flesh I had lusted for since the moment I had first seen her.

Jinx squatted lower onto my pelvis, and I felt her hand guiding my prick. And then the hot wet mouth of her cunt took it in, and as she sank down to impale herself on my pole and her soft ass pressed onto my thighs, my prick exploded once again. But this time it was where no hand needed to jerk it, because Jinx's muscular cunt was squeezing and sucking great gouts of sperm deep into her belly.

And as I came, I sucked on that great nipple as hard as Jinx's cunt was sucking on my prick.

Next morning Jinx looked at me quizzically. "How long do you need to recover from last night? I mean, to recharge your batteries."

"You mean you want to do it again?"

"Not quite. It's your turn to do the roping. It's my turn to be your prisoner."

Even the thought of it had my batteries recharging. Her thighs spread wide apart, knees in the air, cunt open wide, ropes round her tits, even round her nipples perhaps. Would the one day be enough to dream up the things I was going to do to her?

"How about tonight?"

"You're on," Jinx said.

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