Excerpts of My Life

Excerpts of My Life

Excerpts of my Life -- Cross-dressing Teen
My name is Melvin or Mel for short except when I dress up as a girl and then I’m Melani. I am 14 live with my single Mom and enjoy my summers because I have nothing to do except pursue my passion, sex. There are three things I like to do and I can’t say that I prefer one or the other. I love the feeling of a hard cock in my hands and mouth; I love to feel a hot, wet pussy grip my tongue and I love dressing up like a girl. I’m well known at the Thrift Store for picking out cloths for my non-existent sister. It seems there are days that I have to work at finding a cock to suck or a pussy to lick and other days they just seem to come to me.
Like one morning at the mall. I love the mall and spend a lot of time there just looking. This morning I went into the men’s room to take a pee. Right behind me came this black dude, about 45 or 50 and stood at the other urinal. I finished before he did but decided to just stand there for a minute. As is stood there I looked down into his urinal and got a glimpse of his cock. His biggg cock. He started to give it that final shake and I said, “I’d be glad to shake it for you.”
He looked down into my eyes and I didn’t know if he was going to hit me or what but he said, “OK,” and moved back so I could get my hand in and I grasped his meat and just held it for a minute and then shook it.
“I’d like to do more than just shake it,” I whispered.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Some stroking, some licking, some sucking and a lot of swallowing,” I replied.
“We can’t do it here,” he said.
I released his already hardening cock and told him to follow me. I went to the back of the rest room and there was a door. I opened it and went into the cleaning stuff storage room. I reached in the back and turned on a small light and sat down on a couple of boxes.
“Come in and close the door,” I told Mr. Cock.
“What if someone comes in?” he asked.
“The cleaning crew doesn’t come on until 11 so we have an hour or so. And I won’t waste the time.”
His cock was still sticking out of his pants so I took it in hand and pulled him to me. There was still plenty of length left with both my hands wrapped around it and my fingers just barely meet. This was a nice cock. I stroked it for a bit then kissed the head running my tongue around and under, tasting a bit of urine and a little sweat and musty. Could have been a day or so since his last shower. But as I started sucking down on the shaft I undid his belt and zipper and lowered his pants and shorts to the floor. And oh his balls, golf ball size and just as firm. I really got off sucking them, licking around and then taking one or the other in my mouth and sucking and pulling.
After a brief bit of play, his hands had a hold of my head and he started fucking my mouth. The firm, hot and hard cock was making me feel like I was going to cum soon. I didn’t want my shorts full so I released my cock as well. After it was out I never touched it again using both hands and my mouth on the big black monster. Mr. Cock held my head like he had a hold of some gal’s hips and was fucking her doggy. Only it wasn’t her pussy it was my mouth. He seemed to push his cock further and further into my mouth with each stroke. Then I felt something in my throat give a little and my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I had all of this big black monster cock in my mouth.
The cock stayed in my throat for a few seconds and then my head was released. I couched and spit and then grab his meat and put it back in my mouth. It was only a minute or so before Mr. Cock tensed and released his love juice into my mouth. Spurt after wonderful spurt shot into my mouth filling it just as fast as I could swallow it. I kept sucking and he kept shooting until he finally tried to back off. I grab and ball in each hand and held him in place, continuing to suck him dry.
After a few more minutes I released his balls and let his cock fall out of my mouth. It dropped down between his legs, completely spent.
“Damn, you are a good cock sucker,” he said quietly.
“Thank you,” I replied, “Did I give you pleasure?”
“Oh yes, and I’d like to do it again.”
“Fine by me, I’m here every other day or so.”
I told him to go ahead and leave, that I would follow shortly. He no more then had closed the door when I heard the outer door open and someone else came in. I thought no way could I be that lucky so I just sat there and stroked my own meat until I shot a big load into my hand. I love the taste of my cum so I licked my hand cleaned and swallowed again. When all was quiet I left the storage room and headed out.
And another of my favorite adventures at the Mall was the day I met Jordon and Tony. I had been at the Mall for several hours with no opportunities to either suck or lick. There was a big display of bras and panties on manikins in one of the women’s stores and I sat and looked and watched ladies going in and out and gazing at the beautiful ladies under goodies. I was thirsty so headed for the food court and was just setting and day dreaming when these two guys asked if they could join me. I had looked a couple of times at the older one, maybe mid 20’s but hadn’t paid much attention to the other one, late teens.
As they sat down the older one, Tony looked at me and said, “For some reason you were basically staring at me. Do we know each other?”
“No,” I said, “And I’m sorry if I embarrassed you, I was just day dreaming.”
“Well you spent a lot of time looking at my crotch, does it interest you?”
I basically was both interested and not but couldn’t get out an answer. Tony picked up his drink and said, “Let’s get out of here, can we give you a ride?”
“I live north of here, is that the way you are headed?” I asked.
“North is fine,” Tony told me and I followed he and Jordan out.
We walked across the parking lot until we go to this big SUV. Just as we approached Tony grabbed my arm and squeezed quite hard and stopped me.
“You know the old saying, Grass, Gas, or Ass, nobody rides for free,” don’t you?
Well I had heard it so looked at him and said, “I don’t have any grass and very little money so I guess I walk.”
Tony opened the back side door and pulled the seat forward. As he more or less pushed me in he flipped the keys to Jordan and said, “Let’s go to Passer Park.” He crawled in after me and said, “I think we can work something out.”
As we drove off Tony laid back on a pillow with his hands behind his head. With a smile on his face he nodded down to his crotch and said, “Go ahead.”
My eyes had shifted from his crotch to his face and to say that I was interested is an understatement but I still acted like I was scared.
“You have been so damn interested in my crotch check it out,” he sort of ordered as he took my hand and placed it on his bulge. I acted like I didn’t like what was going on for a few minutes and then with a smile on my face I began rubbing over and down and around his bulge. His shorts were ever easy to pull down and when he lifted up a bit I pulled shorts and briefs down in one motion. What a beautiful cock I had to work with. Eight or nine cut inches, big around as a banana and a helmet shaped head like a bike racers. I kissed the head and ran my tongue around and up and down the shaft. Then I pressed his cock to his stomach and began working with his balls. I love to suck balls and lick around the ball sac. This really gets a guy going.
I realized we had stopped and Jordan was backing up. I looked out and we were in a well concealed picnic spot at a park. Big table, fire pit and play area. Tony indicated we should get out so we did. Tony lay back on the table and I soon had his cock in my mouth again. I was just getting into the grove again when my shorts and briefs were pulled down. I looked back and Jordan was standing behind me, hard cock in hand putting on a condom. Tony grabbed my head and told me to get back to work. Not to worry about what was going on back there.
I started sucking again then felt a warm finger with some cool lotion rubbing up and down over my rosebud. Then it was in my rosebud. Damn it felt good. I had fingered myself in the shower a couple of times but this was a longer and bigger finger. My mouth was so full of big cock and Tony was holding my head, moving it up and down, fucking my mouth. I felt a bigger something pressing at the opening of my rosebud and then felt it enter. It hurt at first but Jordon didn’t get in a hurry. He just let it stay there for a bit before he pushed a little more in. Needless to say I was very, very happy. I had a big dick in my mouth while another dick was taking my virginity. Jordan had increased his speed and was fucking me all the way and Tony was not only moving my head up and down but was pushing up at the same time.
I had lost and control I ever had over the situation. These two guys were treating me like a rag doll. I just had to go with the flow. There was little chance I could alter what was going on in any way. And I didn’t want to. There was no longer any pain in my asshole and my mouth and throat were being treated to a wild fucking.
Jordon was the first to finish. He was fucking me hard and fast when he pulled out and came around while pulling off his rubber. He grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat and shot me a wonderful load of man juice. I took his balls in my hand to keep him there until I was sure I had sucked him dry and licked him clean. Tony had been stroking his cock hard while I was sucking Jordon and moaned I’m cumming as he grabbed my head and pushed my mouth down on his cock. His load began shooting into my mouth with such volume I couldn’t swallow fast enough, I little leaked down my chin. But I was soon finishing off a very limp dick.
I couldn’t believe how I was feeling. If ever I had been completely satisfied it was now. I had been DP’d by two guys and nothing had happened or been said that wasn’t OK. I knew right then I wanted to be with them again and again. I realized I was still bending over on the table between Tony’s legs with his cock still in my hand. Then I felt a cloth wipe running up and down between my buns. Jordon was actually cleaning me up.
My ass was a little sore but not bad as I sat in the SUV on the way out of the Park. Tony asked me where I lived and I told him to let me off at the strip mall cause I needed to get some stuff. I really liked these two guys but at this point I didn’t want them to know where I lived. As I got out I looked at both of them and said I hoped we could do this again. They both said they’d love to only next time they would trade places. I just smiled but as I walked away I thought to myself that I really wasn’t sure if I was ready for Tony’s big cock up my ass.
At the start of this epilogue said there were three things I truly loved to do. I have covered one of them, now to cover the other two.
I spent a lot of time when I was alone at home dressed as a girl. I just love the feel of a bra around me and the soft velvety texture of girl’s panties on my dick. I liked the look of my legs as they came out of a mid length skirt and loved how I looked with my fake boobs and nipples pushing against my blouse. The morning I was heading out for the Mall dressed as Melani was only the third time I had been out in public dressed that way. I always went out the back door of the apartment house and down the alley so I came out on a different street than usual. I was going out the door when I was stopped by the wife of the maintenance man.
Let me tell you about Joy and Jack, two people that are as different as night and day. Jack is early fifties, dumpy sort of guy, not particularly attractive or well built. But he could fix anything. On the other hand, Joy is absolutely beautiful. Late thirties but looks like mid twenties. Big firm boobs, tight as and long slender legs. Shoulder length blond hair and a face so beautiful she doesn’t use much makeup because she doesn’t need it.
Joy asked, “Who are you?”
Without turning around I answered, “Melani.’
“But I don’t know any Melani, turn around and face me,” she ordered.
I turned but didn’t say anything hoping she would let me leave.
“What are you doing in this building?” she asked and then continued, “Who were you visiting here?” and then, “Wait, is that you Melvin?”
I gave her a weak smile and nodded yes. I was unsure how this was going to turn out but was in no way ready for what happened next. Joy walked up to me and rubbed the side of my face and ran her fingers thru my hair.
“You do make a cute little girl,” she sort of whispered. “Why don’t you come with me and we’ll have a little chat.”
I followed Joy into their apartment and into the living room. She sat down on the sofa and patted the seat beside her. I joined her and sort of faced her and she put her arm around me and started rubbing my back.
“You have a bra on,” she whispered, “and girls panties,” she whispered again as she lifted my skirt. “Why do you dress like this?”
“I don’t know,” I uttered, “I guess cause I wish I was a girl.”
“Oh sweetheart, why do you wish that?” she asked as she put her arm around me and pushed my face into her breasts.
“Because a lot of girls can have any guy they want. They get invited out to go to the movies and while they’re there they set up in the balcony and kiss and the guy plays with the girls tits and then fingers her pussy and she plays with his dick and then she sets on his lap. If you look up there you will always see 6 or 8 girls setting on their boyfriends lap which means she is setting on his cock and they are fucking.”
“Are the movies the only place kids have sex?” Joy asked me.
“Heavens no, in a car in the school parking lot, places off the path in the park, most anywhere,” I told her.
“Have you ever had sex with a boy while dressed like a girl?”
“No, not when dressed like this.”
“But you have had sex with a boy?” she asked.
“Yes and a man.” I told her about Mr. Cock in the men’s room and then about giving a blowjob while getting fucked. Joy just sat there kind of wide eyed and almost in disbelief.
“Have you had any kind of sex with a girl?”
“No, but I’d like to. No girl that I would like to play with will go out with me so I just wish.”
Joy took her arm from around me and sat forward. The she asked me to put my arms around her and unhook her bra. I had a little difficulty but finally it came apart. She lifted her shirt and bra off in one motion and there she sat, her big beautiful tits only inches from my face. She put her hand behind my head and gently pushed my face into her breast.
“Please play with my nipples,” she whispered, “and squeeze my tits.”
Oh was this nice. Free access to her beautiful tits. Asking me to play with them and play with her nipples. Man was I in heaven. The she scooted by me and stood up. Down went her levis and off came her shoes. She sat back down but as she did she lifted her left leg over me so I was setting between her legs staring at her very wet but beautiful pussy. The crotch of her thong was completely wet and showed the curves of her cunt lips.
She grasped my head in her hands a pulled it down to her love nest. The aroma was overwhelming as she pressed my lips to her wetness. I licked and then nibbled for a bit and then hooked the strings to her thong and pulled it down as I had seen done in porno movies I had watched online.
“Lick my hot cunt,” she whispered, “lick it, lick it.”
I started at the very bottom of her pussy, almost to her asshole and licked up. I kissed and nibbled and licked on both sides of her pussy lips and then up to her clit. She almost screamed as I took it between my lips and flicked it with my tongue. Then I licked down to her hole and pushed my tongue as far in as I could. I so loved licking her and sucking her clit and the taste of her pussy juice and finger fucking her and then sucking my fingers. I must have been doing it right as she would grab my head and push her pussy hard against my face. Then she asked,
“Please stand up and take off your skirt. I want to see you in just bra and panties.”
I did as asked and did a little dance for her. While she was watching me she picked up her cell and pushed a number. I heard her say, “You better get home, I’ve got a big surprise for you.” Then she shut it down and pointed at her pussy and then at me. I resumed devouring her hot cunt. She pushed my face hard against her wetness either with her hands or her legs. I had trouble breathing but didn’t protest too much. Just wiggling my mouth free once in a while. She was almost ready to cum when I heard the door open and Jack said,
“What’s going on here?”
Joy answered, “This is Melani, Mel’s twin sister. She’s come to visit them for a while and will be ours to use whenever we want.”
She released my head and I turned to look at Jack. He was stripped down with probably the biggest cock I had ever seen in his hand. Now I knew why Joy was with him. Jack sat next to Joy and put an arm around her. He looked at me long and hard as I put my hand around his big cock.
“Boy do you look like Mel; I had never heard he had a sister, let alone a twin.”
I just smiled and returned my face to Joy’s pussy. This was a new experience for me, tongue in a pussy and cock in one hand. I enjoyed. Jack put his hand on my hand on his cock and said,
“I have never licked a young girl’s pussy, why don’t you stand up and drop those panties and let me have a look.”
I gave Joy a panic look because I had no idea how Jack would react when he saw my cock. She looked at Jack and put her hand on his face and said,
“This is Mel darling, there is no Melani. Mel just enjoys dressing up like a girl and enjoys oral with both men and women. If he is as good a cock sucker as he is a cunt eater you are going to enjoy him.”
Jack settled back down and was again kissing Joy and playing with her tits as I took care of things down below. What could be better than alternating between and big, hard cock and a hot, wet pussy? Joy had some minor orgasms and the feeling when I had Jack’s cock in my mouth was that he was getting close. Then Joy asked me,
“Anything special you want to do now?”
“Yes, I want to watch Jack fuck your brains out until he fills you with cum. I want to suck him dry and clean him up and then want you to set on my face while his cum drizzles down into my mouth. Then I’ll finish cleaning you up. Does that work for you?”
I sat back out of the way as Jack moved between Joy’s legs and plunged his 11 inches deep into her pussy on the first stroke. He took me literally and fucked her hard and fast. She was moaning and loving every minute of it. Jack’s cock glistened with her love juice as it traveled in and out of her cunt. It was not long before both of them were loudly proclaiming their climax. Jack left his cock buried in her pussy for several minutes and then withdrew. Turning to me he smiled and said, “Have at it!”
The way I was kneeling on my knees I could watch Joy’s box. I was afraid cum would start drizzling out before I finished with Jack. A little cum was still oozing out of the hole which I licked off. Then I started at his balls, licking all of Joy’s juice off. Work up and around his shaft I ended my clean up sucking the last bit of man juice out. I checked my work and was satisfied I had done a good job. Then I turned my attention to Joy.
She was still lying back with her legs spread. A bit of cum was starting to drip out so I bent over and licked it up. I originally wanted her setting on my face as I did my duty but decided it could see better in my present position. I could watch as she squeezed and Jack’s cum came rushing out. I covered her cunt with my mouth and licked, feeling the man juice on my tongue. It must have taken five minutes before she finally got the last of his cum out of her cunt and into my mouth. I finished my clean-up by licking her crack starting at her rosebud and ending at her clit. I sat back and we all enjoyed big smiles of satisfaction.
I glanced at the clock and saw Mom was due home at any moment. Jumping into my blouse and skirt I ran out, saying I would see them tomorrow. Joy asked what time and I told her 8:30. When Mom walked in I was watching TV with my Mel cloths on.
“Did you have a good day?” she asked.
“Yes I did, Yes I did.”
I have other tid-bits of my life I would love to post if you folks don’t find them too boring. Please let me know by e at itsbeenfun99 at yahoo dot com.

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