The 'Incident'

The 'Incident'

Disclaimer: All sexual acts in this story were committed by people of eighteen years or older.

Disclaimer: This story contains acts of depravity, rape and extreme violence against women. DON'T READ OR VOTE IF you're NOT INTO THAT.

In a certain house on a certain street, in a certain suburb of a certain city, there lived a mother and son. The mother's name was Abigail Johnson and the son's name Ethan Johnson.

Unfortunately, though for Ethan, Abigail was an exceptionally beautiful woman. She had the long flowing black hair of an Italian beauty. As well as a gorgeous perfectly proportioned hourglass figure backed up by a pair of substantial breasts. In short, Abigail was what the boys at Ethan's school called a MILF.

All the boy's in Ethan's class would tease him for hours on end asking him if he'd ever seen her naked or if he'd jerked off over her. But he just couldn't see it, how could anybody want to have 'Sex' with his mother? That would just be weird, wouldn't it?

Then one day, Ethan was feeling a little unwell, so his teacher let him leave school early. Arriving home just after midday, Ethan was confused to find an unfamiliar ute parked in the driveway.

Opening the front door to his house, Ethan began to climb the inside stairway, hearing loud, aggressive, grunts and moans coming from upstairs. A chill ran down his spine as Ethan climbed higher, the sounds of pleasure growing louder all the while.

Then, as he peeked around the edge of the handrail atop the stairs. He was gifted with the sight of a large muscular man in the middle of his lounge room. The man was glistening with sweat as he stood behind Ethan's mother, ploughing her vagina as Hard and as Fast as he possibly could. Abigail's face was showing an expression of pure joy and ecstasy, as she received The muscular man's schlong continuously from behind.

Ethan quickly ducked back behind the handrail, adrenaline pumping through his veins. He was unable to believe what he was seeing, there was no way some random guy was in his lounge room, Violating his mother, was there? Taking a few deep breaths, Ethan peaked back around the edge of the handrail again.

Unfortunately, he'd been lying to himself, because the muscular man and his mother were still there, and still going at it.

Ethan stared at the unfamiliar scene, confused as a variety of emotions ran through his mind. Then he became intrigued, and then partially hypnotised by the rhythmic swaying of his mother's dangling breasts. He watched, enthralled as multiple sweaty droplets streamed down and flew in all directions from the tips of her swinging nipples.

Then the man grasped Abigail's wrists and pulled them out from under her, Holding them like the reins of a horse as he continued to pound her from behind. Abigail's head flailed around wildly as her eyes rolled back and drool started flying all over the place. "Yes, that's right Cunt! Take my Cock! You filthy Whore! You know your nothing but a Meathole! You dumb fucking Slut!" The man roared as he came, pouring his seed into Abigail's vagina. Then he dropped her on the floor where she twitched and drooled while he got dressed.

Seeing his mother like that, in that state of euphoria changed Ethan. He was no longer an innocent young teenager, and he understood now, more than anything, that his mother Abigail, was indeed a MILF. More than that, though, Ethan began to have strange thoughts and feelings of desire toward her.

Over the next few months, Ethan started learning a few new things about his mother. He began to snoop around her room in secret while he knew she was out of the house. His first discovery was while looking through her underwear draw and finding other 'accessories', such as buttplugs and vibrators. But that was only the tip of the iceberg because one Saturday while Abigail was at the supermarket Ethan found something that changed everything.

In the back of Abigail's closet, Ethan found old DVD labelled 'The Joy Of Youth.' Luckily they still had a working DVD player, so Ethan inserted it and began to watch what looked like an early nineties B-Movie. The credits rolled and then the movie started playing when a much younger version of Abigail Johnson walked onto the screen.

Ethan's mother was wearing a sarong which she untied and let fall away as she made her way to centre stage. This left her in nothing but a tiny, string bikini.

Then the funky music started playing, and Ethan realised that this was a porno, so he immediately pressed paused, not knowing quite what to do. Images of his mother being fucked in the middle of the lounge room flashed through his brain, setting his emotions boiling as Ethan took long deep breathes, trying to calm himself down. But it had no effect, he was a horny teenage kid, and there was a free porno. So he reached for the remote and pressed play.

Ethan watched enraptured as seven giant Black men walked onto the screen, surrounding the younger Abigail and forcing her to her knees. They proceeded to ThroatFuck her nonstop one after another for about fifteen minutes. Then two guys pulled her legs out from under her, and one of them lay down next to her. The other guy lifted Abigail's rear and forced her to straddle the man on the ground. Then he himself proceeded to fill her anal cavity as they double penetrated her viciously.

After that, the scene continued on in several different variations, and by the time it had finished, all seven men had gangbanged Abigail, leaving her semi-conscious on the floor.

Ethan sat back, finally realising what had turned his mother the MILF she was.

As Ethan moved from middle-school into high-school, he only managed to find three more pornographic scenes staring his mother on the internet. Abigail or 'Starlight' as she had been called, hadn't stayed in the business for very long. Judging by the dates that the last scene was released, it looked like she had left to give birth to Ethan.

Who had Ethan's father been?

As he continued to watch, and then rewatch Abigail's pornographic scenes, Ethan's fantasies about his mother turned from sweet and lustful to downright aggressive.

He'd also begun to keep a careful diary of how many 'Gentleman callers' his mother was fucking. Because there were more than just that one, many more.

Ethan had skipped the last couple of periods of school a few more times since the 'Incident' and sprinted home early. He would sneak upstairs, and every time without fail, Abigail would be getting ravaged in the lounge room. Not only that, but sometimes there was more than one man, Ethan had seen up to four men at a time violating his mother.

Unfortunately, as he continued this behaviour, it only served to make him jealous.

It wasn't fair; Ethan could totally see what they'd all been teasing him about now. Abigail was most definitely a MILF, not only that, but she was 'His' MILF and Ethan wanted to fuck his mother so hard it hurt.

So, Ethan decided to do something about it.

Ethan rented a small cabin in the woods with some cash he'd received from his grandfather upon his death a few years ago. Then, one night as they sat down to dinner, he slipped a sedative into Abigail's meal.

"So, how was your day?" Abigail asked, prodding her son with her foot. "Oh, alright, nothing much happened," Ethan said. "Are you okay darling, you look a little tense?" She continued to inquire. "Yeah, I'm just feeling a little impatient," he answered, "and I've got a lot on my mind."

Then Ethan smiled as he watched his mother slump forward and slowly collapse face-first into her dinner plate.

"Now that's a good mother" Ethan cooed, "you're going to be a good well behaved Cunt now."

Grunting, Ethan hefted the beautiful MILF over his shoulder. "It's time for you to learn your true place in the world, Slut!" He said as he shuffled down the stairs and loaded Abigail's unconscious body into the car boot. Then he jumped in the front and started driving towards the woods.

It was about midnight when Abigail began stirring from her slumber. The first thing she saw was her son Ethan's face, smiling at her and looking extremely happy.

Abigail smiled dreamily too until her mind slowly started to un fog and she realised she couldn't move.

Abigail's head flailed around wildly as she looked left and right to see her wrists bound to her ankles on either side of her. They, in turn, were tied to what appeared to be a bed frame at either end, stretching her legs wide open and leaving her naked vagina on display.

Then Abigail began to regain the feeling in her body. It came slowly at first, as a numb, pins and needles like, tickling, evolving into a sharp burning sensation, which made Abigail feel like her entire body was on fire.

Abigail looked up again, fully conscious now, she could see the smile on Ethan's face was actually one of cruelty and not one of kindness.

"Ethan! Darling! What's going o-" SMACK!!! Ethan's hand came around and connected HARD! with the side of Abigail's face. "Listen to me, Cunt! And listen good. You will not speak unless spoken to!" Ethan spat in her face, viciously.

"Ethan! plea-" SMACK!!! "I SAID, LISTEN, CUNT! YOU WILL NOT SPEAK UNLESS SPOKEN TO!" Ethan roared as he brought his hand up and backhanded his mother squarely in the ear. Abigail both heard and felt the moment his hand connected as she lost her hearing out of her right ear.

Abigail was terrified now. She was lying there, tied up and deaf in one ear, completely naked and unable to move a thing except for her head. She had no idea what could possibly have turned her son into this, this... thing?

Ethan knelt and lingered over Abigail's vagina, then he leaned forward and took a large, drawn-out slurp of her Cunt.

To her shame, Abigail let out a small pleasurable "Eh!" come forth, from her lips. She felt an eerie tingling race through and overcome the constant burning pain in her body with pleasure. But only for a moment, and then the moment passed, and the fire returned.

Ethans cruel smile returned to his face as he licked his lips with satisfaction as he stood up. Looming over Abigail once again, he said, "It seems your Cunt! Can't seem to resist the stimulation, even if it's from me, your very own seed. Huh!"

Abigail felt a most profound humiliation as she realised Ethan was right. He was her son, and his tongue had managed to draw out such a reaction from her. She was so ashamed of herself, as even now she could feel the juices of her vagina continue to flow in anticipation.

What had happened? Why had her son tied her up and proceeded to threatened and punish her with violence? And why, after all of that had happened. Why had she reacted that way, when her son had licked her. That was definitely wrong, it was incest, and she had allowed herself to feel pleasure from the experience.

Abigail was disgusted with herself.

Ethan had turned around and was fiddling with something out of Abigail's sight. He grunted a couple of times before turning back, this time an utterly grim expression on his face.

"Listen closely, Cunt!" Ethan said, "I've been getting teased about what a MILF you are since I was a kid. Everyone in my class, even the girls liked to make fun of me for it. The crazy thing was, I didn't even realise why until at least Middle school when I came home sick one day and saw one of your 'Gentleman callers' fucking you in the middle of the lounge room."

That made Abigail gulp, Ethan had seen one of her 'man-friends', she hadn't realised that he could just walk home by himself if he was sick.

"I guess you didn't ever think I would see you there," Ethan continued, darkly. "That man had you on your knees in front of him as he rode you like a horse!... Well, that day... Let's say that 'Incident' had a significant effect on me. It changed me, opened my eyes to your true nature. So I did a little digging around, and managed to find something that made me realise what made you the way you are." With that, Ethan stepped away, revealing a TV and DVD player.

As the opening credits began to roll, Abigail realised with horror what she was being forced to watch, and then she started to cry. The tears flowed freely down her cheeks as Abigail watched herself being violated and degraded both physically and mentally, again and again for the first time in years.

The shame and humiliation she'd felt before was nothing compared to what she was feeling now, as she realised what degrading acts her son had seen her perform.

Abigail looked up, and Ethan stared back at her with his cruel smile and said, "but wait, there's more! If watching yourself get gangbanged isn't enough, there are still three other scenes staring 'Starlight' for your viewing pleasure."

Abigail was beginning to realise now that it was 'Her' promiscuous lifestyle that had effected on Ethan in such unsettling way's. But how could her behaviour alone have made Ethan into... this? Sure Abigail had been porn actress in her youth, and she was still a bit of a slut now. There was also the fact that she loved going at it with up to five guys at any one time. Also, she was still unsure of the identity of Ethan's father, as he had been conceived during an Orgy. But... But, really?

Abigail took long, slow, deep breaths as she looked back on her life, wrestling with her guilt and emotions until finally. She started putting all the pieces together, accepting that it had been her own fault, and how she had raised Ethan that had caused her son's psychotic break.

Abigail was nothing but a Whore!

Later, after Ethan had played all Four scenes twice over on full volume, he finally switched off the TV. Abigail looked up in terror at her son standing over her. Leering down at her naked body, Ethan asked, "Do you understand now, Cunt? You are low! The lowest of the low! Your nothing at all but a Meathole made for men to Fuck! So Why not Me? Huh! Cunt! Why not Me? Why didn't you let me in on the action? Because it seems every other man around you but Me had access to your Fuckholes!"

Abigail just stared blankly at her son, dried tears encrusting her partially swollen eye's. She had no idea what to say at all, her mind was blank. It was true, every bit of it, Abigail was absolutely worthless! She had been a porn actress when she was younger, and now, She was an utter slut with no excuse for her behaviour around men.

Abigail hadn't realised the impact her promiscuous behaviour would have on her son's psyche, and now, well... Ethan had gone and had a psychotic break, leaving her in this horrifying predicament.

Ethan began disrobing, "It seems like the Whoreish Cunt! Has nothing to say for herself, Maybe I should teach the worthless Slut! A lesson," he said.

Abigail felt butterflies in her stomach. Then she realised to her shame that being dominated like this was arousing her to some degree. It'd always been there, that carnal desire to stretch the boundaries and commit acts that some would call taboo. She'd tried to keep it buried deep down, but no matter how hard Abigail had tried, a part her mind had kept thinking 'What if?' And now upon seeing her son's naked body, she had begun tingling all over, surprised to see how fit he was. Then Abigail spied Ethan's massive schlong, and her mouth started to water as, dark, lustful thoughts ran through her mind.

Abigail wanted her son's Cock, it'd been too long since she'd had one. She desired it, needed it, and it didn't matter that he would be raping her, as long as it was penetrating her Cunt.

Ethan stepped toward his restrained mother and parted her vaginal flaps with his fingers. Then he placed his knob in the juicy swimming pool of his mother's Cunt!

"Are you ready, Cunt?" he asked, locking eyes with his mother. Abigail nodded slowly, accepting that her son was about to rape her and knowing that she secretly wanted him to.

Ethan held his mother's gaze as he thrust slowly but surely deep into Abigail's Cunt and held it there. They stared directly into each other's eyes, there noses just barely touching for over a minute. Then Ethan leaned in and kissed Abigail, softly at first, then with more passion and aggression as she began to kiss him back.

Abigail surrendered to her sons will entirely as Ethan Dominated to her hogtied figure. She was utterly at his disposal, as he loved her, pumping his oversized schlong in and out of her Cunt, bringing waves of pleasure to override the pain coursing throughout her body.

Then Ethan became more violent as he began to fuck her Cunt as hard and as forcefully as he possibly could.


Finally, he had done it, Ethan was fucking his mother, and Abigail could do nothing but lie there and take it. Then, just before he came, Ethan withdrew and stood there, observing his mother's defiled body.

Abigail was drooling now, and her entire body was shiny with sweat, and a steady trickle of fluid streamed out of her vagina.

"I said, do you get it now, Cunt?" he repeated, deadly serious.

Before Abigail could speak, Ethan drove his entire right hand into her Cunt and started punching her insides, over and over again, penetrating deeper every time.

"YES," screamed Abigail as he worked her over, "I'm nothing but a Whore!"

"What wast that Cunt? I didn't quite hear you?" Ethan repeated as he drove his fist in deeper.

"I said, I'm nothing but a WHORE!" Abigail exclaimed.

"AGAIN, CUNT! SAY IT AGAIN!" Ethan commanded.


Ethan began to laugh maniacally as he continued to punch deeper into his mothers juicy Cunthole. "YOU ASKED FOR IT!" he cried, raising his other hand and punching it deep into Abigail's Anal cavity.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Abigail screamed as she was violently Double-Fisted. "OH I'M A WHORE, A WHORE I TELL YOU!" Abigail cried, it'd hurt her, but felt so good at the same time, "I'M A WHORE, I'M A PIECE OF SHIT, AND I MOST DEFINITELY DESERVE THIS!"

Ethan was hurting her painfully now. Abigail could feel his fists damaging her insides as they both continued to pound there way deeper into her body. But at the same time, the pain was the pleasure, and as much as it hurt, she didn't want it to stop either.

"I'm so sorry, Ethan" Abigail sobbed faintly, as she coughed up droplets of blood. "I truly understand now, I was the worst possible mother. I'm a Slut, a Whore, and a piece of shit. I'm worthless, I simply don't deserve to keep living. So I want you to Fuck my Cunt, Ethan, and keep fucking it as hard as you can, as painfully as you can. I am low and am nothing but a worthless piece of shit."

Ethan withdrew his arms from Abigail's Fuckholes, making a note of the puddle of blood trickling from his mother's orifices.

"That's right Cunt! You understand now, you are indeed worthless," Ethan whispered into Abigail's working ear. Then he held up a long sharp knife and licked the tip before plunging his Cock into Abigail's Cunthole and simultaneously stabbing her in the ribs.

Finally, as he felt the beginnings of cumming, Ethan leaned forward and kissed his mother deeply, over and over again, while slowly pushing the knife deeper into Abigail's ribs.

"See Cunt," Ethan whispered, "you really are worthless." Then he ripped out the blade and slashed his mother's throat violently. Sending a cascade of blood flowing down her chest and stomach as he came deep inside her Cunt!

Abigail Johnson was a dead piece of filth.

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