Welcome to the Family_(0)

Welcome to the Family_(0)

Welcome To The Family

My Wife, Sarah and I had just been married, we went to Thailand for our Honeymoon, that was an adventure in itself, but thats another story for another time. So anyway, we'd just arrived back in the country a few days before and we went to visit her parents, My Wife has always been really close with her family, like, ridiculously close, I always put it down to the fact that I wasn't that close with my own family. It used to surprise me when we'd stay at her parents and Sarah would come out with the family in her pyjamas which generally consisted of one of mine or her brothers singlets and some skimpy loose shorts, neither with underwear underneath, I always noticed when i could see her pussy lips through the leg of her shorts or looking down her top and seeing her tits hang when she'd lean forward to sit on the lounge. I always assumed it was just her being comfortable in the family home, nothing suspicious. To tell you the truth, I'd become pretty close with her family as well, they had always been very welcoming and treated me like one of the family since we'd met a few years before.

So we pull up in the driveway at her parents house, they live out in the country, not a huge property, you can still see the neighbours houses but far enough away that you can make as much noise as you want and not bother anyone. Bill and Sasha, the in-laws, met us out the front and after the usual hugs, kisses and handshake greetings we headed out to the lounge room, Bill offered me a beer and grabbed a wine for both our wives then sat down next to his daughter on one lounge and I joined my new mother-in-law on the other. They quizzed us about our honeymoon, we flicked through photos together, telling the various stories attached to each one. After we finished our drinks, my father-in-law went to the fridge to arrange the next round. Being a hot day, still in the middle of summer, Sarah suggested we take our drinks outside and have them by the pool, everyone agreed it was a good idea so we all shuffled out the back, walked through garden and down to the little oasis a hundred metres or so from the house, Sasha took great pride in her gardens, it was all manicured perfectly. Palms, ferns, everything you need to create a tropical paradise. Really, it was just like being back in Thailand.

We laid out on the sun beds and continued the small talk, laughing and carrying on, getting louder with each drinks. After a while, Bill stood up. "Whose coming for a swim?" he said. "No ones wearing any bathing suits, go back up to the house and grab some for everyone and some towels" Sasha replied. "Its alright, Tom's family now" Bill laughed, and with that with that he ripped off his shirt and dropped his shorts, as he kicked his shorts off his legs I couldn't help but notice his slug shaking around between his legs. It was no bigger than mine, possibly a bit more girth, but nothing that would put my 7 inches to shame, and for early fifties he wasn't in bad shape aside from a slight beer belly. Sasha scoffed "Tsk… Bill…", "What" he said just before he dove in the deep end. Upon surfacing, he shouted out "C'mon Tom". Not entirely sure what to do I looked over at my new bride, she just smirked and stood up, wriggled out of her tight denim shorts and lifted her blouse over her head, reached behind her back and flicked the clasp on her bra. She now stood there completely naked in front of her parents. My wife was a bit of a Barbie doll type, 26, blonde, with perfect D tits with only the slightest of hang, a perfect midsection, waxed pussy and an ass that I never got tired of staring at, she walked past me and dove in and surfaced right next to her dad. So, never being the shy type, up I got, stripped off and joined them. "You coming in Mum?" Sarah asked. Sasha just tipped her glass up and polished off the last couple of mouthfuls of wine in one gulp and stood up, not reluctantly, more gingerly, she dropped the straps of her dress off her shoulders and and let it fall to the pavers below. She wasn't wearing any thing underneath, she just stepped out of the crumpled heap of cotton at her feet and walked down the steps into the water. Now Sasha, like Bill, is in her early fifties, not unattractive, but no beauty queen either, while she hasn't got an entirely flat belly, you would never consider calling her fat, but she has the most amazing tits, easily a EE, more likely FF that did sag but had enough volume that they sat well out from her frame and looked fantastic, the kind women pay thousands for a doctor to install for them. I had had the pleasure of seeing them once before on a family trip, we'd just got back to the hotel room we were all sharing, Bill had stayed at the pub with their son Ben, so it was just Sarah, Sasha and myself. We left early because Sasha had a headache, I had some paracetamol in my luggage so when we got back I dug through my bag to retrieve it and then took it to the room next door to deliver it to Sasha. The door was wide open, the light was on, but as soon as I approached the door, there was Sasha stripped off to before a shower leaning over the bed reaching for something. I stood there transfixed, as her heavy bosom swayed over the sheets. She looked up at me and I barely managed to stammer "The… the pills… for… for your… headache…" before I stepped back into the hallway and went to the bathroom where Sarah was brushing her teeth. I could feel how red I was in the face as I told her what had happened. She just laughed, as did Sasha, Bill and Ben when Sarah brought it up at dinner the next night. I could feel my face blushing again with embarrassment, but they all just thought it was funny and was no big deal, which it really wasn't, a simple accident, but several times since I'd found myself catching a glimpse of Sasha's cleavage and imagining them free from the constraints of her clothes again.

It was a new experience for me, I definitely was never expecting anything like this to happen. So here we all were, skinny dipping in the family pool, wading around in the cool water for 10 minutes or so until Bill got out and turned the spa on. He went behind the bar on the edge of the garden and started working on some cocktails. Sarah swam over to me and put her arms around me, I felt her hardened nipples press against my chest and I reached down and supported her ass. She nuzzled into my neck and pressed her crotch into mine, I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, which was only helped by the sight at the other end of the pool. Sasha was walking back up the steps out of the pool. The water cascaded down her shoulders and dripped from her ripe breasts, I noticed her nipples were also hard, must just be from the cold water I'd thought. she turned bent down to pick up her dress, giving me a perfect view of her ass and legs. I felt a sudden twinge of disappointment thinking she was getting dressed again, but she just dried her face and threw it onto the the sun bed and went lowered herself into the spa. By now I was semi tumescent, and my wife reached down and wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started rubbing the head of my cock around her pussy lips and clit, I assume it was because her parents were right there and the thrill of getting caught, but it felt even better than ever before, By now I was rock hard and she pushed her hips down on mine and impaled herself on me, I shot her a glance that said "what the fuck do you think you're doing?" which she only answered with a grin before she pushed herself off me, climbed out of the pool and headed to the spa herself, leaving me there alone with this raging hard on.

"Come gimme a hand to carry these Tom" her dad called. "Just a minute mate, Just enjoying the water" I lied. I looked over at Sarah and mouthed "you bitch", she just whispered something to her mum and they both laughed. Bill had noticed them laugh and looked back at me, picked up two glasses and said "Grab yours and Sarahs on your way", "Yep" I said, I could feel the familiar redness returning to my cheeks, Sarah had really set me up here. "Whats wrong Tom" Bill yelled out as he handed Sasha her drink and stepped into the spa "You got a boner or something?" he joked. " Yep" I said again, They all erupted in laughter and he shouted over at me "Mums tits have that effect on me to mate, C'mon, get over here, don't be embarrassed" I took a deep breath and breaststroked over to the side of the pool they were on, I could feel my swollen member vibrating as I moved through the water, hanging down like a rudder. As I walked up the steps to get out of the pool I tried to position my body so as my back was to the others which was relatively easy while i was walking to the bar to get the last two drinks, but once i had them I had to bite the bullet and turn and face my tormentors as I walked over and joined them in the spa. The water was warm and was a pleasant contrast to the crispness of the pool. Bill reach over the side and hit a button which activated the jets, the bubbles erupted from the water. "There you go mate, now no one can see" Bill said with a grin and a wink, the girls had another giggle at that to. I laughed as well and we all sank our shoulders beneath the bubbles, Bill was opposite me and, Sasha on my left and Sarah on my right. We started chatting again and while I still had a boner, the bubbles covered it so I relaxed and enjoyed as the jets bounced my cock around and just joined in the conversation. Every now and again Sasha's tits would rise up with the bubbles giving me a great look and adding to the bloodrush in my groin. "So you know we're a very close family Tom" Bill piped up, "Yeah, of course. Just another reason to love your daughter" I replied. "Well, now you're married I suppose you should know…" he went on. It was at this point I felt Sarah take hold of my cock again, I looked at her with the same 'this is inappropriate' glance I'd given her before, again, she just smiled back at me. She started jerking me off beneath the water, again with the risk of getting caught, it felt so much more sensitive then usual, I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out from releasing my seed for long, but it felt wrong doing it with her parents right there, I've jerked off in the shower before, I know how cum goes in hot water, like putty all sticky, what if it ended up on her mum or dad, skinny dipping together and hading them see my boner was one thing but I didn't want it to end up caught up in the hair on her dads arms, I couldn't imagine that going down well, but despite might glares, Sarahs hand just continued working my dick. I struggled to get my attention back to Bills speech. Right then Sarah slid away from me towards her father who sat up and put his arm around her, but my cock was still getting pulled. I looked at Sasha with my jaw hanging slightly in disbelief, She looked back at me and smiled, turning a little now so she could bring her other hand over and work my balls. Shocked and feeling like I was about to get a scalding from my wife, I looked at Sarah probably with a similar look on my face as the time I told her I'd just seen her mums tits. She just laughed "Is that good sweetie?" She asked. I didn't know what to say, i just sat there slack-jawwed with my Mother-in-law working my cock towards climax. Bill stood up so he could sit on the edge of the spa, his cock was standing at attention now to. Sarah repositioned herself between her fathers legs facing him and I watched as my new bride slid the cock that conceived her between her lips.

I didn't know what to do, a lot of things I'd never given a lot of thought to were all starting to make sense, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle coming together. I looked up at Bill who was grinning at me, his left hand on the back of his daughters head, guiding her mouth up and down his length. "Yeah, so this is pretty much what I was getting at" he spouted " Like I said, we're a close family."

I felt my nuts begin to tighten, Sasha felt it to and pulled me by my cock and balls to the surface and wrapped her lips around my cock just as my cock started spewing my thick white goo. She put one hand under my ass to help me float on the surface and used the other to milk every drop from my cock. I've never come so hard, there were so many emotions racing through my mind, so many new feelings. I felt like it was all wrong but at the same time I was overcome with lust.

It always turned me on when Sarah would stick one of those suction dildos to the end of the bed and sucked my cock while she backed her pussy into it and then turned around and sucked her juices off her toy while i pounded her pre-fucked hole. But seeing her wrap her mouth around another mans penis, let alone her own dads. I never thought I'd say it, but it flicked all the right switches for me. I think I'd married the perfect woman. And she'd manage to keep all this a secret from me our entire courtship. I realised she must truly love me to feel she could include me in this and not worry I'd run for the hills. Who was I to question weather this was right or wrong. This is the woman I love. And I was about as accepted by the family as anyone could get.

Sasha lapped at my balls and shaft, tracing her tongue around its entire surface cleaning up any trace of my load. I watched Bill fuck his daughters face, holding her head with two hands now, I could see by his face he was close. Sarah quickened the pace and met every thrust her father made until he stopped and just buried her face on his dick and let loose as she gagged, spit and sperm leaking from the corners of her mouth. I could see her eyes watering, but she made no attempt back away, she always did enjoy pleasing her dad, I suppose naturally, this shouldn't be any different. After he'd finished, Bill sunk back into the water and Sarah turn and smiled at me, I could see the her dads seed, the same seed that she came from herself, glistening on her lips and trickling down her chin, I could feel myself getting hard again just looking at her. She slid over to me and leant in for a kiss. I was hesitant. Her dads cum was still on her lips. She grabbed my head and pulled me to her, as our mouths met and she slid her tongue past mine, I looked over to see Sasha and Bill doing the same. I guess , if he has to taste mine its only fair, I thought to myself. I have tasted my own come on my wires lips before and it really didn't taste any different, I suppose its just the idea of it really that took me a second to get past.

We all sunk back into the water. The timer on the jets had finished a few minutes earlier and the bubbles had stopped. I could see through the water again and was having trouble keeping my eyes off Sasha's breasts, they were just magnificent. Before I was with her daughter I'd been with some girls with big tits, but nothing like Sasha's. Other than in magazines, these were the biggest I'd ever seen and they were 100% natural. Sarah has a decent rack on her herself which I love but I must admit I'm hoping she grows a set like her mums one day. "Go on" Bill directed towards me, I looked up at him, he nodded and joked "they're not going to suck themselves." Sasha put her arm around me and drew my head down to her chest. My tongue leapt from my mouth and encircled her nipple on right breast and with my right hand I reached up and supported her left breast, it was heavy, you could feel it was a few kilo's of flesh, it was firm and felt so good, I could get lost in her bosom for days. The skin was soft, the kind that young girls like my wife don't have yet, the kind that is softened with age, any of you who have been with an older women would know what I'm talking about. I now had a hand on each breast and was dividing my time mouthing vigourously at each nipple like I was a newborn searching for milk, groping and massaging her with my hands. Sasha let out a small sigh, I could tell she was enjoying the attention, she still had one hand on the back of my head pushing me harder onto her. Her other hand was buried between her legs, I let go of her tit with one hand and replaced her hand between her legs with mine. I sunk two fingers straight into her pussy, I could feel the slick of her juices inside of her mixing with the water. "More" she whispered. I slid my other two fingers in as well, leaving only my thumb out for some grip. She started grinding on my hand, rocking back and forth, we continued like this for a few minutes until she gently bit my ear and said demandingly "I want you in me." I was only to happy to oblige. I turned back to sit properly and with my hand still third knuckle deep in her snatch, I dragged her onto my lap, only withdrawing my hand as she led my cock to her hole and lowered herself onto me, She wasn't as tight as her daughter, I guess thats to be expected after pushing out two kids, but she still felt awesome, warm and wet and eager. She was grinding her clit on the base of my cock, She was biting her bottom lip as she rode me. I looked past her to find Sarah laying on the side of the spa out of the water with her dad now buried between her legs. I could tell he knew what he was doing because the look on her face was that of pure ecstasy. She opened her eyes as I watched her and we shared a mutual smile at each other, both of us knowing we were both enjoying ourselves.

"MUM, DAD, you down here?" a voice boomed from further up the garden. It was Ben, Sarah's younger brother, He was only 22. My feelings of ease quickly turned to momentary panic, what would he think with me balls deep in his mum? As he came, into sight, he just smiled "So you've told him I see" he said as he started to strip his clothes off. "Maddy'll be down in a minute, she's just on the phone to her sister" Maddy is his girlfriend, they've been together for years, at this point I assumed she was in on the situation as well. Ben dropped his feet in the spa sitting on the edge next to me, he leant down and gave his mum a hello kiss then slid over to Sarah and did the same, almost immediately Sarah instinctively enveloped his flaccid cock with her mouth, all the while still having her pussy lapped at by her father who only managed to look up and nod to acknowledge his son, who in turn nodded back. Sasha began to gyrate her hips again, stirring my love muscle back to attention. She fed her tit back into my mouth but I couldn't take my eyes of the view before me. I watch as Ben cock grew in Sarah's mouth, It wasn't as long as mine and Bill's nor as thick, but it was still quite a substantial cock. Ben had his arms out straight behind him leaning back on them, getting a good angle to watch his sister work her magic on his tool. Bill stood up in the spa and lined Sarah's well lubed pussy up with the end of his dick, I had a great view, Sasha's tit still planted firmly in my face, I watched Bill slide his dick into my brides hole slowly. As he withdrew I could see her sweet lady nectar shine on his length before he buried it inside her again. My wife was being spit roasted by her father and brother and I couldn't be happier.

"Hi guys" came Maddy's chirpy voice, by the time I detached myself from Sasha's bosom and turned around to say hi Maddy's clothes were already on the ground. "You're really part of the family now eh' Tom" she said as she did the rounds of the hello kisses, stopping at Bill. She stood in front of him and using her hands, pulled the skin tight either side of pussy, causing her puffy lips to part, revealing her already swollen love button. While continuing to pound his daughter reached out putting his hand through Maddy's legs and caressing her butt he pulled her pussy to his mouth and proceeded to bring Maddy to a rather quick climax, after which she eased into the spa and after dunking her head to slick back her hair she came and sat next to me and began to suckle at Sasha's free breast. I felt Maddys hand run up the inside of my thigh and stop on my balls for a second before encasing the base of my shaft with her thumb and index finger sort of like a cockering and supporting my balls with the rest of her fingers her other arm she draped across my shoulders. I'd never felt so good. Sarah and I have an amazing sex life, but there's only so much you can do with one woman, and the fact that I got to watch her being filled at both ends was just making it all the more enjoyable.

Ben started to make the faces like he was about to cum and grabbed a fistful of his sisters hair. She dropped her nose to his belly, taking all of his 6 inches in her throat as he unloaded straight into her belly. This made her convulse and the added sensations through her body must've triggered her to clench her pelvic muscles, milking her dads seed into her womb, he had a good grip on her thighs as he released his volcano. As the two men were spent they sank into the spa to and watched their wife and mother ride me, Sarah went from her side onto her back, looking up at the sky as she caught her breath she then turned her head to me and watch me and Maddy breastfeed from her mother as well. Sasha was building momentum and getting close, as was I, she wrapped and one arm around me and one arm around Maddy and hugged us tightly as had several waves of orgasm for the best part of 2 minutes. I could see her fathers cum start to leak from her pussy as Sarah watched her mother with her husband and her brothers girlfriend attached to each teet. Feeling Sasha's juices making her pussy even sloppier and warmer felt great. Maddy slid her hand lower and slid two fingers into my anus, this wasn't new sometimes Sarah did the same when made love, but this together with everything else drove me over the edge. My heartbeat started to rise along with my breathing "Give it to me Tom, I want to feel you cum inside me" Sasha whispered, "Fuck her Baby" Sarah said softly, Looking into my wife's eyes as she laid back on the edge of the spa I looked her body up and down and wondered what I had done to be so lucky to have married her. As my eyes made made contact with hers again I unleashed my seed into her mother, raising my hips well off my seat with each thrust until my balls were empty. I collapsed back into my seat and Sasha kissed me on my forehead as I rested my face between her soft chest pillows. Maddy kissed me on the cheek and then Sasha climbed off, Maddt slid away from me and Sasha took he place. Sarah slid back into the spa and tucked herself under my arm. "You alright Darlin?" I asked "yeah, are you?" she replied, "Never better" i said to her as I kissed her long and deeply

We all looked around at one another all smiles and knew this would be the first time of many.

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