Light Control

Light Control

Light Control
Disclaimer: I own no rights to the actresses used in this story.
This is the story of all my dreams coming true. I was a 21 year old college student in the fields of math, physics, and engineering. I am a male and like most young males tend to be a sick perverted bastard. I was in the physics lab working with a partner on a project. The project involved playing around with a light generator that channeled the light in a series of pulses that wouldn’t really have any application to any other device that I knew of.
I was manning the computer to control the sequence and my partner was down with the light generator. Long story short he ended up looking into the generator and freezing up. The light was above the visible range and I asked him if he was ok.
“I am fine,” was his reply.
This guy was a pretty good friend and was usually quite talkative so I immediately realized that his response was out of character.
“What happened,” was my next question for my friend.
I will forever remember his answer.
“When I looked into the device I was put into a hypnotic trance in which I will do anything I’m told.”
My mind instantly began racing with the possibilities. I’m a big fanfiction and erotic story reader and writer. Mind control was one of my biggest fantasies. I had read a story that was likely similar to my situation. It was with a device that did what I suspect my new device does but with sound.
I decided to test my theory by telling my friend to come out of the trance but drop back in when I said a series of words that would never go together and that he wasn’t likely to hear from anybody else. It worked like a charm. He dropped right back in and I told him he wouldn’t remember the trance and think that we had finished the project for that day.
If it worked on other people just as well my professor was going to think we finished the project and that we had gotten an A. I decided the first thing to do was rig up a portable version of the device. It ended up being a very compact design that had an emitter with a button that would be held in my hand with the bulk clipped to my belt. They were attached by a long almost invisible wire.
The first girl I decided to test it on was this girl named Marie that was in a few of my classes for the semester. I waited until class was over and then engaged her in a discussion. When we were the only two left in the room I flashed her (that’s what I’m going to call getting somebody in a trance). She was immediately in the trance.
I told her to follow me down the hall to the physics common room. It was only ever used when there were too many students for a lab. All physics majors had a key to the room but most of the others rarely ever went in there because they all lived on campus. I commuted. Just to be safe I ran next door and flashed my professor. I told him not to come in that room for an hour and ignore anything else if he did.
I was pleased when I went back in to find Marie still in a trance. I made sure the door was locked and then walked over to the girl. Marie was just a bit shorter than me and not even a full year younger than me. She had slightly reddish brown hair and a nice slim figure. She had a very pretty face with a smile that lit up her entire character. She was also a very fun loving girl.
I gave her a series of commands. She would never remember me telling her to do anything while in the trance. She would never cause me or somebody I cared about harm. She would never cause herself bodily harm without an additional set of random phrases (I didn’t want her to hurt herself if I ever got mad at her and accidentally told her to jump off a cliff). She would always orgasm any time I came or whenever I told her to. She would get pleasure from pleasing me. She would obey any direct command I ever gave her, even if it was over the phone or email. She would always answer any communication I sent her (that way she could never not answer my call or email). She would always have fun with me and be happy about anything she did with me. Last but not least she would love anal sex.
I’m an ass man and love anal sex but most girls shy away from it. I decided that these commands would be something I would give all the girls I flashed but would vary slightly from girl to girl. I knew Marie was engaged so I didn’t want to break it up at the moment. I could always at a later time flash the guy and order her to break it off. I would flash the guy to be fine with the split.
I next told Marie to give me head. She was soon on her knees pulling my zipper down and unbuttoning my jeans. Before I knew it she had my cock out and was sucking on it. I stared into her eyes as her head bobbed up and down on my quickly hardening pole. When I was completely hard I told her to stand up and bend over the table I had been leaning against.
She quickly did as I asked and I pulled her skirt up over her waste to see a red thong. I pulled the thong off and pocketed it for a souvenir. I asked her if she was on the pill and when I had the affirmative from her I slid my cock into her already wet pussy. When I was balls deep I savored the sensation.
I hadn’t been with many girls before but the first one I had been with I was her 23rd guy. The next one ended up crying. She had bitten non stop while giving me head and when she stopped blowing me and said, “I suck at this don’t I,” my response had been that she wasn’t the worse that I’d ever had (which was completely a lie).
So my sexual experiences weren’t the best. Marie’s pussy was very tight. She had only been with one other guy. I began thrusting into the moaning girl for the next few minutes. After a few minutes of fucking her I commanded her to orgasm and her clenching pussy muscles sent me over the edge. I dumped a load of cum into her pussy and then pulled out and told her to clean me up.
Her sucking got me hard again and I told her to assume the same position. When she was bent over the table again I hunched down and started tonguing her asshole. I then slipped a few fingers in her asshole one by one lubricated with her pussy juice. When I thought she was sufficiently stretched I thrust one more time into her pussy to get my cock lubricated.
I then lined up with her puckered brown star and slowly started pushing in. I didn’t give her time to adjust because I kept on constantly pushing in. I knew that my commands would still make her love getting her ass pounded. When I was balls deep in Marie’s asshole I held there and savored the experience.
I slowly began pulling out and thrusting back in. I soon began speeding up in my spearing of her ass. Marie clenched down on her asshole on the out strokes to give me more pleasure. She also reached back and pushed her ass cheeks together so that they hugged my cock tighter. The girl was moaning and writhing as I pounded her asshole.
The walls of her intestines were squeezing and massaging the length of my cock as I sodomized her. I ran my hands all over her smooth body as I continued to shove my dick up her asshole. I loved the feel of her smooth thighs and hips as well as her back. She quivered under me as my hips slammed into her ass cheeks, making them ripple from the force.
When I watched my sausage slide in between her soft ass cheeks I couldn’t take it anymore and speared as deeply into her as I could go and released a torrent of cum deep into her bowels. Marie exploded in orgasm as she felt me filling her intestines with my baby batter. Her intestinal spasms kept me cumming for quite a long time before her bowels eventually pushed my soft cock out.
I ordered Marie to clean me up with her mouth. Even that pleasure wasn’t enough to get me hard again right now. I had her get dressed but not leave. We both sat down and I had Marie read directly from a piece of paper I wrote on while she was in a trance. I flashed myself just before I had her start reading.
The words on the paper went like this.
You will have complete and conscious control of when you cum, how much and how long you cum, how hard your dick gets, and when your dick gets hard. You will also be able to instantly recall any memory from any time in your life to your conscious mind. You will also be able to concentrate on any task you set your mind to without getting board or distracted by unimportant matters. You will like to exercise at least an hour a day and will try to maintain a body weight of 180. You will now come out of this trance while remembering everything that was said.
I came out of the trance remembering everything and tried out my new abilities. My cock did harden at will. I had Marie get down on her knees with her mouth open and made myself blow a load directly into her mouth. I stopped myself when I about passed out from pleasure. I had Marie clean me off before getting up.
Some of the memories I could now recall were ones I didn’t want to remember. For instance there were memories of times when I was a baby and slept in my parent’s room. There were things parents did that kids just shouldn’t know.
Before Mary left I gave her another set of instructions. She would remember the times she spent with me as the best sexual experience of her life. Every time her lover climaxed she would as well. She would always have very satisfying orgasms. Every time she masturbated in the future (which I told her to do at least once a day) she would do so to thoughts of me.
That last thought really turned me on. Soon after I left the college and ran all over the town that my college was in. The town had quite a few wealthy people in it. I went from wealthy person to wealthy person flashing them to each give me a certain portion of money. They directed me to their wealthy friends. I told them all to not care where the money went and to be very content and happy with their lives. Those who were married I told to be completely in love with their spouse and to never think about cheating. I also gave them some commands to spice up their sex lives. I did the same with their spouses.
I figured that if I were going to take their money then I should at least do something for them. I was leaving them much happier people. By the time I was driving home that day it was mid afternoon and my bank account was now 10 million dollars richer.
The first thing I did was go to the local bank and paid off all of my mother’s debt. I lived with my mom, younger brother, and younger and older sister. I also set up with the bank to pay off all of my student loans. I would do the same for my sister in a few days. Doing all of this didn’t even make a dent in my first million. I then went to a local car dealership and bought myself a new car.
I was never one for flashiness so the car was a hybrid fuel efficient car. Just because I could afford to waste the gas didn’t mean I should. It was a very nice looking car. As I was driving I was still getting used to my new mental abilities.
I had an associates degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering but over the last several years I had forgotten a great deal of what I learned in those classes. I hadn’t learned the value of good note taking when I took those classes but I could now recall every single lecture where I zoned out from boredom. I could now concentrate on every single word the professors said.
I may have not been a good note taker but I almost always went to class and did my homework. As a result I could now recall everything I needed to know to be a good engineer on an associates degree level.
I was brought out of my memories as I arrived at the high school I had attended a few years back. I was here for one girl. I am a big Harry Potter fan and often read and write fanfiction on the genre. Most of my stories tend to feature three characters for pairings with Harry. They were Nymphadora Tonks, Hermione Granger, and Fleur Delacour.
I had often had fantasies about the Tonks character before she ever showed up in a movie. I was always attracted to her character from JK’s descriptions. When the actress who plays her in the movies showed up I was a bit disappointed. That actress was pretty good looking but not a match for my fantasies. The closest actress match for my fantasies that I have found so far is the actress that plays a doctor in Scrubs, Sarah Chalke.
The absolute closest girl I’ve found is a girl named Samantha, or Sam as everybody calls her, in my high school. She is 18 and a senior. I’ve never talked to her but have watched her a few times. She is very bubbly in personality and dresses provocatively. I once saw her jeans riding low so that I could see the top of her thong and her rounded ass cheeks. She is very slim all around. She is about 8 inches shorter than my six foot 2 inches. She has perky full breasts, long tan legs, and an ass to die for.
I found Sam in the band room where I was hoping to find her. The fact that I am a former band geek myself made it so nobody was suspicious at my presence. I said hello to some of my old friends and managed to flash Sam as everybody was leaving the room. I told her to follow me out to my car and drove off.
I took her to a secluded area and gave her pretty much the same instructions that I had given Marie. The only big difference was that I told Sam that she loved me. She wanted to do everything she could to take care of me. She also didn’t mind seeing me be with other girls. She in fact was turned on by it and wanted to help me.
After that I took Sam around to the house of everybody that would notice her missing and flashed them. They all thought Sam was off on a nice long vacation and wouldn’t be bothered by her absence. I took her back to the high school and had her pick up her car. She followed me back to my place.
As soon as we got into my bedroom I told her to strip and lay down on the bed. I had her spread her legs before going to town on her delicious looking pussy. She tasted musky but not nearly as bad as my ex fianc? I had since determined that she had issues with bathing. Sam was moaning and writhing under my ministrations.
I quickly brought her to orgasm with her smooth thighs squeezing down on my head. I then slid up her body and positioned myself at her entrance. I started pushing in and realized she was a virgin. She was so unbelievably tight but I got past her hymen and had my full 7 inches buried in her pussy.
I fucked her tight pussy for the next few minutes with her moaning and writhing underneath me. She practiced squeezing me with her vaginal muscles as I speared in and out of her. She had her legs up on my shoulder practically bent in half as I thrust. Her hands were running up and down my back and squeezing my butt. We exchanged a hot French kiss between moans.
I then started licking and nibbling on her neck as she tongued my ear. She was feeling extreme pleasure because she knew I was feeling pleasure. I had already ascertained that she was on the pill. I pulled back my head and looked her in the eyes. There was a look of such love and devotion on her face that I released a massive load into her convulsing tight pussy. Her spasms felt like they were milking the cum out of my cock. She went through her own intense orgasm as I climaxed.
We lay there for a few minutes with me still in her before I pulled out and flipped her over onto her very toned stomach. I was still hard with the aid of my mental control and I started playing with her smooth round creamy rear cheeks. I got my face down between her cheeks and was busy tonguing her asshole. Rim jobs never failed to turn me on if it was with a hot girl.
Sam was writhing in bliss as she felt her asshole being licked. I mixed in a finger or two after a while. She bucked back into my hand as she felt my fingers in her ass, probing her depths. I put some lube on my cock that I had in my nearby desk drawer. She was still laying flat on her stomach with her legs together between mine as I pressed my cock head against her anus.
She knew what was coming and relaxed her back door as I began to push in. She was a complete anal virgin and it was slow going as I speared into her bowels. I was so glad I had thought to set up my video camera in the corner to capture Sam losing her virginity in both holes. Every inch was pure pleasure as it slid into her very tight and hot intestines.
She just kept moaning and baring down (like she was going to the bathroom) so that it was easier on her. When I was completely buried to the hilt in her ass I just relaxed there for a while to let her get used to the fullness. I grabbed onto her narrow hips and pulled back until just the head of my cock was in her and then thrust forward slowly. I repeated this for the next few minutes until I had a nice moderate pace.
I was set for a nice slow ass fuck as I speared Sam’s bowels. I love this position because it got the most penetration. It was like performing the pushups but I only moved my hips, like if somebody was screwing up a pushup. I alternated between massaging her hips and butt cheeks and her developed tits. She had one of her hands between her legs, rubbing her pussy and clit.
After about 30 minutes (I checked the bedside clock) of me sodomizing her very tight ass she was pushing her hips back at me and squeezing her anus down on my cock on the out stroke. She had already orgasmed several times on my pole. The spasms from those orgasms would have sent me over the edge without my control over my cock.
We were both covered in sweat and she practically glowed from pleasure. Finally at her next orgasm I let myself cum. I buried myself deeply in her bowels with my full weight and unleashed a flood of cum into her deepest regions. This set her off more and she began screaming into my pillow. I didn’t let myself stop cumming until I passed out from exhaustion.
I was so exhausted that I slept through the night and woke up the next morning with my still semi hard dick buried up her ass. She had managed to roll me onto my side and I woke up to the wonderful feeling of her tits in my hand. I ended up fucking her again as I woke up before she cleaned my cock off with her mouth.
We showered together and then set about the day. I had already gotten her straight A’s in all of her subjects for the rest of the year when I flashed her teachers. It was near the end of the year anyway so all of the standardized tests she had already taken. I purchased the house next door at a pretty cheap price. I didn’t feel bad because the assholes that lived there were always calling the cops on us for the stupidest things.
I ordered some major renovations done to modernize the house. They were done within a few days thanks to a liberal amount of money to grease the wheels. I also had my mother’s two car garage converted into 2 apartments. Each side had a bathroom, a very small kitchen, and a bedroom. The house was cramped with all of us living there so this would definitely help.
I next went with Sam to purchase the most luxurious RV I could find. We also went to my college and arranged the same grades for me as I got her. My professors wouldn’t notice me missing until next semester anyway (it was second semester so summer was next).
After making sure my mother had quite a bit of money Sam and I set off on a tour across the country. I learned just how loving and caring Sam could be during the trip. We had two missions during this trip. The first was to advance scientific breakthroughs and the second was to collect girls.
I made a point of collecting money from the wealthy of just about every city we passed through. I didn’t take too much and not from anybody too famous. Some of the wealthy would be noticed if they started moving around large amounts of money.
I went to have chats with some of the CEO’s for the largest pharmaceutical companies in the US. I wanted to see if any of them had done research into slowing aging. It was made easy by discreet flashing of anybody in my way. I wasn’t too surprised that just about all of them had done research. I was quite surprised to find that one of them had succeeded. They had a team that discovered a pill that was taken daily that completely stopped the effects of aging.
The only people that took it were those on the team, the family members of those on the team, and the CEO and his family. They had been on it for quite a few years with no ill effects. They weren’t going to release it because their profit statistics showed that they made far more money selling medication to the elderly than they would releasing the pill. Not to mention the fact that the worlds population was just too high.
I wasn’t too surprised to find that quite a few of the companies had also found the cures to most illnesses and diseases that were thought incurable. They didn’t release them yet for the same reason as the age stopper. Cancer was apparently quite curable for these people.
I obtained the formula for all of these cures and the age stopper pill before arranging it so that the CEO would have a very large supply of the age stopper shipped to me on a regular basis. I went down to see the team that developed the drug and increased their concentration and memory recall skills to a phenomenal rate. I set them to the task of improving the drug so that it only had to be taken once. I didn’t expect it would take them too long with their new abilities.
I went around to other leading companies in different fields and found similar things. Electric cars and water power cars were easy but weren’t released because of the massive oil industry. It wasn’t planned to release these technologies until oil began to run out. I also got the designs for all of these and had the RV upgraded to pure water powered. I also got several water powered vehicles (disguised as hybrids) sent to my home.
I similarly increased the intellect of those in these fields of research. I put passwords for control in place of all of these individuals should I ever get in a spot of trouble.
When I wasn’t driving, fucking, or fucking with peoples minds I was reading everything I could get my hands on to do with technology, science, and the world in general. My concentration allowed me to read books very quickly. This allowed me to be able to understand all of the new technologies I was acquiring.
I realized that all television sets nowadays could support the light pulse sequence required for my flasher. I also realized that whether the commands were given in the normal human visual range or beyond that range the commands still took effect. With this knowledge in mind I started flashing the heads of all the major television networks.
When I had enough to get the message to the entire US television grid I started sending out a repeated message. I basically told everybody that from here on out that each couple would only want to have a maximum of 2 children. I also told them to start eating healthier and exercising to maintain a better weight level. They would also want to read more and learn more. The people of the US would also want to live within their means and become happier as a whole about their lives.
Anybody who was watching TV during that time would never again want to kill anybody (unless they were in the army fighting for their country). They would also be a little nicer to their fellow man. I couldn’t resist but anal sex would also become a lot more popular along with birth control.
Over the next few years there would be a steady improvement in the quality of life of Americans and the people who realized this saw no common trend beyond the people who were affected watched TV.
While this was all going on I was exploring my favorite city in the US, Hollywood. This wasn’t because any of the sights but because of the actresses. I was going around and flashing every actress I had ever masturbated about (which was quite a lot) and fucking them. They were now all my virtual slaves. They all saw a great deal of affection for me and thought of me as the best fuck of their lives.
Instead of traveling all over the world looking for these beautiful women I found a way to make them come to me. I took control of the head of one of the major movie makers and had them invite these actresses over one by one under the guise of a potential new contract.
I remember my first meetings with most of my favorite lovers.
In walked one of my favorite actresses and masturbation fantasies Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies. She was wearing a snug blue dress that showed off her curves and figure. I was introduced as a new director and flashed her right away. As soon as she was in her trance the head whose office we were in went to his desk and fell asleep, just like he was programmed to.
I started programming Emma with the exact same words I programmed Sam with. After that was done I led Emma over to the couch and Sam helped her remove her dress. She had a matching blue thong and bra on underneath. She was simply gorgeous with a very toned body. I had her give me head for a bit while Sam tongued her asshole and pussy.
We discovered that she was already lubed and cleaned out. I asked her about it. She had apparently come today ready to get fucked. You apparently can’t be a successful actress and not be good in bed. Her fucking skills had led to roles that made her a billionaire. The thought of how young she had started doing this turned me on to no end.
Emma stood up and turned around and sat down on my pole. It sunk deep into her tight pussy. Even though she was a virgin by no means she practiced exercises to tighten up both of her holes. She squeezed and massaged the length of my meat as she rode up and down on it with her toned thighs. The girl was an absolute goddess in bed.
After she had several orgasms on my pole she pulled off and lined me up with her asshole. She didn’t even pause as she shoved my cock between her shapely bum. I was soon buried balls deep in her ass getting even better treatment than with her pussy. She was squeezing and massaging my cock at all the right points with her incredibly tight asshole.
Sam was between our legs eating Emma’s pussy and fingering my asshole. I couldn’t imagine anything better than these two beautiful women pleasuring me at the moment. The feeling of one of the girls I had masturbated about most impaling her ass on my meat was indescribable.
When Emma leaned forward and started fingering Sam’s asshole Sam really started to lay into my prostate. I shot what must have been a cup of cum into Emma Watson’s intestines. When she got off and Sam started sucking it out of her asshole I got hard enough to sodomize Sam right there and Emma returned the favor.
Another very memorable meeting was when Amanda Tapping walked in the door for a meeting about a possible movie. This is the woman who I spent most of my younger years masturbating too. She was almost 44 years old but still as hot as ever. She also had an ass to die for.
Soon she was on her knees before me worshipping my cock. She showed her considerable experience at sucking my cock. She would tongue my piss hole while fingering my ass. She could deep throat quite well. Seeing my cock create a bulge in her throat as her green eyes stared into mine soon brought me to orgasm. She stimulated my prostate with her finger and I blew a massive load down her throat.
Amanda was soon bending over the couch with my cock buried in her pussy. I held onto her breasts as I slammed into the pussy I had been fantasizing about for years. She used her internal muscles to squeeze my cock every time it speared into her. My hips slammed against her still toned and firm thighs.
I also played with her long dark hair that was grown that way for sanctuary. After dropping a load in her mature pussy and feeling her orgasm in pleasure at my pleasure I pulled out and began eating out her asshole. Her ass was amazing. It was larger than most of the girls that I had fucked but that’s because they were largely still girls and hadn’t had children. I loved it because it gave me something to play with.
After loosening her up I lined my cock up with her brown star and started pushing it in. I was surprised at her obvious anal virginity. I guess she was a real straight shooter when it came to sex. I eventually worked my whole cock up her tight back door with her ass muscles squeezing me the whole way.
I began thrusting in and out of her while leaning over her back and playing with her very large tits. Amanda wasn’t quiet in her sex and was very loud. She moaned my name quite a bit while thrusting back at me. This women that was just older than my own mother was who I was fucking right now. Her hot tunnel squeezed and pulled on my cock.
It felt like she was jacking me off with her ass. She reached under herself and played with my balls as she was getting fucked up her ass. What had to be thirty minutes and many of her orgasms later I buried myself to the hilt in her ass and deposited a large amount of cum deep in her ass. She pulled off of my cock and sat down in front of me before she started sucking her ass slime off my dick.
There were many actresses that I met like this. They all were given commands to be in love with me. If they had a spouse they would continue to live with their spouse and still be in love with them. I alleviated any feelings of guilt they might have.
If they didn’t have a spouse and weren’t expected for some major movie shoot they lived with me back in my home town. I ended up buying up the houses around my own and expanded my house as needed.
All of my lovers were on the age stopper pill. Their spouses weren’t on the pill so I eventually would have them all living with me. Emma moved in with me after the Potter series was finished. Amanda, her husband, and daughter moved in down the street after her stint on the sanctuary show finished.
I also live with Allison Mack, Anne Hathaway, Billie Piper, Cassidy Freeman, Claire Danes, Claire Forlani, Claudia Black, Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour actress), Elisha Cuthbert, Emily Holmes, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Emmy Rossum, Erica Durance, Eva Green, Eva Mendes, Famke Janssen, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Connely, Jennifer Garner, Jewel Staite, Jill Wagner, Jolene Blalock, Julianne Moore, Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Kate Beckinsale, Kate Hewlit, Katie Leung, Laura Vandervoort, Lauren Graham, Lena Headey, Liv Tyler, Maggie Grace, Megan Fox, Morena Baccarin, Natalia Tena, Natalie Portman, Padma Lakshmi, Pascale Hutton, Rachel Lutrell, Rachel Weiss, Sarah Carter, Sarah Chalke, Sarah Wayne Callies, Sienna Guillory, Teri Hatcher, Teryl Rothery, Torri Higginson, Vanessa Angel, and Vanessa Hudgens.
I fuck every single one of these beautiful ladies to multiple orgasms every single day. You may wonder how I do this without collapsing from exhaustion or have my genitals fall off. Well it is now the year 2289 and technology has advanced quite a bit since my story started in 2009. I added a line of programming to myself that would make me attracted to every single one of these ladies very much.
There are regeneration rays that heal pretty much any physical ailment almost instantly (even abused genitalia and exhaustion). By 2014 the team I directed had come up with a permanent age stopping pill. It was taken once and that was all that was required to stop a person from ever aging. As a result my lovers look the exact age they did when I met them.
By 2024 I had directed the pharmaceutical companies to start releasing a good deal of their cures and for the electric cars to be manufactured.
Due to my enhancing the capabilities of people who were already geniuses in their fields we were colonizing mars and other planets and terraforming them by 2035.
By 2045 we were traveling to other star systems by traveling through other dimensions of our universe. Things that were shown in Stargate which I watched and fantasized about as a kid were now real technology. I stopped the aging of all of my family, their families, my lovers families (except for their spouses), and anyone I liked (friends and movie stars like Danielle Radcliffe, the cast of Stargate, and their families, etc.). I easily managed to keep it quiet with the use of the flashing technology.
I now travel the galaxy in exploration in my star ship with all of my lovers, my mother and her husband, and my siblings and their spouses. As I write this last bit I’m getting a blow job from my lover who was known as Megan Fox before I faked her and all my other famous lovers’ deaths. I will be signing off now so I can fuck her lovely ass. Bye bye.

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Fucking Mia Matsumiya

Mia is a beautiful Japanese girl with large, expressive eyes, pert little baby-breasts, smooth sleek legs to die for, and long, jet-black hair she usually ties into a sexy ponytail. She plays violin for several avant-garde bands, and at only 24 years old, she's highly talented for one so young, and usually receives standing ovations at the end of her solos. People often compare her to the older Yo-Yo Ma, in relation to her sheer talent, and most guys who come to her performances harbor tons of fantasies about being the one to take her home and fuck her blue for...


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The Slave_(1)

Chapter one The finding of the slave It had been several months since anyone had ventured out of the kingdom in search of new slaves. But since the war had finally ended Princess Devania sought it upon herself to go out and find herself one. She searched town after town going through hundreds of young men but none of them peaked her interest. Then after weeks of searching just as she was about to give up she heard a small commotion coming from a near by jail she just had to check it out. And there in the court yard...


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Watching and Doing

WATCHING AND DOING John felt that he had made a very good deal. When he moved into this apartment building, he met and talked with the owner, and convinced that man to let him serve as janitor/caretaker/resident manager, doing everything simple that the building needed for $200 a month off the rent plus expenses. Normally that only took a few hours a month from his leisure time, and if he had to work during then day on a weekday, his schedule as a lab tech at a pharmaceutical company could be adjusted - most things there could be done in the...


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Sangeeta's time in Prague (Part 6): All good things must end

1. Sangeeta: Good Things Must End Their sexual activities continued through the remaining days of their stay in Prague. Her son serviced her and his aunt regularly, and Sammy was always willing to be involved in any other sexual escapades that came along. Sangeeta would never forget the time they went around to Richard and Susie’s home again. She saw her son with his cock buried deep inside Heidi’s vagina, Suzie licking her daughter’s juices off his shaft every time he pulled back before thrusting into Heidi again, Richard with his cock inside Sammy’s ass, and John’s cock in his mouth...


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One of the benefits from the company that I work for is memgership in their gym. I have been working out 3-4 times a week ever since the birth of oour baby girl. I had taken the day off to take our baby girl to the doctor for a check-up. All was fine as we headed toward my mom's house. I felt that I needed some time alone, so I asked my mother to keep Heather over night. Bruce was out of town on business, so I planned a quite movie nitht at home. My co-worked Susie also worked out at...


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