My fantsies (1 of many)

My fantsies (1 of many)

My phone vibrate,it's her, we've been dating for some times now and a couple dates in, she discovered I have a submisive side and seem to have found a dominan side of her own. Te message read:

-Hi there my little teddybear, hope you are wearing what I bought you last week like a good boy. Also tonight I'll be a bit late to our date, wait for me wearing your nice gag and your new gift. P.S. I will have a surprise for you tonigh XOX

I answer:

-Of course I'm wearing the wonderfull gift you made me, I'll be waiting for you my Queen! XOX

As I send the message, I feel my dick get harder and get crampped in the tiny cock cage my Queen bought me, I shiver a bit run my hand on my crotch in anticipation for tonight and go back to my business.

I can ear her heels on the stairs comming up to my appartment, I'm waiting for my Queen like the good boy I am, wearing my ball gag already drewling a bit and the nice see tru cock cage that she gave me. I'm waiting by te door with a glass of wine in my hand, just the way she likes it, she opens the door and I freeze in terror. She walks in beautiful as always, grab the glass, kiss my cheek and wisper in my ear: "Hope you don't mind, I've invited some friends over" and look at my face with a naughty smile. Behind her stands two of my friends, they are a bit shocked by what they see but not as much as I am to see them here. My Queen ask me again: "You know I don't like to ask twice" and slap my ass hard. The spank wake me and I gesture yes with my head and gesture my friends in. As they pass by me, one is very shy and looking at the floor and te other is giggling while looking at me. I can feel my face and a lmost all my body blushing. "Ladies, come, tonight my good boy will do everything we want of him, anything you care to drink?" my Queen goes. Annie, the one giggling says "Oh really? I'll have a beer and I'm really curious for this grls night", Sophie walks by me and softly say" Maybe...a glass.....of wine". As my Queen and my two friends walk to the livingroom I walk back in the kitchen to prepare their drinks.

As I walk into the living room with the drinks, my Queen goes:"So tonight, you can ask anything of him, you can do anything with him or to him, I'm sharing him with you girls. Come here" I walk to her and kneel in front of her. I take the heels of and get on all four as she lay her feet on me like I'm a footrest. Annie and Sophie look at each other as they both see me naked for the first time and submited to my Queen. They don't really know what to say or do. Sophie down her glass of wine and ask me for an other one, I stand up and go grab the bottle and refill her glass. As I lean to put the bottle on the coffe table, she spanks me.Annie look at her and laugh a bit "My turn, come on mama'sl aps". I lean on her legs, and she gives me one big spank on each buttcheeks.

The evening continue with my Queen and friends asking me for more drinks orsome food, taking picture of me, asking me to do different tasks without getting much further. Around 8:30pm my Queen goes "Ladies, would you like to have more fun then jus that? Because if you want it can go much further" as she reach in a drawer next to the couch and whip out a butplug. "Would any of you would like to shove it in my good boy". I get on all four as my Queen says this. Annie being a bit tipsy standsup , grab it , spit on it and shove it inside my ass. I moan a bit as she does this and she says as she move it a bit inside me "Oh you like that little slut". My Queen goes "He do like that and I'm so happy t see you treat him lke he desirve to be treated" with a big grin on her face.

The evening continue on the same path and now my friends are asking more and more out of me not just foot rub or back rub, they are asking me to pinch my nipple, toying my ass with different buttplugs and anal beads, asking metofinger my ass. At one point Sophie asks me to remove my gag and eat her pussy which I do, Annie at that time gets a small dildo and while she rub her own pussy, start fucking my ass with the dildo. My Queen is looking a thison the couch, with her hand down her pants rubbing her pussy. Annie ask my Queen "Can I fuck him? Do you have a strapon?" My Queen then stands up and come back with our toy box, in it there is multiplevibrators, dildos, strapons, cuffs, whips, anything your mind can desire. Annie jump in exciteements and take some time to pick the strapon she prefer. She put it on over her panties, and kneel behind me "I've always wanted to try this'" she goes as she insert the tip of the strap on inside my now well lubbed ass. She start moving back and forth fucking me as I bring Sophie to climax and get a small squirt on my face. Sophie takes her breath as my Queen ask me to eat her now, I slowly move to the side with Annie still fucking me and start eating the my delicous Queen. Some tim pass and Annie is starting to get a bit tired, Sophie now wih her own strapon on her say "My turn now, but I'm not doing this here, come with me my good boy". She takes my hand and walk me towards the bacony in front of my appartment, lean me over the rail and start pounding my ass for allmy neighboors to see. Both my Queen and Annie are looking at the show we are giving from inside masturbating each other. Annie is fucking me a way that even if it'sprobably the first timeshe does this, the dildo stimulate my prostate at everymovement she makes, I feel my cock getting as hard as it can in my small cage and I feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming. As my knees are getting shakyand my breath accelarate, Sophie grabs my hair and pull them hard and with that, like on cue, I cum. I feel my cum splashing my leg, i know some hit the floor and some the glass railling of my balcony. I can hardly hold some moan and with the continious milking that Sophie is giving me I colapse on the railling. She slow down and remove the strapon from my ass, make a step back and as I colapse on the ground Sophie tells me "Look at the mess you've done, clean this up won't you" she turns around and get back in.

The discussions continue in the inside as I slowly take my breath and execute myself and clean the cum I left on my balcony. I walk back inside clean the living room as my friends are grabbing their stuff and walk them to the door, as we close the door, my Queen leans in and say "hope you still hae some energy cuz I want you to ride my dick now" as she ties a strapon on her waist.

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